Fisher-Price Poppity Pop Train

Fisher-Price Poppity Pop Train

Baby will love the popping sounds and action of these adorable little vehicles!

Main features

  • Toddlers and babies will love the sounds and actions this little train makes
  • A great push and pull toy train with a smiling face
  • Colorful beads pop and bounce inside the trains drum
  • Measures 4.35 x 2.9 x 4.9 inches
  • Recommended for ages 6 months and up

Verified reviews


Not sure about it

I bought it for my 8 months old son, my son is way advanced with everything so i figured he’ll like it but he does not play with it at all, now he is 9 months and still showed no interest. not sure if its too early for him or it just was not for him. i rated it overall 3 because i really just dont know about it

Latasha Big Piney, WY

Simple and Fun Toy Train

My daughter loves this toy. I do too because it’s simple. It’s still fine with the lights, sounds, and complication of a lot of toys out today. It’s something she can play with quietly and safely and can also take places.

Paulette Eloy, AZ

Choo choo choo-rific!

Hi folks -We bought this toy on a whim while out shopping at a dept store. It was inexpensive, less than six bucks, and it was so cute we decided to buy it for our 6-month old.It is extremely cute, with a face painted onto the front surface. Bright vibrant primary colors typical of Fisher Price, sweet as can be. It makes a popping noise as it is pushed along and it absolutely delights my baby. When we push it toward him, he squeals with laughter and joy. It’s actually pretty funny since it is not obvious what is amusing about this process but somehow he reacts as though you’re about to attack him with tickles.His favorite thing to do with this toy is to spin the little barrel that is on the top surface of the train behind the smokestack. There are little dimples in the spinnable barrel and he is really enjoying developing his dexterity of his index finger by putting his finger in the dimples and flicking.A huge hit around here, highly recommend especially if you can find it for a reasonable price like we did.

Socorro Buckingham, PA

love it

my 19 month old son got this toy last year for xmas when he was 7 months old. he still plays with it to this day. it is one of his favorites. it’s very durable. i would recommend for anyone.

Rosie Washington, NC

Good even for a 4mo

This toy is very great!Even my 4mo son was very interested in it. He doesn’t know how to play with such toys, but he is always happy to see his train and likes when I show it to him.There are no sharp corners. Plastic is very good. It fall down from a high chair so many times and its fine!Now my son is 5 months and in his playpen he tries to reach his train.This train makes a rattle sound when his wheels are moving.

Jo Toluca, IL

Very surprised by how much he liked it

I purchased this along with another item for my son’s first Christmas, just to get the total up so I could qualify for free shipping. It was more of an afterthought than anything else, so I wan’t expecting much. Instead, it turned out to be one of his favorite toys to play with. He’s almost 3 now and still plays with it and pushes it around.

Jane Tuckahoe, NJ