Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing – Nature’s Touch N1973

Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing – Nature’s Touch N1973

This soothing swing moves both front-to-back and side-to-side.

Main features

  • Swing provides soothing swinging with both front to back like a traditional swing, and side to side motion like a cradle swing
  • An overhead motorized mobile incorporates 3 characters including a bird, a butterfly, and a dragonfly
  • Mirrored globe allows baby to see all that surrounds them
  • Features 6 speeds, 8 soothing songs, and soothing nature sounds
  • Folds for storage

Verified reviews


Why this swing is better than the Graco 6-speed model

I had originally bought the Graco 6-speed swing, but unfortunately, the motor burned out on it after only two months of use. But that’s fine, because it gave me an excuse to go buy the Baby Papasan Cradle Swing!Things I love about this swing are:1) The motor is EXTREMELY quiet. As mentioned previously, I had the Graco 6-speed swing, and the “clunk click clunk click” noise it made was unnerving. The Papasan Swing motor is so quiet that I can barely hear that it’s even on!2) The mobile is soooo cute! Not only does the whole thing rotate, but each individual leaf and bird/bug actually moves, too! The leaves flap up and down, and the bird/bugs rotate and spin, as if they are actually flying! My baby coos at the mobile, and I think she likes the shiny mirror on the underside of the mobile.3) The seat seems like it is very comfortable for my baby. I call it the “Celeste Nest” because it looks so comfy and soft! It is nice and big and has plenty of room for her to spread out in it when she falls asleep. It even has a nice pillow so her head doesn’t roll around.4) It has a completely removable toy tray. This is nice, because my baby sometimes gets “mad” at the toy tray because she’s overstimulated and just wants to sleep. I can take it out of her way so she can get comfy to take a nice long snooze.5) Volume control dial for the music–need I say anything more?!?6) And, of course, the option to either have your baby swing straight ahead or from side to side (cradle) is very nice! The cradle swinging option really soothes my baby nicely.My minor gripes about the swing are:1) The mobile and music shut off automatically after seven minutes. So every seven minutes, I have to get up and press the reset button to start it going again. Whatever happened to the PARENTS getting to decide when to turn the music and mobile off?2) The big puffy headrest is nice, but it’s not removeable. It is a little too puffy and restraining, and it bends my baby’s ears forward. She also has a hard time turning her head, because it is so snug to her face. This frustrates her and she starts crying, because my baby loves to be able to look around and see what’s going on.3) The seat only has two positions–reclined or upright. When I put the seat in the one and only upright position, it still doesn’t sit my baby up very much.4) The toys on the toy tray are kind of lame–there are two plastic arched bars that each have two plastic toys on them (brightly colored flowers and bees). My baby likes this just ok, since they don’t rattle or make noise, she loses interest in them fast. Then there is the turtle rattle toy in the center. It is attached by a strap that is attached to the underside of the toy tray. My baby inevitably drops this toy in her lap over and over, each time requiring me to dig it out of her lap and position it back in its spot on the tray. I wish the rattle toy was mounted onto the top of the toy tray so she could bat at it without dropping it. Hey, at least this swing comes with toys on the toy tray, unlike the Graco 6-speed model!All in all, this is a really great swing. The color scheme is neutral and should match any decor. Yes, the swing is pretty expensive, but I think for the quality of the swing, it is worth it.

Annmarie Industry, IL

Better than her crib for a good long nap!

Well just like the Baby Papasan bouncer, this was our daughters second swing. She also has the Ocen Wonders swing and adores it.We get this one because she has some minor breathing problems and sleep better in an upright type poistion. She would sleep in the fish swing but not for long. It was like it restricted her movement and she just couldn’t get confortable. So when we say this one, we decided to bitethe bullet and get another swing.But, it has been a great buy. She will sleep in this thing for hours because the seat is wider and less confining. Plus it is so comfy! Just like our Papasan. It has all the same great features as the fish swing. Multiple speeds, multiple sound settings, mobile, light display, removable tray with toys, recline, and push button changing from cradle to regular swing.I would be hard pressed to pick between the two swings because she rests so much better in the Papasan but she plays longer in the Ocean Wonders. Luckily we had the room and the gift cards to have both. Maybe Fisher Price will come up with some sort of combo model by the time our next kid gets here! :o)

Lindsay Mayo, MD

Potential FIRE HAZARD!!!

**PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS REVIEW IS FROM 2005 (SEE DATE WRITTEN)…I am a HUGE fan of Fisher Price products and think this was just a bad batch of motors. I am adding this info to my review in Jan of 2011 so parents don’t read it and freak out thinking the problem still exists (although I do not know). I would delete the review since it is an old problem, but I want to leave it for parents to read and keep in mind crazy unthinkable things can happen and to always be looking for them…when something doesn’t seem right, investigate immediately! Children are precious, it only takes one mistake/accident to change our lives forever. Original review follows…When we first got this swing for our big baby boy (3 months and 16 pounds already!!), I loved it. He had room to squirm around and he could swing in 2 different ways. It wasn’t until I started putting him into it in the middle of the night that I noticed there is a MAJOR problem with this swing. When the room is slightly dark and I turn the motor on after sitting for awhile, the plastic behind the dial would glow. I was confused because there are no lights on this swing. It would only glow for a mili-second. As time went on, the glow would last longer and longer. Then I smelled something funny. The glow is the motor sparking!! It smells awful like the plastic is melting inside. I have spoken with other owners and they have had the same problem. Fisher Price doesn’t want to admit there is a problem with the swing and only offers a small gift certificate for your problems ($25), which isn’t even CLOSE to the purchase price (at that time was $125). Something needs to be done about this before some innocent sweet child gets hurt. I often hang blankets over the swing, thank goodness nothing has happened so far. If anybody else out there has had the same problem, PLEASE contact Fisher Price about it and complain. I plan on getting with the Better Business Bureau to find out what more I can do since this is not a rare incident.

Marissa Rolla, MO

I Hate this Item!!!

If I could give it 0 stars I would. I was really excited about getting this swing for my baby shower. My husband set it up and it was adorable. We put our son in it for all of 10 seconds, took him out, packed it back up and returned it. The speed of the swing is absurd. The lowest setting was almost catapulting my newborn out of it. I thought maybe the speeds were backward, so I put it on the last speed, and it was insanely fast. When we returned it, my husband told the cashier at babies r us that Six Flags should buy the rights to this swing, and that it tried to kill our son. He was a little dramatic, but this swing in my opinion is very dangerous and I wouldn’t recommed it to anyone. If you do buy it, good luck and I hope you have better luck than we did.

Ellen Washington Mills, NY


My baby sleeps in this for a long time! It is soft and goes well with our decor. I like this swing better than all the rest!

Polly Yoder, KS

Very Glad I Bought It but Needs More Cushion on Back/Bottom

Having a swing has been a life saver. This was the only place our daughter would sleep, besides on me, until she was 4 months old. Usually I wouldn’t even turn it on and would just manually give it a push every few minutes and she would be happy. I love the look and colors of this swing. Overall I would recommend this product. Some things that I was disappointed in are: 1) the sides and pillow are really soft and plush but the back/bottom part that the baby lays on has no cushion at all – it’s just hard plastic. I added my own cushion by placing an old towel under the cover. I just folded it a couple of times and cut two slits in it so the straps would go through. 2) the bird on the mobile is supposed to spin but he was broken when we first got it. 3) It says 6 speeds but they don’t seem to be that much different.

Pamela Wellington, IL

It’s ok but not sure if worth $40.00 more then most swings

I know this is a very popular swing but found the construction and stability to be a little wabbly and not that great.I like that its a cradle and all the functions but feel its a little over priced and does what most other swings do.With my first son I had a regular Graco 6 speed that I ended up giving to a friend and I wish I hadn’t because I prefered that one.

Roseann Huntington Mills, PA

A must

My son would not take naps in his crib but would nap for hours in this swing. The soothing music and sounds are very pleasant and my son likes to look at himself in the mirrored part.

Eva Saucier, MS

This is THE swing!

This is an outstanding swing in both quality and function. Very attractive and durable as well. The fabric seat washes well. My son will sleep for hours in this swing, which is a huge help for his reflux. He is only 4 weeks old and is already entertained by the music and the birdies flying overhead. As a newborn he fits into the swing nicely, and there is clearly much more use of this swing for months to come. Batteries seem to last a long time, we have used this swing for a few hours each day over the past month. This swing is definitely worth the extra expense!Update March 06: at 7 months, my son continues to enjoy this swing. It has now become a fun enjoyable time for him to sit upright and play with the toy tray, enjoy the mirror and singing birdies overhead, and also his favorite place to watch his video. This is a great swing that can be used right from birth until they are tipping it over! Sill a great buy in my opinion.

Fran Stewarts Point, CA

This is a lifesaver!

This swing truly is a lifesaver. Our daughter is 4 months old and still uses it almost every day. She enjoys the mobile above and soothing music. We still haven’t had to attach the tray. It is true the mobile shuts off after 7 minutes but she doesn’t even notice it. She has taken many of naps in this! The colors are very neutral as well which was one of the main reasons we registered for this.

Fran Hope, RI

Lots of hype, okay swing

I heard rave reviews about this swing, and how it was a life saver for many parents. That wasn’t really our case. Our son liked it okay, but not for any length of time. Also, when it was on the front to back swinging position, part of the base lifted off the ground. That made me a little nervous. Also, once he was able to lift his head and shoulders up, he completely lost interest in the swing. It’s mostly for very young infants, because once they get older they want to sit up more and play and even when you use the second position it still doesn’t sit up very far. The tray on the front with the little toys and rattles never interested my son at all. He’d play with them for a second and then wanted something else. He lost interest in this swing very quickly.On the other hand, it does have a quiet motor, and it looks very cozy for small infants. It’s neutral colors look great in any decor. It’s just a lot of money to spend on something that is used for such a short time.

Tonia Crete, NE

This swing has saved my sanity!!!

Our daughter was extremely fussy and gassy for the first two months. When the screaming started I would put her in the swing and within minutes she would relax and go to sleep. At times the swing (and baby Bjorn) was the only thing we could do to console her. She of course grew out of her fussy stage but she still loves being in her swing and we still use it everyday.She is now 4 months old and really gets a kick out of the spinning mobile and mirror above her. She will smile and coo at herself in this swing for hours if we let her. We now only do the swing for 5-10 minutes at a time since it’s time for other activities but when she’s fussy she wants the swing.I am thoroughly impressed with this swing and would pay $500 if necessary to have one. The swing itself is very sturdy and the seat itself seems to hug daughter where the other swings almost sit to upright causing their heads to wobble. This comes with a toy bar but we’ve never actually used it since our daughter is so fascinated with the mobile and mirror. There are different music and nature sound selections that automatically turn off after 7 minutes. This is a turn-off for some but I like it since it saves battery juice! This does swing side-to-side and front-to-back but we’ve never even used the front-to-back since she’s so content with side-to-side.There isn’t anything I don’t like about this swing. The only thing I recommend is purchasing the rechargeable D batteries. We replace batteries probably every 5 days or so…Thank you FP for making such a fantastic swing!!!

Mary Sharpes, FL

This Nanny’s favorite thing for babies

I am a professional nanny and have been so for several years. I have worked for many familes and most of them have had newborns. I have taken care of only children, twins and triplets and also worked as a department manager at a Babies R Us store in the past. Given all of my work experience, I have had many opportunities to use most of the baby equipment on the market today. Of all of the items available, I LOVE the Fisher Price Cradle Swings the best. They has saved me so many times when one baby needs me and another begins to cry. One of the best things I have found is that the side to side motion is great for babies with reflux. A child with reflux should never be left to swing back and forth because that motion will almost always bring up his/her last meal. The side to side motion is much more gentle for babies with these problems. Also, one child I cared for has a cleft palate and anytime she brought up even a little formula it would fill up her nostrils, causing a huge issue with her breathing. In order for her airways to stay open, we had to do anything possible to prevent her from spitting up. Going back and forth in a swing was never an option so I am so greatful that her parents agreed to buy a cradle swing when I recommended it. She used it constantly for her first 14 months. Some people feel that the swing moves too fast for small babies and i agree. However, this problem is always remedied by laying a light blanket over the babies feet and allowing one side to hang over the edge by about a foot, creating a lag in the swing. This really helps to slow the swing down until the baby has enough body weight to keep it slow. One thing I caution all parents on is to never leave your baby unattended in it if he/she shows any signs of rolling over. I have never seen a baby fall out of a cradle swing but with the papasan swing, it is possible for them to hang over the edge a bit and get stuck in that position once they are strong enough to partially roll over.

Theresa Plainfield, IN

Nice swing but not the be all and end all…

I am big enough to admit that I picked this swing partly because it matched my decor. It seemed like all the other swings were either primary colors with fish, jungle animals or bugs or something. I liked the soft muted shades of this swing. I liked that it could swing in both positions. The seat looked enviably comfortable. The mobile is exceptionally cute. Moreover, the reviews were great.Don’t get me wrong … it’s a nice swing. It’s very cute. Everyone who visits goes on and on about how cute it is. Yeah, it’s cute.But I am going to against the majority and say I am not as impressed as I thought I would be. There are some flaws.The mobile, while cute, is not angled correctly for the baby to really see it. It’s best view is for the adults who are admiring how “cute” it is. Hmmm.The mirror above the baby is pretty nice. My son seems to like it. Bet he would like it more if he could see the mobile creatures in it!My baby likes the traditional swing position and dislikes the cradle position. Sure glad I spent twice as much to get that added (hated) feature. Okay, this isn’t the fault of the swing but still, it has to be mentioned.We have a huge living room, but this swing takes up A LOT of room. Sometimes I think I need an addition to the house to accommodate it. It’s a real bugger to move (and I am constantly moving it) and while it does “fold” up (sort of) it’s a bigger pain that just lugging it out of the way.Even the lowest setting moves pretty fast. I have seen other reviews suggest adding dragging blankets and such to slow it down until your child is heavy enough. Well, my kid was born at 9 pounds. He is now 12 pounds. How much weight does Fisher-Price expect on this thing to make it go slowly? Should one have to add “drag” to a $140 swing??It is quiet. The sound/music features are nice even though we hardly use them. It does seem sturdy and comfortable. My child likes it for short periods. It’s a nice swing. It just isn’t everything I thought it would be.It is VERY expensive.If I had to do it again, I would get a less expensive swing.

Diane Wamego, KS

The best there is!

Perfect for the littlest babies. My little girl was just under 6 pounds and it kept her snug. The only problem we had was that she was so little, on the slowest setting I thought it would sling her out, we just put a heavy blanket in it that touched the floor and it worked perfect. She is now 8 months old and loves to just sit in it and watch her Baby Einstein DVD’s.

Celeste Thor, IA

Fisher Price outdid themselves.

I’m struggling to come up with even one negative thing to say about this swing.If I could make two suggestions for future versions it would be to put an AC adaptor on it so we could plug it in (I think the toy manufactures are in bed with the battery makers!). After all this isn’t a small portable swing, it pretty much stays where it is. The second suggestion would be to allow the music play until I turn it off.Otherwise, this swing is perfect! My baby loves the mirror over her to look up and stare at the “other” baby above her.

Nelda Grace, ID

The mobile broke

I fell in love with this swing from the first moment I saw it in the store, so I placed it on my registry and received it as a shower present.When my daughter was first born she didn’t like it so much, mostly because she was very small compared to the seat of the swing. But after a couple of weeks she would stay and be very content swinging in the swing and very amuzed with the mobile. But after only a month of having the swing the mobile stopped working. Since I received this as a shower gift I don’t have a receipt for it and no longer have the box so I can’t exchange it or get a refund. But my daughter is now 6 months and still enjoys the swinging and music.

Edwina Hadley, PA

This swing is a sleep and sanity saver!

When my parents took my husband and I to Babies R Us to purchase our swing, this one had just come out. We had originally registered for a different swing, but none of us could resist how cute and cozy this swing looked. (Wouldn’t you want to doze in an adult-sized version of this swing?!)During her first 6 weeks my daughter would only sleep while moving (i.e. in our arms and doing laps around the house!). This swing was a blessing! I felt very comfortable leaving her in it for hours because of how far the seat reclines (practically FLAT!) and how comfortable she looks in it. I especially like that it doesn’t have that huge plastic thing that goes between the legs like other swings… this allows us to lay her in it completely swaddled. I’ve found that even with the many, many hours a day we run this swing, we’ve only had to change the batteries about once every one to two weeks. We even took this swing with us instead of her pack-n-play when we went out-of-town over the holidays. It broke down very easily and she slept just as good as she did at home. Her grandmother liked it so much she bought one for when she goes to her house!Now anytime she is fussy or needs some “quiet time” we put her in the swing and it always does the trick. She loves the cricket sounds and looking at the mobile. I dread the day she outgrows it!This swing is definitely the best one on the market!

Ana Newcastle, ME

Love, love, love this swing!

As you can tell everyone loves this swing. I’d agree with everything they are saying. It does move a little too fast for a baby under 9lbs or so. But once they are over that hump it is fine. My son loves the mirror up above him. He likes to coo at himself and stare up at the mobile. We always say his talking to his peeps! The biggest thing I want to hit on that others don’t talk much about is the batteries. I was quite concerned about how many D batteries I need to keep on hand. But you can imagine my amazement to find that I didn’t change the batteries at all for first 6 WEEKS that we used it! There are signs that the batteries are wearing down too – the music starts to sound all distorted for the last couple hours of use before it dies all together. Overall we are VERY happy with this unit!

Jayne Mckinleyville, CA

Would have rated higher except for swing speeds

I do like this swing and my son likes to swing in it BUT the swing speeds are crazy. The transition from the slowest speed to the next speed is a lot and when my son was very small it almost looked like he was going to be thrown out of the swing it was going so fast. It is comfortable for him to be in and he often falls asleep in it but too bad about the swing speeds because otherwise my rating would have been a 5.

Kelli Damascus, AR

pretty great swing

I love that this swing goes both side to side and back and forth. i like the neutral color scheme, however i feel like if it were more colorful it would hold my 3 month old’s attention longer. when she was just a few weeks old she would sit and nap in this swing all day, now she will only sit in it for 20-30 minutes at a time, but hey thats long enough to empty the dishwasher or start a load of laundry !! overall i have been very happy with this swing and found it well worth the money.

Danielle Mount Saint Francis, IN

Without this swing I would never sleep

I think all of the positive reviews show why this is a great swing. My baby has decided he loves it so much that it is almost the only place he will sleep. I am contemplating buying another (hopefully this colic phase will end sooner than that). My only suggestion for improvement would be that it be able to plug into the wall.

Yvonne Hahira, GA

Pretty good

Kinda loud…but my daughter didn’t seem to mind. Great deal if you can get it on sale and it’s an older design. FYI, it doesn’t plug in. But did save many nights. A swing is a must have for most babies.

Genevieve Deerfield, MO

baby swing

Love, love, love this swing as does my infant child. Keeps him so content. Really like that it swings sideways as well as back and forth.

Betsy Glencoe, CA

Good swing

My 5 week old son likes this swing. He watches the mobile and is entertained by the music. I personally do not like a lot of the other sounds that you can set it on (the chirping mainly) but the sound of water running is also calming. This swing is extremely soft and cuddly and seems to be very comfy for my baby. Although, I have always heard people that are thankful for their swings so their babies would sleep and my son will sleep in his swing but not for too long. It is great that it can swing from side to side or front to back also, but I do wish that you could turn it in either direction for it to swing front to back. I don’t get to use that option because of where the swing is in our house. Overall, this is a great purchase. I don’t know if it is necessarily worth the money, but still a nice swing.UPDATE: As my son has gotten older (now 9 weeks), he likes the swing even more. He loves the mobile and the rocking does put him to sleep or, if he is awake, keeps him entertained. Definitely a great swing! However, don’t bother with the matching bouncy seat. What a waste!

Angela Lepanto, AR

Maybe better for 2 months +

My baby is now almost 5 months old and is getting bored with this seat. Before he was about 2 months old, he really didn’t care much about it or the toys and had to have his head propped with a blanket so it didn’t fall to the side. We got a fair amount of use out of it from 2-5 months, though.PROS:–The lights on the bar always got his attention and, especially in the beginning, he’d stare at them in wonder.–The hanging mirror is great (once he was big enough to see it — see below) and can be twisted around so he can see the face on the other side.–The vibration was helpful for when he’d start to get bored.CONS:–Just the three toys, and no way to add new ones that I know of, make this really boring, really fast to an older baby.–I hate the music. To me, it’s annoying. (The baby doesn’t seem to care either way.) While there is a volume control, there is no way to turn it off entirely and leave the lights on. (You CAN, though, do it in reverse: turn off the lights and leave the music on — dumb.)–I also had trouble with him being able to reach the toys until he was about 3 months old. Only recently has he been able to see in the mirror, either. (This is not a little guy, either.) Definitely better for a baby past 2 or 3 months old.I didn’t have any of the safety issues with this that other reviewers have noted, thankfully. It’s just not used much anymore because he gets bored fast in it. When he was 2-5 months old, though, I used to be able to put him in it and keep him occupied for 20 minutes or so.

Rosalind Cuddebackville, NY

this way and that

My favorite feature is that is not only sways (side to side) but it rocks back and fourth as well. It easily folds up to fit standing up in a small space and the turning mobile is adorable. The only bad thing is that it doiesn’t play soothing music for baby but I guess that’s what “Baby Einstein” cd’s, videos and dvd’s are for.

Carly Jacksonville, AL

My son loves it!

My seven week old son has loved this swing since he was just a few days old. He loves to look at the mirror and the bird/bugs/leaves as they move around. The music and sound feature is great too. He absolutely loves being in the swing. It seems to really soothe him whenever he is fussy and he just really enjoys all of the movement and sound. It is worth every penny in my opinion compared to other swings that are on the market that don’t have half the option that this one does. We use it each day and have only had to change the batteries once in the past 7 weeks. I highly recommend it.

Deann Kennerdell, PA

Absolutely wonderful swing for swing-napping baby!

My son is now 8 months old (and ~19lbs) and still needs his swing most days for naptime (sometimes with the motion on and sometimes just with the “mobile” on) — We have tried and tried to have him sleep in his crib with very minimal success. Anyway, this swing has been wonderful for him.We did start off with the F-P Aquarium swing, but he seems to like this one better. It is immensely easier to get your swing-napper in and out of the Papasan swing than the Aquarium one… which can be a critical factor if baby falls asleep in your arms (or while nursing) before you’ve managed to get them in the swing! My son seems to also enjoy the Papasan “mobile” more than the Aquarium swing — he hardly gave the fish much notice but loves to watch the moving leaves, bird, and bugs on the Papasan.I do want to mention that we’ve NEVER had a problem with the motor smoking or starting on fire… and in our house this swing is used a lot!!! Plus, F-P has really, really good customer service for their swings — when the bird on our Papasan mobile stopped moving for some reason they sent us out a whole new motor housing unit free of charge (so now… I always have a backup to keep this swing in action!).So, overall… I am extremely pleased with this swing. Speeds and sounds are just fine and it doesn’t seem to eat batteries the way others have. While our Aquarium one still gets used by our son at daycare, I have to admit that were I to do it all over again… I would just buy the Papasan style. It seems that he is more comfortable in the Papasan seat and still has room to grow (… while we sloooowly transition him to a crib). 😉

Sondra Creston, NC

Nice swing

Our newborn loved this swing, we loved it because he always fell esleep in it for naps! However, now that he’s a bit bigger, he gets a bit restless in it and wants out after 5-10 minutes. It’s got some nice bells and whistles, but in my opinion it’s a bit expensive.

Vicki Stone Harbor, NJ