Fisher-Price Rainforest 1-2-3 Musical Gym

Fisher-Price Rainforest 1-2-3 Musical Gym

Fisher-Price Rainforest 1-2-3 Musical Gym

Main features

  • Musical gym features three distinct modes which are lay under play, tummy time, and sit at play
  • Features two hanging toys, a butterfly mobile and a musical character with a roller ball
  • Baby can look at the mirrored sun and grab the soft leaf for a peek a boo surprise
  • Includes a soft hanging toucan with jingle bell and a wedge for tummy time
  • The deluxe soft mat has a bright rainforest scene

Verified reviews


Excellent Beginning Toy For Babies

Fisher-Price is well known for making toys that “grow” with their toughest critics, babies. The Fisher-Price Rainforest 123 Musical Gym is no exception. My son is four months old, and he loves to lie on his back and swat at the toucan rattle, butterflies, and tiger music box. He coos and giggles while he plays with them. There’s also a giraffe and palm tree that he likes to look at. As he grows older and begins to lie on his belly more, there’s another rattle, a mirror, and a peek-a-boo toy to play with as well. There’s even a headrest that can move along with the child as they grow.This toy focuses on development of large motor skills. The ability for the toy to “grow” with the child makes it a pretty good buy in my opinion. I recommend it to families with babies who are at least two or three months old.

Marietta Pueblo Of Acoma, NM

This is is just okay

What I like:- Colorful- Hanging objects are mildly entertaining- SmallWhat I Don’t like:- Baby was only entertained for about 5 minutes max- “Musical” part was two 5 second tunes- Claim that it will grow with baby. I think baby will not be amused by it as soon as theres anything else to look at.- Pillow is so small its uselessThis will be the first to go when I start to sell my baby toys. I wouldn’t bother saving it for my second child.

Lacy Swanton, OH

Good for a few months

As a little guy my son really liked being able to kick his feet and here the little rattle and as he got older enjoyed batting at the toys. But, once he could roll over he got irritated by not being able to roll over the hard sides and the toys above him only kept him entertained for a short while. I would definitely recommend getting the bigger version of this mat as I feel I should have. Babies would get more more use out of it!

Lillian Eaton, OH

Grows with the child

Great play mat. My daughter loved it and still enjoyed playing with it when she was walking. She would sit on it and read or play with her toys. Now I use it for my twin girls and they love it as well. The mat washes up nicely in the machine and the colors have not faded.

Libby Rileyville, VA

Great Back-Up/Alternative Playmat

We have loved this as a back-up playmat that we keep in another room, while we use a larger playmat in our main living area for daily use.The best feature to this playmat is the tummy-time display at the end with a mirror, rolly-ball, and silky leaf-flap. This continues to be a favorite place for tummy-time. The little pillow that comes with is pretty useless, but a good idea. We also switch up the structure of this so that the arch is over the actual mat.This is also a great set-up for play in a bebepod/bumbo chair, as the hanging toys are within reach of a baby in such a seat.I wish that there were more options for hanging toys…here, they attach with velcro to a small hanging strap rather than a typical loop that you can attach a link to. The giraffe is pretty cute : ) The colors, while bright, are not as obnoxious as the square Rainforest playmat. Another bonus is that this disassembles and folds up pretty compactly.Overall, if I could only have one playmat, I would stick with the larger Precious Planet playmat, but as another play area option, this one is great!

Rosie Stotts City, MO

Larger gym is more practical

This gym is OK for a little while, but once your child gets to exploring (4+ months) and needs more room to roam, this Gym is useless. It’s very small, and only functions for the minimalist. In other words, the baby will grow bored rather quickly. If I could exchange it, I’d get the larger fisher-price baby gym with more toys on it.

Sylvia Middle Island, NY

Great gym

This is a very nice gym with lots of fun, engaging activities for baby. It plays music and has lots of textures and colors. We never found it too small, it was just right and didn’t take up the whole living room. It was also easy to wash in the washing machine. Once my baby was older (7 months or so) she would pull the butterflies out of the tree because they’re only attached with Velcro.

Janelle Squires, MO

I like this

I bought this for the baby to grow with because the head rest for 0-4 months and the other things for when baby is older.

Michell Lumpkin, GA

Very cute but over priced for the use you’ll get out of it

My baby loved this brand and themed play mat/gym so I got her the kicking one. She liked it for a little while but quickly grew out of it. The mat I got was not made right. The side plastic piece didn’t have the hole in the right place for the mat to secure in place. It didn’t make a big difference though. Definately way more money than it’s worth. Your baby won’t be using it for very long.

Therese Killdeer, ND

Cute and fun!

Both of my boys have used this playmat and have loved it! I prefer it to the larger ones simply for that fact that it fulfills its purpose without taking up too much space. Both of my kids have loved the detachable parrot. I love that two of the toys can be moved to different locations. The head support doesn’t seem to serve much of a purpose once baby can move around. It has kept both of my children entertained and held up extremely well. I have washed the playmat, and removable toys many times, and they still look brand new.

Hattie Antioch, CA

Not the greatest

My sister in law gave this to us since her son got too big for it. At first, it worked fine and my son seemed interested in it. However, he seems to have lost interest in it. Also, the giraffe and tree don’t want to stay upright anymore. They keep flopping over.

Valerie Losantville, IN


This is a good toy to use for tommy time with any infant. My son enjoyed laying on the little pillow and playing with the giraffe and palm tree.He also loved kicking the ball on the bottom up the mat. We used this mat until he grew out of it.

Carla Portageville, NY

Great gym for babies

I bought this for my daughter when she was a newborn and she loved it when she was able to make the ball play the music. Now she is 11 months and still plays with it. Would def recommend. We also bought the Rainforest Jumperoo to match and it’s so cute!

Lorrie Ozone, AR


This was really adorable and my baby loved it! I bought this instead of a fancy play gym because those gyms are crazy expensive and this was my last (surprise!) baby. It was soft and I liked that I could reconfigure it for her to play with as she got a bit bigger.

Lenore Coleville, CA

Fun activity gym

This gym kept my grand child entertain and happy. Fisher price always makes they products to high standards. I highly recommend.

Noreen Meers, OK