Fisher-Price Precious Planet Portable High Chair Cover, Blue

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Portable High Chair Cover, Blue

The Precious Planet Portable High Chair Cover helps prevent contact with dirt and germs from restaurant highchairs. It is quick and easy to install. This is machine washable and dryer safe. It folds compactly and includes a handy storage bag. It also includes two tether straps to attach baby’s favorite toys.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Padded seat cover for wooden restaurant highchairs
  • Helps prevent contact with dirt and germs
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Folds compactly and includes a handy storage bag
  • Machine washable and dryer safe

Verified reviews


Like it but don’t use it

Find it hard to remember to bring it with me all the time. It is rather bulky to always carry in the diaper bag

Christie Stillman Valley, IL

Love it !

I love it!! It is my second option whenever it is not possible to use the Inglesina fast table chair. It keeps my 11 month old daughter comfortable and away from the germs and dirty surfaces of the high chairs in restaurants. easy to carry, fold and unfold. I recommend it

Regina Schwenksville, PA

Poor quality

Material looks disposable and I’m not sure if I will use it. I would have preferred something thicker and pay a little more for it.

Ella Green, OH

Daughter-in-law loves it / great item

Ordered this for my son and DIL and of course the wee grandbaby. Wanted to keep her off of public surfaces this winter espec in flu season. Kids are petri dishes for illness. My DIL loves it and it goes along with them easily. Generous coverage. Wonderful bright color. Thought sbout a more substantially padded one but this works well and little-girl won’t grow out of it so fast either. A great value for the price!

Kasey Stone Park, IL

Easy to carry around and great cover.

We loves this and would never take our son to a restaurant without it! It’s great and we haven’t had one problem with it!

Terry Bangor, ME


What an excellent high chair cover and for such a great price! I love that this is versatile and fits many chairs easily and that it’s easy to wipe clean. I also love the loops in the front that you can clip toys and rings to for the child to play with. Great high chair cover!

Anna Champion, NE

Great for the typical wooden high chairs

This worked great when we went out. It works on the wooden chair you see in most restaurants and it folds compactly. Instead of turning into a pouch that encompasses the cover, I wish a pouch was merely attached and I could stuff the cover into it quickly. It takes a little time to turn it into a pouch.

Helen Agra, OK

This thing is ok, but I wouldn’t buy it again

It fits some high chairs, but probably less than half of the ones at the restaurants we go to. This is one of those things us "first time parents" get, use a couple times, and then realize it’s just another thing we have to carry around and it’s really not all that important anyway. We stopped using this after a couple months and just wipe down the high chair before we put our kid in it. He’s still living, so it appears it’s ok to not use a protective barrier on everything.

Sonja Cupertino, CA

Great to Have But Doesn’t Fit All High Chairs

I’d say we get to use this cover about 60% of the time when we go out to eat. When we do get to use it – its nice because many times the high chairs have been sticky (gross) and so this was a nice barrier. Plus my 10 month old is at the stage when half of her food falls into her lap. So clean up is easier because the fallen food gets picked up when I remove the chair cover.The 40% of the time when this chair cover doesn’t fit, its because of the slits where the seat belt goes. The slits are too small. The first few times I used the cover, I had to stretch the slits so the plastic clips of the seat belt could go through. After stretching the slits out, then there was no issue. But some restaurant high chairs have really big seat clips. I can’t use this chair cover then. So I recommend bringing one of those travel packages of Clorox wipes (Target has them in their travel section) to wipe down those sticky chairs.To wash this cover, I recommend getting one of those mesh bags. This cover has a lot of Velcro on it and so if you just put it in the wash, the Velcro sticks to your other clothes and can ruin them when trying to pull it apart. So put it in a mesh bag, wash in cold and then air dry.

Christi Fultonville, NY

Wish the holes were bigger

I wish the holes were bigger where the high chair straps go through. Most new high chairs have large buckles that can’t fit through these holes so I had to make mine larger.I do love that it works to keep the seat germ free and it’s soft.

Rowena Grantsville, MD

Great Starter Cover

This was my first cover to purchase, and I’m sure there are better ones out there, but this one works well for our child. It wraps up in a small built-in bag that is nice. It is not bulky at all. I would buy this one again. The value is there.

Katharine Monroe, WA

worth the money

i purchased this to go with the la baby wooden high chair. it makes the seat more comfy for my grandson, and it wipes clean easily.

Jesse Wixom, MI

Gets the job done

The high chair cover does exactly what it claims–it covers it. There isn’t anything special about it and it’s rather thin. It folds into a convenient pouch to easily fit into a diaper bag.

Gena Cornell, WI

So convenient

Small enough to fit in a diaper bag, and very easy to throw on a high chair. The fact that it serves as it’s own stuff sack is brilliant. Easy to wash and clean. And wonderful for the price paid.My only minor complaint is that there are no straps to restraint my little one, and the cover doesn’t make it easy for the typical high chair straps to restrain him easily.

Odessa Avery Island, LA


Easy to use.Easy to fold.Fits on most highchairs.Love the toy connections (although we use Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy to make the connection longer).Keeps me from having to sanitize everything and let’s face it, some highchairs need more than just a wipe down, they are pretty gross.

Hattie Lando, SC

Great product!

This is a great product. Perfect for taking with you to restaurants and very portable. Lightweight and folds easily. Can throw into your diaper bag or your handbag. Not very padded but it does the job of keeping the high chair covered. Only drawback is that the cover only velcros on the sides of the wooden high chairs that have openings. Without the velcros in place the cover does tend to slip a bit. A nice feature is the 2 velcro straps in the front that you can attach toys to. Overall this is def. a product worth buying and having in your arsenal of baby gear.

Christine Barataria, LA

Best high chair cover great fit

This high chair cover is perfect. It fits really well on the restaurant high chairs. It has little velcro tabs that secure it to most restaurant high chairs. Even if the tabs don’t fit exactly to some of the high chairs the cover still stays in place really well. I like it much better than the ones that also fit in a shopping cart.

Ann Bath, NH

Good for teething babies

We bought this after seeing some friends using one and notwithstanding the reviews here. We had a shopping cart/high chair cover already but that one is bulky and a pain to carry when we go out to eat. This one is smaller, fits in the diaper bag (somewhat bulky but not too bad), and cheap. So far it has fit into the wooden high chairs as pictured and also the newer hard plastic ones. I have not encountered other high chairs as of yet, but we go out to eat quite a bit so the odds seem to be in our favor. Some of the high chairs can be pretty disgusting, so with a teething baby that chews everything this is a must. Four stars because the Velcro loops for toys are only two and baby has managed in occasion to rip a toy out.

Doretha Garnerville, NY

Simple, convenient, easy!

I don’t understand people who use those plushy cart covers as a double for high chairs. Personally, my child gets food EVERY where. This high chair cover is super light, easy to throw into a diaper bag, unfold onto a chair, throw into the wash and fold back into a little pouch. Plus, it’s really affordable. I’m thinking about getting another one just incase I haven’t done laundry, or just to place in our other vehicle!

Laverne Toa Alta, PR

Covers the high chair. May not work with seat belts

It does the job of covering those filthy public dining high chairs. Nice that it secures with velcro, has little straps to attach toys, and comes with a bag for easy portability. The downside is that I found that it didn’t work with many of the high chair seat belts. The straps were often too thick to fit through the holes in the seat cover. It’s fine when my child sits nicely in the high chair but when he squirms around more often than not, I’m not able to utilize the seat belt since they usually don’t fit through the cover. Although you could probably argue that the seat belts are just as dirty so why let it touch my kid but cover the rest of the seat?

Nannie Surprise, NY

gets the job done

This highchair cover isn’t padded or thick. It’s simple to put on, folds up into a package that fits into a diaper bag, and does the job of covering a high-chair at a restaurant. I like it for that. I’ve seen thicker ones that are more padded. That might be better for a younger child who needs extra stability. It also doesn’t double as a shopping cart cover, so you’d have to get a separate one of those. There’s nothing wrong with this product, but it doesn’t have anything that makes me want to rate it 4 or 5 stars. It is literally “just OK.” On the upside, it’s inexpensive.

Caroline Montgomery, MI