Fisher-Price On-the-Go Placemat

Fisher-Price On-the-Go Placemat

The On-the-Go Placemat is the only on-the-go placemat that gives children a clean place to eat and snaps shut to contain messes once mealtime is over. This durable, hard plastic placemat makes dining easier with 4 suction cups to hold steady during meal time. When the meal is over, the placemat folds in half and snaps closed, containing any mess and can then slip compactly into diaper bags or purses. Placemat is BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Just unfold and eat
  • 4 sturdy suction cups hold placemat steady during meals
  • Folds compactly & snaps shut to contain mess
  • Great for on-the-go
  • Dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


Not super happy with it.

I wanted to get in here and review this before my wife got to it. This place mat is well constructed and the suction cups work pretty well.But, since it’s about the size of a regular place mat the fold center line makes it nearly impossible to get a regular size kid’s plate to sit flat on it. You certainly can’t set one in the middle because it will teeter side to side and the vast majority of our son’s plates won’t fit into the recess of either side. Yes it’s nice to have something that doesn’t take up as much space as a solid non-folding tray but this is kind of pointless unless you are using bowls and putting the food directly on the tray.

Amie Fond Du Lac, WI

Makes your life easier

This placemat is one of those things that make your life with a baby much easier.We take our boy out to eat a lot and he always wants to participate in eating. Naturally, as a baby, he needs to eat off of something, preferrably big and stationary. This tray saves you from having to "deep clean" any eating surface. It’s easy to use (unfold, refold) and easy to clean.The main question is – will the suction cups last and are they good? So far, they’ve stuck well enough, although the strength definitely depends on the surface. How long they will last, we’ll see.Overall, this is a thing to have. Convenient and inexpensive.

Misty Indian, AK

Good idea, just not for my household

I bought this since the color matches my daughter’s highchair. I will say it was a lot smaller than I had anticipated. It was shipped with the company seal around the center of the tray so the suction cups were exposed. All four of my suctions cup areas have black on them, dirt from manufacturer, warehouse, not sure. I tried to wash them off but it did not come off.I was hoping this would be a great idea since I just bought a new table for the dinning room but with the black on the suction cups, I am scared to use it. I have used it on other surfaces in the house and will say it is handy. However, my daughter also knows how to pull it off which causes a huge mess.Good idea, I just don’t think it is for me.

Mari Olympia, WA


this is a cool placemat that is great for travel and hooks onto a lot of tables. Goes very well with the to go fork and spoon.

Judi Christopher, IL

Handy Item for a Night Out to Dinner

I always feel sorry for waitresses when toddlers leave behind their dinners scattered all about the table. Items stuck everywhere. With the “Fisher Price On the Go Placemat” this dilemma is avoided by the mat being suctioned to the table, collecting all the crumbs and “gooeys.” It can be easily doubled over to clean when arriving home. Also you are assured of a sanitary place for your little one to eat their meals on. Green is a pleasant color and it is easy to clean. Fits easily into purses or diaper bags.Nice, efficient gift for baby showers and gifts.

Nannie Yap, FM

Traveling plastic placemat

This is a plastic placemat with suction cup feet designed for feeding babies and toddlers on the go. The problem is that the suction cups only worked on a few surfaces. Most of the time I couldn’t get them to stick. When the suction cups wouldn’t stick the tray wouldn’t lie flat and my baby would send everything flying.

Rosanna Boone Grove, IN

Finger Foods at Grammy’s House

This does just what it is advertised to do and is great for our one-year-old to eat on when we are away from home.

Marcie North Billerica, MA

So practical. Designed for kids 9 months and up.

High chairs and clean surfaces aren’t available everywhere you go and sometimes a wipe down with alcohol wipes doesn’t give a parent peace of mind. The Fisher Price placemat is such a great solution. It gives plenty of room for the food to move around without “finger eaters” having to stray off the mat. It also had an edge surrounding both sides, so the likelihood of a hand or utensil sliding off is decreased. The suction cups are awesome and should work on most flat surfaces.We especially like the fact that the placemat is BPA free.Dishwasher instructions: top rackManufactured in China

Rachelle Florence, TX

Useful as a tray

Opened up it’s 16.5" x 9.5". It suctions very well (suction cups are on all four corners) without having to lick the cups first. It’s lime green with turquoise suction cups. Ours has etchings of animals on the inside (giraffe and elephant). It was very easy to also use as a tray for cleanup, anything used during eating I picked onto the tray and was able to carry one handed to be rinsed off (important when you have a baby on your hip). Washes well in the dishwasher. Snaps definitively closed so you know it’s closed when you want it to be. Very lightweight. I would say the only hitch is that the suction cups might make it a bit hard to slide into a diaper bag that’s loaded with stuff but it won’t stop me from using it!

Lakesha Esbon, KS

travel placemat

This is a really practical travel piece for a toddler. It is called a placemat but its basically a fold-up plate. Great to take along to a restaurant or when traveling. With the suction grips, you don’t have to worry about small children knocking plates bowls off the table.

Kathleen Owensboro, KY

Just needs more suction

This food case is really useful. Having a setup to contain everything for a baby meal is handy when you don’t have access to your high chair, and also want the ability to snatch everything up quickly if need be. The only issues is the suction cups. Some of them hold like concrete, and some get popped off at the brush of a feather. Normally this isn’t an issue, since you only need one foot to hold to keep the tray from being knocked to the floor, but you still have to really press to make sure it stays down.

Jeri Homosassa, FL

Eh..didn’t work for my 1 year old

What I like about it:- It has a small depth so putting her cookies in there wouldn’t fall off the table.- Lightweight- Easy to cleanWhat I don’t like about it:- Only works on hard surfaces; doesn’t work on fabric tables (which almost all restaurant have cause they use table cloths)- My daughter figured out how to lift it off almost immediatelyI wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. I think it’s better off buying one of those travel toddler seats instead. Much better of an investments cause they come with a table top anyway. Just as long as you’re willing to lug it back and forth from the car ;DI’ve tried using the TableToppers that you stick onto the table. Same problem with that as with these. My daughter was able to lift it off easily and they don’t stick onto table cloths. I think its easier to carry masking tape and taping a large piece of table mat instead. At least that MIGHT stay put. If not, maybe Duct tape lolMaybe this would work for my daughter when she gets older as we take her out so she has her own little table plate… so far it’s just junk..

Lucy Deerfield, MI

Works great! Suctions perfectly!

This placemat is pretty awesome. I even got complements on it when we were out at the restaurant. I always hate asking for a small plate for my son to use as well, and then him scooting the plate around, or me making a dive for it when he tries to scoot it right over the table. Or when he wants food now, so I have to clean the edge of the table to put his cheerios on, and I am still eyeing the table hoping it is clean enough after I just scrubbed the area for him.This placemat is very easy to use, it folds nicely together to be able to put in a diaper bag when not in use. The placemat, when ready to use, unfolds easily and fit in front of the highchair completely. The suction cup snap the placemat in place very firmly. My son could not move the placemat once the suction cups were in place, and he tried. There is plenty of room on the placemat to put food on it, and for him to move the food around the area. When I was done with it, I just wiped it clean and stuck it in the diaper bag. Worked like a charm.

Sonia Albin, WY

Grandmother loves this

Tables in restaurants are not really all that clean, but when small children eat they often get things on the table. So you can bring your own small table top for your child. Spread this out and your child will have an area larger than a plate about the size of a high chair tray.What a great way to be sure that the area your child is eating from is clean. When the meal is over fold it up, take it home and put it in your dishwasher to sterilize for the next eating out meal. This grandmother loves this product.

Lara Anson, TX

Suction Cups Don’t Work

This product is just ok. It is better than having your child eat off of the table, but it’s not exactly what I was expecting. The suction cups do not stick to the table. They constantly come undone and the tray moves around. You pretty much have to hold it down with one hand to make sure your child doesn’t push it off the table at a restaurant. Again, it is nice to have something clean to have your child eat off of when out and about, but it’s kind of a pain that the suction cups don’t work as expected on any surface.

Chelsey Flora, LA

Love it!

My son is 15 months old. He can pull the suction cups off the table. However, I still use this every single time we go out to eat. I HATE letting him eat off of the dirty tables. We struggle with making him leave it on the table but the suction cups do help a little! Overall I love this. Will be purchasing it for baby shower presents in the future. A must have.

Francis Cypress Inn, TN

On-the-Go Placemat

This placemat is nicely made. I purchased 2 of these along with 2 of the Fisher-Price Meal on the Go. I got one for each diaper bag. The colors are exactly the same, so they look great together. But this placemat will have many uses. I can certainly see using it at any restaurant where Mama feels more comfortable with food on a surface she knows is clean. It’s slim, so it doesn’t take up much room in the diaper bag… or beyond the diaper bag stage, just slipping it in a purse.I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 only because this is a shower gift so I’ve had to restrain myself from opening it to see how well the suction cups hold to different surfaces… but I’m certain it will fit the bill nicely. We’ll test it out during the upcoming shower and I’ll try to post how well it actually works.

Katie Chicago Park, CA

need to buy more of these!

We love this plate. It is great for restaurants. Unfortunately, our little guy also loved to yank it off the table and fling the food everywhere. I think he will stop this game in a few more months. The fact that you can just close it up and take it home to wash in the dishwasher makes it very handy.

Gloria Lincoln, NH

Great idea, will get a ton of use – buying a second one!

This is a terrific- looking placemat and we can’t wait for our new baby girl to give it a try! My daughter, her family, and I tend to dine out a couple of times a week. For my grandson, we always used the plastic stick-on placemats, which he proceeded to peel up immediately – what fun for him, but not for us in our quest to keep his area clean for him! This placemat is well designed and well conceived. The suction cups adhere extremely tightly to my kitchen countertop, so I fully believe they will do the same on restaurant tables. The placemat is really well designed, from the lively lime green color and animals subtly etched on the inside to the tight seal and sturdy snap closure that allows the little diner’s mess to be securely enclosed until cleanup time at home. The ridge all around the edges will help to keep food on the mat instead of sliding around the table or onto the floor. Our family is a bit fanatical about baby products being BPA free, so we appreciate that this placemat is.

Alta Simpson, LA

child place mat

The fisher-Price On-the-Go Placemat is exactly that with a little more. The first thing I like best about it is that you can have a fresh surface for your child to eat from at any time. You’ve cleaned it at home so you know it’s clean. If you’re out shopping and sit a a mall table you can just pull it from your bag and place it in front of your child. The second thing is the suction cups. These suctions cups keep the Placemat exactly where you put it. When done I just wipe it off with a wet nap or baby wipe and back in the bag it goes.

Madge Hallowell, ME

Poor product

I have been searching for items on the net to purchase that will allow my son NOT to throw his plate on the floor. I purchased all different kinds of products/brands, and nothing has worked at this point. The suction cups on the bottom of ALL the items/brands I have bought, don’t work. There is just not enough suction behind them. I would apply pressure, wetness, you name it, and nothing worked. After about 3 minutes, the product would unstick itself and the plate/bowls/cups were tossed. This product here is a waste of money and your time spent returning it…TRUST me!

Lynne Cashiers, NC

Works well if not bumped or pushed

If I put this out when my son’s food comes, he leaves it on the table and doesn’t try to play with it or pry it off, just a tip to keep it from ending up on the floor. I wiped it clean at the table, clipped it shut and took it home to wash, nothing leaked into bag and it washed up quickly and easily.

Yolanda Hines, IL

useful product

I gave this a 4 star because it does not suction as much as I would like. However, I knew that already based on previous reviews. I do like how we don’t have to worry about using glass plates at restaurants. My daughter does not try to pull it up as often after we taught her not to.

Opal Mc Lemoresville, TN

Doesn’t stick to all surfaces

The first restaurant I tried to take this to, it didn’t work, because the table had wood grain which affected the ability to stick. This is best for fast-food type table tops, granite, or very heavily sealed wood grain.

Marsha Woodstock, IL

Don’t Waste your money

This is horrible. It does not stick to anything. Do not waste your money. I was really hoping it would work but no.

Jewel San Geronimo, CA

doesn’t stick

This is a great idea and we use it at restaurants but we have to hold it down while we eat because my 1 year old is able to take it off the table. The suction on this does not work well. It works for a few seconds and then it comes loose on its own.

Maude Mount Angel, OR

Better than not having it

Essential seems like far too strong a word. There are disposable plastic placemats that offer a similar function, but one pack costs about the same as this reusable option. I prefer this, not only because it’s less trash, but also because it can serve as a plate and prevent some food from escaping with its rim. The suction is not great–what can you expect?–but it’s definitely more reassuring than the most obvious alternative, which is eating directly off the restaurant table.Of course, if you are a minimalist or just can’t fit another thing in your bag, you’ll obviously manage without it. But for the price, this makes things easier.UPDATE: This has turned out to be too bulky to stash in my bag, so it’s now on the floor of my car. We don’t eat out often with baby (maybe twice a month) but I’ve been using the peel and stick Neat Solutions placemats instead. They’re easier and work better for us because they cover more area. Taking off a star because this item just hasn’t earned its way into our routine.

Tammi Grand Bay, AL

Portable piece of mind

Unlike other options for when baby is dining out, this BPA-free tray is easy to transport, offers a clean surface to use, and snaps nicely together with a seal all the way around to contain any mess. The bright color is playful and having two divided sections allows you to keep wet and dry foods separate – at least until the little one starts digging in.I find the suction cups an added bonus that stick well on wood and other hard surfaces. They release easily when it is time to be packed up, yet time will tell how well the suction cups will hold up through multiple rounds in the dishwasher (top rack). This tray is much more appealing to me for meals out than using a flat placemat that I then have to figure out how to get back home after use and certainly easier than having a small dinner plate that I have to try to keep on the table. Overall, it seems well-designed and durable and at a favorable price point.

Mia Crater Lake, OR

Great placemat for outings

I use this placemat for my son when we are out at restaurants. I get so many compliments on it. It can easily fold away in my diaper bag and I can use the suction to hold it in place. My son did learn to pull the suction off pretty quickly but most of the time he is distracted by food to do it. It also only sticks on flat surfaces. Once he is done eating I just wipe it down and fold it away. I can also fold it away with food in it and clean it when I get home.

Michelle Beachwood, OH