Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Jumperoo

A world of jumping fun for your little one. Everywhere baby looks, there’s something fun to do with an animal friend from the sea spinning, jumping, button-pressing and more. Baby can explore 5 different toy stations, including the main toy with a clam shell that opens and closes, a fun spinning fish, and activity play. There’s also a spinning drum with a crab friend, a mirror with bead bar, and 2 bat-at toys hang overhead. It’s safe jumping fun rewarded with lights, sounds and music. No doorway required. Soft spring covers keep little fingers safe. Three-position height adjustment provides a custom fit your child. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Use only for a child who is able to hold head up unassisted and who is not able to climb out or walk. Maximum weight limit: 25 pounds.

Main features

  • Jumperoo’s comfortable rotating seat provides a safe place for baby to play
  • Moving, spinning and jumping in a baby jumper enhances large motor skills
  • Colorful ocean toys and fun music stimulate your child’s visual and auditory senses
  • No doorway required with this baby jumper
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Grows with your baby by adjusting the height

Verified reviews


OMG, I laughed so hard!

This is entertaining for everybody. My 3 1/2 month old (18lbs) son loves it! I still have to insert a little pillow behind him and put a little pillow under his feet. He is learning to jump now. He loves all the toys on it, experiencing a little bit by a little bit. Unlike other theme Jumperoo, the toys are hanging buy thicker and flat string instead of regular strings to prevent little ones finger being tangled in them like the previous review mentioned. He would giggles and laugh out loud in it, and it makes everyone in the family laughs even harder by watching him. Its sturdy enough, but I still wouldn’t leave him unattended.Only disappointment is the base I got is not a circle like on the picture.

Margo Mound City, SD


I have an average sized 6 month old and her feet are no where near able to reach the floor. So she can only dangle there and play with the toys she can reach.We have to pile blankets up beneath her feet to get to her height.Waste of money.

Rosalie Brookfield, VT

FISHER PRICE OCEAN WONDERS Jumperoo A++ from my kid!

WOW… squeals in delight! My 4.5 month old son ABSOLUTELY loves this thing… even if he’s cranky he instantly will perk right up. He loves seeing the world from this view too, unassisted. He has good control of his neck and torso but the bouncer has strengthened these muscles and just in a week of use. It’s also strengthening his legs and gives him a sense of self control. Also, on a warm day, this keeps him cool, not lying on his back or side. I agree with the other reviews; music is cute, not annoying with two volume settings. There is a repeat music setting and a respond to bouncing setting. Love seeing my son bounce harder to hear the sounds – positive feedback essentially. The seat cover is durable and after a nice spit-up (do get a good after feeding burp before placing baby in!) it washed right out in cold water, and a line dry. I’d say the seat is even a little more flexible after that washing. Easy on and off, the slots are well made and keep the seat secure even when the seat is pull up when removing baby’s legs. The base of the jumper is wide and definitely secure. I put the whole thing together by myself in about 10 minutes. Toys are durable, fun, and colorful. The clam shell with lite-up pearl is his favorite thing to play with currently. The height adjustments are quite easy to use, as the bar the loop attaches to (under the bouncer seat frame swings out a bit for easy on/off. The spring is just perfect – not too much or too little. Glad we’ll get lots of use with the 3 height settings – my lil’ guy is quite tall. VERY well made product and I am glad I bought it from Amazon (and on sale!) saved about $12 over BRU and BBB. There is also a jungle themed bouncer Fisher Price makes. Super happy with this bouncer and can’t get over how giggly and smiley my baby is! A++

Nita Arrey, NM


The toys really suck! I know why it was one of the cheaper models. I should have gotten the farm one like I wanted, but I thought I’d save myself $25. Big mistake. The toys are just awful. I honestly wonder what the development team was thinking. It’s only good for jumping. I wish I could exchange it for the farm one. I’m trying to sell it on Craigslist like I did all of my other regrettable baby buys, but no one wants this model.

Ashley Myra, KY

my babies new favorite toy

ever since my son turned 3 months old he sits and bounces in this jumper like it’s his dream job and he ain’t working for the Man.

Graciela Maxton, NC


WOW.. My daughter LOVES this jumperoo. She also has the rainforest version (for grandma’s) and she loves both equally. I like the sounds better on the Ocean Wonders version. The little tunes are very cute and the bubble sounds are fun! The toys engage my daughter and she loves to stare up at the fish hanging above her. The shape of the Jumperoo is nice and curvy too. If your little one loves to bounce like my little one.. get a jumperoo!

Sharron Walpole, MA

Baby loves it!

I let my little stomp in this thing until she’s exhausted. Anything that keeps her busy and makes her laugh is worth the money.Also, props to FP for making the music on this thing nice.

Lesley Phillipsburg, NJ

Keeps baby entertained

I got this for my son and he loves it…the music is not too annoying..her can jump around.. its very colorful. When he was a little short for it he still played in it with a pillow under his feet. I like the toys around it pretty much but there is one..the one with the lights that is not that interactive but overall it is a great jumper and I would recommend it!

Cheryl Fort Oglethorpe, GA

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Jumperoo

My baby Liam’s gift when he turned 4 months, however he was not all that alert and into it as he is now at almost 5 months he loves it now 🙂 great price for such a great entertainment for my little one.

Candace Olympia, KY

My 5 month old baby loves it!!!

We got this jumparoo when my baby was 4 1/2 month old. He was not sure how to play at first, but didn’t mind sitting in it. Now he is five months and jumping and having fun! He loves to play with the blue shell in the middle. We are so glad we got this jumparoo!

Lynette Peterson, MN

Love it

kids couldn’t be happier…. their feet don’t quite reach the ground consistently yet but they love the toys and bouncing. We like the fact that it doesn’t sound as annoying as some of the other music.

Clarice Miamisburg, OH


My baby girl does not want to give this thing up, even though she’s growing out of it. She has beefy little legs from bouncing in here all the time. I bought it because of it’s pretty ocean themed look, and she loves all the toys and sounds it makes. Sturdy and heavy.

Helene Melcher, IA

Life saver!

My son LOVES this product. He could literally play in it for over an hour! When he goes on his jumping sprees, it’s actually really hilarious and adorable at the same time! He is so happy in it, and there are so many toys around that keep his attention. Sometimes he jumps like crazy and sometimes he just hangs out.Safety-wise, it is very secure and no choking hazards! It can be lifted higher for the growing baby! My baby is a little chunkier, and fits in their great!

Katheryn Anita, IA

A little tall, but my son liked it.

It was too high up for my son for quite a while on it’s lowest setting, but I’m 4’11 and my husband isn’t very tall either. Makes me wonder if he’s just taking after me because he is on the short side when it comes to pants/shorts 🙂 Just a warning for those who’s babies may have shorter legs. I simply put a small box or books under his legs just enough that his toes could touch. From what I read, you don’t want their whole foot reaching the ground when they’re at a resting position.

Helga Raleigh, MS

Great for brief spurts, but a total rip-off…

If you consider how much & how long you use this toy, it really is way over-priced. The pediatrician told me to limit time in bouncers/walkers to 15 minutes 2-3 times per day, otherwise it can delay their walking because it teaches them the wrong way to stand up. So if your baby uses this toy a total of 45 minutes a day, for six months, that comes out to 45 cents per day. And that is probably more than I will ever use it.Baby boy does love it, however, and it allows him to burn off some energy when he gets really squirmy.

Emilie Scales Mound, IL

Love it

My son has the time of his life jumping in this jumper! It’s so cute and the sounds it makes are NOT that annoying compared to other kid’s toys! 😉

Dominique Fork Union, VA

Stability during exploration is an issue

I researched a lot before ordering this. I was debating between jumparoo and exersaucer kind of things. Overall the baby seems to like it but I guess her preference would have been more for exersaucer as that offers a stable platform. She has an exersaucer in the playschool and loves it so I ordered this thinking that would provide more variety to her.Every time the baby fiddles with something, she experiences a jumping sort of movement; that is what it is supposed to do so it is working fine. However, my baby gets a little taken a back! So overall the product is good; however you should checkout, if possible, your baby’s preference before buying this as I have learned from experience that perhaps a toy that offered more stale platform during exploration would have kept her entertained for longer duration. She does play with it but after a while, when she just wants to explore and is not in a mood for all the jumping, it leads to frustration.

Marva Waldo, WI


melhor compra de 2012. minha filha de 5 meses pula direto nele e nos dá uma folguinha. é grande e pesado, mas vale cada centavo.

Carly Burr Oak, KS

Muscle Definition! Tippy Toes!

Ordering this on Amazon was a good decision! My wife and I noticed our daughter had an interest in jumping while we held her. So we couldn’t wait for this to come to our door. It took a few twists and turns to assemble this rig, but after a few minutes it was Ready! We placed our little one in it and nothing happened 🙁 she was just a few inches shy of touching the floor so we decided to help with a few books with a towel over them. When her toes touched down against the towel the Magic begun! She turned into a little ballerina dancing up top her tippy toes! It was the cutest sight ever! Later she discovered the little buttons and her favorite the roller thingi! Our doctor recently took one look at her legs and said she has great muscle definition! Wow! He said compared to other babies her age (7months) her muscles have good development. We have also noticed that our little Meerkat loves to stand, and jump while standing! I think it’s because of her jumperoo time that she is developing these skills with ease.

Meagan North Brookfield, NY

6 month old still can’t reach the floor

My daughter is 6 months old tomorrow, and we still have to keep a pillow under her. We have hardwood floors, so that may be a factor. She is in the 54th percentile for her age, weighs 16 lb. and is 25 inches tall, so I would think she should be able to reach by now. The springs might just be too tight. When we have the pillow under her, she does bounce pretty well though. And she loves all of the flashing lights and sounds.

Charity Wanatah, IN