Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Projector Soother

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Projector Soother

Soothe baby with classical lullabies or soft ocean sounds while offering a scenic light show that changes as baby grows. Younger babies will be fascinated by a simple image of large fish projected on the ceiling. As baby grows, switch to the more colorful, complex ocean scene. Tilt it to adjust the angle, and take it along wherever baby goes. Plays up to 12 minutes of musical light show. Requires 4 AA batteries, not included.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Features a scenic light show that changes as baby grows
  • Plays classical lullabies or soft ocean sounds
  • Projects simple image of large fish to the more colorful, complex ocean scene
  • Plays up to 12 minutes of musical light show
  • Tilt it to adjust the angle, and take it along wherever baby goes

Verified reviews


Not worth the money

I bought this for my son’s overnights at my mother’s house. It doesn’t move and the music only stays on for 12 minutes tops. At my house I have the homedics projector which is 100 times better than this one. There is a timer with different time selections on it. It can play up to an hour and I believe the minimum time is 15 minutes. This projector can not compete with the homedics projector which also has a choice of 3 different discs. There are also a variety of sounds to choose from. Buying this product was a mistake unfortunately babys r us does not carry the homedics which is why I bought this one for my mothers house. I am going to return it and pick up the homedics projector which they sell at walmart for less than it cost on amazon.

Valarie Stratford, SD

Great at bed-time

I have a three and a half month old son and this is a miracle when putting him to sleep. He loves the image and the sounds (the water drops are his favorite). I would recommend this to anyone.

Josie Richland Springs, TX

Pretty Good Product

We purchased this from Bed Bath & Beyond when our daughter was an infant. When my daughter was 1 she loved playing with this. But, we very seldom was it used for its intended purpose while she was an infant. For some reason it was always hard for us to position it correctly so the baby could see it.She did like the music. I thought the pictures were great and she did as well. But, it never put her to sleep. She now plays with it in the day time (She’s 2).

Jenna Walnut Grove, MO

Great Value! 2nd best Fisher Price projector

My 3 yo son likes to fall asleep to music and he likes the projector a lot. He also has the elephant Fisher-Price projector / soother which displays giraffes and zebras (which I would give 5 stars). That one is a little better than this star one, but we still really like the star one! The buttons are a bit simpler for little hands, but there are less options. You have to manually switch the pictures from a starfish to a whale, so my son does not do that – but it is easy to tote around and really, we were very surprised with how well it projects, and we have 10 foot ceilings. Great buy at $17.

Dorthy Russian Mission, AK


more for older kids. it sits on a table and you have to set it to shine where u want it. way to much work for little kids. but other wise works fine.

Sondra Neeses, SC

insanely loud!

This is by far one of the worst products for baby or even a toddler. Although it projects a nice picture for the ceiling, the music is sooooooooo loud there is no way this could soothe a child or even an adult. I tried putting tape over the speaker and still no luck. Using this is very damaging to a baby and their sensitive eardrums and should be recalled. protect your baby and your sanity and do not buy this.

Zelma Biggsville, IL

Too loud!

There isn’t enough of a volume adjustment on this, and the sound has to be on for the projection to work. We ended up getting rid of this and getting the project soother called SoundSpa by MyBaby. We love that one and my son uses it every single night.

Alissa Cedar Springs, GA

Baby loves it

My baby girl loves this! She always reaches for it if it’s in sight. We needed to add something to her bedtime routine, because she reached a point where she didn’t want to go to bed. This projector has helped with transitioning from play time to bedtime. Wish I would’ve bought it sooner!!

Tia Portola, CA

This thing is great :)!

This little thing just makes me smile when we use it. There were some reviews that said that the projections were fuzzy, and I guess it is a matter of perspective. Yes, they are not 1080p but they do pretty well on your average height ceiling (even with popcorn) or wall. The sounds are pretty good. The quality is average to good and they are not annoying. The little ocean and water sounds are pretty good too.A couple of things, if it falls asleep on you after you run it, and it’s pitch black or very dark in the room, be careful how you pick it back up. I ended up setting it back off accidentally and scared the crap out of myself.Only other note, it would be nice to have more control over the time it runs but hey, its great for what you pay for and Fischer Price quality (meaning great!).

Lilian Basalt, CO

Most useful toy ever

I use this projector since my baby was born. It has become a part of his pre-sleep ritual. When he sees these projections, he alreay knows it’s time for sleep. Even I enjoy looking at them! It’s really nice. I love it.

Marva Fenwick, WV

It’s okay, but my son loves it.

This is an okay product, even though we use it every night.Pros:-the music is soothing (at least to my son)-When the music and projector goes off it fades slowly, rather than abrupt stop.Cons:-it only stays on for 9 minutes. My child doesn’t fall asleep that fast. We have to go in multiple times to turn it back on.-Wish it could attach to crib. The handle on top doesn’t work on most cribs.

Ramona Staplehurst, NE


We have a Fisher Price mobile with a projector, and our baby LOVES it. On that, the same images rotate, and the songs are actually soothing. I thought a take-along version would be great. This one has two static slides and 2 sound bytes and even the lowest volume isn’t soothing IMHO. I should have paid attention to the fact the two images were stationary, which is why I gave it 3 stars instead of 2…

Winnie Garrison, TX

Simple, but effective

We got this as a shower gift. I, too, thought the image would rotate, but it doesn’t. However, my son doesn’t care. He stares at the image when projected on the ceiling. It often makes him stop crying. He’ll gaze up at the picture and smile. It seems to capture his attention well enough.If your baby is still in your room with you, you can put it on your nightstand and turn it on with the push of one button for those middle of the night wakings. Now that he’s in his crib, we still use it when he wakes up in the middle of the night. There are little feet on the bottom so you can tilt the projector a bit to project the image over the crib/basinette.There are two images that can be projected — a full reef scene and a simplified one. You can select which one you want to use. The music is the same as the Fisher Price Aquarium Swing, so if you have that already, you might get sick of the songs. It also has an “ocean” white noise sound. It runs on batteries (still using the same ones after 7 months), and is lightweight enough to take on overnight trips.

Allie Wolf Pen, WV

My son loves this!

This projector is great and my son loves it! It has 2 different pictures to keep him entertained even when he is a little older by having a more complex picture as well. The sounds calm my son and help put him to sleep (and me and my husband to sleep too)…I only have two complaints about this product.1. It only stays on for 15 minutes, then it shuts off automatically and you have to reset it if your child hasn’t fallen asleep yet.2. There is no crib attachment, and it is hard to angle this product on a table or bookshelf to project the image above the crib.

Tamra Sequim, WA

Not too interesting

The music is pretty nice and not annoying. However, the images really aren’t that interesting. I think my baby finds it pretty boring. It doesn’t seem to soothe him much either.

Henrietta Poynette, WI

Ok but not great

We purchased this because of the low price and we didn’t want a traditional mobile. The music is nice and the water sound is ok. The only downfall to this soother is that the two scene options do not move. My LO likes the colorful scene best.

Leta Brashear, TX

Returning it

I didn’t realize when I bought this that the image is still and doesn’t move – that’s my fault because I didn’t fully read the description on the box. I was looking for a projector that moves to hold my daughter’s interest longer. She loves lights and music but this was just ‘blah’. It was also pretty loud on the lowest setting. I boxed it up and am returning it for something else.

Angeline Berlin, WI

ocean sounds are soothing

I purchased this a month ago for my infant. He appears to enjoy it alot. The ocean sounds help him fall asleep and are not too loud. The light display provides just enough light in his room for me to see my way out, but not so much as to keep him awake. On the downside you can not have the light without the music. The projector does not display a moving scene, its completly static. The projector is supposed to be adjustable, but I think that is misleading. You adjust the projected scene by moving the entire toy, its not a seperate function that alows you to simply change the angle of the projector. Further, I can not determine what the educational difference is between the two settings. One simply has more colors, but once a baby is seeing colors I don’t think we need to hold off to introduce them to them. This is portable (it has a handle and is light enouch for a child to carry), my nearly five year old daughter loves to take it out of the baby’s room and use it for her dolls. Overall I am happy with my purchase.

Ebony Kincheloe, MI

Simple yet effective

I bought this for my twin girls when they were about 3mo old. They are only 4 months old now. They do fall asleep staring at the the picture on the ceiling just as intented so I can’t really complain. However, I do have an opinion about a few things.One – It knocks over easliy. I propped this up in in the corner of the double bassinet and now crib so the projection is directly above them. It’s not such an issue now, but once the girls are moving around more in the crib they will surely knock it over. On the bright side, it’s small and light so unless one of them picks it up and hurls it across the crib, I don’t have to worry about them getting injured if it does get knocked over.Two – The music is really LOUD even on the lowest setting. Technically, this is my only complaint. The first thing I did before using it was tape up some folded paper towel over the speaker to muffle it. It’s still loud but much better.Three – The projected picture doesn’t move. I thought it did. I am not sure whether I like this or not. I certainly don’t want to over stimulate while trying to get the girls to sleep but variety doesn’t hurt to keep thier attention – especially as they get older.I guess this product is ok.I do like that it’s portable….hence the Take Along. I can take this into another room and use it for the music during the day or take it with me when I travel. It’s simple yet effective.

Serena Leadville, CO

Not a fan

I thought the projections were very cute but I did not like the fact that you couldn’t turn the music off. I was hoping to use the projector as a nightlight but that was not to be.I felt the sound quality was very poor and loud. Also one of the songs sounded so morose I didn’t want my son to listen to it!

Fanny Moravia, NY


love it so do my four and two year old. but, i brought it for the baby not them. i only wish the picture would switch by themselves.

Kaitlin Ryderwood, WA


I bought this when my son was less then two months old. He is now 5 months, and it was, by far, the best $20. I’ve spent!!!!!! He loves it!!! It has 2 types of sounds, water and music. I haven’t used the water, but he enjoys the music very much. I turn it on every night before I put him to bed, and when he wakes up during the night. He loves the star fish. The only reason I don’t give it 5 starts, which it truly deserves, is that the volume is very loud, even on low. And you can’t just have the visual without sound, which was rough when he was sharing a room with me. The batteries last a very long time as well. The battery cover is difficult to remove, but it just has a tight seal.Overall, I recommend this product to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen Ferdinand, IN