Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Gentle Waves Musical Mobile

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Gentle Waves Musical Mobile

Mobile includes a fish, seahorse and a jellyfishTwo sound selectionsOcean sounds optionClassical music option includes music from bach, beethoven and mozartTo see more information click the “watch it in action” link below the main product images From the ManufacturerSeaside friends smile overhead, swaying gently from side to side. Baby can enjoy the music of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, or you can choose peaceful ocean sounds. And as your little one grows, it’s easy to remove the mobile portion, keeping the music box attached to the crib for soothing sounds and sweet dreams. Plays up to 12 minutes of music. Requires 3 C batteries, not included.Product DescriptionOcean friends smile from overhead, swaying gently from side to side. Baby can enjoy the music of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, or you can choose peaceful ocean sounds. Plays up to 12 minutes of music.

Main features

  • Mobile includes a fish, seahorse and a jellyfish
  • Two sound selections
  • Ocean sounds option
  • Classical music option includes music from bach, beethoven and mozart
  • To see more information click the “watch it in action” link below the main product images

Verified reviews


Doesn’t really move

The music and colors of the mobile are nice but it doesn’t swing at all. It starts doing it and then stops after a few seconds. Plus, there are only 3 figures on it and, since they do not move, they do not really capture my baby’s interest. I would recommend going with something else.

Carolina Republic, MI

Does Not Spin

This product is very misleading. It seems from the photos that it will spin nicely from the dual layer of toys; however, it does not spin at all. I’m returning it.

Sabrina Hyannis Port, MA

Baby loves it. But does not rotate.

The baby loves the ocean sound and the melody. The arm swings back and forth which gives the mobile movement, but the hanging mobile itself at the top of the arm does not rotate.

Ila Kingsville, MD

Cute, but only rocks

This is a cute mobile we purchased to go with our baby room theme. I wish we would have paid closer attention because it only rocks, it doesn’t actually spin as your typical mobile would do.

Goldie Fredericksburg, IA

Make for a great bedtime routine

It’s been quite a few months since purchasing this item. I’ve only changed the batteries once, recently. The music is not annoying, nor does it "get old" quickly. I also like that it has ocean sounds on a different button. I also like that its automatic shut off is long enough for the baby to fall asleep even when he is fussy.The only issue I have is that I didn’t look into the motion aspect. The top of the mobile moves back and forth, parallel to the crib side. I mistakenly assumed it spun in a circle from the top. The baby didn’t care at all, watching it sway back & forth is just as good to him. It has become part of our sleeping routine and instantly calms the baby down on fussy nights. I love this mobile!

Roberta Louisville, MS

Adorable but useless

I got this opened it and realized that my son would be the first one to destroy it if I allowed his little hands to rab it since he is much taller than he should be at his age.

Concetta Burkettsville, OH

crib mobile

Nice sound options. Movement is side to side instead of circular which makes it jerky a little as it reaches the outermost positions

Rosalia Dingess, WV

Cute and functional.

My baby hasn’t quite taken to this yet, but the sounds work to help her sleep. She hasn’t gotten hooked on the moving mobile yet, but I am sure she will soon.

Loretta Newberg, OR


This mobile DOES NOT SPIN – it just rocks back and forth. On the other hand, it’s cheap so there’s that.

Marla Somonauk, IL

10 minutes of freedom =)

My baby LOVES to watch this mobile! I love that it has a 10 minute auto-off feature for music and motion–I start it when I’m changing my baby’s diaper in her crib, and she stays entranced long enough for me to get some dishes or laundry done before the music stops =) It was a more sure-fire distraction when she was a little younger, and now at 4.5 months she might only get 3-5 minutes of full fixation. I like the two volume feature and I’ve used the lower one to play ocean sounds if my baby needs an extra distraction to help fall asleep. I also like that it cycles through a variety of songs, so you’re not listening to the same irritating tune for 10 minutes straight like some toys (and these songs are pleasantly arranged as well). I’m coming up on my second battery change in three months, but we use it daily and often for the full 10 minutes at a time. When the batteries are low the music will play but the motion will stop (but I’m also using cheapo batteries). Hoping that this baby continues to enjoy it and that once she loses interest it’ll last for baby #2!

Bridgette Gouverneur, NY

Didn’t work right from day 1

The mobile is supposed to sway from side to side. It was broke from the 1st time I used it. It’s too much of a hassle to try and return it, so I kept it. The music is nice. I just wish the mobile worked…

Lucille New Liberty, IA

Awesome moblie.

I love this. Its super cute and I wish that it jsut took AA batteries. I loved the ocean sounds and the cute little creatures and so does my son. pretty awesome

Catalina Hankinson, ND

Nice but has some problems

It is nice because:-it is battery powered-not too expensive-nice creatures and music-interesting movement of the animals – not just a simple circleIssues:-the mechanism makes some sound, which can be quite annoying-there is a snap strap to attach it to the crib, if you have a crib with a rounded profile and a center bar it will be difficult to hang it it properly- if it does not hang properly the animals may not move in the mobile – the white bar only moves to the left and right, the movement of the animals is a combination of the bar movement and gravity/different weight of the animals. If the mobile is not perfectly straight ( see comment above) the animals will not move! :(I still like it but it stopped swaying today, gues I have to fix the strap again.PS. Your baby can see only a foot away at 1 month and 2 feet at 2 months – You may want to adjust the height the baby grows

Adrian Mansfield, MA

Would be great if it worked

This product is cute and makes different sounds like music or ocean waves (which our son loves to go to sleep to, it’s white noise for babies). It arrived new but the mobile wouldn’t move. We didn’t realize this until after we threw away the packaging, etc. So it looks like we’re keeping it. He still likes looking at the fish anyways, even if they don’t move.

Sharon Perry, MO


this is amazing puts my daughter straight to sleep when its playing she looks up at it and just passes out and sleeps

Sadie Decatur, MS

Totally Freaking Awesome!!!

So, I learned that when shopping for mobiles, two things count for parents: one, get a battery operated switch one rather than a mechanical wind-up one–those are a pain and not as quick; two–playing time. This has twelve minutes of music. The wind-up one I had has two and the baby loves the mobile, right up until it stops and then he cries. This was cute, easy to assemble and very affordable at only fourteen dollars.

Tanisha Mount Carbon, WV


My baby loves the ocean theme and so do I. Works well and was everything I expected. A nice addition to any crib.

Jackie Sheffield, AL

GREAT mobile

My kid LOVES this thing, whenever I turn it out he starts giggling and kicking and going crazy. He loves that the little fish move.

Roxie Sprague, NE