Fisher-Price Precious Planet Open Top Take-Along Swing

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Open Top Take-Along Swing

The Fisher-Price Precious Planet Open Top Take-Along Swing offers all the benefits of a full-sized swing in a portable format, so you can take it with you to Grandma’s house, on vacation, or to the park–anywhere and everywhere you and your baby go. Designed to cradle your baby in comfort while keeping him safe and secure, this swing has five speeds, plays seven songs, and includes a removable toy bar. It requires four “C” batteries (not included).

Main features

  • Take-along activity center with all the benefits of a full- sized swing
  • 5 speeds, 7 songs, and removable toy bar
  • Toucan and turtle hang above; soft, lion-print cover
  • 3-point restraint system for safe positioning
  • To see more information click the “watch it in action” link below the main product images

Verified reviews


Would have been great if…

the controls weren’t screwed up!! They’re completely backwards on mine (slow is fast; fast is slow) so when I went to use it the first time (I put it on the high speed to test it) nothing happened!! That was 6 months ago and my hubby finally figured out last night that the controls were switched. I wish I had known that 6 months ago so that my daughter could have gotten some use out of it.

Eve Buffalo Valley, TN

Awesome swing!

I love this swing, and it helps to rock my son to sleep when I am having trouble. The only part I don’t like is the constant need to buy batteries, but all the swings I have found have been like that.

Mara De Borgia, MT

TOO FAST!!!!!!!!!!

This swing is too fast even on the slow option. I tested the swing even with 2 (5pound) weights and a baby bag to see maybe it had to do with baby weight. My son is 10 pounds. Big mistake. The swing was swinging faster. Waste of money. Too bad. I do like the colors and the cute lion.

Dee Pittsburgh, PA

Great Swing and Long Battery Life

I purchased this swing to take with us when traveling. I must say it is great. My baby loves it and when used with Duracell batteries it works for many road trips. It is very roomy and comfortable.

James Pine Ridge, KY

Good standard swing

I got this swing and another as gifts. I use this one when traveling and the other for home use (it is a rain-forst open top swing). My son loved this swing when he was a newborn. He would fall asleep in it, as he has gotten bigger he still loves it. He is 5 months now and he still fits in it just fine. It goes with him when we have a night out and he is at a sitter’s house. The only problem I have had with this is that there is not a plug in option the way there is with our rainforst swing. If there was I would likely get rid of that swing and just use this one for at home and going out…. but alas it only runs on batteries.

Adelaide Jarbidge, NV

Wait to see if your baby is a “swinger” before buying

I thought a swing was a newborn MUST, so I bought this one before our little guy was born. I chose it because 1) we have a small apartment and it has a pretty small footprint, and 2) the price is right, and 3) it gets reasonably good reviews.Here are the cons, in my opinion:1) First and foremost, some babies simply don’t need a swing to keep them happy. Our baby, as it turns out, doesn’t need motion. In fact, he doesn’t really like motion all that much.2) The way the seat is with this swing, the baby can’t move around much once they’re in it. I guess it’s probably designed that way in order to be safe, but if your baby likes to kick (like they can in the bouncy seat), they may not like this swing.3) The motion is pretty fast. Even though there are multiple settings, they all seemed basically the same speed, and they all seemed FAST.4) It’s portable in the sense that it’s not enormous, but it folds only into a slightly smaller shape that when it’s not folded. And the shape itself is awkward for putting in a car, etc.If your baby turns out to be one of those babies who NEEDS TO SWING, you’ll probably want to invest in a nicer swing. If your baby doesn’t need a swing, then don’t bother with one at all.

Sophia Couch, MO

fisher price swing

Swing is a must have for every parent, especially if your baby is fussy and you don’t have a healthy back to rock him yourself. When our baby starts crying I put him inside and it helps to soothe him. But gave it 4 stars because it’s too fast even on the slowest speed, and the music plays for just several minutes.

Mitzi Kemp, TX