Fisher-Price Precious Planet Kick and Play Piano

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Kick and Play Piano

You’ve seen how your baby’s legs start moving with excitement. Now those kicks can lead to something even more exciting and special, with musical rewards, dancing lights and adorable animal friends from around the planet. And this is one piano that fits easily in the crib or moves to the floor as baby grows!

Main features

  • Soft piano keys respond easily to baby’s touch
  • Long play: Baby enjoys a continuous medley of songs and sounds
  • Build a song: Kicking or tapping the keys lets baby build a series of short tunes
  • There are also two fun lights at the top to entertain baby
  • Fits easily in the crib or moves to the floor as baby grows

Verified reviews


Very quiet and not safe for the older babies crib.

When I pulled this out and turned it on the first thing I thought was, “Wow, it’s really quiet.”Regardless my daughter started banging happily on it and really liked the lights. As a matter of fact she went pretty nuts on this thing, loved it at first.And though we could barely hear it she seemed pretty happy so we tied it into the crib.Here’s the problem. At 7 months my daughter has recently learned to pull herself up and is trying desperately to get out of her crib. She found out pretty quickly that she could wedge the piano on the mattress and use it as a stepping stool. Now the key board bends under her weight but it does give her a bit of a boost. Much as I’d love to leave it in because she likes it, anything that can be climbed on needs to be taken out of the crib so out it went. We left it on the floor for her to play with and after a few days she got bored with it.My guess is that it’s too quiet, even on the loudest settings. I did try replacing the batteries and nothing.Not sure if i got a bad model but with out the feedback it’s just not that interesting to her.I’m giving it 3 stars since she really did seem to like it and other reviews don’t seem to have my issue.However!If your baby can pull themselves up to standing, I wouldn’t recommend this for the crib, could lead to some bumps and bruises.

Flossie Speaks, TX

So much fun!

My son loves this keyboard! He kicks it constantly in his crib! We don’t even use our baby monitor – all he has to do to let us know it’s time to wake up is kick his piano! So funny!

Elvira Redwater, TX

Not for my babies

We have had this piano for over a month now. I did not put it on the crib as intended because when I put the babies in there I want them to sleep and they would never sleep with this toy on! (I did try it) Anyway, I have it next to their play mat against the sofa and when I turn it on they will watch it for a few minutes. They also kick it when I put them with their feet up to it. I sometimes wonder if they know they are creating the music though. The piano makes a lot of extra noises and tunes in between notes so it’s not really obvious that they are playing it. I am hoping once the start sitting up and crawling that I can put it on the floor and they will be interested in it. Your baby make enjoy it but my two aren’t that into it.

Becky Montpelier, ND

The piano is cute, but there’s plenty of draw backs

The piano is a good size, soft easy to clean cloth, but it has to be tied to something in order for your baby to enjoy it. It’s too heavy to hold. If you try to hold it and the baby and play, well good luckThe sound coming from the piano is very faint, you can’t have any other background noise going on, if you want your baby to hear the music.The baby will have to push fairly hard to get the keys to play music, or you’ll have to do it for them.The turquoise color is a little feminine for my taste – for a boy. I wish it were more of a neutral color.Overall, not worth $29, that’s for sure. The music is virtually almost impossible to hear. Not worth the cost they want for it, by any means.

Ingrid Vian, OK

Perhaps better for older babies

I had high hopes when I got the piano for my 3.5 old baby boy as he loves to kick while playing in his crib. Unfortunately the volume is too low so he doesn’t notice it when he kicks it. The lights are also too low to grab his attention. When I finally draw his eyes to the lights, his chin is pressed against his chest. He is now over 4 months and never really plays with it. Perhaps in a couple of months, when is able to sit comfortable on his own, he can play with it on the floor. Until then, the piano is getting two stars and going to rest in the closet.

Crystal Chemult, OR


Much bigger than expected! I wish it was a little louder but my little one seems to enjoy it just the same. He has not quite figured out yet how to make it play- he is too busy watching the sun and bird light up at the top of it. I don’t think it will take him long to figure it out! 🙂 Thanks, great product!

Celia Wendover, KY

Frustrating for baby

I really love the idea of this toy, but it’s been on my son’s crib since he was born, and he’s found it frustrating. My son (now 6 months) loves playing with this toy– he likes the music, and he loves the light-up parts. But he gets very annoyed with it, and then loses interest, because you have to push in very, very specific spots to make it work. My son never actually successfully “kicked” at this kick piano because of that– 9 times out of 10, he wasn’t kicking the right spot, so the piano didn’t do anything. Also, while he was lying down, he couldn’t see the lights very well.Now that he sits up, he likes to sit next to this and try to make it work, but he still has a lot of problems trying to find the right places to push 🙁 When it does work, though, he loves it.

Susan Rogersville, MO

Cute, Nice Sounds, Soft

I tie this to my baby’s high chair and he plays on with it while he sits next to me. A couple of times he has gotten tired and used it as a pillow. Its soft so it makes a nice pillow. Its attractive and play nice melodies. Don’t leave it in your baby’s crib unless they are old enough to roll over and turn their head. Also, when I did use it in the crib, I had to put a blanket under it to make it high enough for my baby to be able to kick it with his feet.

Eula Ashley, ND

One of my son’s favorite toys

We’ve never used this in a crib, but it’s been one of my son’s very favorite, most reliably entertaining toys. We received it as a gift when he was about 7 months old, and he plays with it on the floor or standing up at a table. It has mesmerized him again and again. My son is now 13 months old, and in spite of some heavy play, it still looks terrific.

Gabriela Meadow Grove, NE

I reaaaaallly love it!!

my baby enjoys to kick it for hours!!!!nice music,lighs and ok volume.good price vs quality.I highly recommend.

Nora Paris, MS

kicking board

My daughter has an einstein around the wold gym/ tummy mat that we’ve tied/ saftey pinned this into half of it. When she’s in her gym se can kick against the piano and swat at all the toys dangleing down. Sure fire way to expend all her pent up engery quickly. The lights and music stimulate her to increased levels of activity and those precious coo’s! When she starts scooting around her crib we may put it in there or leave it on the floor to become a point and learn tool.

Justina Bynum, AL

So fun!

I bought this kick and play piano for my son for Christmas and he loves it! I can attach it to his crib or just prop it up with our storage ottomans for him to kick while laying on the ground! It has two modes so it will either continue to play music once on or only play when he kicks it! Great for teaching him cause and effect plus he really enjoys the music and lights it produces!! Another toy I recommend to all my mom friends, though most already own one!!

Marie Lesage, WV

cute toy

This little piano is cute. We put it in my daughter’s crib because we always heard her kicking the sides before and after a nap. This toy put an end to the loud pounding of her kicking the crib 🙂 As she got a little older and could sit up we would find her just playing with it after a nap. I also like the different settings. It can play single notes or play little melodies.The only downside is that it rubbed of some of the crib’s cherry stain even though it had been tied down. Not a huge deal for me. I’m ok with finding a matching stain marker to color it back in…but some people may not.

Latasha Walnut Shade, MO

very fun toy for baby

My son got this as a gift because he loves to kick so much. This is a cute and fun toy but I must admit that I seem to enjoy it more than he does. I wish that the setting to create your own song would play just the note and not a short song at the end. The volume could stand to be louder as well. Overall this is a nice source of entertainment for short periods of time.

Michael Ozan, AR

My son loves it!

We hung this on the side of his crib, since he’s still small enough to fit in it sideways and we can interact with him while he kicks it. We go into his room in the morning now to find he has turned himself in his crib to play with it quietly. It bought us an extra hour of morning sleep! Well worth it.

Lupe Waynetown, IN

A classic

This toy has proved itself through three kids. It always worked and only needed a few battery changes. It seemed to be unbreakable and a favorite of each kids on one milestone or another. This is a must have or must gift for every family.

Daphne Saint Elmo, IL

great toy!

my 4 month old loves playing with this! I just put it on his crib and he will lay there for a while and kick and listen to the music!!

Madeline Dalzell, IL

Cute and great for tummy time

I bought this "piano" to help with tummy time for my daughter since she has torticollis and was not a fan of tummy time. It really helped keep her interest for a while and she would forget she was on her tummy when this toy was on.

Liza Shady Valley, TN

Perfect for kickers

My Princess loves kicking! When I received it I opened it immediately. The batteries that was there were drained…no biggie. When she kicked it and saw the lights and music playing, she went on a kicking spree. She was so amused! She kicked herself to sleep. The music is not loud which is perfect for me. It is loud enough for her to hear and the room she is in. Noise makers drives me crazy so I was concerned. But this is perfect. If you are looking for so loud that your baby does not fall asleep then this toy is not for you.

Leona Unionville, VA

Cute Idea

I wanted this badly for my daughter’s crib, but she is very rarely even in it on the side of the crib it’s attached to…also, the sound doesn’t sound very good (sounds garbly – even after changing the batteries)…

Jade Argillite, KY

Good product, but my baby just pushed himself away from the crib edge

I personally like this toy. But is kind of quite, if there is people talking nearby, you need to be very concentrated to hear it. 2. I tied this thing at one side of the crib, and lay my 3 years old baby in front of it, he just pushed himself away from the edge by kicking against the piano. Later on, after he can sit, this thing can attract his attention for a little while with all the music and flash.

Denise Butler, MO

Sounds are easy to make

Unlike some kick pads, which seem to require a super strong kick in just the right place, this one is easy to activate. The sounds are made with very little pressure applied, and that means more entertainment for my daughter. We attached this toy to her activity mat rather than in her crib because she is still sleeping swaddled, but we plan to move it once she needs more entertainment in the crib. We like that flexibility!

Lucinda Grayling, MI

Just Okay

It is cute and my baby seems to enjoy it but the volume is an issue. The loudest volume is really too low.

Linda Bradley, CA

Will grow with baby!

I love this – its great for her to kick in the crib, but we can set it on the floor or on her tray and she can bat at it with her hands, too! The music level is just right for us – loud enough for her to hear, but if she falls asleep while kicking it, and she kicks it on accident in her sleep it doesn’t wake her up. She really just loves the lights though. I can see her playing with this for a long time. Only draw back is that I wish you could remove the cover to wash it, but you can wipe it down pretty easily.

Nell Hamersville, OH

My son didn’t take to this..

I bought this as a toy to try to get my son to like his crib and have something to entertain him. He never reallly took to it though, but he was around 4-5 months old when I purchased so maybe I bought it too late for him to enjoy. He is now 9 months and I put it on the floor for him to play with, while sitting up. He plays with it a little bit but has more favorite toys. My complaint with the product itself would be the volume level – it seems really low, even on the highest setting. You can hear it and maybe if just waking up in a silent room, it would be a quiet toy to entertain. We use a white noise machine in our son’s room though, and that will pretty easily cover the sound of this toy, up.

Cheryl West Rockport, ME

Great entertainment

I purchased this for a friend of mine- her son loves it. He kicks it or sits in front of it and punches the keys- its colorful and catches his attention.

Celia Light Street, PA

2 month old loves to kick!

This is perfect for my 2 month old who loves to kick while lying in his crib. The lights and sounds are just right for baby to see and hear while in the crib.

Elma Avilla, MO

Kick and play piano

I was very excited to buy this item for my 4 1/2 month old baby. He love to kick his feet so I thought this would be great. However the volume on it is terrible. Even with the volume on the second noise spot I can barly hear it unless I get real close to it. It was a waste of my money.

Erika West Warwick, RI

Fisher Price Piano Kick and Play

My 5 month old really likes this. It is bright and colorful and the sounds are soothing. Can be used to kick, or for tummy time with an adult. I take away one star because it only has two little things that light up. I wish there where more b/c my son loves to look at things that lights up. Other than that a great colorful, light weight toy and I really like it.

Molly French Settlement, LA

Great for the Playpen

Bought this for my great-granddaughter who is 3 months old and always kicking. She loves kicking it and hearing the different music. Always brings a smile to her face.

Candy Helena, NY