Fisher-Price Precious Planet Sky Blue High Chair

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Sky Blue High Chair

The bright and cheery giraffe and monkey are so friendly and inviting. The little lion (on the tray toy) will entertain baby until her meal is ready. When it’s time to eat, the Precious Planet High Chair adjusts to seven different heights and three different reclines for baby’s comfort. You can remove the tray with one hand, and cleanup is just as convenient, with a spill resistant pad and a feeding tray (and straps) you can sanitize right in the dishwasher.

Main features

  • Suction cup lion toy entertains baby while waiting for a meal
  • Fewer germs by sanitizing the feeding tray right in the dishwasher
  • Three position recline accommodates even the youngest eaters
  • Can easily remove tray with one hand
  • Full size seat pad is spill resistant and machine washable

Verified reviews


Easy to clean and good safety features

We love this high-chair. As first time parents, we did a lot of reading of reviews before we decided on this one. It is very stable and has a 3 point harness with an additional bar between the legs to keep baby safely in place. This is a must with a wiggly tike. Anything less just isn’t safe. The tray is adjustable as far as how close it is to the child, so it grows with them. The angle of the chair itself can also be changed. There is a removable portion to the tray for cleaning. It is dishwasher safe, but we usually just hand wash in the sink which is easy (not too big so it isn’t cumbersome). Also, the cushion is continuous and comes out very easily, along with the straps. We throw it all in the washing machine every few days, and it washes great without any shrinkage (no dryer–just take it out damp and put it on the chair so it dries in place). It dries very quickly, so you can use it within about 1 hour of coming straight out of the wash. Even the straps wash well, as it is all plastic and no rusting. The chair itself is plastic and wipes down easily and quickly. Only area that can get grimy is the tray itself if your kid grabs the edge, but even that can be taken off and cleaned easily with a sponge (can’t submerge it, though, as there are metal parts underneath). There is a toy that you can connect to the tray on either side so your kid has something to play with while you get food ready. This is washable with a sponge. The whole chair is also lightweight and easy to move out of the way when done eating. Overall, we love it and my daughter loves it! No complaints and lots to be glad of. It was a good purchase, and is sturdy enough and big enough to last the long haul.

Kaye Ocean City, MD

Great High Chair!

I love this high chair. It is very cute and made very well with many different features. The toy it comes with is entertaining for baby while you are getting the food ready. Very happy with it.

Lawanda Millville, MN

Good chair with minor flaws

I really wanted to LOVE this high chair. Many hours (and choice words) after assembling it, I hated it. Now, I’m able to sit back and review it objectively.PROS:–I love the price–I love the look of it (seriously, it’s adorable)–It feels sturdy–It is safe and secure for my daughter. I love the straps!CONS:–Assembly is awful. ABSOLUTELY awful. I was able to put it together myself, but needed my husband’s strength to tighten those awful screws!!! Be prepared to sweat.–The wheels sort of suck. They each have a little break on them, which is nice in theory, but they never all 4 roll at the same time. At least one gets stuck and won’t function.–The toy that comes with the high chair doesn’t suction to the tray very well.–Some of the writing on the chair (label, etc) was smeared upon arrival! I expected more from Fisher Price.Overall, I do like the chair. It’s cute, my daughter enjoys sitting in it, and the quality is definitely above average. With a few minor improvements in the design and assembly, I’d give it 5 stars.

Heidi Roe, AR

Much better than higher priced chairs

We have this FP chair at home and just bought a $140 Chicco Holly for the grandparents house. The FP chair is much much better. The strips are much easier to adjust and I really the fact the leg separating stump is attached to the chair versus the tray. This is important because our baby has had his poor little legs pinched a couple of times already by the Chicco stump. Definitely this higher quality but cheaper chair.

Adrienne Vale, OR

Perfect item for a baby

It does really help both mom and baby in dining time.Sturdy and stable, the high chair is good for you to put your baby on it.Not easy to assembly the item, but you can enjoy doing that.

Lindsey Chisholm, MN

Fisher-Price High Chair

Very nice, sturdy and comfy chair. The plastic cover and material padding quickly come off for an easy cleaning/washing. Material is durable and at the same time soft to touch. Recliner feature is a nice touch to turn this dinner chair into a story telling or TV watching lounger.

Marianne Hazen, ND

1. The tray should be fixed somewhere when it’s removed – and it doesn’t. 2.The thing for legs should have some positions.

I’m usually happy with Fisher Price but this chair definitely needs some changes – after I used it for some period of time I’d say I’d buy one which would have some place for the tray – I really do not know where to put it (usually on the table, chair, floor..) when I take the baby out of the chair – you can take the baby out WITH the tray – but you know kids.. they are shouting and do not like to be fixed there. The same story is when you put the kid inside- it’s easier WITHOUT that tray. And, THE STORY WITH LEGS.. I don’t understand – if the seat is adjustable- WHY that thing for legs doesn’t move, offffffff. it’s a pity.The good things are: it’s washable, it’s bright and really looks and feels safe. ;))

Winnie Sardinia, OH

Five Stars

Love, love, love this highchair. Super easy to use, move and clean.

Lizzie Arthur, IA


Easy to assemble. Looks good. Very confortable for my baby. Grows with the baby. Good price. Seems secure enough as not to tip over.Recomeded

Abigail Chattaroy, WV

Very disappointed

The latch on the seat back wouldn’d latch securely and the cushion is covered in cloth not plastic. Also the adjustment on the straps that secure the child adjust in front of the child so you have all this "stuff" just hanging in front of the child waiting to get dirty. Very disappointed because the chair was so cute.

Tasha Page, ND

Good for the price

We got this for our 8-month daughter. She sits comfortably in it and loves the bold patterns. The insert comes very handy with all the mess. The wheels roll easily, and the chair was very easy to assemble. I also like how it reclines pretty far back. I can see me putting my second baby in there for the bottle in the future. The cushion does track some mess in it though, and the chair doesn’t lock nor stand alone when foldeded, so it has to be leaned against something firmly for it not to fall. Other than that happy with the product.

Michaela Wallingford, PA

Great high chair for the price.

We have been using this high chair for about 16 months now, and it has held up really well. We also love the price. Many other high chairs with similar features are much more expensive, but if you can put up with the super bright children’s pattern on this high chair, instead of the muted patterns of other chairs, then this is definitely the one to purchase.Pros:Easy to put togetherEasy to clean traysOne hand tray removal works easilyComfortable for child – she’s never complained about sitting in this chairPad and straps are machine washable. They can also be wiped clean but I just wash once a week or so with no problems.Cons:Lots of crevices for food to fall into. I use a handheld vacuum once a week or so and vacuum out the chair after removing the pad for washing.White straps do stain, especially with tomato based products like spaghetti. I wish they were a different, darker color. The pad has not stained at all, so it would look a lot nicer if the straps were still unstained.

Alison Southlake, TX

Not convinced by this chair

I got this chair specifically because I wanted to feed my son early (4m) before he could sit unassisted. I would have preferred a classic wooden chair, but as far as I know they do no make reclining ones.So for the first few months our son looked a little awkward, the chair didn’t seem to fit him. OK, so he was young and also a little on the small size for his age.He is now 12m (28″ height) and it finally fits him OK.The tray comes in two pieces – the top part is d/w safe, but frankly it is so big that there is rarely space in my dishwasher to put it. Wiping down with a baby wipe is easy enough though.The chair cover is quite bright and I would prefer something more subtle. But it washes and dries easily. The strap system seems to work fine – I don’t think he has been in any danger of falling out at any point.The height adjusting mechanism works easily enough, although I cannot push this chair under our regular table very far, as the front wheel bar is quite far forward, or the arms of the chair get in the way. I’m sure it would work with other table designs.The “folding” mechanism isn’t very convincing – yes it slightly reduces the space it takes up, but not my much. I’ve never bothered with it.The chair also comes with a suction toy which is VERY poor suction. I got rid of it almost immediately and got a decent Sassy one.Overall it has done us OK, but I am longing for a nice wooden chair again now.

Consuelo Asherton, TX

Very nice

Nice high chair.Inner tray is removable.Outer tray is easy to remove (once you realize it slides in, and not down).It goes up and down to fit any table, and for letting them climb in if it’s low enough.All 4 wheels lock.Chair does NOT remove from frame as booster.ONLY issue: The padding is cloth, and the buckles leave a lot of extra strapping loose, both of which lead to lots of machine washing, not just wiping off.Overall, better than past chairs besides the cloth padding. But it hasn’t been too much of an issue. Except when you forget to wash it, and people with kids come over, and they need the chair more than your kid does, and then it’s kind of gross when they notice it has dinner’s pasta sauce on it when you were more interested in keeping the sauce off the kid’s hair and forgot about the chair’s straps. That kind of thing.

Denise Ringle, WI

Daughter asked me to review this

I bought this for my granddaughter and my daughter likes it so much she specifically asked me to write a review. She is very concerned with cleanliness and I think the ease of cleaning is the reason she loves it. The little toy that comes with it has been worthless for her, but she finds it easy to move and easy to put on the tray. Easy to take off the fabric and it washes great.

Kaitlin New Albany, MS

Happy with my purchase.

Cloth is easy to wipe clean but still soft and comfy. Sometimes food gets caught in the wrinkles of the fabric but it’s not that difficult to clean. Easy to load my 11 month old into it by reclining seat. Easy to raise and lower entire seat as well. I like that it rolls all over the place so easily so I can feed her in the kitchen while making dinner or something. Only real complaint is that I feel like the tray should have more adjustments because sometimes it seems like I’d like a middle setting so it doesn’t squish her or it’s too far away. Overall I’m very happy with this highchair though.

Carly Leiter, WY

Good High at a good price

I ordered this highchair for my grandaughter to use at my house since I babysit everyday. But since this is the last grandchild I didnt want to spent alot of money. This chair is adjustable in height and the back is also adjustable. She love the toy that comes with it too and so does my 2 year old grandson.I would recommend this highchair to a friend. I like that the top comes off to put in the dishwasher. Shes not old enough yet to make that much mess yet but she will be soon.It also moves easily. I havent had any problems with the wheels not moving when I want them to. My husband said it was difficult to put together. He said the instuctions werent very straight forward. He fixes everything so Im glad I didnt try to put it together.

Tracey Ashton, NE

It’s alright…

It’s a cute, unisex high chair. We haven’t used the extra features, so far, and not sure if we will. The high chair was by far the most difficult of all our baby gear to assemble. Chair is not all that easy to clean.

Simone Grouse Creek, UT

Easy to use, easy to clean!

Perfect high chair. Set up was easy, it looks great – bright and colourful! Seat is comfy and adjusts easy. Table easy to remove and clean. My little man loves his high chair 🙂

Carolyn Warsaw, NY

5 years later…

Five years later and this chair has held up beautifully! The colors on this chair are vibrant and so fun. The extra toys are great for entertaining your little person! Plus, one of the most important aspects is that it’s so easy to clean. Not complicated to wipe down at all. Finally, the kids always seemed comfortable in this high chair and that’s a +++!! Highly recommend this chair, so pleased with this purchase.

Leta Saint Joseph, TN

Best high chair Ive had!

I bought this for my 3rd daughter. I wanted something cute but that would work really well too. Its def adorable!!! She loves the toy that it comes with as well!! Its VERY easy to adjust the height, and the chair! And was pretty easy for my husband to assemble! I use this seat several times a day! My daughter loves sitting in it even when Im cooking; she will sit, watch me cook and play with the toy.If your looking for a good highchair, this is def the one to get!!!

Harriet Jelm, WY

Highly recommend

I received this highchair as a baby shower gift. I started using it when the baby was 6mo and I really love it. It has 7 different heights, so you can set it up on the most convenient for you. The pad wipes clean, so I wash it very rarely. The design is cute and the baby loves the toy. The second we sit him in the chair he knows it’s feeding time. Since the very beginning he knew that the chair is for feeding and was ready and responsive.

Katharine Wadena, IA

All in all good chair.

We got this chair as a baby registry item. Glad I did. First started using when my daughter was around 5-6 months old. I like that we can adjust the height, but we actually don’t use that feature too much. The recline is perhaps the feature I used the least amount. I thought I would have used it more when my daughter was not yet on solids, but I didn’t. I like that it’s on wheels and that feature is used actually a lot. We wheel it to the kitchen when I am cooking and need to watch my daughter, we occupy her with some toys or coloring books or books to read. Once we are ready for dinner, we want her to be part of the dinner table. We use this chair for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with both snack times. It allows her to focus on her meal. I don’t think the cleaning is too bad. We also have a chicco hook on chair which hooks onto a table which good, but found that this high chair is more comfortable and secure for my daughter. We use the hook on when we go out, eat at a friend’s or family member’s home. I am glad I received this but do believe that there may be others on the market that could do the job for a lower price. My daughter is 22 months old and I expect to use this until she grows out of it.

Martina Fulton, KS


i love that this has wheels on it to move around the house easy and it super cute and colorful easy to clean

Brandy Greig, NY


This hair chair is super cute, I love the bright colors.Pros:- big tray where you can spread around baby’s finger foods- tray has a removable top layer that you can easily pop in the dish washer- easy to move tray in and out and to adjust seat inclination and height- seat cover is easy to remove and MACHINE WASHABLE

Ericka South Waterford, ME

Exactly what we were looking for

Easy easy high chair. My husband put it together super quickly. At first the table and toy were a bit distracting for my son but now it’s not a problem. I love that the entire seat can just get thrown in the wash at the end of the day especially since kiddo wants to try and feed himself! The wheels make it super convenient to move around the house for a change in view if needed. The seat height and recline adjust easily.

Sandy Mount Angel, OR

Pretty decent high chair

Let me start off saying that we love this high chair. The fabric is so colorful, fun, and soft. It’s a pretty good size as far as I can tell although this is our first high chair so I don’t have anything to base that on. It is very easy to move around because it is on wheels (which lock easily) and we love the fact that the seat back reclines to three positions which has been very helpful in transitioning our baby to solid foods because she can sit upright to eat then recline to have a bottle and even falls asleep in the fully reclined position. The variety of seat heights are great especially because she can sit right up at the table with us. I love the removable tray that fits easily in the dishwasher and she loves the suctioned toy that attaches to the tray, although the suction doesn’t seem to hold very well and has actually fallen over when she swatted at the toy.My only complaint was it was somewhat difficult to put together and only because some of the screws would not fit fully into the holes. It even says extra force may be required so we were prepared, but even after myself and my husband tried to screw the ones into the bottom of the chair we gave up with two of them only half way in. The chair is still sturdy and they are far enough into the holes to offer support, but it was just very frustrating to not be able to get them all the way in.Also its not really a complaint but an observation, the tray says it is removable with one hand, I have yet to master this and I’m not convinced it can be done. Overall we are very happy with this high chair.

Jenifer Marshfield, WI

Good chair

The blue tray fits in dishwasher with some shoving, but the white tray does not unless your dishwasher is narnia. The blue tray is divided, so it’s hard to put our own plates on it.

Rocio New Providence, IA

It has its pros and cons, but good overall

I like the adjustability of this high chair, the removable extra tray, the recline and height options, and the comfort of the cover. However, I really wish it latched when folded. When we close it and set it against the wall, it tends to slip and swing open or fall over. That gets really annoying, day after day, feeding after feeding. We had some problems with the straps at first, but we figured them out, and they work fine now. We do have to wash the cover frequently, but that’s to be expected with a cloth cover. You can’t wipe clean like a vinyl cover, for example.

Antionette Roxbury, CT