Fisher Price Precious Planet Deluxe Auto Mirror with Music

Fisher Price Precious Planet Deluxe Auto Mirror with Music

Safely see your baby while traveling in the car with the Fisher-Price Precious Planet Musical Auto Mirror. This large, convex mirror allows mom to have a wide-angle view of their rear facing infant while driving. Easy remote control activation lets mom turn on music with one simple push of a button from the front seat. Four fun melodies captivate and entertain baby. Mirror has multiple attachment options for viewing rear facing infants to fit most vehicles on the market. Surface washable.

Main features

  • Safely watch your baby as you drive
  • Provides wide-angle view of rear facing infant
  • Music is only activated by use of remote control
  • Mirror plays 4 different songs that entertain baby
  • Multiple attachment options

Verified reviews


Simple Car Mirror

I love the colors of this mirror and the cute animals. This is a simple car mirror, nothing extravagant. I am a first time mommy and now that I have some experience as a mother (7 months) I probably would have ordered a different mirror. This mirror plays the same tunes repeatedly and gets annoying after a bit. I do love the fact that I can turn the mirror on/off with the seperate on/off button for us parents to keep up front. My little one doesn’t seem so interested in the mirror. In the car there are so many thing to look at, outside the windows, etc. Also, with the mirror I had to order a seperate mirror to put upfront because I could not see her face in the mirror. Maybe it was the position I had the mirror in but I could not see her at all. All in all, I probably would do more research and check reviews on other mirror products before ordering this one. In my opinion…

Renee Sugar Run, PA

Work great. Bought 4!!!

My friend gave me one as a gift and it worked so good that we bought a 2nd one for the other car. I also purchased 2 more for my friends and family. It is cute. My son loves the music. The reason why I give it 4 star instead of 4 is that the music is louder than we prefer. There are two settings for the volumn. Still too loud in a Camry but it is all right in our SUV. Doesn’t matter. We, and our friends and family, love this item. No problem with it at all.

Brittney Artie, WV

My daughter loves this!

Great car accessory! Any time my daughter starts crying, I can remote turn this on, and she is entertained/soothed right away! She loves the music, the first setting is the perfect volume, and sometimes she even falls alseep listening to it! I love that I can remote it on while driving!! A must-have for frequent travelers!

Adrian Oceana, WV


My daughter loved this, and my infant son is mesmerized by the lights and music. It does eat through batteries quite quickly, but it’s worth it for the peace and quiet. The remote clip doesn’t attach anywhere in our car, so it lives in our cupholder, which is kind of a pain.

Emma Wind Gap, PA

Plays the same few songs OVER AND OVER

I’ve had this mirror for about 4 months. I never knew about the burning out problem… I thankfully have not had that issue. BUT this thing is sooo annoying… I cant even turn the music on at all. It plays the same few songs, Over and over. The worst problem is they are only like 20 seconds each song, so its like you hear the same song at least once every minute. AND the low setting is still super loud. It also doesn’t sit tight on the back of the seat.I HAD to get the precious planet one because its what i did his room in… I wish i got the other ocean one. Grrrrr.I hate this mirror.

Jane Jacksboro, TN

Easily break?

We have 2 cars but it was very hard to install this product on both of our cars.I bought this about 4-5 month ago and it did not work.So I ordered replacement, and that broke after a few times use also.Just a coincidence or what?I was being lazy and didn’t try to return it for a while. I found out Amazon accepts return for 365days so I’m just now trying to return the replacement, I will get refund this time instead of replacement…

Vilma Jamestown, MI

Waste of money!

This product work for 10 seconds then stopped working. Now I can only use as an mirror and it plays no music. I could have saved money and bought just a plain mirror for half the cost.

Ester Linn Creek, MO