Fisher-Price Rainforest Baby View Auto Mirror

Fisher-Price Rainforest Baby View Auto Mirror

Safely view your rear-facing infant while you drive with this acrylic, shatter-resistant Rainforest Baby AutoMirror from Fisher-Price which features a cute monkey and bright colors to entertain your baby. Unlike other mirrors, this mirror’s large, high-quality convex mirror allows for clear, wide-angle viewing of your baby. Three easy attachment methods are featured, including a tether anchor clip, allowing the mirror to be attached to most seats including leather, cloth and vinyl.

Main features

  • Large convex mirror for clear, wide-angle viewing
  • Attaches to vinyl, leather or cloth seats in most vehicles
  • Three easy attachment methods
  • Attach to headrest or center seat
  • Includes patented teether attachment

Verified reviews


I’m not in love with it.

This mirror is inexpensive that is for sure. But it’s not the greatest. It doesn’t magnify baby enough, so you can’t actually see her face to tell if she’s sleeping or what. You can SEE her, but you can’t get any more information than that. It also has a hard time staying in place. If I didn’t have 3 other children in the car at all time to fix it’s position for me, I’d never see anything. I wouldn’t purchase this again.

Jillian Ludowici, GA

Well-designed and useful!

I got this before my daughter was born. She’s now 10 months and it’s still going strong. It took some tinkering to get it strapped around the headrest right, and tight enough, to prevent the slipping problem another reviewer mentioned, but since re-adjusting it the last time, it hasn’t moved a millimeter. I love that I can see so much of my daughter, and the rounded surface means that even if the mirror does slip, you can still see your child without having to pull over and adjust. Overall, an essential buy for new parents!

Robbie Rochelle Park, NJ

Love the mirror

I think this mirror is great. While I do think that in trying to make it adaptable for every seat type they’ve made positioning the mirror more difficult than it should be, it serves its purpose and is cute to boot!Not only do we like to be able to see our daughter in the mirror, she likes to look at herself and other things via the mirror.The monkey (following Fisher Price’s “Rainforest” line of products) is very cute and colorful. There is a reasonable amount of mirror and the image is pretty good for a child-safe mirror product (not too warped looking).

Sybil Hale Center, TX

Pleasantly surprised by the overall quality and usefulness

This is a much higher quality product than I was expecting. The monkey, known as Marvin in our household, is really well done: plush, and very good quality. The mirro was extremely easy to clamp in the back seat of our Hyundai where the carseat resides in the middle.The overall size of the mirror is pretty good and the physics are worked out well so that you do see the your kiddo when you look in your rearview mirror. Very easy to realign if it gets a little knocked out. Now your child is going to appear a bit small, but I can not think of anyway around that given the various bounced images. But it does work, it is a high quality product, and recommended.

Caroline Greenwich, OH

Useful little product

Really cute, both my baby and toddler like it. I can see baby in the rear view mirror while in the car.

Shari Gully, MN

As good as they are

I just started using this mirror and so far I am happy with it. On all these mirrors, the actual mirror past of it is cheap but you can see what you need to see so that is all that matters. It does move from side to side so I need to figure out a way for that to stop happenning but it is wide enough to see the entire car seat and I have a ford taurus and was able to put it in without a problem. I would recommend this mirror.

Johnnie Genoa, IL

Great product

I am so glad that I purchased this item. It’s great to be able to see my daughter while we’re in the car. When she was a newborn, I wasn’t used to all her sounds she made- and this was so great to be able to see if there was something wrong with her or not. Plus, she loves to look at the friendly monkey 🙂 Now that she’s older, she enjoys looking at herself in the mirror and makes faces at herself. And sometimes she can even see me in the reflection 🙂

Minnie Stoughton, WI

My 2 month boy loves it

I got this from Walmart for just $12.99 to put in my husbands car. My boy loves it and smiles at it all the time. I then got a second for my car. For me, it’s more like an entertainment than a mirror. I did see my baby but didn’t spent too much time to make it stay put. Just thought some shaking might make it more fun.

Ebony Rincon, NM

Not worth it

Fell apart within a week in the car without anyone touching it. I don’t recommend it. I’m sure you can DIY something better.

Sierra King Salmon, AK

This mirror is great

Sometimes when your baby is rear-facing and starts to cry, all you need to know is, “is the baby’s hat is covering their eyes and all I have to do is pull it off their face, or is something really wrong and I need to pull over?”For that reason, this baby mirror is invaluable. Like other posters have said, the image you get from the mirror is pretty small, but it’s just enough. It’s great being able to glance up and see that LO has fallen asleep, or what he’s doing. I don’t think it’s distracting when I’m driving; I just do a quick glance every so often. When LO got old enough he liked looking at “the baby in the mirror.” It made car trips much easier.

Mayra Union Grove, WI

Perfect and Cute!

I love this mirror. Easy to install and big enough so I can see my baby’s sleeping face! Before I had children I didn’t know about car mirrors. I am so glad I got one for a shower gift. As a new mom, you are going to want to see how your baby is doing in the backseat, but that is impossible to know when they are rear-facing. Now, with the use of a car mirror, you can keep your eye on your little one at all times. Such a great idea. I love the colors of this one and my baby seems to like it too. Plus, I can always spot my car in the parking lot by looking for the bright green mirror in the backseat!

Clarice Adams Basin, NY

Ruined by lousy glue on sticker

I spent nearly half an hour trying to remove the sticker that’s stuck to the mirror itself showing a kid in a car seat looking at the mirror. The sticker is stuck on not using some fancy 3M glue that easily comes off. Instead they’ve used a cheap pulpy paper sticker that flakes apart as you scrape it away, requiring you to delicately scrape away at it with your fingernails. The glue leaves a massive amount of residue on the mirror. I thought maybe once I was done I could just spray it down with some Windex or rubbing alcohol, which worked to some extent but it still has a blurry residue left over. I will be returning this item. It’s a shame because the mirror looks fine otherwise, but this is classic bad execution trying to save a few cents on glue/stickers by using some local Chinese manufacturer which ends up ruining the product altogether.

Jennifer Kerrick, TX

The best!

This is absolutely he best mirror I have found for our van. I had tried four of the rain forest deluxe mirrors with nothing but problems. This is much cheaper, easier to use, and Rome loves talking to the monkey. The mirror is nice, big, and round making it very easy to see in the rear-view without taking up too much space and blocking your view.

Margaret Pike, NY


I am usually driving with just the baby and it helps me so much to be able to see him in the rear view. This mirror is cute and practical. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because it distorts the image and since he is looking at himself in the mirror more than I am, I wonder if it is altering his depth perception or something of that nature.

Rhoda Port Jefferson, OH

Wish I would have bought this sooner!

My 10-month-old is still rear-facing in her car seat and she absolutely HATES it. However, since we can’t turn her around to forward-facing yet my sister found this mirror for us in the hopes that it would stop our sweetie pie from screaming after 3 minutes in the car.THIS has done the trick!We’ve got the mirror stabilized on the safety latch behind the middle back seat in my Jeep Grand Cherokee. It’s stable enough. And, the mirror height and tilt is adjustable. It’s set up so that I can see my daughter AND she can see me waving at her. Most importantly, in the mirror she can see out of the windshield. She LOVES not looking at a back seat.I’m going to buy a second one of these for my husband’s car.

Dana Whitetail, MT

Hate it

Cumbersome, too light to stick in one place even with anchor, no instructions. Don’t know if there are better ones out there.

Stella Walnut Ridge, AR