Fisher-Price Precious Planet Giraffe Stacker

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Giraffe Stacker

What’s more fun than stacking rings? Stacking rings full of textures and fun sounds on a friendly giraffe’s lo-o-o-ng neck. They rattle, jingle and squeak as the smiling giraffe rocks.

Main features

  • Baby will love this friendly giraffe character
  • Play with two soft rings or one plastic one, each with special features
  • Top soft ring has a jingle bell, the middle plastic ring has rattle beads and the soft bottom third ring has a squeaker all for babies’ enjoyment
  • Giraffe has soft accents for baby to feel
  • Lots of fun textures for baby to explore

Verified reviews


Don’t buy it!

The green ring is as hard as a rock and doesn’t make a sound. The purple ring doesn’t make any noise. Fisher Price made another one where all rings make a noise and are soft. They are green, orange, and zebra striped. Buy that one.

Lindsay Loysburg, PA

Cute design but not thought out for babies

Sometimes I wonder if designer just want things to look cute and don’t think about the function. The giraffe head makes it hard for a baby to pull the rings off, and the ears make it really difficult! I get so annoyed watching my poor kid try to pull the rings off and have them get snagged on those ears! Plus one of the rings is plastic and hard. I know it’s supposed to be a rattle, but it’s heavy and very cumbersome. Plus when she waves it around she sometimes gives a good smack to her head. I’d suggest getting something softer and plushier than this item.

Lilian Center Hill, FL

1 of my sons favorites!

My son will play with the giraffe more than the rings. He likes to touch and eat his ears. He will turn the giraffe over and play the drums on the bottom! When he was 3-4 months he played w/the polka dot ring the most basically eating it. He plays with the green ring that rattles a lot now at 10 months. The purple one just squeaks but only by the fish and I have to squeeze it for him.

Kimberley Gray Mountain, AZ

cute stacker

My son really likes this toy, but there is a drawback: the giraffe is too lightweight. When Gavin tries to put the rings over the giraffe head, it inevitably tips over. At first, I had to hold the giraffe in place so he could play with it. Now at 14 months he has starting holding it himself, but it would still be nice if the base was a little heavier to prevent it toppling. Perhaps they are concerned that this might be a safety hazard? Anyway, I took a screwdriver to the base, removed it and filled it with beans to give it a little more heft. So far Gavin hasn’t bashed himself senseless with it and the giraffe stands up better now, so I guess it worked 🙂

Bernice Blanca, CO

giraffe stacker

I love this toy, and although I love the ones I had when I was a baby, this one is just as cute and very durable. My son loves it!

Tammy Cave Junction, OR