Fisher-Price Precious Planet Deluxe Musical Activity Gym

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Deluxe Musical Activity Gym

The extra-large round mat offers lots of room for baby to explore-with movable toys and musical fun! Three arches make it easy to place baby in just the right spot to enjoy overhead discoveries, tummy time, or sit-up play. Lots of variety and stimulating fun, with seven repositionable toys and two modes. Choose up to 20 minutes of continuous music, or let baby activate short musical segments. Everything folds up inside the mat for portability and storage! Requires 3 AA batteries (Not Included). For Ages: Birth & up. Product Dimensions: 20″ x 38″ x 38″.

Main features

  • Overhead gym features a spinning bead ball and a musical polar bear with a light-up nose
  • Choose up to 20 minutes of continuous music, or let baby activate short musical segments
  • Extra-large round mat offers lots of room for baby to explore
  • Everything folds up inside the mat for portability and storage
  • From birth on up

Verified reviews



One of the best kick and plays I’ve seen. My baby is only two months old and already loves it. I love that its musical too!

Candace Rosebush, MI

Two Month Old Likes It

Our two month old baby likes this quite a bit, and I think he will like it even more as he gets older. There is a nice soft mat for him to lay on, and we put his boppy on the mat so that he is propped up more. There are several animals for him to play with and he spends quite some time swinging at the little guys and rattling them. The penguin is his favorite toy – we take it off and bring it with us wherever we go. I think he likes the contrast of the black and white, which little ones tend to like best. The gym would be even better if there was something he could pull to make it sing, but we bought one of those separately and added it for him. It is nice how the gym goes all around with three separate pieces, so if he gets bored with one part of it, we just move him around to look at another part. We use the bear to play with him on his own – he doesn’t really use the bear or the animals that come with it while he is laying down at this point, but my guess is that he will appreciate them more as he gets older. I gave it only four stars because it isn’t super-amazing, but it is good and we were quite happy to get it as a present. We wouldn’t have thought of it on our own, but it has ended up being very helpful to give him a little entertainment while I try to get something else done – make breakfast, or sweep the floor. He can entertain himself for 10 minutes or so with this, which is long for him. The only other thing that works so well is the precious planet fisher price swing, which we also recommend.

Marcella Alamo, NV

Slight issue, great item.

I received this today and I was shocked to see the quality of the little toys, the mirror came glued outside the sun shape with the edges hanging out! I OBVIOUSLY HAD to buy super glue and reattach it to the sun shape base, that simply ticked me off, but overall I think it’s not too bad, my 11 weeks old son instantly started looking around with wide eyes and talking to himself, which I take is a sign that he is a fan. there are a few extra rings to hang extra toys which i like cause i hung his favorite rattles as well. the size of the mat is very nice in my opinion and the colors are bright and cheerful. I would have given it a five star but the mirror really bothered me, first because it had the edges out and could harm the baby, second cause this was expensive, I would have expected this from a $30 one, not this.UPDATE: seller have been great regarding this matter, I highly recommend them, they issued me a refund the same I sent them a complaint, and apologized although it’s a manufacturing issue.

Nicole Bradshaw, NE

The only good thing about this gym is the bear

For my 3 month old baby the toys were hard to reach, also the little toys are too flat with no different textures or sounds. The only thing she likes is the bear. I later bought the taf toys gym which has a larger mat and more interactive toys to play with.

Rosalyn Pascoag, RI

Functional, Attractive, Durable Play Mat

This play mat has withstood the test of 3 babies. Baby #3 enjoys it just as much as my other two kids did.I like that this one is more attractive than others…slightly more muted colors and isn’t as obvious in our living room as other playmats we’ve tried. The bars are very sturdy and click into a center piece that holds them in place (as opposed to the Rainforest playmat, where the bars go all wonky). There are several loops to attach toys to at different places along the bars. The musical polar bear was my son’s favorite feature, he would laugh and talk to it for up to an hour. My oldest loved talking to herself in the mirror, while my youngest daughter seems to prefer the toys. Unlike some of the other playmats, the toys that come with this one seem high-quality and entertaining not just as something dangling over the mat, but as a stand-alone toy. It’s nice to be able to remove and add toys based on the baby’s stimulation-level preference.I also love that i can easily pick this up and move it from room to room without having to readjust and set up the bars. I’ve washed the bottom play mat probably 30 times or more and it hasn’t faded at all — still looks brand new! The playmat pattern also seems to be interesting to a baby doing tummy time. The pieces, once disassembled, store somewhat compactly. Unfortunately, the bars are slightly too long to fit into a standard storage bin, but we can usually find a good place to store them.Favorite features:Not as “in-your-face” bright as other playmatsHigh-quality toysDurable, holds up after many washesSturdy set-up

Hallie Richmond, CA

Great product

This is a great product! Our baby loves it. I’m not sure I understand what the bear is suppose to do-Is it suppose to light up? Other than that, I would buy again.

Lolita Danbury, IA

Loved by Baby and Momma, too

This playmat is one of the best. It has a lot of toys, and it’s great that you can switch the toys around and use other toys on it as well. The toys it came with are nice, especially the rattles. He likes the polar bear as well, especially because it activates when he moves… so when he starts to fuss, it plays music and that entertains him for a short while again.I love that this product includes a mirror- our baby loves to look at himself in it. And all the animals that go along the bottom are nice and bright and grab his attention as well. It holds doesn’t hold his attention too long, but you have to expect that with babies.I personally love that this playmat is so easy to throw in the wash and washes up very well. We have a spitter, so that’s a very positive quality in this house!

Brigitte Bushwood, MD

So cute and vibrant

I love this play mat, its bright and colorful and my son loves the mirror. My only issue with this play mat is the polar bear that plays music. Its kind of cheap looking and it does not keep his attention at all.

Elena Hanover, PA

Many months of great use!

This gym has a beautiful design, and is very easy to move around from room to room, and pack on trips. Our baby started by playing in it on her back, pulling the rattles, and now she enjoys sitting in the gym, and doing tummy time. Lots of objects, colors and shapes to reach for! We also got a bouncy seat with a matching design. Over the recent months, we got a lot of milage out of these clever contraptions, as our baby loves to play in them daily.

Lilly Boscobel, WI

Don’t put in the drier

This type of gym in general is a must have for every baby. I think it a fun product. It is a plus that you can change the hanging toys when the baby gets bored. Just don’t put the mat in the drier, it gets ruined because it is 100% polyester.

Lucy Hartsfield, GA

Great entertainment area

I agree with the users so far that this is a great little gym. It’s super cute. It’s very easy to assemble. It is sturdy. The only negative is do you really need one? Infants could lie on a blanket with infant toys. But this is a good solution overall for tummy time and interactive toys.

Fannie Bennington, VT

Baby Loves His Gym

For the past two months, my 4 month old son has spent a good 30 minutes a day on this mat. He enjoys looking at all the toys, especially the blinking red nose on the polar bear (which I placed on the top of the gym so he can see it when he is on his back). I have also hung some of his other favorite toys from the bars and I move the toys around to give him some variety. The mat has been through several washings and it still looks brand new. We have the matching bouncer, which he loves as well.

Johanna Herndon, PA

Everything is great except the mirror

Bought this in 2009 and my firstborn adored it for the first 7 mos of his life. I then sold it because I thought I wasn’t going to bear more children but I subsequently did. I tried looking for this all over town but couldn’t find it anymore. A sales rep from Toys R Us told me it has been RECALLED because of the mirror which dislodges and can cut baby. I do agree it has sharp edge all around and if your baby is at the stage where he sucks on everything he might cut his mouth or suck up the dried tape glue. My mirror fell off the moment I removed the product from package and I discarded it at once. I have bought another FP playmat for my second child but I wished I had re-purchased this instead. One big advantage is that this mat can be removed quickly should it require a washing. All newer FP model playmats the fabric covering the beams is permanently attached to the playmat and this makes it impossible to remove the mat quickly. The fabric covering the beams isn’t sewn onto the mat you can remove it in seconds that would be a HUGE plus for me. I also love the positioning of the loops to which you can attach soft toys from other brands like Lamaze and switch them up so baby doesn’t get tired of seeing the same toys every time. I like the lion the monkey and the bear which are placed on the mat, they’re useful when baby is sitting up or pushing up from lying on his belly.

Lucia Milwaukee, WI