Fisher-Price Rainforest Auto Mirror

Fisher-Price Rainforest Auto Mirror

Fisher-Price Rainforest Deluxe Mobile Auto Mirror Multiple attachment options for viewing rear-facing infants, including a teether attachment. The large convex mirror for clear, wide-angle viewing and the mobile with 3 plush characters and enchanting music entertains and calms baby. The timer allows for 20, 40 or 60 minutes of continuous music. It requires 3 AA batteries, which are included.

Main features

  • Multiple attachment options for viewing rear-facing infants including a teether attachment
  • Large convex mirror for clear, wide-angle viewing
  • Mobile with three plush characters
  • Enchanting music entertains and calms baby
  • Timer allows for 20, 40 or 60 minutes of continuous music

Verified reviews


Great car mirror

Great car mirror. Has a bit of added interest, but not too much. The music can go on a timer, is not too terrible, and doesnt seem to use up batteries like crazy.

Ramona Rudyard, MT

Works great

This mirror works when I thought it wouldn’t. The different ways it attaches to your car should work with any car. The only bad things is that it moves a little too easily when I put the car seat in the car, and I have to constantly adjust it when I get in the car to make sure I can see my son from the front seat. The other thing that I don’t like is that you can’t see them in the dark, but I don’t know if thats possible with any mirror. I think its cute and I like that it plays music. Great choice!

Hattie Rains, SC

So cute

My sister’s daughter is 2 months old and she loves staring at the toys on this. A nice big mirror and seems to work well for them.

Elaine Fort Thomas, KY

GREAT….but could use some upgrades.

My husband and I love this product and so does our little girl who’s 9 weeks old. She loves looking at the animals and at herself in the mirror. If she tends to get fussy in her carseat, we simply turn the music on and she usually stops fussing and eventually falls asleep. However, in order to start the music, we either have to turn it on before we start driving, or the passenger has to do it (obviously inconvinient if there is only the driver in the car). Also, the batteries didn’t last as long as we would have liked, but maybe that was because she loves it so much, we always had to turn it on 😀 Overall, I find this product great and would recommend it to others.

Natalie Mount Morris, NY

This saved my car trips!

My daughter hated the car from the 1st moment we put her in it. She would scream the entire trip, until she fell asleep from exhaustion. I figured it would help her to have a distraction, and help me to know that she was ok (just mad). It did both. I don’t know if she really cared about the music, but the dangling animals grabbed her attention. I think she also enjoyed seeing herself.The music is a little annoying, but no more so than the music any of her other toys play. My only complaints are that 1) it does create a big blind spot, 2) it’s hard to adjust so that I can see her without the toys getting in the way, and 3) it eats batteries if you turn the music on all the time (which I do)All in all, I’m very glad I purchased this. Just make sure you keep some AA batteries and a screwdriver in the car!

Sheila Conneaut Lake, PA


I needed a mirror to keep an eye on my rear-facing son and figured the cute animals would be a nice distraction. Visibility is minimal at night which I didn’t think about before purchasing and the music died out quickly. The animals were top heavy and would block the view occasionally. The mount options didn’t work for my vehicle but I rigged it so that I could see my son anyway. It’s not the worst mirror but it also left much to be desired.

Jacklyn Horse Creek, WY

Car Mirror

This mirror was great when my sons car seat faced backward. I don’t use it anymore now that he faces forward but I loved being able to look at him and see what he was doing.

Francine Ponce De Leon, FL