Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing, Butterfly Garden

Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing, Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Sparkle Papasan Cradle Swing is the next generation of the Nature’s Touch Papasan Cradle Swing. It features two ways to swing (front to back like a traditional swing and side to side like a cradle). The 2 position seat is composed of comfy, c ounce y fabric and geometry for a nest like feel. The beautiful pink color way makes this the perfect girls swing. There is a mobile overhead with three plush butterflies that float up and down and rotate. There is also a dome overhead which projects light up butterflies above baby and onto the canopy that surrounds the seat. The swing has two music modes and two sound effects. There are 16 songs total: 8 daytime songs, 8 nighttime soothing songs and two long play sounds. Mom can customize baby’s swinging experience by choosing motion only, music only, mobile only or any combination she can think of. There are 6 soothing speeds which work in swing or cradle mode and a bead bar on the feeding tray. The 3 point restraint keeps baby secure and the frame easily folds for storage.

Main features

  • Fabric
  • Imported
  • Pink cradle swing with butterfly garden theme and light show
  • Soothes baby with the option to rocks both front to back or side to side
  • Six swing speeds and eight lullabies calm baby, preparing him for sleep
  • Can be plugged in to any standard wall outlet with included AC adaptor
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Easily folds up for storage

Verified reviews


Baby and I like this Swing

I recently received this swing as a gift for my 2 month old preemie. She LOVES the lights, the rotating stuffed animals, and the sounds. And she seems comfortable in the seat too. The seat snaps into two positions, a reclined position and a sitting position. Additionally, you can set the swing up to go from side to side or forward and backward.I did have an incident last week where we had some power surges here in the neighborhood WHILE we were using this swing. When the power came back on, I tried all the different switches to turn it on and it didn’t work, then later on, it finally did work. This swing has so many switches on it and I admit to being too lazy to read the instructions for all of the functions that each of the switches perform. That said, I don’t know if the failure was user error or a quality issue. It appears to be functioning just fine as of this writing so I think it was me.Another user cites instability of the stand on this swing. I have had no problem with this as I tested it carefully before putting baby in. Also, we leave the swing set up in one place in our house all the time, so we haven’t had have to worry about not opening the stand up all the way beyond the initial setup. This might be more of a concern for someone who needs to put it away and take it back out a lot.I personally like the fact that the mobile, the rocking, and the sounds are independent of each other, so you have a lot of variety to entertain baby with. I LOVE the fact that you can use batteries OR the wall outlet to power this thing. Thank GOODNESS for not being held hostage to battery manufacturers anymore, but having that option if we wanted to use it where electricity isn’t available.I would recommend this swing, but I would check for a reasonable return policy first before buying and keep the packaging for a couple of weeks after you receive it just to be sure you and your baby are happy with it.

Allison Turner, MI

Cheaper to hire a baby sitte

considering that baby spends 10 minutes a day in this thing, it is cheaper to find a baby sitter… 10 minutes a day makes it 12 hours of babysitting for the price of this cradle

Wilma Parkman, WY

So far so good – Starlight Papasan (A Dad’s review)

We’ll this may be a bit premature since we just got the cradle swing yesterday but so far here’s what we think of it.First off it was a cinch to put together. With the instructions next to me I had it assembled and ready in about 30 minutes. It was well packaged and everything went together without a hitch.We bought the Starlight model since it has a plug. (I just can’t understand for the life of me why all of these things aren’t equipped with corded power options, also makes me wonder why these models are all bunched into one review if they have different features).Once it was plugged in we put our daughter in (she is 3 weeks old), set the mobile on with no sounds and set the swing in a front-to-back rocking motion (her favorite when I’m carrying her bassinet) and she almost immediately started to doze off.Our daughter has a weak stomach muscle and spits up quite a bit of juice if we don’t keep her inclined for a while after feeding. In the still position it’s inclined enough to be safe for her tummy and in the side-to-side swing it also seems to be ok. However in the front-to-back motion it leans her almost flat on her back and with-in a few moments she had spit up most of her meal… lesson learned. So the trick for us seems to be; no front-to-back unless she’s already been resting in the inclined position for at least 30 minutes. Once she’ rested this is her favorite motion and puts her to sleep fastest but she doesn’t mind side-to-side either. As a matter of fact she’s sleeping in it next to me on side-to-side right now while I type this and Mom is getting some much needed sleep.THE MOTORI’ve read a few complaints about the noise. There is a clicking sound but I believe that is because the mechanism used to rock the cradle is not a continuous rotating axle that is locked to the swing, instead it seems to be an axle that is independent of the swing arm and pushes the swing arm when it rotates. So the click is the sound of the axle pushing against the swing arm. I consider this a good thing, if the axle was locked to the swing arm then any attempt to stop the cradle by hand while it was on could damage the motor, also starting it from a dead stop would cause some strain. So it seems like a decent alternative (Of course I could be way off base here).The down side is that it doesn’t seem to have much push, granted she’s only 9lbs but I worry about the swing lasting till she’s at the max weight (25lbs according to the manufacturer).I could be wrong and I tell you why, it rocks with the slightest push and is so lubricated and balanced that it continues to rock well for a few seconds even with the motor off. So maybe it doesn’t need much to keep it going once it’s going… we’ll see.From what I’ve read I’m skeptical but I’ve read some reviews here that were so off base I question the source.As far as the noise, it doesn’t bother her, it’s about as loud as a soft finger tap on a table and it’s so rhythmic that we all 3 fell asleep to it but some people are light sleepers, you may want to demo it in a store or something first to see. It also seems to help if you give it a push to get it going once you figure out the timing on the swing, once the cradle is really swinging the noise is minimal.So my only real gripe about the motor is that from the lowest setting to the highest, there’s really no difference.The speed is fine, I’ve read some reviews about people concerned that the swing would catapult their baby across the room, either mine is busted or they got the limited, twin turbo edition by Ferrari because the pace is nice and mellow on ours.But she does like a little jiggle once in a while and while this swing will rock her slowly it’s not speeding up at all. What I’d like to see is a setting for a faster jiggle without as much sway… if that makes sense, less distance more motion, kinda like a car ride which knocks her out almost immediately. The slow swing works great once she’s asleep though.THE SEATThe padding is nice and soft (kind of a hammock effect under her bottom) and I really like that the head rest keeps her floppy noggin from whipping around when she squirms. In her bassinet I find her head cranked to one side a lot and it concerns me… I know, I know, they’re not as fragile as we think they are but it wouldn’t be comfortable for me so I can’t see how she would enjoy it.Anyway, I like the head rest, my only gripe is I wish it was removable. The way it is now the whole seat cover is sewn together and would need to be washed as a whole., though it did clean up nice with some soapy water and a little rinse.THE MOBILEThe sounds are all nice and she doesn’t really seem to have a preference but we like the crickets and night sounds. The music gets on my nerves after awhile.She definitely likes the mobile and at 3 weeks that’s impressive. If you find the pictures I added you’ll see what I mean, she just stares at it and makes faces.I gotta say I also like that the light keeps us able to see her in the dark so we can tell if she’s awake and her eye’s are open or she’s just grunting/giggling in her sleep again.There are enough options to get it working just about anyway you’d like, lights and mobile, mobile only, different sounds or songs, volume control and the seemingly useless speed control.A SMALL GRIPESo then my last gripe is that, I feel like it needs a cross bar between the legs, once it’s positioned it seems fine but the legs wobble when I pick the whole thing up to move it around the house and it’s takes some fussing to get it flat and stable again. A cross bar would be a nice stabilizer for those of us who want this thing to be a bit more mobile, definitely not a deal breaker but it would be nice.[Update] So it turns out the one part I skipped in the manual was how to collapse the legs to help move the unit around, it’s actually really helpful. Though I still feel like a cross bar that maybe dropped down once the legs were open would help me feel better about the stability. Still it’s a small gripe.Again we just got it so I’ll try to update this in a month or 2 if anything changes.Here’s my summaryPROS:Easy to assemble.Easy to use.She sleeps right away in it.Feels safe so far.Lots of options for fine tuning (with the exception of speed).Plug’s in! (Starlight Model)Mobile and lights hold her interest.Cute.CONS:Speed dial seems worthless.Swing has one speed.Motor may not have enough “oomph” for larger babies (unsure about this one).Cushion is one piece, not as easy to wash as it could be.Click may be annoying for some light sleepers.Could use a cross bar between the legs for added stability when moving the unit around.

Robin Beaver, IA

Too slow!!

I want to start this by saying that swings are not something that you can buy before you know what your baby will actually like … but what I do know is that this swing was entirely too slow for our son and he could only be in the swing for about 5 minutes before he started crying. We purchased it based upon all of the good reviews but ended up purchasing the Fisher Price Snuggabunny swing today which goes way faster and our son is content and sleeping in it as I type this. Again, it’s hard to purchase a swing that is appropriate for your newborn without knowing what he/she will like, but if you get the Starlight Papasan then you are definitely limiting yourself to basically one speed with is just SLOW. Hope this helps anyone who is trying to buy a swing!

Francis Thorndike, MA

pretty good swing

–have had this swing for 6 months—i am a bit disappointed in the swing, but its also been a good swing in some aspects. After only 2 months in use, there are little ‘picks’ fuzzies all over the fabric and they are very rough and scratchy so I have to continually remove them. the tray is WORHTLESS! I cannot even hardly get it on or off, the snap is ridiculous so we don’t even use the tray at all. I wish it had more songs, it seems they are mainly outdoor sounds. the pillow does NOT come off and it propped my babys head at an odd angle, chin to chest, so i try and move the pillow and i usually have the pillow rested ON her head since it isnt removable( she didnt notice, was resting on TOP of her head lol). this swing is pricey and have somme bad design. i am about to purchase another swing, that sits baby more upright and acually has a tray we can use from cosco or something around $50 bucks that to me, is more worth our money NOW, since she is 6 months old and ready to not lay almost flat all the tim like she does in this swing. but i got THIS swing because it plugs in to the wall which is GREAT

Nancy Gadsden, SC

Bad Motor but Great Warranty and Customer Service

Bought this swing in May and it has been great. Multiple swing settings makes it a great buy. It stopped working about a month ago and I contacted Fisher Price and was told that there is a known motor issue that causes the motor to burn out early in its life. The very bright side is that I was also told the warranty covered the defect and that I would be sent a brand new swing since it was still under warranty. Things were made easier because I registered the product by mailing in the registration card. I was only going to give it 4 stars because of the “known” motor issue, however, the great customer service from Fisher Price makes up for the defect.

Lynda Pavillion, WY

Money poorly spent.

I loved this swing for about 5 minutes. For one, I liked that it plugged in. Also, it was very girlie. After having two boys, I was looking forward to the pink explosion in my house. 🙂 Once I actually used it, though, my love quickly faded. It has six speeds… That should say it has six speed SETTINGS. It actually only swings at one speed. It has 4 music settings… The two “songs” are tinny and crackly at best. The twittering birds and storm sounds are okay – better than the music – but even they aren’t very clear. The butterfly mobile only works half the time. Trying to use the mobile with the lights is also hit-or-miss. We’ve used it for 6 weeks now and the motor is starting to make a clicking sound. My husband is an electronic technician and when he took it apart, he said it was very cheaply made – poor connections and wiring. He declared it a total loss. So, we spent almost two hundred dollars for 6 weeks of swinging action…Updated at 4 months: the swing is now gone. We were still able to use it for JUST swinging, though it was at the slowest speed, for naps. As of yesterday, it is no longer swinging AT ALL. It is rated for 25 pounds, and our daughter is 15 pounds. After 6 weeks of partial use, and 4 months of very little use, the swing is completely unusable. After repeated calls to Fisher-Price, they suggested we BUY a new motor for $50.00. I don’t think Fisher-Price will be seeing any of our money for a very long time, let alone an additional $50.00!

Noelle Woodworth, WI

we hate this product

Swings too hard. I bought this when my baby was about 4 months old, and she is a big baby (has always been above 95th percentile in weight and height). but this swing moves big range even at the lowest setting, which can be a safety concern. My baby hates it. She cries every time i put her in there. Also, the seat is too tiny, very small space. I was so glad that i was able to return it.

Lynda Grays Knob, KY

Dont waste your money

I bought this for my baby and set it up. It looked cute and everyone said great things about it. My child is 10 weeks now, has only used this swing since she was about 4 weeks old. The swing makes clicking noises, hardly swings and now makes a squealing noise when I turn the music on. It is not relaxing for her at all and she keeps waking up. I am very saddened by this and will have to go buy a new swing elsewhere. I just found out that one of my friends had also gotten this swing for her daughter and a few weeks after using it had to buy a new motor for it. This is crazy!! Will not buy again and you should not buy it either. Very disappointed.

Jaclyn Harbeson, DE

Motor went out

My son did love this swing and I loved the fact that it plugged into the wall. And then the motor broke. I used it for six months. My son wasn’t ready to stop using it but I opted to use the crib full time at this point. I would have liked the opportunity to sell it, but who wants a broken swing? All the other features work: lights, music. While it worked he did love it. But I can’t give it more than one star since it gave out on me. I used a graco for my daughter that was handed down a couple of times already and it never broke. I would have used it with my son, but it was pink. All in all, it was a really good swing but be ready for the hassle in case the motor gives. BTW he was less than 15 pounds when it broke and the max weight is 25.

Donna Castle Hayne, NC

My baby didnt like it

Its was perfectly fine but my baby never liked it. It swings front/back and side to side and she didn’t like either. She didn’t care for anything about this swing. I ended up selling it on craigslist and taking a loss. Expensive mistake.

Elisha Ingomar, MT

Great but……

My baby loves, loves, loves this swing. We love it because it swings two ways. If he gets fussy swinging one way, we turn him around and swing him the other way.Now, the reason for the two stars: the motor went out… Twice! We purchased the first swing in December 06. In February the motor went out and we had to get another one. Then just today, April 25, 07 the motor conked out AGAIN!We don’t even turn on the lights for our baby because they distract him. All he ever does is swing.Someone talked about this item not being sturdy. It doesn’t feel sturdy but it is. It has to stand on two legs because you need to turn the swing. We’ve never had any problems with it breaking down. We only have motor issues.At $159 the motor should not go out. I’d stay away from it.If you can get another model that swings both ways, do that. That’s the only feature that is absolutely fantastic about it.

Janelle Bettles Field, AK

Nice swing

This swing was easy to put together and worked great for our baby for the first few months after she came home. The one big problem I did have with it is that the dial for the volume control broke after about a week of use, we could only have the music as loud as it went if it was turned on. The baby loved it, we did not.

Robbie Woodstock, MN

rec’d on time and packaged well

i bought this product for new grandbaby (girl). Rec’d product on time and packaged well. I also bought one for my daughter inlaw just like it for her to use at her home.

Alejandra Seiling, OK

Not worth the giant expense.

The motor died and had to be replaced. The thing makes a lot of "motor noise" when running. Clicking and whirring, etc. The music is almost annoying. Babies can reach the dangling toys and stop them from spinning. My son really didn’t like it, but I know some kids won’t. Still, for all the problems, it was not worth the hassle of assembly (twice!) and the giant expense! It is tough to "store" by folding up the legs. It’s cumbersome to move.

Vivian Argillite, KY

Not very safe

I do not like this product at all. It’s not very safe and the tray is a real inconvenience. My 2 month old son fell out of it when I was about to fasten the tray in. I was lucky he was not hurt because I was there to catch him. I do not recommend this product.

Hazel Ahoskie, NC

very pretty but

okay this is very pretty and is why i bought it and the stars on the walls now that is cool, but my son never much liked the swing and i could never figure out the seat belt and when i did , the thing that turns the mobile started to make a horrible noise and it scared him and thats after being used a handful of times, i dont think it is worth the money, get a bouncy seat lol

Kim Gorum, LA

Great, until it broke!

Got this swing months before my son was born. Everything worked great at first and the lights were adorable. Has many options for swing speeds, options of having music off or music on with lights or not at all. The swing adjustment is great, my son preferred the side to side swinging. My son loved it and put him right to sleep in the side to side position My baby used it a total of 5 times, FIVE TIMES. And now the only thing that works is the swinging motion. The lights nor the music no the mobile will turn on! I noticed the music and lights lagged to turn on, but it finally gave out. and it only took 5 times. I will be calling to see if its recalled or they have a replacement part they could send me. HUGELY disappointing!!

Desiree Howe, TX

Works well to put baby to sleep

This may not be a terribly helpful review as I gave it a pretty neutral 3-star rating but that is because I feel pretty neutral about it. I chose this swing as the colours are light and unobtrusive (pale yellow and green) and I was getting tired of all the bright, boldly coloured plastic baby stuff.The music and sounds are quite pleasant. The music does switch off after a time, possibly to conserve battery power.It runs on batteries so if I return to my home country I can bring it without worrying about adaptors and voltage. I have not drained the batteries yet (5wks light use).It has two levels of recline.It can swing side-to-side or head-to-foot.I assembled it all alone, except for the final stage where I needed an extra set of hands to hold something in place while I inserted a screw.THE GOOD: When crying, he falls asleep almost instantly when I put him in the swing. That is excellent!THE NOT SO GOOD: The swing mobile is sooo boring you barely even register that it is there. There are three pale green cloth leaves and three plastic bumble bees that turn in a circle. I have actually attached things to the leaves so baby has something to look at. Maybe when he gets older he will enjoy the front attachment as it has 2 or three things he can handle.In summary, the swinging soothes him to sleep instantly when he needs a nap but there is nothing about it to entertain him when he is awake. For that I use a Fisher Price Activity Mat with lots of brighty coloured mobiles and flashing lights. If I could step back in time I would have bought one with a more interesting mobile, like the Rainforest style swing. It would put him to sleep like this one but may also entertain him while awake.Edited to add: It is now 7mths later and I have decided that I recommend parents-to-be to get a swing as it really helps put babies to sleep. My husband said last night he still uses it occassionally for our 8mth old. We moved it into baby’s room and I do not put him in the swing but I switch on the soothing music or waterfall sound. Whether people get this swing or another one is up to them but a swing, any swing, is very helpful.

Valerie Sabula, IA

My LO loves it…

My 3 month old LO just loves this swing. She takes the longer naps if she is in her swing. She gets so excited whenever I put her in this cradle looking at the butterflies. It’s a $100 worth spent every time I see my baby all smiling and happy in her swing.

Adrian Newton, WI

Perfect swing for us!

Our daughter loves this swing and so do we. We’ve been using it since she was about 3 weeks old. She naps in it and actually slept in it for a few weeks when she just wouldn’t tolerate her bassinet. I love that it can swing side to side or back to front. The music/sounds are soothing or playful and the butterflies and lights (on our model) are very interesting to her.We have been using it for over three months now on a daily basis and have had no issues at all. I definitely recommend this to all parents. It’s the one item we just couldn’t do without and I dread the day when she’ll outgrow it.

Christine Roosevelt, NJ

We love this swing!!!

This swing is great! It turns three ways, doesn’t take up that much space, and goes all night long when plugged in. We use it more than anything for our newborn to sleep in. He sleeps so well in it! He also sits and watches the mobile and stars for hours. When he is fussy I turn on the mobile, lights and music, and he calms right down and watches the show, eventually falling asleep. We received it as a baby shower gift, never got a gift receipt, and had the swing motor go out after only 3 months of using it. I called Fisher Price and they where so nice! They sent out a whole new motor casing right away, free of charge, and now it is still going strong 5 months later! The swing has many different speed settings, so it’s perfect for play and sleep. Lots of different songs and nature sounds too. My only complaints: It could be more padded so it’s more comfortable for baby to sleep in. (We added an extra back and neck pad for ours) and also the motor casing is pretty hard and hands on to replace. Took me a good hour if not more. Other than that, this is such a great swing!

Emilia Epsom, NH

Very nice swing

I bought this swing through about 4 months ago. It came in quickly and at a very discounted price compared to other retailers. The only issue I had with the swing is the switch on the right side of the motor that controls the butterfly light between the battery and a/c plug setting. This difference is that the lights turn off in about 15 minutes under the battery and stay on constantly under the a/c. The switch will not work most of the time on the a/c power and I can only get the light to turn on under the battery setting side. I called fisher-price about the problem and they sent me a new motor. I received it in about 4 days after calling. The 2nd motor does the same thing. I have had no problem with the motor itself so far. When there is a heavier baby in the swing you have to run it on high to get it to swing at all, but with my 2 week old daughter in it, it swings fine on the lower settings. Luckily if the motor does go out for me, I have the old one that still works too.

Vivian Parker, AZ

Absolutely gorgeouoso!

My infant is in love with her swing. This was a gift to both of us. As a mother of six, it is awesome to have such a soothing option that is so comfy and beautiful for her. She now looks for her butterflies every time she is put in…they are 3 of her best friends!! I can’t say enough about it so stop reading and buy it!!

Francis Springs, PA

Great swing

This swing was a life saver… our son who would wake up at all hours was no match for this swing, The lights, music and stars put him to sleep.

Alisha Arimo, ID

Perfect for my 3 mo

I bought this for my 3 month old daughter who loves to be moved around. My husband used to rock her in her carseat when she was fussy, and so I had to get her a swing. I love that this can go side to side or front to back. She seems to prefer the side to side best. She is 3 months and 13 lbs, and still fits in it very well. I love that she can “sit” in the seat, or recline back, which is nice when she needs a little help falling asleep.The lights aren’t that bright, so during the day you can’t really see the stars shining on the netting, but the moving mobile seems to be good enough for her. Also, the music is great, there are 4 settings. the first two have different sets of music- varied nursery songs and classical songs. The last two settings are “sounds”- bubbling creek/birds and cricket chirping/frog/chimes. She seems to enjoy all of the settings.Definitely a great buy. And I LOVE that it can be battery power OR plugged into an ELECTRICAL OUTLET!My only negative statement would be that once she falls asleep, if I want to turn the music off or lower any settings, the buttons click loudly which sometimes causes her to stir. But other than that- great product!

Robbie Atwood, KS

Best $$ I ever spent!

My son absolutely loves this swing. For my baby shower, I ended up registering for a much more expensive/over the top swing that my son ended up hating. They have this Fisher Price Papasan swing at the daycare he attends and the teachers kept telling me how much he loves it, so i bought one. I wish I had registered for this in the first place! The rotating mobile is adorable and keeps him entertained whenever I turn it on. The seat is very cuddly and washing the cover is a breeze. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!

Carlene Chelmsford, MA

Love it

So loved it and so did my baby. Easy to put together. I was able to do it on my own. Loved at night when I turned off all the lights in the house. My only wish is that the weight limit was a little higher.

Addie Laupahoehoe, HI

Sanity Saver!

We have the Starlight Cradle Swing and our 2 week old has loved it since we brought it home. She really enjoys the lights and the mobile. I really like that it runs on batteries or electricity, and that I can control the volume for the music. Sometimes the swing doesn’t quite start up properly when we want it to swing (only reason I didn’t give it five stars) but we haven’t had any other problems with it.

Rhea Sheffield, MA

I’m sorry but this thing is LOUD

My 4 month old daughter tends to take longer naps while she’s being swung, however the motor is LOUD and make a constant CLUNK noise (and no, it doesnt sound like there is something wrong with it – just seems like the normal sound)right above her head and it startles her when I lay her down for a nap. The swing function really does not vary much – when she was a newborn even the slowest setting was WAY too fast (she was just under 7 lbs) and now at just under 15lbs none of the speeds make much of a difference.I’m also not really a fan of the music – it’s kind of fake/tinny and actually kind of creeps me out a little bit.The colors are very muted, but she does like the lights above and they show onto the canopy very well at night with dimmed lights. This is also a very awkward swing to move and it does take up a good 3 feet of space.

Leeann Marion, KS