Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer

Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer

A tree frog and a monkey play peek-a-boo in the leaves near a sparkling waterfall. A toucan moves back & forth overhead. All the wonders of the rainforest are captured for your little one in this amazing bouncer. Baby bats at the hanging toys to activate the light-up waterfall and peek-a-boo action, accompanied by rainforest songs & sounds. Or, Mom can activate for continuous play! After a day of rainforest adventure, turn on the bouncer’s calming vibrations and your little one is ready to relax in this comfy chair! Use the Rainforest™ Bouncer from birth until baby is able to sit upright unassisted. Bouncer’s calming vibrations and gentle bouncing motion comfort and soothe baby. Reaching, batting at, and grasping onto colorful rainforest animals fosters baby’s eye-hand coordination. Waterfall with lights and colorful animals stimulates baby’s visual sense. Rainforest sound effects and variety of songs offer baby auditory stimulation while sitting in bouncer. Promotes understanding of cause & effect as baby bats at hanging rainforest animals to activate the chair’s lights and sounds. Removable toy bar—easier to get baby in and out of chair. Bouncer’s long play music mode allows mom some “hands free” time while baby enjoys the tunes. The Rainforest™ Bouncer requires 4 “D” alkaline batteries (not included).

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Two great modes of play include: mom activated with 6 longer, continuous playing songs
  • Also includes mom activated calming vibrations and volume control
  • 3 point restraint keeps baby safely seated and the pad is sacked out to fully support baby’s head, neck and shoulders
  • 2 colorful character friends up top, a monkey and a toucan, keep baby visually stimulated
  • To see more information click the watch it in action link below the main product images
  • Two great modes of play include: mom activated – with 6 longer, continuous playing songs and baby activated – with 6 shorter songs plus 3 sound effects that reward baby for active play with the toys

Verified reviews


Satisfied with mine

My daughter loves her bouncy seat. At first, it was the only place (other than our arms) that she would sleep. After her 3rd month she started using the toys and at 5mos we are still enjoying it. The vibration feature is another plus. One tip though the music has two settings, motion activated and continuous play. The continuous play wears the batteries down quickly. Bouncy seats really are “must haves” for parents.

Tamika Birchwood, TN

HATE this thing

first of all my son hates it. secondly, there is some kind of short circuit or something and the lights and music never stay on. absolutely hate this baby item!

Kerry Georgetown, DE

best ever

I bought this for my 2 month old for christmas. My baby loves it. My baby will sit in it for hours.

Whitney Saint Albans, VT

Not as good as I thought to be

We received this as a gift. The music is bad, compared with tiny love mobile and baby einstein toys we own. The toys attached on the bouncer is quite minimal, my daughter get bored in a couple of minutes playing it. We did not own other bouncer, so no comparison with other model.

Velma Kemblesville, PA

I Don’t Really Love This One – Could Be Better

I have to say I don’t really love this one. My daugther who came with me to register for my shower was really wanting this for her little brother. I was really wanting the Baby Papasan bouncer because it looked much more cozy and comfortable. I should have gone with my gut feeling on this. First of all, I think that for a new baby this is much too upright. You cannot adjust that part of the bouncer at all. It is just really upright and that’s all there is to it. They should have really considered that there would be very young babies in this because after all, that’s the time when you need a bouncer the most. Also, I feel like it was way too stimulating at times. My other kids would come and turn it on while my son was in it and everything would go off at once. Also, the little red frog on here was so annoying. It gets stuck and just clicks and clicks. You really can’t fix it. Finally, my daughter did something to it and it has stopped. I could not figure out how to make it stop though. My son does seem to like the monkey and the parrot, but as he got older I felt like he got a little more frustrated because they are always “in his way.” When he is in this there is so much stimulation going on and he cannot see over the bar to interact with anyone. I hardly ever use the bar any more, but I still just wish that I had registered for a different one. Not a great product, I feel like Fisher-Price could have done more with this instead of just adding every toy and sound they could to it, not to mention your little baby is practically sitting up like a full on adult.

Angelina Midvale, OH

Happy with purchase

As an exclusively pumping mom, my 2 month old spends a lot if time in this chair. The vibrations soothe her and she stares at the waterfall. The chair is sturdy and I can bounce it with my foot. We use a boppy head support with it bc I’m worried she’ll get a flat spot.I think there are some kinks with this bouncer. I do hear a clicking every once and a while, and twice the activity bar seems to have shorted out. Both times that happened it worked fine the next day.UPDATE: The motor started clicking then the vibrations got lighter and lighter until they disappeared even with fresh batteries. I called Fisher Price about it on a Monday, and a new motor arrived on Thursday of the same week. The bouncer has a one year warranty, and it could not have been easier to get a new motor since I had already registered the product with them. I am changing my review to 5 stars bc the customer service was so great.

Jesse Clewiston, FL


My baby really loved this, however the seat broke went he was in it. I was hoping I received a faulty product so I exchanged it for another, with the same results. The green plastic parts used to hold to seat together are cheap and don’t hold. The screw that is suppose to go in to the cheap green part also strips out the part making it impossible to fix. If they made the seat frame one piece, all the problems I had with it would be solved. However until then….don’t buy this its a waste of your money.

Francisca Troy Mills, IA

Like Having a Babysitter!!

I am reviewing this product on amazon even though I bought it from BRU. I only went there bcs I had a gift card, my first choice would always be amazon. This rainforest bouncer is a must have for our newborn! It is like having a babysitter, because it will keep her amused and entertained for up to 30 minutes while I can get some things done like make and eat lunch, change the laundry, reply to emails, etc. SHe absolutely loves the music, the blue glowing waterfall, and the monkey that swings back and forth at the top. She often tries to “talk” to the monkey and happily bounces and gurggles and coo. My baby has been suing this since she was about 3 weeks old, and is now 7 weeks and loves using it more and more. It takes 4 D batteries and so far we have not had to change them.

Joni Franksville, WI

Good overall, but water leaks

Used this for many months with my second child a couple of years ago. Overall, the product is good. It did the job. However, the plastic front and pieces are very hard and would bump my daughter on them sometimes when putting her in and out of it. Very cumbersome to take the parts on and off for going in and out of it multiple times. The water leaked out of the rainforest plastic piece and ended up throwing away. Now that I am expecting the next child, I am choosing a different bouncer seat this time around.

Tanisha Kearsarge, NH

Casino trainer

I believe the gaming industry has subsidized this product. It sounds exactly like a casino. My little slot machine trainer. We stole it from a friend when our 2 mo old took to it. They grow out of it quickly, but in that time they learn to be excited when they hear the casino noises. Waterfall and monkey friends are removable if there’s a moment when you don’t need your child 100% stimulated. 🙂

Marjorie Wyarno, WY


Augusta Gonzalez, FL

Broke after only a few months

Had this for maybe 2 months before it stopped vibrating. checked the batteries, put fresh in still didn’t work. then the part that goes over the chair with the rainforrest animals shorted out. started randomly blinking and the animals would no longer move up and down. it basically turned into something I just strapped my son in and that was it. maybe it was just mine – but seems like it could use some improvement.

Lisa Papillion, NE

Useless – and someone please tell me how to change the batteries in the top!

I don’t get this thing. I can’t figure out how to change the batteries in the top bar, so all it does is crackle. My daughter is 3 months old and can’t reach to hit the toys with her hands, and can’t kick it because the bar is so low and the toys hang by her knees. Are they supposed to knee the toy?? The music won’t play because of what I believe is the battery issue. So, since I can change the batteries for the vibrate function, all it does is vibrate and she gets sick of it within 2 minutes.

Pat Spring Creek, NV

A perfect, soothing bouncer

My daughter used this bouncer most of her life, from about 1 month to about 8 months. We still use it occasionally at 10 months: sometimes she wants to be in the bathroom with me when I take a shower, so I put her in the bouncer. She is content there for the length of a shower, and occasionally I use it in the kitchen, to keep her out of trouble. Normally she is happy to play in the living room, but for those times when she wants to be near me, sometimes she prefers the bouncer to the floor or the high chair. From 1-6 months, she ADORED this bouncer. She loved that she could be near me, no matter what room I was in and no matter what I was doing. She also loved the waterfall, the vibration setting, the sounds, and the toys. On vibrate mode, as a newborn to 3 month old, she’d often take naps in her bouncer. Occasionally the jumping frog would get stuck, but he’d unstick himself or I’d nudge him and he’d be okay. We only had to replace batteries two or three times in almost a year. Considering all the use this bouncer got, it held up really well and seemed very well made. We only had to wash the cloth cover once, and it came out of the dryer looking like new- not all nubbly and faded. This was one of the best items we got for our baby, and if it were bigger or converted to a toddler item, she’d probably still be using it! Go for it!

Lucia Colver, PA


Our little guy, who is 6 weeks old, loves this bouncer. We love it too! Great colors and sounds and it was super easy to put together. Everything worked very well and it matches the play mat that we recently purchased and the highchair that we previously bought for our soon to be 4 yr old son. He even loves to fall asleep in it which shows how comfortable he is in it.

Anna Arlington, TX

Toy Bar Broke Right Away

My baby loved this, but the toy bar has a frog that moves and it broke right away. The gears got messed up or something and it began to make this loud clicking and grinding sound. This upset my baby and also upset me since I payed so much for this. I have since read other reviews that say theirs did this same thing, so it must be a flaw with the whole line of these and not just mine.

Gina Morristown, OH

Fun design, slight quality problems

Have been using this bouncer for 3 months and overall it is great, our daughter likes it and the waterfall feature is very pretty to look at, plus it has the choice of either lullaby music or nature sounds. Seems very comfortable for her and built sturdy. Only problem we have found is that occasionally the removable toy bar stops working because it doesn’t lock in tight enough, and then you have to remove it and push it back in very tightly. Overall pretty pleased.

Latonya Bruni, TX

Very entertaining

I had a basic bouncer with just a few hanging toys that my 3 month old daughter did not find very entertaining. If I put her in it she would get bored and cry after a few minutes, so I decided to get her one with music and lights. She loves this seat she sits in it for long period of time and even falls asleep in it. She enjoys the blue light and the parrot mainly. She hits the parrot and makes it spin. I have even seen her grab it and pull herself forward with it. This seat is perfect for making her use her neck muscles to lean forward due to the placement of the toy bar. I like that some might not. I feel that it makes her more active in it, instead of just laying there and swatting her hands at toys above her head. The toy bar does make it a little harder to put her in the seat without hitting her legs on the hanging toys. I also love the rattle feature where she has to kick her feet and make the seat move or move one of the toys on the toy bar to make the music and lights turn on.

Carolina El Mirage, AZ

Great bouncer

Love this bouncer. It is well built, good quality and the fabric is nice. The toy feature is very cute. Definitely recommend it!

Krystal Weippe, ID


This is nice because my son likes it. It’s lightweight so that I can move it to wherever I need it. The bad part about this is that it takes 4 D cell batteries. I would’ve been nice if there was an ac adapter option so that I didn’t have to change out the batteries so much.

Connie New Salem, IL

Nice bouncer. Waterfall toys too close to seat.

My son has had this bouncer since before birth and he is now 5 months old and 23 lbs. He loves it when we sit outside. He has a full view of the outdoors. The only complaint I have is the way the toys hang so low. They almost lay on his legs, even as a newborn (6lbs 11oz). We just use it with out the Waterfall attached. It is very sturdy and quite easy to take the coverlet off to wash. I would recommend this bouncer to anyone who thinks their child will grow rapidly.

Clara Corunna, MI

Great bouncer, no flaws yet

I read lots of reviews before purchasing this bouncer and saw that some people mentioned very loud music, toys hanging too low and some clicking sound as the main issues with it. I don’t find the music being too loud whatsoever, there are two setting, the lower one is really low and the louder one is not too loud at all. The toys do hang low but that’s because the baby is supposed to reach and touch them in order for the music to start playing. My baby likes the bouncer and I think it is a great bouncer for the price.

Ila Grand Terrace, CA

Great bouncer!

My baby loved sitting in this bouncer from birth on. It would keep her entertained whilst i got my own work done! She loved watching the little monkey and frog popping in and out and as she got older loved reaching out and playing with the hanging toys. I never used the vibrate function and she didn’t care. She still loves it although she has now outgrown her bouncer (9 months) and sometimes when i need to keep her in one place i still strap her in it!

Becky Battlement Mesa, CO

Months of use

Most of the gear we got for our baby became useless within a couple months, but not this seat. As a newborn, she loved just sitting in the chair and staring at the waterfall. Now, at almost 5 months, she plays with the parrot and monkey and can keep herself entertained while we have dinner or get some chores done. She doesn’t really like the vibration, though, so we don’t use that feature. I also really like how easy it is to get the bar on and off. I see that some people complain about the volume of the music, but it doesn’t bother me. Overall, a great buy!

Matilda Saxtons River, VT

Very Enchanting

My baby loves this bouncer. She will sit in it for up to 30 minutes and swat at the monkey. The toys hang just at hand level for a 0-3 month old and it keeps her attention for quite a while. Plus the seat is the perfect height to prop in front of the tv for her to watch her baby einstein with the bar removed. She likes the seat because she doesn’t like to lay all the way down and the vibrations help her sleep when she’s restless.

Aimee Urbana, MO

It’s ok

Easy to put together, didn’t take more then a few minutes, love all the colors seems that it will be very engaging for our little one once he or she arrives. However, i have serious concerns about the activity bar which is very low, so low that the parrot and money are almost touching the seat. Considering returning this for a different bouncer with an activity bar that isn’t as low.Update Our little one has finally arrived and seems to really enjoy it, he has GER and this seat helps him with the acid reflux and helps me get things done around the house when carrying him is not an option and he doesn’t want to be in his swing. This is also very portable for when we go to friends house and taking the swing is not an option. Still thinks that the toys are a bit low however, his weight helps the seat to sink and helps keep the toys off his legs.

Jasmine Hollenberg, KS


Every baby is different … I was hoping my daughter would love it as much as the other reviewers did. -It was a no go for her …she could sit in the boucer for about 10 minutes but after that she was restless. -It is very cute and a well made bouncer but just not the right one for us.

Nannie Colebrook, CT

Gotta have a bouncy seat!

We received this as a gift and although we still have yet to buy the 4D batteries to make it work, the seat itself is great. I like how you can remove the waterfall thing and it can just be a seat. She actually slept it in her first week of life because it’s elevated and she had reflux. I can type online and bounce it with my foot. I think everyone should have a bouncy seat for their baby.

Janine Rushsylvania, OH

Couldn’t live without it!

My son is 10 weeks old and loves this thing! I put him in it after I feed him so I can eat myself and when I’m busy doing chores around the house this keeps him occupied. I’m pretty sure he would stay in it all day if I let him! The music is not overly annoying the I love the lights and how the little monkey and frog move about, my son loves those features. Everytime I put him down in this he smiles before I even turn it on! 🙂

Millie Putnam Valley, NY


Well, I was really excited to order this thinking that it had all these features that would be so entertaining. Now I’m really excited to return it! Do they test these products with actual babies before they put them out there?!?! The concept of the Rainforest Bouncer seat is good. The music, the lights in the waterfall, the vibration is good and the animals on the bar that move are all great ideas. The problem is the toys hanging from the bar are WAY TOO LOW. My daughter is a normal size 3 month old and the toys are sitting right on her legs. She bends her knees to kick and the toys are pinching her thighs. This gets her all ticked off. I also feel like the seat is a bit high off the floor, but the incline seems right. Fact is, she’s happier in the $5 yard sale, hand-me-down seat that we have. I guess I’ll continue to search for a new seat that is mostly like our old one. Due to the poor design of the LOW toy bar I won’t be recommending this to anyone! And don’t let the photo guide you…the toys hanging are way lower than shown in the image.

Beatriz White Oak, NC