Fisher-Price Playtime Bouncer, Luv U Zoo

Fisher-Price Playtime Bouncer, Luv U Zoo

A fun filled toy bar keeps baby entertained, with a big friendly giraffe, cute monkey, adorable koala bear, two fun tunes, two animal sounds, and activities to explore. Baby can pull the leaf to hear music and make the koala hop up and down. Or bat at the money and koala to hear fun rattle sounds. When itand#8217;s time to relax, just remove the toy bar, turn on the calming vibrations and let the friendly zoo animals cradle baby in the cushy seat. Requires 2 AA batteries and 1 D battery (not included). Use from birth until child is able to sit up upright. Weight Limit: 25 pound

Main features

  • Polyester, Cotton
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Luv u zoo bouncer is comfortable and fun for baby
  • Baby can sit and play with giraffe, monkey, and bear all of which entertain
  • Pull on the leaf to hear songs and fun animal sounds
  • Seat cradles baby
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Verified reviews


very cute, good buy

I love this bouncer it had a good recline for this type— not as much as the papasan type bouncer but ok for a smaller baby. Would be nice if it has a head rest though. Music is more happy than soothing, if that makes since, so it won’t put an infant to sleep. Plus you have to pull the center toy on the toy bar to activate/deactivate. i like that the music and vibrate are separate too, but that means more batteries.

Lucinda Las Animas, CO

Just Ok

The seat leans back more than I thought it would. My 5 month old daughter isn’t as happy in this seat as others because of that. It also makes it more difficult for her to reach the toys so she struggles to sit herself up a bit and gets tired of sitting in it quickly.

Deanne Greenfield, TN

Beautiful and very useful!

In my husband’s words: “This was a life saver!” 🙂 Our baby loved this seat from the moment we got it. She figured out how to bounce it by kicking her feet, and recently she figured out how to pull the string which plays the sounds. She is 6 1/2 months old, and soon will be at the limit weight of 25 lbs. We will miss this bouncy seat, for sure! For now, we are still using it daily, and able to easily bring it along, outside, or on trips.

Charity Wilseyville, CA

Great bouncer for baby

We have come to love this bouncer chair. While my daughter hated it for the first 2 months of her life, she came to love it from about 2-7 months. She loved looking at the hippo and elephant hanging toys and we were able to put her in the chair to get some things done in the house (ie while cooking, cleaning, etc). She’s 8 months now and we still sit her in it sometimes to give her a bottle. My only complaint is that I wish the songs played longer or in a loop. It’s annoying to have to keep pulling the cord over and over to get the song to play.

Alfreda Model, CO

I like it but does baby?

Cute bouncer, good value. I liked the bright seat pattern however the hanging animals and toys are less bright and contrasting so my baby is not so interested. She’s also very active so tries to roll around so the straps are helpful. It’s turned out to be less useful than I thought. It may be more useful once she can hold her own bottle, then reclining seat would be helpful. Didn’t really care for the vibrations, even cried a few times when we turned it on.

Sharron Gilcrest, CO

A must have!

I had gotten a different bouncy chair while I was pregnant but it was too stiff. I bought this one instead because my neighbor had the same one and it has been one of the most-used things in the house. My son loves to bounce himself now that he is bigger. This will make your life easier! Not all bouncy chairs are created equal.

Karina Sanford, ME

One of the most necessary items we have, especially for the price

I didn’t register for this but a friend got it for me anyway. All I can say is, thank god. Baby loves being in this thing more than being held. I keep it in the living room and he will happily chill there off and on all day. He’s ten weeks and couldn’t really care less about the hangy animals. Maybe he will like those later. But it’s so nice just to have a place to put him where he is happy, can look around, and is safely buckled in. In the beginning he slept in it, often. Now not so much. But in a desperate situation we can use it to lull him to sleep by rocking it with the vibration on. Also love that its so light weight and portable, we move it around the house all the time. He has a big swing he loves but that thing isn’t going anywhere. I have actually carted this along with me to a friends house for a visit so that he would have somewhere other than his carseat to hang out and/or nap. Such a good buy. I would never waste the money on one of those expensive vibrating seats when the fisher price ones are so cheap and work great.

Sophie South El Monte, CA

Great infant appeal!!

My son loves this seat!! We purchased another bouncey seat, the Carter’s giraffe one, and he had NO interest in it. We got 2 of these chairs for free. We keep one at our house and one at my parents. Our son is obsessed!! It is a lifesaver for getting ready in the morning and all of our sons little baby friends love it to!! Holds quite an allure for infants!

Sheryl Hamburg, AR

Handy Device

We got this bouncer as a baby shower gift. It has been great for our newborn. The incline is perfect for bottle feeding. It is easy to get baby secured without disturbing her and provides a comfortable neck position. The vibration soothes her and the bouncer is also easy to rock. Putting it together was easy too. I have not used the toy bar much since she doesn’t find it too interesting yet. So far it has definitely come in handy.

Casey Arlington, KY

Super Cute – got lots of use!!!

I love this bouncer! Its not only cute but lasted us a long time – we had to put it away when our son hit 7 months/22 lbs. We love the entire precious planet line! Our son loved playing with the dangle toys and pulling the handle to make the music start. I would purchase this item again!

Elsa Ryan, IA


Very useful, we place our baby here during feeding time (he is 6mos old) easy to put together. Cover can be easily removed so you can wash it frequently.

Nola Forney, TX

Daughter Loves This Thing

My daughter has a blast in this bouncer, I mean A BLAST! She screams and laughs and pulls on the animals. She thinks it’s awesome. Also, the print is very cool, easy to remove and clean.

Lindsay Maxatawny, PA

The single most useful “gadget” for a baby!

I strongly recommend it to any parent that doesn’t want to buy lots of things that are only useful for so many months (or even weeks).I don’t know if you noticed but everything you buy for a baby is only useful for a couple of months, tops. Toys, games, chairs, jumpers, etc. This bouncer is just perfect. I used it with my baby since she was born until 6 to 7 months, every day, for many hours. At the beginning just the bouncer, then we added the toys and the vibrating function.It is very light so you can easily move it around the house. The fabric is thin so it’s perfect for any season (in winter just add a blanket). It is very stable, it wouldn’t fall even with a big baby that can move a lot or seat by himself. It is small enough so it doesn’t take a whole lot of space while in use or even after your baby outgrows it.It is just perfect! We absolutely love it. I even bought it for a couple of friends and they all love it too!

Christina Brundidge, AL

Nice chair

We bought this for my daughter to use at great-grandma’s house, and she hasn’t been in it very often. She likes it fine, but in my opinion it is not worth the extra money for the musical toy that comes on this chair. My daughter is just as happy, if not more so, with the one we have at home, which is the cheaper version of this chair (it only has the twirling toy bar – no music or sounds): Therefore I give this chair 4 stars – to me the sound effects do not justify the higher price. If you’re looking to save money, the cheaper one is just as good.

Earlene Warrenton, VA

Great Portable Bouncer

Overall I am thoroughly happy with this bouncer. It has come in handy and is super light. I take it with me from room to room. It provides a safe place for my baby to sit while I shower, do dishes, or other tasks in which I need my hands free. The strap fits my baby perfectly and feel perfectly content that he is sitting safely. For our baby, who has suffered from acid reflux, the incline position is perfect as it allows him to sit up enough to keep the acid down and not choke on spit up, yet it is not too upright. Our baby likes the toys, music, and especially loves the vibration. While the seat is not padded, it is comfortable enough for our little one. It can be removed to be washed if needed or wiped clean. Initial set up was quick and easy.A few complaints I have about this bouncer is the duration of the music. Once pulled, it plays a short tune that lasts just a few seconds. For my child who is still very young and cannot pull it on his own yet, I wish there was an option to continue playing the tunes for a longer amount of time as he enjoys listening to it, but I have to constantly keep pulling. Also, there are only two songs, so you may grow quite tired of hearing them. My other complaint is the vibrator has suddenly started becoming a little loud. In the beginning it was silent, but now you can hear the motor humming rather loudly. Neither of these are deal breakers, just a couple minor flaws. I would purchase this bouncer again.

Rosanna Malabar, FL

Best Bouncer

My son just loves his bouncer. It vibrates which is very soothing for him and he loved all the colorfully animals on the hanging bar.

Antonia Walkerton, IN