Fisher-Price Precious Planet Froggy Friend Potty

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Froggy Friend Potty

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Froggy Potty Potty training is much more fun with a froggy friend The adorable little green guy is easy for little ones to get on or off independently. There’s an integrated splash guard for boys and a removable bucket that makes for easy cleanup Be sure to clean the bucket with mild soap and water solution. If desired a solution of household disinfectant can also be used. Rinse with clean water to remove soap residue.

Main features

  • Easy-clean seat makes potty time less stressful and more fun
  • Features smooth edges and a removable bucket
  • Rear handle for easy portability
  • Includes an integrated splashguard for boys
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 9.5 x 15″ (WxHxL)

Verified reviews


BEWARE, two different seats!

I bought the green with orange insert for my boy, and the frog’s eye are not as high as on the pictures (they don’t cover his penis).The pink has high eyes, perfect for boys, but usually parent don’t buy pink for boys.The green one for boys is with blue insert (I can not see it on amazon).UPDATE: I wanted to send the orange insert one back, but Amazon let me keep it (with full refund). I got the pink one and it has right design with elevated eyes.

Winifred Lathrop, CA

Little Girl’s Mom Review – So Far So Good

From the reviews I’ve read about this product on here it seems most of the people who have had success with this item are moms of boys so I wanted to give my perspective as a mom to a little girl in case it might be helpful.We are just starting out and we aren’t really full time training yet. Our daughter is just showing a few signs of readiness so we decided to get ahead and introduce her to the potty now so that when its time for her to really start learning she will already be used to it and not scared or whatever. So right now I can’t say how great this item is as far as that, but it seems like most of reviews have addressed the fit of the potty and that was what I was most concerned about myself.I was going to just buy a potty online since it seems like most items are cheaper online than in-store, but I went ahead and decided to test some out in store before buying just to check the fit. It turns out that right now at a store…erm… who’s logo is a red bullseye… this potty is only nine cents more than it is on here (UPDATE! On Amazon this potty is now almost $2.00 less than at the other store) so I went ahead and bought it. I also looked at theBABYBJORN Potty Chair, Whitein red and it is a bit smaller so I almost bought it instead. My daughter loves red and she kept playing with it and she seemed comfortable on it. I loved the high back and the more aesthetic design, but it was more than twice the price of this potty and I’d read bad things about little girls getting hurt by the super high splash guard on that one, so I decided to get this potty instead because if it doesn’t work out then I haven’t invested a whole ton of money in it.She does like this potty now that its home and not sitting next to the bright red one in the store. She can sit comfortably on it, I don’t think that it makes her have to sit with her legs out too wide like some other reviewers said. With the older model that had eyes sticking out that would have definitely been an issue. Right now she is 13 months old and weighs 26 lbs and is about 31 inches tall. (We have the newer one with the orange pot and the rounded guard, not the older one with the eyes sticking out) Her feet touch the ground but she does need a bit of help sitting down on it because it is higher than the Baby Bjorn and the splash guard does get in the way. When she’s a little taller this should not be a problem. We hope.We did look for potties with no splash guard at all, but all the ones we looked at all had bad reviews for one reason or another. This was the highest rated, most reasonably priced potty with the smallest splash guard that we could find. If the splash guard gets to be a problem we will have to replace it with something else but like I said before, we went for the least expensive thing to start with as a jumping off point.This is a no frills, simply designed potty (we looked at some with a magazine rack, toilet paper roll, flusher, music, and all sorts of bells and whistles and we feel like we want to try a simpler approach first) that baby does his or her business in and you dump it out and sanitize yourself. The orange pot lifts out of the green base for easy disposal. It does stick a bit sometimes and you have to wiggle it out. In order to get the pot out when it sticks without flicking yuck all over the place I sit down on the floor in front of the potty, grip the base with my knees/thighs and slowly wiggle it out. Or you can wiggle out each side with one hand while holding the back of the potty down with the other. Or you can put some Vaseline on the underside so it doesn’t stick. Also the base does not have rubber feet like many potties do, so it can slide on tile floors. My solution to this was to put it on a rubber bathmat. You could also try the fuzzy shag style bathmats that have grippy stuff on the bottoms or even those things you put in front of litter boxes to catch the litter from the cat’s feet to grip the bottom of it.That’s all I have for now. After a few months of use I’ll check back in with more. Good luck to everyone else out there who is currently potty training!———EditAfter a few weeks of using the potty off an on, she has completely lost interest in the potty again, which her pediatrician said is likely to happen at her age. (15 months old now) We have put potty training on the back burner and right now we are showing her books about the potty and helping her learn words to do with going to the potty so when its time for her to learn she will be able to tell us when she needs to go. We are also showing her to wash her hands after she uses the bathroom and things like that, even if she does it in her diaper, so hopefully she will associate going to the bathroom with washing hands afterwards and it will become a routine for her now and not a problem later.She still enjoys the potty and we haven’t had any problems with it. After sitting for long periods of time it does make a red impression on her bottom and I think it makes her legs fall asleep. To be completely honest my own toilet does the same thing to me if I sit on it for a long time too, and she shows no signs of being in pain so I don’t think its a problem.One thing that has been helpful for us is to have lots of books and toys next to the potty so she doesn’t get bored of sitting there waiting for something to happen and get up and walk off, only to make a mess in the floor moments later.——-EditAt almost 20 months she is showing signs of readiness and interest again, so we decided to get back into potty training. We are trying a more relaxed version of the 3 day method. Basically letting her walk around diaperless and following her around with her potty everywhere, showing her potty books, and I’ve also relaxed my strict “no screen time until age 2” rule for theOnce Upon A Potty DVD Girlvideo. We have the OUAP dvd, book, and doll. Its the same thing my parents used to teach me and brother to use the potty actually so I knew the system would work. lol. So anyway as far as fit, now she is able to sit on her potty without any help because she is taller. She is now about 29 lbs and almost 35 in tall. She does have to stand on her tip-toes to get her booty over the splash guard though. Now she bends over until she’s almost standing on her head, lifts her butt as high in the air as it will go and watches to make sure she doesn’t sit on the splash guard. Its hilarious to watch.We also bought a little seat that goes on the “big potty” thinking that it might be more comfy for her bottom than the hard plastic on her frog potty. Apparently not. Both leave a red impression on her bottom and make her uncomfortable after sitting for a while. I know it doesn’t hurt but I can tell when her legs at starting to fall asleep because she starts swinging them. At that point I tell her to just get up and come back to the potty later. She has been using both the big potty and her frog potty and is fine with both. She loves to help me dump out the frog bowl in the big potty and flushing. And washing her hands gives her a chance to play in the water so that’s fun for her too. We are also doing a sticker chart for when she goes potty and she is loving that. I also showed her some panties that are for when she is done potty training and she thinks they are the coolest ever. I let her wear some one day so she could see that they are more comfy than a diaper, and now when we have to put on a diaper she asks if she can wear her panties instead. Looking forward to the day when I can say yes!Hopefully this helps some of you other mom’s out there!

Melinda Benjamin, TX

I am going pooh pooh over the poo poo potty!

I purchased this for my two year old daughter. I have friends who have the major competitors, namely the BABYBJÖRN Smart Potty and the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair, so I will compare them.COLOR: The FPPPFFP (let’s just abbreviate it and call it the Froggy Potty!) is a fun colored alternative to the Smart Potty and Potty Chair more staid and boring look. The other two have a simple color scheme – solid color exterior with a white bowl. The Froggy potty has a green or pink exterior with blue, pink or orange bowl. The Froggy potty also has fun eyes and a frog smile with legs on all 4 sides. The only issue with the froggy potty is that it has only those two or three color options, versus the Bjorns which have 6 different color schemes.COMFORT: The froggy potty has a small back that is not so tall but will cradle the small back of the child. The smart potty has almost a non-existent back which does not do anything. The potty chair has an extremely tall back which is comfortable for the child but when you are not watching, for a boy it can be a pee target. I find that my daughter is not easily able to sit down in the froggy potty – she can put her legs over it but since it is pretty wide, she has to stretch her feet and plop her butt down. If she has pants on, she flops down which can be painful if she does it fast.DESIGN: All 3 have a lifted front section which cradles the child. The bowl handle sticks out on the froggy potty slightly so you can easily pick it up and rinse it off. With the smart potty and potty chair, the handle is in the front which is not so easy to lift up when your child has a heavy bowel movement and you want to keep it steady. The bowl is relatively lightweight on all of them and once removed, all are easy to wash and clean out. The plastic gets discolored on the white over time which is not as nice as the blue or pink coloring which will conceal the discoloration. The entire casing of the froggy potty is so light that my child can easily transport it from room to room, and she can take the interior bowl out with ease. There is also a back handle to pick the entire thing up without difficulty. As another reviewer mentioned, having a non-stick bottom is a lacking key feature (which the Bjorns DO have), as the potty will slide all over the place when the child tries to sit down. My daughter already banged her back when she tried to sit down and the chair slid around and she hit herself against the drawer in our bathroom.PRICE: The potty chair is the biggest and most expensive item, with the smart potty a bit less. However, the froggy potty is the cheapest at $12. That is a small price to pay for colorful plastic that will keep your children happy.In the end, I found that I liked the froggy potty the most. My daughter was potty trained quickly, and she loved sitting on the froggy which makes it easier to do. Having another piece of furniture around vis-a-vis the potty chair is not something I need right now. If not for the missing rubber bottom, I would give this a perfect 5 stars.

Lisa Prairieburg, IA

Nice hat

The orange inner bucket is a very fashionable hat for my almost-three-year-old. Looks great with the cloth diapers he refuses to stop using. Darn it, this child is never going to potty train, is he? The potty is adorable, though, and serves wonderfully as a fashion statement/toy train repository.

Julianne Hodgen, OK

Cute potty and great price

I bought this in pink for my daughter and purchased the green frog as a second training potty for my inlaws to use. For the price, you cant go wrong. Very easy to clean. Yet it is compact and does not take up a lot of room in the bathroom.My daughter likes her “froggy potty” as she calls it …which will hopefully encourage her to go!! Mommy is sick of diapers 🙂 Good luck!

Katy Checotah, OK

May work for early training….

My son turned 17 months and was fascinated with my husband and I going potty. We decided to buy him a potty so he could sit on his potty while I was going potty to help him get used to it.This potty is cute, my son loves to sit on it and it fits him (he’s off the charts in height and weight so it’s a good potty for tushy size).My complaints are:1. My son has a hard time sitting down on his own within the specified area and position. He can sit sideways on the potty but for him to sit forward facing (and get his winkie over the splash guard), he needs me to lift and position him onto it. This is fine for now, but I think we’ll be searching for a potty where he can sit down in the right position on his own.2. The potty skids around pretty easily. He’ll be backing up towards it and his heels with hit the potty sending it further back. I think this could work if you placed the potty in a corner so there was reduced movement but it’s frustrating to him (and me) that a simple non-skid bottom wasn’t added to this potty.This being said, perhaps it will work for others but unfortunately, until we pull the trigger and go full speed ahead on potty training, this will be our “dummy” potty for my son to sit on while I pee.

Reyna Angora, NE

Best kids potty IMO

It is cute. My daughter took to it right away. She frequently asks for potty. She wants to take it with her from room to room so she will be able to use it/sit on it and try. It is light weight so my 21 m.o. is able to easily carry it (when empty of course). Easy to clean! It’s great! I highly recommend this one.

John Issue, MD

don’t waster your money

many times my girl has hurt yoo hoo when sitting down. its sometimes hard to pop off the bowl you empy which is gross when you splash. my daughter who likes to put the pottys back together can never get this one. for the price there are better potty’s out here.

Barbra Burghill, OH


My daughter just didn’t like it. It holds up well but made her legs spread apart and looked uncomfortable. My daughter just prefers the potty ring that goes on the toilet

Lauren Gilmanton, WI

fun for toddler

I am just starting to potty train my daughter and she loves this potty chair. Every time she walks by the bathroom, she points at it and gets excited about it. She loves sitting on it.I tried just using a seat cover over our toilet, but she kept sliding around too much. This chair is perfect for little hineys and even has handles for them to grip as they sit.It’s very easy to clean. We love it.

Dorothy Chloe, WV

Handles are great and potty hole is nice

But I wish there was some material on the bottom of this thing to help it from ‘moving’ around. The frog guy seems to do nothing for our toddler.UPDATE:So, I am revising my review now that our 2 1/2+ son is fully potty trained and able to compare against some other potties. We now call the potty froggy and although there isn’t any non-stick material on the bottom, the handles were really helpful. The other nice thing is the potty hole is ‘wider’ than the Bjorn potty, which also makes it a bit more comfortable. I would give this a 5 star if only there was some material on the bottom to keep it from moving around. To address this, we put the froggy in front of a wall.

Dolly Churchton, MD

Not great…

I bought this based on some review I read. I haven’t been able to get my toddler to use it. She prefers to sit on the regular toilet. The 2 times I did get her to use it, it was awkward for her her to sit and stand. The front of it is too high up and this makes it hard for a little one to sit on it. Cleaning it was also quite difficult. The product is cute and it’s reasonably price. I don’t think it’s a bad product, it just isn’t for me.

Jill Vernon Center, MN

Our 8 mo old has gotten used to using this regularly

Our 8 mo old can sit up now. So when we got this, we sat him on this with his clothes on so that he gets a bit used to it. We’re lucky because our son is pretty regularly about pooing right after his morning 6 oz milk. So now after we feed him, when he gives a few signs, we take his diaper off & sit him on top of this & make the suu-suu-suu-sounds. And like clockwork, he poos & pees just fine on this thing! So it has worked great so far. Our son is too young to notice the cute froggy face or go to the potty himself since he can’t walk. But the suu-suu-suu-sound helps to train him early so that he is used to using this potty. Thanks Fisher-Price & Amazon for making potty training affordable & easy. He will probably use this potty until he is about 18 months. IDK, I’ll have to read the reviews to see how long people have used this potty but we’re happy we have gotten our son used to this now at the 8 mo mark!

Keri Lampasas, TX

Simple and Easy to Clean!

I was recommended by a potty training teacher to get a simple potty with no extra gimmicks that would be easy to clean. When I started looking I only saw a few different styles that fit this criteria. This potty was so easy to clean, light and great for those early training days. My child actually started using the potty on her own without even telling us partially due how easy this was to use. We loved it so much we bought an additional one from Amazon (got a great price on our second) to keep upstairs!

Margret Pesotum, IL

Great potty for boys!

We tried three other potties for my older son, but he tended to go right out the front of them even though they claimed to have the potty guard. When my second son was ready to potty train he seemed to have an even worse time keeping it in the bowl. I was about to give up and just assume I’d be cleaning floors five times a day for the next few months, but then I read the reviews for this product and decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised! This one actually works!First of all, the front guard is the perfect height. It took my son a little bit of practice to sit on it, but he is barely two and can now easily sit behind the bump. I have yet to have him pee out the front of this potty, even when he shoots straight up it seems to catch it and somehow direct it back into the bowl.I also really like how easy it is to pop the bowl out to clean. One thing I learned with potties is the less moving parts the better! When things get messy you’ll be trying to clean every nook and cranny and those hinged lids and fancier potties make it difficult. This has a one-piece bowl that is easy to remove and guards the other areas.Overall a really great product and a great price! My son also loves the friendly froggy design.

Catherine Battle Creek, NE

Two part pincher

This chair is of two parts. And baby lag or but skin get trapped often:( We trained her, and now we have to retrain because she cries and doesnot want to sit on this chair. Now worth to ship back

Madelyn Kirkman, IA

Really hard for toddlers to put the legs wide enough to sit

This concept is great and easy to clean. Unfortunately it is really hard for my 2year old to put her legs around it to sit down. If you have a child that is a little more on the higher percentile then it might be ok, but doesn’t work for us. We had to get one that just had a normal seat like the summer infant all in one.

Rose Meeker, CO

great potty for boys – no splashing!

we have this potty and have been using it over a year. it’s great for my son. He never sprays out the side or front like he does when he uses a bjorn potty. I recommended it to a friend and her son has done well with it too.

Gay Stanton, KY

Easy to clean!

I always told myself I would never have one of these stand-alone potty seats when I had kids! I did not want to deal with emptying the contents and wanted my kids to be used to using the normal-sized toilet. Well, fast-forward to raising a two-year-old boy and I find myself picking up one of these at our local superstore!I was looking for something that was easy to clean, easy for a child to use, and was attractive (as far as potty seats go…) This Froggy seat met those expectations and was definitely a good choice! It sits high enough off the floor that my son can sit on it without feeling like he is falling over, but it’s not too high to make it difficult to back onto with his pants down!We have only used it for urinating (no bowel movements!), and it is very easy to clean. The inner blue part just lifts right out and I can just dump it down the toilet, then rinse and clean it. The “bowl” is all one piece, with no crevices or cracks to trap the urine. The eyes on the frog provide a nice splash guard and we have never had any spilling on our floor.As far as the child having to sit with their legs open (other reviewers have said that is a negative thing), I have noticed that even when my son sits on the regular potty seat directly on the toilet, he still sits like that! He has to be able to push his “parts” down to make sure the urine goes into the toilet. He does not seem uncomfortable in the least. My one-year-old daughter also likes to sit on the potty and pretend to go, and she seems just fine, too!I would recommend buying this potty seat either from or from a store with a good return policy. If your child is uncomfortable on it, you can try something else. But for our kids, it has been great!

Jenna North Brunswick, NJ

Get a Little froggy with it!!

Arrived the next day. Super fast shipping. My son is so excited to use it and has!! All day he has run to HIS potty froggy. Before this it was impossible to get him to use the toilet. Thank you so much for the invention of the froggy potty!!

Helene Enloe, TX


I and my 17 month old are very happy with this product. It’s durable, cute and does the job. I just wish that the potty itself didn’t so easily lift off the base. My daughter watches the potty song on her potty DVD while she’s on the potty and when she is done, she lifts it off the base and brings it to me with a smile on her face. So far there haven’t been any spills, but I’m expecting one any day now. So, the only reason I didn’t give it five stars was that it lacks an adult latch of some sort to avoid spills. Not that she couldn’t pick up the whole potty and bring it to me, I suppose!

Colleen Chester Springs, PA

Effective & easy to clean

I bought the orange potty for my daughter. She absolutely loves it – went potty the first time we put her on it & has gone everytime since. It is the perfect size for her little tush.On my end of the bargain, it is super easy to clean, and doesn’t take up too much room in the bathroom.

Noreen Barnesville, NC

Fun potty chair

My daughter loves this potty chair. The orange piece is easy to remove for cleaning and dumping. It isn’t padded, so if your little one likes to sit for a while it might not be the best choice.

Anastasia Avenel, NJ

Made All the Difference in Potty Training!

This potty was definitely the turning point in our potty training adventure. We had bought just a seat that sat on our downstairs potty, but without the fun factor of the frog, it was a flop.

Pansy Asheville, NC

Small but mighty!

First off, let me tell you that my son is 2 and large for his age. He has always been in the 95th percentile in size and is currently 36″ tall and 36.5 pounds. Finding him a potty that he actually wanted to sit on was quite a feat! We tried the Fisher Price Cheer for Me potty to no avail, he just thought it was a neat toy to have his stuffed animals go potty on, but not for him! We tried potty seats on the regular toilet but after just one fall-through incident, he was too scared to try that again. We went to our local store and had him sit on different potties until he came across this one. Right away, he was shouting “ribbit, ribbit” with excitement. This potty is small, smaller than average-sized potties on the market right now – however, our son fit just fine and he is a big boy. I love the simplicity of this potty and that you just pull the “cup” portion off once your child is done, dump it in your toilet, wipe it out with a sanitizing wipe, and you’re done! Its also light enough that my son can move it to another location if he wants. Overall, this by far was our best potty purchase and, for $11 you can’t go wrong!!

Vickie Florence, SD

Great potty, simple, cheap, comfy and easy to clean

This is a good potty, especially for little boys. My son can sit in it for a long time and go to the potty. It is easy enough for him to sit on it all by himself and since the design has the pee guard included there are no harsh parts where he can get hurt. It is easy to empty and clean. I like it better than the Bjorn Chair and the 3 in 1 potty from Summer.

Robin Huntington Mills, PA


Bought this to start getting my son familiar with the potty. I can’t speak to it’s functionality, as he hasn’t actually started going potty on it yet, but it’s cute and he seems to like sitting on it. The little potty part is super easy to take out and put back in, so it seems like it will be easy to clean. For the price, it’s a great potty!

Lilia Boonsboro, MD

Good basic potty seat

We picked this one because it has a basic functional structure and is a little fun and interesting for our little one. The only downside is that it has no bumpers or grip on the bottom so it slides across our bathroom tile.

Dolly Pinewood, SC

Love this potty!

We are really happy with this frog potty from Fisher Price. I wanted something really simple and easy to clean. Most potties just seemed like a lot of work with various pieces that would have to be dismantled and cleaned off. This frog is so simple in design and the high part in the front allows all the pee to go into the bowl where it is supposed to – we haven’t had any splashing. It’s definitely a good potty for training boys.The one tiny design flaw I have found is that the legs, meant to stabilize the potty, can get in the way of my son sitting down – especially when he has his pants down at his feet. It’s really not that big a deal and my son is getting used to it, which is why I still gave this item 5 stars.One of the features I really like is that the frog has a built in handle at the back (can’t see it in the pictures here) and it makes it really convenient to move it around. I would definitely recommend this potty.

Claudine Arcadia, OK

There is a cheaper alternative!

This potty chair is great, but we found that Ikea’s potty chairs works as good as this one and they are like 3 times cheaper.

Neva Doe Hill, VA