Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Kick and Crawl Gym

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Kick and Crawl Gym

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Kick and Crawl Gym

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Activity gym grows with baby through three developmental stages
  • Stimulating patterns and activities invite baby to bat, grasp and kick
  • For tummy-time fun, attach toys to the mat to encourage reaching and pushing up
  • Reconfigure the quilt and arches for a crawl-through play space
  • Machine washable, with arches removed

Verified reviews



Our newborn (3 months old at the time) loves this, and so does our 2 year old!Locally these gymnasium things cost a rediculous amount of money, so as usual, I turned to amazon to find a great deal and free shipping to boot. Most of these things costs $35-$50 at the local k/walmart so this is a bargain in comparison.

Rene Bartlett, NE

great for people with limited space!

We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, and we have a lot of furniture, big furniture too, in addition to all of the other standard baby stuff in the living room; a swing, a bouncy chair, a playpen, a highchair, etc. I wanted one of the really big playmats, but it literally would have taken up the remaining space in our little living room, so we added this to our registry and received it from an Aunt, and the size is perfect! It is super cute, and the toys are detacheable so you can wash them, add more, or change them out with other ones that you want. Our son is only 3 months, so he hasn’t really played with this a lot yet, but I foresee it being very soon a useful tool to distract him for a few minutes. Our friends older babies that come over seem to like it a lot! The mat is completely washable too. I think this is a great price for what you get. Your baby isn’t going to care if you purchased one of those $40 larger mats or not. This one does the same thing, and is half the price.UPDATE: My son is now 5 and a half months old, not sitting unassisted yet, but able to roll around. He loves this thing! Instead of kicking the ball, he likes to be turned where he tries to actually hold the ball still. The entire arch part we detach from the mat and it fits quite well in our playpen, so when the mat is being washed from getting covered in free-flying cat hairs or being soaked in drool, we plop our son and the arches in the playpen, and he can still go to town! Very functional space-saving item.

Eileen Sharon Grove, KY

tummy time

I love this for tummy time for baby. Its a clean area for baby to work on pushing up and kicking and attempting crawling. It’s really nice because it folds up fairly compactly and is soft. It comes with detachable learning objects, like a rattle and mirror, that can either hang or be on the mat. It’s a really great mat for a young baby.

Erin River, KY

Great, Flexible and Affordable Product

My husband and I bought this in anticipation of our son’s birth. We wanted toys that hang down for him to play with but really didn’t want to spend a fortune. There are just a few points I have to make:- The mat is very skinny. HOWEVER, we solved that by simply taking the mat off the arches and placing it on a blanket. This caused the arches to stretch apart, giving our boy actually a pretty good amount of room to play, twisting, turning, and rolling. This also made the toys lower, so it’s easier for my son to get them in his mouth if he works at it, which he enjoys. (I find it quite funny to see him licking the ball on the seahorse contentedly, causing it to spin.)- The outside edges are “hard” plastic, I suppose, as another review stated, but my boy didn’t seem to notice or care, even when he hit it. He’s four and a half months old and has only hit his head on the plastic edging with any amount of force once that I’ve noticed (and he plays with it a lot of the day).- Number of toys: Yes, it only has three toys. However, you can remove them to wash them or turn them so they face whichever direction you want. I have simply added another toy with plastic toy links in between the octopus and seahorse. If I feel like adding something to the ball side, I usually add plastic toy keys or something else by clipping it around the ribbon holding the ball up so it will make more noise when he hits it. I do wish they’d throw in another toy or two just to attach to the mat so the baby can’t push them away by accident–they made the upper toys attach to the bottom if you want, but I don’t want to move them because I want them to hang… the purpose of this toy. I want toys to hang and be on the ground, so he can be entertained as he rolls between tummy and back, so I just put a few other toys on our blanket.- The toys are also “hard” plastic. My boy really whacks them with all his might but has never seemed even slightly bothered. I think the fact that they are like that is actually really good, because they’re easy to wash down if you need to and they make a satisfying sound when they clack together, which our son adores.- I know the ball is for the feet, supposedly, but I just switch which side I put his his head on. He really loves that ball, actually, even just by itself. He hits it with a lot of excitement, pulls it toward his mouth to try to eat it, etc. It’s nice to change up what his hands get at and what noise his feet make, I think.- I’m glad I bought this because he is learning a lot from it. First, he just stared at it. Then, he accidentally hit the toys. Then he started working on his coordination and being able to hit the toys on purpose. Then he could single out one toy, sweep his arm and make them clack together, and use different arms. Then he could grasp the toy, and practiced that quite a bit. He does all the above still, and also rolls around and plays with toys I also put on the blanket.- This has helped entertain my baby while I try to scarf down breakfast. At the very first, it gave me only a few minutes, when he could just look at it, but as he’s grown, I can now even make a warm breakfast, eat it at a leisurely pace and do dishes. Then I go and play with him, so I’m not saying it makes you not have to play (and good thing because it’s fun to!) but it does help give you a little time and baby learns he doesn’t have to have you there every moment of the day.- I will admit that other Fisher-Price mats are much cooler and bigger, but at the same time, I am really glad I bought this one. It was affordable and has provided an amazing amount of entertainment and enjoyment through (four and half months so far) and I am sure will continue to, as we haven’t even tried to change it into the tunnel or anything yet.

Jodie Heisson, WA

Fun 2-in-1 play mat for baby

This was a super cute play mat for baby that turns into a fun crawl through tunnel as they grow. Would definitely recommend or buy again.

Laurie White, SD

Love it

My baby loves the toys especially the rattle. The colors are very bright and she loves to look at everything.

Mayra Kihei, HI

Great purchase…get it when they’re super young to enjoy it!

Got this when bubs was 6 months old, and she loooves it! She’s 11 months old and LOVES crawling through the tunnel and playing peek-a-boo through it! She likes the toys off of the tunnel and didn’t really get to play much with it as the flat bit, since she wanted to roll or crawl away. I think she’ll be enjoying this for a while!Would recommend for a baby registry gift, as newborns would love looking at it and eventually batting and grabbing the toys, and crawling babies can use the tunnel until they’re older 🙂

Wilda Pleasant Hill, OR

Love the versatility

My son loved it as a gym and he love sit now as a tunnel. He got it as a baby shower gift and we turned it into a tunnel as soon as he could crawl at 7 months. He learned what it was for right away.

Chris Hermanville, MS

Has been useful for baby so far

This was easy to assemble without the instructions and very light weight. We place it in a variety of places in our home so baby can enjoy her tummy time and mostly the kick ball. The soft plastic kick ball is excellent for our 3 month old, the other hanging items are a little hard and hit her in the head at times, so we are not using them for now. I do worry some times about the post placement holes that are hard plastic and near her head in tummy time. But in all, tummy time should be supervised anyhow. Baby loves the colors and seems to enjoy tummy time much more here than in any other item we have had. The fabric itself is comfortable and soft. Worth the price and enjoyable.

Vicky Fieldale, VA

Best Play Mat on the Market

When unfolded and laid out our Granddaughter (4.5 months) LOVES to kick the ball with her feet. It makes her laugh plus it is excercise/coordination for her. The attached toys are quality but I found them to be too heavy for her to hold. They are also long and when you lay the baby down, the toys almost hit her head. Other than this, this is a GREAT gym. This is the 3rd FP Gym we have purchased for Grandchildren. I wouldn’t buy any other. Once the baby is crawling, you can convert to the tunnel and it provides 15 or more minutes of fun for the baby to crawl in and out of or play hide and seek.

Nancy Medicine Lodge, KS

Great if you deck it out with other toys.

Our son likes this playmat and enjoys kicking the arches and ball.Cons: The plastic toys are really hard. We had to add some plush toys to keep him entertained. The mat is very narrow.

Berta Mountain Center, CA

Good buy!

When I first ordered this for my son he was 4 months old and didn’t really like it very much and it did not hold his attention for that long. He liked it a lot more after he started sitting up by himself he liked it a lot more because he could reach the toys better. I can’t wait to see how he likes it when he starts crawling!

Jamie Ringgold, LA

Not worth the money

My daughter has pulled off, yes off, one of the hanging objects. It didn’t hold her attention for more than 5 minutes. The beams went flat rather quickly and she now uses them to climb over. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

Imogene Weldon, NC

Better price than walmart

My daughter is very busy, she loves looking and grabbing things so I decided to get a play gym. I was at walmart and this same exact play gym was $50! So I looked on amazon and as usual it was cheaper. Pros: Easy to assemble, bright colors, you can add more toys to it, and its pretty cheap. Cons: I can’t really think of any it serves its purpose for me. But I am a first time mom so I’m still learning whats best, whats a waste, and all that jazz. Overall I would buy it if you’re looking for an infant playgym.

Elda San Marcos, TX