Fisher-Price Precious Planet Hop On Hippo Step Stool

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Hop On Hippo Step Stool

Product #: P3326 This precious little hippo is a great addition to your bathroom, kitchen or any room where your little one needs a little extra boost. The non-skid top keeps toddler feet in place as they?re reaching, and the non-skid bottom keeps hippo securely in place. Weight limit: 200 lbs.

Main features

  • Fun Hippo characterized stepstool with large non-skid dots on top
  • Features non skid feet on the bottom to keep the stool steady
  • A fun face with printed cheeks and eyes really makes hippo engaging for toddlers
  • Features handles on the sides so it can easily be moved from place to place
  • It’s just the right height to give toddlers that added boost

Verified reviews


Great Little Stool!

I purchased this for my two year old son today at Wal-Mart for $6.50! It was the last one in stock and they are no longer selling it so I got it for half price! We haven’t really used it yet, other than my son sitting on it, but it looks very sturdy and has a 200lb weight limit stamped into the bottom. It has built in carry handles on the sides and four rubber non-slip feet on the bottom. The top has pretty purple rubber dots to make it non-slip and the front has an adorable printed hippo face on it. This is adorable, lightweight, and perfect for a boy or girl.

Margery Kent City, MI

Awesome stool

Easy to clean, sturdy plastic, stable nonskid feet and step. Love this so much we have two. Would buy again and recommend without reservation.

Benita Stanhope, IA

We like our hippo

We’ve had our hippo for maybe a year now, and we’re pleased with it. We have standard height sinks and toilets, and our 3 1/2 year old is about 36 inches tall, she has no trouble at all reaching anything. The hippo has a nice non-skid surface on top, and little non-skid pads on it’s feet so it doesn’t slip off the floor and our child doesn’t slip off of it; it’s also light enough for her to pick up and carry over to whatever she needs to reach, which is both helpful to us and makes her feel more independant, so that’s good. She loves things that look like other things, so the stool with the hippo face is perfect for her. We’ve been really happy with it our hippo, I think I paid ten bucks for it, so I’d say it was money well spent.

Gena Edgar, NE

Needs to be taller

Ok, for the average child this is probably ok. For my short daughter, this did not work. She was so short that even with the stool, she couldn’t reach things. Now that she is three and a little taller, she is finally starting to be able to use it.

Dana Blenheim, SC

Adorable but too short

I read the reviews saying this was too short, but thought my vanities were short enough that it wouldn’t be a problem. Well, short vanity or not, it’s still too short. My son will eventually grow into it, so we kept it, but it’ll be a while.

Lucile Superior, AZ