Fisher-Price Private Connection Monitor with Dual Receivers – White and Grey

Fisher-Price Private Connection Monitor with Dual Receivers – White and Grey

Keep a close “ear” on your baby with this reliable monitor from Fisher-Price. With dual receivers, the Private Monitor is 900 mhz with a new flat design and an upgraded feature set. It allows parents to hear a baby’s call — and see it — with the 5-LED variable light display. And with a whopping ten channels, this monitor increases the privacy of the connection by reducing the likelihood of someone else picking up the transmission. Other features include a unique LCD screen that graphically displays volume, channels, range and battery life; plus rechargeable batteries for added convenience and value.

Main features

  • The Private Connection Monitor is a 900 mhz monitor with new design and feature set.
  • It allows parents to hear baby’s call and see it with the 5 LED variable light display.
  • It has 10 channels to increase the privacy of the connection by reducing the likelihood of someone else picking up the transmission.
  • It also has a unique LCD screen display that includes graphic displays for volume, channels, range, and battery life.
  • The monitor also has rechargeable batteries for added convenience and value. The transmitter has a new flat design for stability and also has a LCD display for the channels.

Verified reviews


Expensive Doesn’t = A Good Baby Monitor

$52.00 less weighted down by cash, and I was on my way with what was the most expensive non-video monitor available at the local Target. Surely being the most ridiculously expensive with all the highlighted bubbles beside features like “clear reception” and “no interference” I would be able to hear the baby’s every move from every household location and beyond.We hooked it up in short order, turned it on, and *SCREEEECH*. Apparently a volume level that might permit us to hear the baby one room away would also cause some sort of massive interference between monitor and reciever. We tried shutting that monitor off, and plugging the second in the kitchen outlet – the entire length of the house away. No screeching, but it sounded like someone speaking from inside a tin can. Totally distorted, useless. You couldn’t tell if the baby was banging on her crib bars or if someone was moving heavy machinery about in her bedroom.We’ve packed it carefully back into the box, and are hoping Target will take it back without a fight. Needless to say, I’d steer clear of this one. Our $20 Safety First monitor far surpasses this one – even on its last leg.

Ashlee Bolivar, PA

Avoid this product if you don’t want it breaking

This product is not recommended unless you don’t mind it breaking every 12 months.I’ve owned two now that start off working pretty well. After about 8 months, things start to no longer function:- Adjusting the volume button results in speak not working. You must jiggle it to make it work- Static/noise appearing in the signal when nothing else has changed (e.g. receiver and monitor are in the same location with the same channel)- Random spikes in the volume of the receiverOverall, its not a good product and fisher price should be ashamed to have their name attached to it. If this cost $[…] i may consider buying it.

Rosemarie Tallapoosa, GA

Snap, Crackle, Pop

We bought this baby monitor to hear our toddler daughter call us in the night if she needed us. We had an old Safety that we used for 5 years but as it aged, it became more static-y. My husband wanted one that had a privacy feature so I picked this up. He immediately commented that the 900MHZ frequency really wouldn’t give us privacy but would try it out.This baby monitor worked for a few weeks but then the receiver would start to “pop” loud static sounds. First it started around 4am in the morning but then progressed into all hours of the night randomly. My husband thought maybe it was picking up wireless or X10 signals… Whatever the reason, these receivers are useless to use at night and will have to be used only during day use for my younger child’s naps.

Amelia Lambert, MT

Didn’t work for us

We didn’t like hearing the constant white noise it makes when on. It’s too loud. We ended up going with Sony’s baby call monitor and LOVE it. It has voice activation. So you only hear the monitor when baby is making noise.

Lessie New Geneva, PA

Lasted only 1 month

We purchased this item for our newborn. It was great while it lasted, but it only lasted a little over 1 month. I rarely write bad reviews, but I thought this product warranted it because of how short these monitors lasted! I’ll start with the pros.PROS:1. These monitors have exceptional range. I have the base unit on the third floor and was able to get reception in the cellar as well as across the street in our garage. A++ for range.2. The number of channels to choose from limited the amount of interference static. However no matter what channel we were on our cell phones managed to give annoying static and we were alerted by our baby monitor any time of text message was being sent or when one was coming in.3. There’s two of them so you can switch out. The fact that there were two made this product last longer because when the first one no longer had reception we switched to the other on.4. The base unit and the monitors plug in. HOWEVER as another viewer mentioned, plugging your monitor in for more than 12 hours will fry the monitor. So if you forget to unplug your receiver, you’ve ruined the monitor.CONS:1. It was hard to avoid “bursts” when the unit was around our cell phones and by around I mean in the adjacent room.2. The pro of having the monitors have an A/C adapter become a con when you can’t just leave the units plugged in. And not only can’t you leave them plugged in, you destroy the product if you do. Why have an A/C adapter in the first place?!3. The monitors stopped getting reception after only one month of use! And if I’m being accurate each monitor only lasted a few weeks. We just moved on to the second one after the first one died. So while as a whole we were able to use the unit for a little over a month if both monitors had been in use at the same time we wouldn’t have had that much time.In my book no matter how great the pros were/are, if the product only works for 1-2 months then the product is worthless. I love fisher-price but these monitors barely deserve one star.

Ofelia Del Valle, TX

I LOVE this monitor!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this monitor!! It really picks up the tiniest sounds – as I sit here writing this, I have the monitor volume turned down to half-strength, and I can hear the clock ticking in the nursery (which is on the opposite side of the room from the receiver and is not that loud in person). The range is awesome – I was able to walk across the street and sit inside my neighbor’s house, and I still had half the bars on signal strength and could still hear the clock clearly.The lights are really convenient because if I am watching a movie and have the monitor turned down (to avoid hearing the ticking clock) I can have a clear visual on whether my daughter is making noise in her nursery. The lights are as sensitive as the sound, but are not too harsh that they light up a whole room at night.The battery life is great, and it beeps when the battery gets low to remind you to plug it in.The only problem I have had with it is that if you have the monitor in your hand and you walk too close to the receiver, it makes a terrible noise (due to interference of the signal) – but since there are 2 receivers, and the volume and sensitivity are so incredible, it is easy to avoid. We keep one upstairs and one downstairs and it works perfect. I would recommend this to ANY new mom – there is no need for a video monitor (you’ll never watch it, or you’ll spend WAAAAY too much time watching it) – this gives you the visual you want with the lights, and the sensitivity that you need to make sure your baby is safe and sound.

Maria Strykersville, NY


We love this! We had read reviews prior to purchasing that complained of cross-connections, but we have not experienced that since there are so many channels. Works so well and has red lights for the visual checks as well as the audio checks on the baby. Wonderful and easy to use!

Reba New Riegel, OH