Fisher-Price Precious Planet Healthy Care Booster

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Healthy Care Booster

Looking for a way to keep baby entertained while you’re preparing her meal (or when you’re dining out)? The Precious Planet Healthy Care Booster Seat has a toy full of fun that snaps right onto the feeding tray. A penguin, gorilla and other friends keep baby busy with lots of action, and the toy snaps right off when it’s time to eat. When baby’s done eating, you can sanitize the tray right in the dishwasher. Includes removable, dishwasher safe feeding tray. Straps adjust to fit virtually any chair.

Main features

  • Removable toy keeps baby occupied during meal preparation (or at restaurants)
  • Removable seat back and height adjustment make seat the right size for baby as baby grows
  • Seat is easy to clean, with no crevices to trap crumbs
  • Fewer germs sanitize feeding tray in dishwasher
  • Folds compactly for storage and easy portability

Verified reviews



I recently bought this booster seat to leave at my in-law’s where they care for my 5 months old daughter. I already have one similar to this without the toy attachments and love it. We decided to purchase another one so we don’t have to deal with taking it back and forth. The added toys to the already nice booster seat makes this an added bonus!!!

Rosalie Sugar Grove, PA

Love it!

I bought this for $27+ and it was just a few dollars more than the price for the one without the toy tray. I love this booster seat. The toys are well worth for that few extra dollars. They are cute and keep my baby entertained. Its a little hard to bring the toy tray when we go on a trip because the toys stick out and I’m afraid they might get damaged. But overall I love this booster seat. I think I said it twice! 🙂

Trina Bandon, OR

compact, easy to use

I love the fact that i can fold up this highchair and take it with me. its compact and doesnt take up much space. I also love the fact that my daughter can sit at table like big girl with the rest of the family!

Cherry Thor, IA

Works out really well, toy tray is a great addition

This is a great travel booster seat, or even an alternative for a full-sized high chair. We took this on a week long trip with our large baby (25lbs) and she fit in it perfectly. As long as the chairs in the houses/restaurants had the appropriate ‘rail’ back, we didn’t have issues attaching the straps.The toy tray is great for keeping baby entertained when food isn’t on the ‘agenda,’ too. One word of caution, though, she loved the toy tray and we thought about putting it on the floor without mounting in the tray– not a great idea. The leaves on the plastic palm tree are kind of too sharp to allow a toddling baby to potentially fall into and get hurt. So it stays on the tray.

Connie Sun City, FL

Very Great product

Baby has been using this since 4 months and loves to play with the toys. She is now 13 months and still plays with them. Very durable and quality product. She is able to eat with us at the table and loves it.

Evelyn Temple, ME

Great space saver high chair!!

I’ve had this chair for almost a year now. I got the best bang for my buck with this one! It’s easy to clean, the toy tray is great, the booster seat is very good, portable if you need to travel, and, for about $30, it’s a deal, baby! Don’t waste your money on a big, clunky, expensive feeding chair!

Jennifer Rockbridge, MO

Awesome product

I love this highchair. It’s easy to clean, we can take it to people’s houses and restaurants. It’s great for entertaining our daughter while I’m cooking and/or cleaning up. We started using it at 5 mos old. The tray is very easily removable. I would recommend this to everyone.

Corinne Canaan, IN

Great for Travel

Pros:- Great for travel and restaurants! I throw it in the car whenever we travel or go somewhere where my son will need/want to sit up and be around everyone so that I can let him do so without having to hold him or worry about him toppling. (He sits, but is still a bit wobbly.) It collapses and carries well, and doesn’t take up a lot of room in the car.- Versatile. I often sit my son in it next to me on the couch for feedings, or can place him on the bar or counter in the house (pushed far enough back from the edge and strapped in – safety first!!)- fun toys! My son loves the toys!Cons:The toy tray is hard to take out after it’s been snapped in.Our penguin falls out of the tray all the time.

Earlene White, SD

Great chair for restless baby

This chair is great for keeping the baby entertained while the adults eat, or while we’re feeding him. He tends to drop every toy we give him on the floor, so it’s nice that this is attached. I have two healthy care boosters, and i like that the toy insert is interchangeable between the two. The chair is easy to carry around, so we use it when we go out to eat. The only difference between this one and the deluxe is that you cannot adjust the height on this model and the toy insert replaces the food tray insert on the deluxe model. My baby loves playing with these toys, however, the little parts are hard to take off from the insert to clean/wash the food that gets stucked there sometimes.

Stacey Winfield, MO

Almost Perfect

Like some other parents, I decided to get this booster instead of starting with a high chair. Originally I was looking at the space saver for the harness, but I figured it’d be okay to do without since my son was sitting on his own at 5 and a half months anyways. This is about half the price and can easily be traveled around, a plus when you’re in the military. So my son can tolerate the seat itself long enough to get through dinner. He likes the toys, but the penguin is definitely the most popular. I have a feeling it’s because of the high contrast and the bounce the spring offers. The other toys just dully spin or move in comparison. The chair attaches easily and quickly to other chairs. Sooooo easy to clean. There’s no fabric to worry about, and I can easily take it completely apart if food got in the cracks. I wish the back was a little higher, but it’s no big deal.My only problem with it is the tray. The toy tray is very difficult to take out. By studying the pictures, I have a feeling this was a problem before. In the main picture, both on the listing and the box, show a dip in the tray in front so you can stick a finger in and squeeze the toy tray out. Well, in the booster I got there is no dip in the front, just two on the sides. This does not make it easy by any means since the plastic is so hard. I’ve had to hold it vertically in between my legs as I pushed down on one side with one had and used the other hand to keep it steady. I’ve tried pulling it out with a hand in each dip, but than there isn’t anything to really hold the food tray down. I certainly can’t do it hooked on the seat with a very playful baby inside. I’m too afraid I’ll suddenly hit him hard in the face.

Lana Vernon Hills, IL

Good booster – does the job well

This booster seat has many pros: it’s cute, seems to be comfortable, easy to use, seatbelt is adjustable, sturdy, and easy to clean. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is the toys. I think they’re great but my 7 month old daughter is not too amused. She plays with them for less than 5 minutes and then wants to get out of the chair or play with something else.

Patty Cotton, GA


Overall, I think this booster works the way it’s supposed to work – provide a secured seat for the baby and the toy tray is really cute and keeps my baby occupied.liked:- the toy tray keeps my baby occupied for a while- could be clean easily as it’s all plastic- quite light for traveldisliked:- the white colour is actually more like cream colour- needs 2 hands to attach the tray; sometimes it needs a bit of effort to take the tray out- I wish the tree is reversed (from outside in) because it seems to be in the way for the baby to play with the monkeycould be better:- we carry it with the toy tray attached to the tray….but this makes it a bit bulky to travel. I wish it comes with a travel bag, or designed better for stylish travel- I wish the strap is the easy-clean type strap like the Luv-U-Zoo high chair.

Bianca Sheldon, WI

Makes my lill one busy

I love it and more important my lill angel love itThe toy tray makes him busy till 20 min wich is greatIts light and u can use it in out side in restorantWe didnt use it as food chair till nowMy lill angel in 6 month and he likes it good parchease

Greta Winnisquam, NH