Fisher-Price Rainforest Giraffe Stacker

Fisher-Price Rainforest Giraffe Stacker

This gentle giraffe stacks up to tons of fun for Baby! Straight from the Rainforest mini-line, he features three rings that can be stacked up the base: a green alligator, a tiger and a zebra. Fun sounds like squeaking, rattling and jingling add to the entertainment.

Main features

  • This is a delightful giraffe themed newborn stacker from Fisher Price
  • The base of the stacker and the bottom ring are themed to look like the soft giraffe from the rainforest mini-line
  • There are three additional rings that stack on the giraffe
  • There is a green alligator ring with yellow rick rack
  • There is a tiger ring with bonded brushed trecco, and there is a zebra ring with satin, the rings have either a squeaker, rattle or jingle in them

Verified reviews


I Love The Rainforest Creatures

I bought this for my 4 month old. She would rather try to eat the hard giraffe instead of the soft rings. She knows what she has to do with the rings but can’t quite get the grasp of it yet. I would definitely suggest buying this toy. It’s really cute and educational.

Trisha Ovalo, TX

Buy this one!

I received both fisher price giraffe stacking toys. This one is best. Every ring makes some sort of noise. They are all covered in fabric so it doesn’t hurt if the little guy conks himself in the head. He tugs on and chews on the ears and feet of the base. He always gets excited when I set him down in front of this toy and shortly there after rings are everywhere! Then he has to work at going and getting one to rattle or chew on which is good exercise. I recommend this toy. I like that it does not play music!

Julia Glenbeulah, WI

My son loves this stacker!

My 4-month old son has already been majorly entertained by this toy — he loves to sit with it between his legs and watch me take off the rings and then put them back on. He also loves having the rings around his ankles when he is lying down and kicking away. And of course, they fit nicely in his mouth!

Shelley Gans, OK

Loves This Toy!

This is such a cute toy for any baby. I bought this toy for my grandson when he was born 2 years ago and he continues to enjoy it and is now sharing it with his baby brother. I love quality toys that last. In this economy, it’s nice to get your money’s worth.

Kristen Redway, CA

Fun Toy

I got this for my 8 month old & she really likes the rattles & bells in the rings. It’s fun because of all the colors & the animal theme is really cute.

Casandra Sherborn, MA

Great first toy

My son has had this since birth… and chewed on it from week one. He likes to chew on the giraffes head more than the rings at times. The rings go with us everywhere. He loves the crinkle ring. It is educational and fun. A must have.

Jessie Monmouth, ME

Great toy!

My daughter loves this rainforest stacker! Each of the rings makes a different sound and is a great size for her to grasp and hold (and chew on, of course). She also loves the giraffe base and will play w/ it contently!

Katina Cassoday, KS


This stacker only has three rings. I assume that if we didn’t already have the Fisher Price Star Stacker that lights up and plays music:Little Super Star Classical Stackerthat we may have liked this stacker okay. But it is not nearly as entertaining as the star stacker (above). My son (5 months) much prefers the lights and music. The rings on this stacker are supposed to crinkle and rattle…the crinkle is pretty weak and the other two rings have very similar rattles, not as much variety as I would have liked to see.

Brittney Minnetonka, MN