Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

Animal friends from around the planet twirl and smile down at baby as music plays and a fascinating light show dances up above. The delicate canopy keeps images close, so it’s easier for young babies to focus. As baby grows, you can remove the mobile and project the show on the ceiling, with sweet music or sounds playing along. Mobile requires 4 D batteries, remote requires 2 AAA batteries.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Animal themed mobile combines music, plush animal figurines and movement with light projection
  • Soft, colorful animal friends from around the planet twirl and smile down at your baby
  • Plays a full 20 minutes of music and nature and heartbeat sounds
  • Includes one remote control and 4 plush animals
  • To see more information click the “watch it in action” link below the main product images

Verified reviews


No silent option

I bought this in hopes of soothing my baby at bedtime. I chose it because of the positive reviews stating it held babies’ interest so well; and that’s part of my problem. I’ve only been able to use this mobile a few times because it really does hold my baby’s interest. He is mesmerized by it. When I first bought it, he was not yet sleeping through the night and we were using a classical music CD to soothe him. When I tried to put him to sleep I turned on the mobile and he’d stare at it then start to cry as soon as it stopped, even after restarting it.My other issue is the volume. The lowest setting is a lot louder than the CD we had playing before and the music stops suddenly at the 20 minute limit, jarring baby awake. There is also no way to use this mobile without music or other sounds. Unless you remove the batteries for the speaker (and I’m not sure if there are separate batteries for them), you are stuck with the noise.Now, I only use the mobile when I have to distract my baby for a few minutes to do something around the house.EDIT: Now that my baby is a little older, he drifts off while watching the mobile and it is fast becoming the preferred way to get him to sleep… with a little help. The mobile itself won’t make him drowsy, but it will distract him from wiggling too much and wanting to fuss, which wakes him up.

Randi Fishtail, MT

Dont’ buy!

My daughter never took to it. Did not help her to fall asleep at all. We had to remove it early too.

Hannah Bascom, OH

Difficult to fit to sleigh type crib rails and can damage the crib rails

I have a Davinci Kalani cribDaVinci Kalani 4 in 1 Crib with Toddler Rail, Whiteand was given this mobile as a shower gift. I wanted to fit the mobile to either the front or back rails, as they would be in the center of the crib, but I could not get the mobile to stay on the rail, without it slipping into the crib. So I ended up having to fit it to one of the straight rails at the end of the crib.Word of warning too, the part of the mobile which sits on the rail is hard plastic and it slightly damaged/indented the wooden crib rail, so I stuck a small piece of padded packing material between the mobile and the rail, to stop it damaging the wood. I think Fisher Price should add a piece of padding around the area where it will sit on the crib rail, as the mobile is pretty heavy and when fitting it to the crib, can damage the crib rail if made of softer pine wood.It took 10 to 15 minutes to put the mobile together, it needs the hefty D batteries and then the smaller AAA for the remote control.I am not sure why the remote control has a moveable handle on it, as there is no where on the mobile to hang it and I can’t think of anywhere in the room I would want to hang a plastic remote control.The little toys hanging from the mobile are quite cute and the main parts of the mobile seem quite sturdy and are heavy (so make sure you secure it safely to the crib, as I wouldn’t want it falling in on baby), the blue canopy which moves around looks a little cheap for my liking, as the main part is plastic.I like the option to switch between sound only, sound & moving canopy and sound/moving canopy/light projection. The three different sound options are a bit lame; music, sounds of waves crashing on a beach & birds and then a muffled heartbeat sound – but I will see what baby makes of them!I will update my review in a few months, once my baby has arrived and we’ll see if she likes it.

Sharron Devine, TX

Pretty cool but….

It’s pretty fancy and our 12-week old LOVES but there are some pros and consPros-Projection is pretty cool-Self-moving is great (i.e., no manual spinning or winding up – bravo!)-Remote control is AWESOMECons-animals that hang down are kind of blah and small-wish you could turn on mobile without sound-wish you could turn on spinning portion of mobile without projection-remote control is a little finickyOverall, great investment and wish I had it sooner for sure!!!

Meghan Chester, VA

Nice mobile, glad we have it, but it’s not perfect.

Pros?I love that the mobile lasts for 15+ minutes.I love the projection (so does baby!).The music is not terribly grating.Cons?The remote works inconsistently at best–sometimes it works from the doorway and sometimes I can hold the remote directly in front of the mobile and it still won’t work. VERY FRUSTRATING. Maybe by the time we have baby #2 someone will have invented a real remote mobile that can turn on from another room!!It’s impossible to see the volume/projection buttons in a dark room–say, if you only want the music or only want the projection. Of course, I am sure this is a con for most mobiles.I wish there was an easier way to turn it off once it’s on. Unless I am missing something, you have to flip the side switch to off, then switch it back to auto (or whatever it’s called) so it will be ready for you the next time. I would like a distinct OFF button on the front.

Aisha Gaylordsville, CT

Not very Good

I bought it for my baby and it worked for alittle bit and then the mobile stopped working and the projection light stopped working. I called Customer Service for Fisher Price and they said that I could ship it in and they could fix it but I never bothered because it would take 4-6 weeks to get it back. I returned it to the store and it did the same thing. Save your money and just get a regular mobile instead of this one.\\

Francisca Mc Fall, MO


The image was crooked and didn’t fill the mobile correctly. My daughter hated it instantly. I didn’t much like it either. The image was really fuzzy and I couldn’t make out what the picture that was supposed to be. The music was lame! And what child wants to see the underside of the animals? It’s really not worth the price, for that price you should LOVE the mobile. Period.I ended up buying Tiny Love’s Nature’s Serenade mobile and I absolute loved it and my daughter did too. She spent the first night in awe of it and just sat happily cooing for an hour in bed before she fell asleep. This was a HUGE deal as she had horrible colic. No, sadly it didn’t cure her colic (I wish!) but it was very soothing and she liked it very much. Sadly, I had to take the top down after several months. However, at 13 months the music part of the mobile is in her crib and she listens to her music every night. She even turns it on by herself and plays in her crib alone in the mornings giving Mom a bit of extra sleep (Yay!). The Fisher Price one in no way measures up to Tiny Love’s Nature’s Serenade, it’s much more inventive and far more creative. If you have a Buy-Buy Baby near you I suggest checking out Tiny Love’s mobiles they are more interesting than just little stuffed toys going ’round and ’round. So glad I returned the Fisher Price one!

Olivia Nitro, WV

Oh how I love you mobile, but your quliaty not so much

I love this mobile or rather I should say, my son loves this mobile and in turn I love it too. It has really helped me get him to calm down when going down for a nap. There are a few constructive criticism points I would like to make though. First of all it is NOT high quality. We have gone through more than one of these until we seemed to find one that would stand up to regular use. There was a lot of returning of this product. I love Amazon, but you might want to buy it from a retailer that it is easier to do returns with. Second, getting it tight to the crib is difficult and when your child learns to kick or hit it to turn it on you might come back in to the room and see it leaning to an angle. Third, it has a big imprint. This is not a problem for me but this will not work with all cribs.There are a lot of things that I love about this mobile too. I love the projected image and the fact you can take the mobile part off. I love the remote. I also love that it is easy for my son to turn on. Almost every day he wakes up, turns the mobile on and then just waits for me to come and get him. It does not eat batteries, but it does use D’s. I highly recommend getting rechargeables and having two rotating sets to save money.I do recommend this mobile but take these points in to consideration when deciding if it is right for you.

Eva Jacksonville, OR

NOT NEW from Amazon

Beware, I bought this NEW from Amazon, and when it arrived, it was clearly a used item! Box resaled, contents not in plastic packaging, parts of the mobile scratched and sticky.. Pieces were dirty! I was so disgusted, I couldn’t bring myself to reorder. I have never had this problem before – if you order, make sure mobile is actually new when it arrives!

Marylou River Falls, WI


We bought this for our newborn and he liked it at first. I liked using the remote from outside his room when he wakes up and is just a little fussy. However, after about 2 hours of actual use you have to replace the batteries. I would definately never recommend this to anyone.

Dianna Springer, NM

Buy only if manufacturing date is after 2009

buy this mobile only if the manufacturing date is made after 2009 :oI read some of the 1-2 star reviews that the mobile stopped working after a few weeks or how it fell on their babies 🙁 I heard from a friend that some of these versions made before or during 2009 have some of those problems. Because of that, i made sure I got one where the manufacturing date was in 2010.given that information, I have never had this mobile fall on my son during the 7 months of usage (thank god!). I feel really bad for parents who got the ones that did :(we stopped using this mobile after 7 months because my son would be able to stand in his crib (at lowest setting) and try to pull and tug at the mobile. So we ended up retiring the mobile, plucking the plush animals out of it and giving it to him as a toy to play with in car rides.Here’s my review of 2010 version of this mobile: (style and function looks exactly the same on this amazon pic)Pros:+ easy to set up, took 10 min and ready to go (basically attaching the canopy and animals together + attaching it to the crib)+ I love how the animals on the canopy can be easily removed and washed (i machine washed it many times with no problems). i would pluck each one every month for a wash, since our apartment tend to get very dusty!+ music volume can be adjusted – a must for day time vs night time use+ the projection was crisp and sharp at night time, i was expecting a blurry-so-so image quality+ includes classical music, forest/ocean sounds, heart beat. my son likes variety.+ remote control is a plus. the range was decent, I could easily turn it on and off by aiming at my son’s open door from outside of his room.Cons:- the strap takes some time adjusting. I remember I had trouble completely tightening the strap (small thin fingers and great strength helps)- although the mobile never fell on my son, we do an extra knot after clipping the strap on so:1) it will be extra tight2) so the mobile won’t be “wobbly”it has everything I want in a mobile! :Lights, Music, Color and Movement.regardless of which mobile you end up deciding to buy, I think those 4 key features really help make mobiles/baby toys extra lasting power 🙂

Gayle Hattiesburg, MS

The Crib Baby-Sitter

32Male – We didn’t receive a mobile for the shower, so we didn’t know what we were missing. I thought 40 bucks for a mobile was a bit steep, so I hesitated, then found it for 30, and bought it. My little girl loves this thing. She talks to it for 30 minutes before drifting off to the land of nod. The mechanics aren’t as loud a people are saying, in fact that helps the baby go to sleep. The arm attaches just fine with two screws, if you can’t figure that out, the least of your baby’s issues is the mobile. The remote is sweet, handy. We use the nature sounds and the music, lights and mobile. I like that it turns off in steps, not all at once. Highly, Highly, Highly recommend.

Margret Beecher City, IL

Baby Loves This

We ordered this mobile for use on the change table and my 3 month old loves it. Yet to see if it will assist with sleep time when it gets used on the cot, but either way, it is so worth it.

Roberta Petersburg, PA

Turns on and off and parts drop off

We didn’t buy this item from Amazon, it was more of a spur of the moment we need this type purchase than any sort of thought out one. That was our first mistake.We got it home, and after taking 10 minutes to put it together and on our crib, we put our 4 month old son in, turned it on, and sat down in our own bed. We turned on the TV and… the mobile turned off? Turned off the TV, and the mobile turned on. Oh GREAT we thought. The TV and the mobile are on the same frequency. No biggy right? Well, if it was just the on/off that controlled the power, no big deal, but it’s also the volume! If we’re trying to be quiet by turning the volume down, the mobile will turn on or off and startle the baby awake. Then the next up or down on the volume does the same. So on and so forth. We’ve solved the problem just by turning off the power once the baby is definitely asleep, but it makes for some rather annoying “OH CRAP!” moments when we forget.Secondly, the umbrella part of the mobile DOES fall off. In our case, it’s because my husband didn’t read directions thoroughly, and we had to pry part of it off and put it back on the right way. As long as we don’t nudge it, it seems to be fine.All in all, we paid almost $50 for this, I would expect it to work a bit better, and NOT be on the same frequency as a VERY popular TV brand! The baby seems to like it though, and it keeps him entertained. Though he has yet to fall asleep to it.

Cara Marco Island, FL

Son’s favorite, most calming toy. One of our best overall baby items

Elsie Wolcott, CO

Baby loves the light show

My little one didn’t show any interest in this mobile until she was about 7 weeks — then she really started to look at the lights and moving animals. Although it does not soothe her to sleep, she loves to watch it and can be amused for long enough for me to take a nice shower. Good product overall & I like the remote, which allows me to re-start it without her seeing me.

Isabel Harrisville, MS

Like it

My 4 months old daughter likes the music and it helps with her sleeping. We are using it since she was 3 days old. She gets used to it and cant sleep well without her nightly music. Another good thing about this is the remote.When she was 2 weeks old up to 3 months old, she sleeps from 8pm and wakes up at 6am. When she reached 4 months, she sleeps from 8pm and wakes up at 8am and sometimes 9am. I know I am lucky to have a baby who loves her sleep but I know the music helps her too.

Patrice Friendsville, TN


I paid $49.50 for a new Fisher price precious planet 2-in-1 projection mobile and amazon sent me a used one instead. It has scratches and dirt on it and clear signs of wear and tear. The volume also fluctuates very drastically. Its a shame because I’ve heard such great things about this mobile, but I guess I have to order it from Fisherprice directly to get a NEW one. Disgusted that amazon would send a used one instead of a new one.UPDATEI ended up buying a new one and the volume is very low. Also as the toy animals are rotating aroundon the mobile they block the light coming from the projector and cast shadows onto the projected image. My baby does like this but I wouldnt recommend it because its just not as good in real life as it is in theory

Gayla Amsterdam, MO

Awesome mobile! Love that it’s on a timer!

Prior to this mobile, I had one of those wind-up kind. YUCK! Why do they even make those? I absolutely love this mobile because it goes for approx 15 minutes after turning on. That is enough time for my baby to relax and fall asleep. I love that the mobile is detachable, although my 7 mo old still enjoys watching the little animals go around in the circle! Love the projection picture and that it shines on the mobile or on the wall / ceiling when mobile is removed. Very nice that it comes with the remote, although I have yet to use it. Great music and nature sounds and heartbeat sound. I would rate this as the best mobile ever! Wish I would have seen it when my son was first born!

Darlene Sevier, UT

Nice to have a canopy and lights; better than Tiny Love Island

This seems to hold the attention of my infant. I like the fact that it has lights in the dark if you choose. I also like the fact that there is a canopy. If you are allowed to have a mobile at your child’s daycare crib, the canopy can shield their eyes from the fluorescent lights overhead a little bit. I also like the attachment mechanism, which is a Y shaped strap that comes from the top of the base over a crib edge and then meets up with a strap coming from the bottom.I also bought a Tiny Love island mobile, used. Based at least on the prior model of the Tiny Love, I find the FP one superior. Tiny Love has no lights overhead, has no canopy, and its attachment mechanism –a "screw" where you just fit the mobile on the edge of the crib, and tighten the attachment via a "screw" where you turn it until it is tight–is not as secure as FP’s.

Letha Akron, CO

The reviews don’t lie – great mobile!

I was concerned about this mobile as there were a couple of negative reviews regarding battery life, fit on a crib, and volume level but we’ve had no issues. We’ve had this 2 weeks now and using it probably up to 1 hour a day and batteries are still going strong. No issues with fitting it on our crib (we did put a thin clothe under it to not scratch the crib) and the low volume level works for us – not too loud or too quiet. AND, our 10 week old loves it! It can be used day or night (so don’t be concerned because it is a projection mobile you can’t use it during the day). We often use it with just music and the animals turning and no projection and it still entertains the baby fine. We use it to put her down for naps – we put it on, leave the room, and she forgets that we left as she watches this until she falls asleep. Before this, she didn’t want to be left in a room alone to take nap. The look of the mobile is cute too – not that "plastic-y" looking and looks great on a white crib.

Keisha Benge, WA


I absolutely LOVE this mobile. We don’t use the projection or mobile every night but we do use the sounds. Mainly the heartbeat because it is the only sound that gets our son to sleep. It is also the only sound that will calm him down when he’s fussy. I think the remote is also wonderful because when the mobile goes off all I do is click it and the heartbeat starts back up again without jolsting my baby awake. I do wish it lasted longer though as I have downloaded an app on my phone that is a heartbeat and it’ll last all night which last night it had my baby asleep for 7 hours straight! He’s only 5 weeks old! I bet if this mobile lasted throughout the night, my husband and I would get so much more sleep along with having a happy baby to wake up too in the mornings.

Chasity Meade, KS

Project stop working!!!

My daughter is attracted by colors and animated screen. So because this mobile has a projector that i believe my daughter will like i decided to buy. Of, it did the job, it kept my daughter’s attenetion for at least 10mins at a time. After 2months or so, the mobile stop working. You can hear the music but nothing is moving. For the price of the mobiel I will expect for it to go longer than 2 months. Oh, by the way i thought it was the battery, we changed it, still nothing.

Robbie Timberlake, NC

So awesome

Such a great idea. With the remote and three different sound settings this is by far the best mobile I have seen yet. The projector and colors really make it something special

Dominique Sikeston, MO

Check the edges of your crib before buying it!

After reading the reviews, I decided it was the mobile I needed for my son. It seemed great, however, I never got to use it as it didn’t fit my son’s crib. It actually damaged it when I tried to attach it. I have a DaVinci Kalani crib, which has round edges.

Leonor New Egypt, NJ

My son loved it. Wish it had an easier OFF button on the unit.

My son loved staring at the animals. Now that he’s outgrown them, the night projection on his ceiling fascinates him. I turn on the music and projection every night.I do wish it had an easier OFF button on the unit. Every time i want to stop it, I have to off and then switch it back to level 1 sound so that it doesn’t stay permanently off. I have kept the remote as it is not very useful.

Leslie Phil Campbell, AL

Cute mobile

This mobile is cute and my 4 month old son likes it, but he loses interest in it after a while and he won’t fall asleep to it.

Marjorie Mount Carroll, IL


Does what it is supposed to. Fit my convertible crib fine! projection works perfectly, sound is not too loud, very soothing tunes

Dana Wells, MN

clever idea

I wasn’t sure if I needed a mobile or not but my son loves music and lights, so I saw that this one could be used while he grows and decided to give it a try. I love the way that it has the different sound settings, at night the heart beat helps my son fall asleep. What is awesome is that it has a remote control that goes with it…I do wish that you could do more with the remote all it does is turn it on or off, you can switch between settings. I’m also not too crazy about the design, but for the price I think its a pretty good deal. It is easy to assemble as well.

Janet Marysville, PA

Baby’s favorite thing

The other reviews are correct. This is a very good value and our son loves it! We got it when he was born and as soon as he could see that far, he was fascinated by the animals and the lights (though the fact that the animals are a whale, an alligator, a dog and a lion is a bit strange…) He is 11 months now and still giggles whenever the mobile is turned on. It’s entertaining enough to keep him calm but not so stimulating that he doesn’t go to sleep. Now that he’s bigger he actually sits up and pushes the button himself to make it go. The mobile attaches very securely on the crib and the batteries last pretty long given the amount of use it gets (we have changed them twice in 11 months).

Marva Fremont, WI