Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair

Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair

Looking for a way to keep baby entertained while youre preparing his meal or cleaning up? How about giving baby a rainforest of his very own to play in? The Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair has a toy that gives baby just that. Snap it into the high chair tray, and baby can play with different rainforest animals in lots of different ways, including activating music, lights and sounds. Theres also a tethered toy that stays with the high chair tray. And while babys enjoying the rainforest, youll enjoy conveniences of this Fisher Price Healthy Care high chair: a one handed tray removal, seven chair height adjustments, a dishwasher safe insert tray and more. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Main features

  • Rainforest toy entertains baby while mom prepares meal or cleans up
  • Chair pad and straps are easy to remove and clean
  • Lights and brightly colored activities reinforce visual skills
  • Toy is removable, so baby can play with it even when not in the high chair
  • Enhances fine motor skills as baby reaches and grasps onto tethered rainforest toy, presses buttons, spins animals and more

Verified reviews


Excellent Value and a Quality Product…

Fisher-Price has done it again with their Rainforest Deluxe High Chair! It is a quality product and provides an excellent value in terms of its longevity and utility.My daughter purchased this chair after trying one by Graco and finding it unsuitable for her son. Unlike the Graco, the back of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Deluxe High Chair is not so high as to bother the child using the chair. The large tray is easy to put on and remove; the included toy is a nice extra which can be used to entertain your little one while you are preparing his/her meal. The colorful design on the chair appeals to little ones – yes, it is a bit bright, but then baby equipment usually is. The chair is easy to move. The plastic covering is easily cleanable; the piping appears to be a nylon, parachute-type material and is also easily cleanable. My grandson’s first birthday cake was shaped like a bee and iced with black and bright yellow frosting. As one-year olds are prone to doing, he made an absolute mess of his cake. The black frosting wiped off the piping easily and did not stain it.The two drawbacks to this chair are minor. If the weather is warm, the chair’s plastic covering can cause your little one to sweat quite a bit. I had considered taking the pad off the chair and using it as a pattern to make a quilted covering to place over the plastic. However, the necessity of removing it and washing it every day was enough to discourage that idea. Instead, we took an inexpensive bath towel and created a pocket which fit over the chair’s back. We then let the rest of the towel fall down the back, between the harness straps, and onto the seat. This kept our little one from getting hot and sweaty while eating and was easy to remove and wash. The other issue I do have with the chair is that the wheels are not rubberized or coated with some type of material that will grip the floor. If you are using this chair on tile or hardwood, it can be scooted easily even when the wheels are locked. Because he sits at the table without the tray, our little one has discovered he can push off from the table and move his chair at will. Gripping, coated wheels would probably solve this problem.Of course, you can pay hundreds of dollars more for a sleek, contemporary high chair – but why would you. Little ones are, by nature, not the tidiest diners on the planet and a sturdy, easily cleaning high chair will trump expensive but less practical high chairs any day. I definitely recommend the Fisher-Price Rainforest Deluxe High Chair.

Mavis Patagonia, AZ

Pros & Cons List

Wouldn’t and didn’t pay full price for this high chair. Got a used one for $40.All in all, I’m happy with it.Pros-has wheels- used more than I thought I would.-has a cool toy that is fun but never used it with the high chair, just went with his other toys.-adjustable seat height. I can put the seat way down low so he can get in and out himself (I remove the tray). sigh, toddlers!-seat material very easy to clean with just a sponge- food just comes right off!- take out tray fits in my dishwasher (very nice)Cons- straps are a bit much, over the shoulder harness really restricts baby from being able to move & enjoy eating (also causes a fuss).I think just a waist strap is sufficient.-tray’s cup holder doesn’t fit most sippy cups. (too small)-abrasive sponge can clean off the painted height numbers on the legs. (I wiped the “1” off)-wish it had extra trays-trays do get discolored with orange spots (if you feed your child spaghetti)- seat material gets discolored if you throw it in washer.-too low for my table, ended up buying a little portable highchair that straps onto chair (which is awesome)Neutral-Seat recline is pointless. If a baby can’t hold their head up and sit then they have no business eating food.-One-Hand Adjustable Tray- never use the featureAll in all a good chair.

Tammi Hartland, ME

Only OK

I purchased this high chair based on all the rave reviews. It’s ok, but not really that impressive. The materials are pretty cheap in feel and quality. The toy is semi-entertaining. I find that my baby does not sit comfortably in the chair itself. I think maybe when he gets bigger he’ll fit into it better…Oh, and he’s not a big fan of sitting in it to eat. Maybe he’ll grow into it. He’s only 15 lbs so maybe he’s a bit on the small side? The next high chair we get will be of better quality. We won’t be returning this b/c we’ve already opened and put it together, but I’ll definitely be getting a different high chair for our next baby.

Lorrie Avon, OH

Great high chair that works for younger babies too

My five month old loves this high chair. We were tempted to go with something more subdued that matched our decor a little better, but I’m glad we didnt. One of the best things about it is its ability to recline, which allows you to lean it back enough for a younger baby to use (i.e., a baby who isnt sitting up by herself yet). My daughter has been sitting in this high chair since she was three months old and is a huge fan of the musical tree that sits on the tray. Even though she isnt using it to eat yet, she loves being able to watch me cook dinner from a vantage point that lets her be part of the action. A great high chair all around!

Alisa Halstead, KS


Let me tell why I love this high chair, even though it’s garish and looks like a baby took over our condo (well, he did). I was told by other moms in my moms’ group that this was the chair to get, and they were right.It was fairly easy to put together, and once we had it, we’ve left it unfolded in our dining room. It has 7 height adjustments. We have used two – the highest height and we recently moved it down so that our son can eat at the table with us without the tray. The tray itself is a wonder – it snaps on and off, and has a removable insert that you can wash in the dishwasher. Without the insert, you can snap in a toy with lights and music (batteries not included). There is also a tiger teether tethered to the side of the tray.The biggest issue with babies when they eat is the mess. So the high priority for us was an easy to clean chair. It fits the bill. The fabric doesn’t have any crevices for food to get caught in, and we can wipe it clean with a moist paper towel. As I mentioned, the tray is dish-washable. We did find food under the seat cover – assuming that happens on every chair, it’s nice that it’s easy to remove the cover.So, the only two problems with it that I could see are the bright, garish “child” look and feel that may not go well with your home decor (and to that, I say, it’s nothing compared to the bouncer, the swing, the stationary play center, the toy bin, the push & go and so forth). Also, our son now points to the frog on the chair, so it’s giving him some visual stimulation. The other problem for some people may be the size. It does fold up but unfolded it takes up the space of a dining room chair. For those people, I recommend a fisher price healthy care booster seat, like this one:Fisher-Price Precious Planet Healthy Care Booster.

Latoya Ainsworth, NE

Great High Chair

We have had this high chair for two kids now and it has held up perfectly.The Good:- I love the toy that fits onto the tray. Baby cannot knock it off or play the “I drop it and laugh while Mommy picks it up” game.- I love that the toy is removable when its time to feed.- The wheels roll smoothly and no problems of them getting stuck- The pattern is soooo cute- The seat is very easily adjusted from far back recline to up close to the tray. One hand adjustment too! That is a bonus!- Very easy to put together- Plastic vinyl very easy to keep clean and very few areas that food can get into that cannot just be wipes away.- The seat belt… although it was not easy for us to install… maybe we did it wrong? The seat belt is a three point harness.- Easy storage since it folds up- Height adjustable and not by small degrees… it goes almost all the way down to the floor so you can sit at the couch if you wanted to feed baby. Pretty handy when you are in my situation where you are breastfeeding while spoon feeding your 15 month old- Tray is dishwasher safe and fits our small dishwasher just fine- The added head support for early usersNot so Good:- The wheels were so easy to lock that every time we moved the chair one would get locked by accident.- The seatbelt is great for safety but they are a pain to get baby in and out.. they are 3 point harness straps.

Dorothea Pinckneyville, IL

Not bad…

My 10 month old seems really tiny and awkward in this high chair (he is 17 lbs). He doesn’t like the way the seat is angled. He likes the toys, but they are kind of hard to reach. I wish I had been able to set him in it before purchasing. If I had it to do over, I would have bought a different one.Update: About the time my son reached one and a half, the seat worked for us really well. He is 2 now and still does well with it. The toys never really entertained him longer than a few minutes, but the highchair itself works out fine. I do love that you can remove the padding and wash it, we do that often and it still looks like new.

May Saint Libory, NE

Tightening the screws “may require extra force”

Got this highchair for my 6 month old that just started to eat solids. Happy with my purchase so far.My MAIN COMPLAINT is the assembly. It isn’t awful, and my biggest problem was my fault (figured out several steps later I had the frame in backwards). However as the directions say tightening the screws into the metal bars requires “extra force” and they really mean it. With my mistake, I was exhausted by the time I got this thing together. So be careful to check you put the frame in the right direction!! Ha ha.I love the teething toy for the baby. She can play with it and if she drops it is is tethered to the tray and she wont lose it. The bigger tree toy is a bit too high up for her to play with now and she doesnt really understand that the buttons she can reach cause the music and lights to start playing. She does enjoy playing with the tree when I hold her up so she can reach it. Despite all these toys, her favorite thing to do is chew on the straps :-)I will say I think it would be nice if the tray stayed attached or there was a place on the chair to hold the tray when not in use. I am a bit messy and I need to make sure there is a clear spot in our small kitchen to put the tray when I am taking her out of the seat.It has not been a problem for me, but there is no grip to the feet and wheels of this chair. It is all smooth plastic down there and you can push the chair around even with the brakes set on the wheels. Also, each of the four wheels has a separate brake that you need to undo before you can wheel it around.Our home is still full of “disposable” furniture from our grad school days, so if we had nice sturdy chairs in our kitchen we might have just gotten a booster seat with tray that can attach to a chair. This is a lot more expensive and will take up a good deal of space compared to the booster seats.

Bethany Reynolds, MO

Took a while to set up but I love it!

It seemed like it took me forever to set up but I kept getting up to do other things. It was fairly easy to set up, the quality is great. For the size and "bulkiness" of it, it folds up pretty small its just the legs don’t lock into place. Should keep my baby entertained while I fix their lunch!

Josefa Dike, TX

Not a fan of the fabric print, but it’s a great high chair!

I love this high chair. I researched lots of high chairs when trying to decide what to purchase. I went with this chair based on reviews and recommendations from friends. I am definitely happy with my purchase. This chair was easy to put together, and is super easy to clean-all parts can either be wiped down or put in the washing machine. The fabric washes well, as long as it’s washed on the delicate cycle. The toy that comes with the chair keeps my daughter entertained while I prepare her food. The fabric print is ugly in my opinion, looks like a typical high chair, but I’ll sacrifice style for function in this case!

Blanche Rolfe, IA

It is super adorable, and very easy to clean.

My son is learning how to feed himself so it was very important to me to find a highchair that is easy to clean. I can take out the tray one handed, and it’s simple to wash by hand or in the dishwasher. The rest of the highchair I can just wipe down. I do have to wash the cover at least four times a week though since it doesn’t have a plastic covering, but I really don’t mind since summer is coming up. The toy it comes with has been my sons favorite. He loves pressing the buttons and listening to the music. He’s constantly try to grab the monkey from the tree. It’s a cute a highchair, and I would definitely buy it again.

Chrystal Hyde Park, PA

Quality product!

We do foster care, so I buy things that are made to last! Im so glad I found this highchair! This sturdy highchair conveniently folds down so I can put it in the closet. I love the height adjustments on it, no matter where we are eating its great to know this highchair can be adjusted to meet our needs! I often use the recline feature for smaller babies just learning to eat, and the rare occasion that my little one falls asleep in the highchair!The tray slides on and off with one hand which is great while you are holding a squirmy baby! The straps are easy to use and its great to know my little climbers are secured in there! At first I didnt like the toy that came with it but Ive found its easy to clean, and so I take off the removable tray when my child is finished eating and snap on the toy so the rest of the family can finish while baby is still entertained! so far the highchair has lasted through 7 children and it still looks like new! The cover is easily washed with a wet paper towel and some soap. The toy and tray have held up well! Im impressed! I love this product!

Lawanda Russell, MA

Poor construction

I wish I hadn’t registered for this. My son is 6 months old and tall but not heavy for his age. It is already a snug fit. When I put it together last month, I was not encouraged by the “you may need to provide extra effort when screwing in…” Never a good sign and it did confirm that the engineering is truly horrible. The seat is not steady and the height adjustment is also loose. The tray is incredibly difficult to attach or remove. I have to pound down on one side to get it to latch so I can never put it on after my son is in the seat. The pad does not clean up easily and the dyes ran so that my son’s back became imprited with the jungle theme print when he was sweating in the chair. If my mother in law hadn’t bought it for us, we would have trashed it in the first week. Now we store it in the attic until she comes for a visit. I suggest that you get a good basic chair and purchase a toy or two separately.

Kathrine Louisville, TN

Very pleased

We had this high chair with Baby #1 adn knew that we’d be pleased with it for Baby #2. It’s well made and the way it’s put together makes sense. It’s easy to clan and maneuver.

Christine Ranson, WV

i love it

I love this high chair. I researched lots of high chairs when trying to decide what to purchase. This chair was easy to put together, and is super easy to clean-all parts can either be wiped down or put in the washing machine. The fabric washes well, as long as it’s washed on the delicate cycle. The toy that comes with the chair keeps my boy entertained while I prepare his food. the toys are so cute and my boy loves it..

Hollie Vicco, KY

Pretty good

My son seems very comfortable on this chair. We have no complaints so far. it is very easy to use and clean.

Pansy Beaver Crossing, NE

Great chair

We’ve had our girl in this chair for months now – it’s great. She loves everything about it- the tiger is her favorite in the morning, the tree during the afternoon. The fabric wipes up super easily and the tray top, since it comes out, is easy for feeding too. One reviewer said it is ugly – well, you know what? Kids love it and who cares if the apartment isnt art deco or country cottage any more!EDIT: She is now 30 months – we took the tray off, lowered the chair and she still uses it for every meal. Awesome product.

Antoinette Loyall, KY

Love it!

So far so good, no complaints! I really wanted the peg perego one, but this one actually got better reviews! Check out holly Shultz’s reviews on you tube for Baby Gizmo! I love their grading scale. This highschsir is awesome. Easy to clean and baby loves the ugly toy lol 🙂

Marian Converse, TX

So good, I bought it twice!

This is the best high chair. It is easy to assemble, easy to keep clean, and very safe. No chance for it to tip over. It is also the only high chair that I know of that comes with the extra toys that this one comes with. I had this for my son 5 years ago and I liked it so much I bought another one for my newest baby. Excellent purchase!

Graciela Johnson, NY

Good Quality and Entertaining Add-ons

baby loves sitting in this high-chair. I love the add-on toys, the comfort of the seat, and the fact that you can move it around the room with ease. It’s a very stable base and the quality of fabric/plastic is good too.

Robin Anza, CA

Its good

The seat belt was too small that is why I’m giving it a three, I had to buy another belt. Besides that everything else is completely fine, it works well most of the time.

Dolores Cottonwood, ID

My baby loves it

I put my 3-month-old in it, and she watches me cook and do the dishes. I place the removable tree on her tray and she tries to push the button on her own to make it light up. I wish it didn’t require a constant button push to work, since she’s not old enough to do it thoroughly on her own, but she’s trying. Until then, I have to do it, which isn’t all that easy when I’ve got soapy hands. She’s not teething yet, so the added teether just flops everywhere, but once she does, I’ll be cleaning it all the time – it’s a good length. I feel she’s very safe and secure in this chair. Glad I bought it.

Lorena Wentworth, MO

High quality chair your baby will have a lot of fun (and food) in

It was hard for me to decide to pick this chair over the pretty chairs that actually matched my kitchen decor. However, it’s not about me anymore so I chose this chair instead. My baby loves it!Pros- the toy was a lot of fun for my baby and kept her busy while I made food or cleaned up. 5 point harness, foldability, locking wheels, dishwasher safe trays, easy to clean. The biggest pro for me was the plastic stopper on the seat is not removable. On most highchairs when you take the tray off the plastic stopper comes off too. I have a wiggly baby and even though she was harnessed in, when I was taking her out of the chair I liked the extra security of this.Cons-bright kitchen clashing colorsI also recommend getting the fisher price booster that matches this. We have the precious planet one and take it to restaurants. So much easier to use than the seat covers.

Virgie Phillipsburg, OH

Love It!!!

This is a great high chair. Set up was easy I was able to do it in about 20 mins. I love the toy it keeps her busy for almost an hour.

Simone Concord, VA

A bit expensive and a pain to assemble but overall good

Why are all Fisher-Price things shipped in million pieces? It takes much longer than it should to assemble this thing.Our 7 month old doesn’t sit still and refuses to be belted in the swing. If we want a few minutes to do some tasks without worrying about supervising her, this high chair is great. It securely locks her in place and the big toy with lights and buttons keeps her entertained. She’s a bit little for the chair but fits securely with the belt. The colors are attractive. Easy to clean. Many adjustments with the seat height and seat recline. I can see us using this for a long time.

Jessica Motley, MN


I think the people complaining about the "garish" and "childish" look of this high chair need to reevaluate their lives. It’s a product for a baby, people. Maybe it’s because I’m a mother of four, but I don’t mind kid things being in my house.This high chair is good quality, it cleans up well, the tray is easy to operate, and the cushion goes off and on with minimal effort when you need to toss it in the washer.The toy that comes with it is a nice bonus, and will keep my baby entertained for a few minutes at a time, My only complaint is that the battery life of the toy is very short – I’ve changed the batteries 3 times in six months. No one is buying this chair to get that toy though, so it really isn’t that big of a deal.I’ve never used the tray insert that comes with this, kind of pointless in my opinion. I’d rather just wipe down the tray itself then deal with the other piece.Overall I am satisfied with this purchase and recommend this product.

Teresa Gum Spring, VA

Well made

we have been using this for 18 months now and couldn’t be happier. baby loves it. We are able to adjust the height and have her sit at the table with us and still use the tray. perfect choice.

Summer Nelson, MO

Excellent EXCEPT for the brakes and buckle placement

We’ve used this high chair for a year and a half now. From the infant stage up through two years old, this high chair provides a great place for our little one to sit and/or eat. I love that it comes with a tray and a tray insert. That means she can eat two meals before I have to clean anything. Since the tray insert fits in the dishwasher and comes out clean despite massive mess, I basically have to hand wash a tray once per every three meals she eats. The label says not to machine wash the fabric/padding, but I do. It’s faded a bit with each wash, but it does fine in the washing machine and air dries in only a few hours. We’ve never had a problem with adjusting the height or recline of the seat. I have only two real complaints. The brakes on the wheels drive me absolutely insane. I wheel her highchair into the kitchen every morning and sometimes at lunch time as well so that she can eat while I empty the dishwasher, etc. The slightest touch causes the little yellow brake on a wheel to clamp down. When she plays she sometimes bumps them down, when I walk by the thing parked in the living room they sometimes clamp down, and, though I haven’t tried it yet, I’m pretty sure that if I breathed on them hard enough they’d engage. Long story short: one of the four brakes is almost always locked when I want to push the thing. I end up kicking and shoving it with my rear end most days to get it to move even with one or two brakes engaged. Second complaint: as she gets bigger, the buckle on the strap seems to land right where the tray slides so that I can’t pull the tray flush with her stomach without jamming the buckle into her belly in an uncomfortable way. The gap between the tray and her bib translates to a crevice of food droppings in her lap every time she eats. All that said, I’ve never encountered a high chair I like better.

Janine Casscoe, AR

Eh (doing the so-so motion with my hand)

We’ve had this chair through 2 kids. We started using it at our tiny condo and it took up WAY too much space, so we used a clip on chair with #1 and put this in storage. Along came #2 and we moved to a bigger place, so we busted this high chair out for the baby to use. It’s sturdy, and I like the piece between baby’s legs to hold him in place, but there are some flaws that really seem to irritate my husband (he cleans the kitchen and has zero patience for obstacles, which this high chair has a few).The "plate" piece that comes off to go in the dishwasher – I’m not sure who’s dishwasher that thing fits into, but not ours in either place we lived. And really, your kid is not just getting a little food in the plate area, he’s spreading it all over his hair (especially banana and peanut butter, really?) and all over the sides of the tray portion too, so either way you’re dragging the whole thing over to the sink to be washed. If you don’t get it all the way snapped in place, the whole tray will fall on the floor and your husband will utter words that are not supposed to be heard by children.My pet peeve with it is little cup holder place on the "plate" part of the tray – we don’t own a cup that fits in there. None of the sippy cups we own fit there (and we have several) so it’s really just wasted space where one could put a cup.All in all, it’s ok, but if we didn’t get this as a gift, we’d probably have returned it for something a little less cumbersome.

Mattie Wideman, AR

Love the rainforest collection

We have the rainforest cradle swing and all the bedding, i really wanted this high chair too! I love it, it has many adjustment settings, i love the toys that go on it, they are cute and entertaining. my 9 month old loves them, it’s easy to clean and move around. I have nothing bad to say about this product at all

Vera Good Thunder, MN