Fisher-Price Precious Planet Melodies and Motion Soother

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Melodies and Motion Soother

Product: P5332 Ages: Birth & up Adorable animals from around the globe join together to wish baby sweet dreams, with the help of peaceful music, soothing light effects and gentle motion. Polar bears play hide and seek, a lion pops up to take a peek, and the dolphin and fish ride the waves. Set it to play for up to 18 minutes of classical music, lullabies and nature sounds, or let baby activate the soothing! Includes 4 C batteries.

Main features

  • Circular soother calms and entertains your baby
  • Classical tunes, sweet lullabies and soothing nature sounds play for 18 minutes
  • Peek-a-boo animal friends keep your baby company
  • Attaches directly to any crib

Verified reviews


Love it

My baby is 8 months old and has loved it and fell asleep to it since he was a newborn. He loves it and he knows when it comes on that its time to go to sleep. Very happy with it.

Frankie Rydal, GA

A Good Buy For Baby

I bought this item when my son was 4 months old and even now (at 9 months) he enjoys this on his crib. It will soothe him to sleep and he also likes to play with it after he wakes from his nap. I would recommend this item after 4 months of age as the mobile was more entertaining to him before he was more mobile.

Lucy West Enfield, ME

Nice toy for the crib

My daughter absolutely loves this soother. It is very sturdy and colorful. there are actually little plastic animals that move around inside, which she loves. It is also nice because as she got older she was able to press the buttons to get it to go on and off herself. There are also different settings for different music with the light both on and off. My daughter played with this soother until she grew out of her crib. I have put it away for safe keeping. This was a great purchase, I would defintely buy it again.

Lenora Forest City, PA

TImer is WAYYY too short

The product is great. My daughter loves it. I bought an identical one for her crib at day care. My only criticism, and it is huge, is that the timer is very, very short. She is never asleep when it turns off, and then she gets mad. Unless I am right by the crib to press the button again, she is in a fit that I have to then calm her back down. The Cloud B products (Sleep Sheep, Dozy Dolphin, etc.) have far, far longer timers (23 & 45 minutes). I doubt this one lasts more than 5-7 minutes, which is nowhere near long enough to soothe my daughter to sleep. I hope in the next version they will extend the play time or have a timer override that lets you just leave it on until you want it off.

Elnora Phoenixville, PA

What I was waiting for

This is an amazing alternative to a mobile. My baby just didn’t care about mobiles at all so I this to try it out. She fell in love immediately. Now she’s goes to bed with less fussing!My only complaint is that, just like all other toys I’ve tried, it didn’t fit normally on her crib. My daughter doesn’t have a standard crib and none of the toys or mirrors made to latch onto the sides fit her crib. So I had to tie it onto the side and cut the strings so she can’t gt at them. So just a warning to moms, if you have a non standard crib this may not fit.

Darla Woolstock, IA

Baby likes it, but I don’t

I really wanted to love this crib soother. It has all my favorite animals, so I think it’s just adorable. But sadly, I see a few faults in it. Here’s my list of pros and cons…Pros- very cute- lights are nice, not too bright in my opinion- choice of lullaby music, classical, or nature sounds- 4 sound levels, including ‘off’- a sound only option (no motion)Cons- when in motion, there’s an annoying grinding noise. I can even hear it through the baby monitor- the small buttons would be harder for a baby to push. My daughter had one that pushed where the monkey is, making her able to play with it at only 5 months- the music doesn’t have the best tone to it- the music is kind of loud, even on the softest setting.- if it’s set on ‘motion and sound’ it only plays for 5 minutes. This isn’t long enough!My other issue with the product is that it doesn’t have a ceiling projector. I know it doesn’t claim to, so I didn’t take points off for that, but my daughters Fisher Price Dreamland Soother did, and she really loved that feature of it. I can’t believe none of Fisher Price’s current soothers have that feature. Also, even with the Dreamland Soother set to ‘ceiling show, motion, and sound’, it played a lot longer than 5 minutes, so I don’t understand why this soother can’t play longer.Also, mine came with some scratches on the front of it. I’m not sure if this is an issue with Fisher Price or with Target, but it was disappointing nonetheless.Overall, I’ll probably keep it, but it’s disappointing that the quality of Fisher Price’s soothers has actually gotten worse over time rather than better.

Sarah Bokchito, OK


This is okay. All in all it is acceptable but it’s way too noisy. The noise I’m referring to is the mechanism that runs it not the music. The only sound that is pleasant seems to be the nature sound, the other two are quite annoying.

Jerry Lolo, MT

My son loves this

My son loves to push himself up to look at the animals and touch them. He falls asleep so easily when I put this on for him. I just wish it stayed on longer so I didn’t have to come in and do it or fp could make a remote? The soother will only fit above his head in the sleigh back style crib but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Elvira Wilsons Mills, NC

Good soother

Does what it’s supposed to do. Yes I agree when the animals are in motion there is a slight grinding noise but it is pretty rythmic and adds to the soothing quality of the item. Like that it gives you choices of music and nature sounds. My grandson has the more expensive rainforest soother at his house but this one was fine for my house since I watch him during the day and it is cheaper.

Odessa Beetown, WI

very cute

I bought this for my baby who was 1 month old and now two months old. He enjoys watching the animals move, and seeing the different lights. It has helped him goto sleep a few times, probably when he is a little older it will help him more. The polar bear does make a grinding sound, but it doesn’t bother me or him, its almost like a white noise effect because it happens in a regular pattern. I wish there were more options on the controls and it would be excellent if it had a projector, but overall a very cute and nice product.

Hannah Pansey, AL

my baby loves this.

I got this as a baby shower present. My baby loves this. It’s sounds are very soothing, and she loves watching the animals move.

Valeria Dice, KY



Cara Frostproof, FL

Excellent product

This was a baby shower gift and it’s an excellent product like all Fisher Price products. The baby’s room decoration is all Precious Planet. Beautiful.

Jill Reidville, SC

Love it!

I’m not sure why everyone is complaining about the grinding gear noise from the lion when he moves up and down. Maybe the company fixed it? I ordered this recently and found that it is very quiet with the moving parts and don’t hear grinding at all. I love the fact that I have 2 different settings for music choices as well as as nature “white noise” setting. He loves all of them. The classical setting has one song that seems to get louder and louder at one part, so I tend to skip that setting when my baby is trying to go to sleep. The lullibies and white noise are perfect, however. I like that I have the option of either playing the music by itself or with the lights and sound. The lights are not too bright like some other products. I really like this and would recommend it.

Leah Swanzey, NH