Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym

Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym

Learning about the magical world of the rainforest is so much fun in a delightful gym with music, lights, nature sounds, and lots of activities and textures to stimulate your growing baby. The activity gym’s comfy floor quilt has a soft silky border and colorful arches supported by a friendly giraffe. A variety of links let you attach toys up above or down below. Rainforest friends are everywhere baby looks. There’s a soft monkey, jingly toucan, elephant and parrot with spinning paddle. Movable and stationary activity toys encourage baby to explore the overhead gym or enjoy some tummy time play. Baby can also enjoy a spinner with rattling beads, spinning butterflies, a shiny mirror and a crinkly leaf for peek a boo fun. With this activity gym you can choose four fun tunes or rainforest sounds to play for baby for up to 20 minutes. Activity gym requires three C (LR14) alkaline batteries.

Main features

  • Two modes of play: Lay & play or Tummy time
  • Responds to baby’s movement with music, sounds & colorful, dancing lights
  • Plays up to 20 minutes of lively music or rainforest sounds
  • 10 activities & linkable toys for lay & play or tummy time
  • Satiny butterflies spin at baby’s touch, activating lights, music or sounds

Verified reviews


There are better playmats out there.

I have twins, and bought two playmats – this one and the Tiny Love. I have to say the Tiny Love wins hands-down, though this one does have some nice features. I would give it 5 stars if it only had more toys on it to hold baby’s attention, but it is very sparsely populated in the toy department.Pros:has nice music and a couple of flashing lightshas a detachable monkey which the babies LOVE – they try to eat him every chance they getbabies also like the elephant rattle and spinning wheel toybabies like looking at the playmat animals during tummy time – very cute design!Cons:There definitely aren’t enough toys on this! If they don’t want to include more toys, at least include enough toy holders so you can add your own.The toys that are included aren’t all that interesting, with the exception of the three I mentioned.The mirror on the giraffe points in the wrong direction – not toward the center of the mat as in the ad, but parallel with the edge, a position in which the baby would never be. I have to hold the mirror for baby to see herself during tummy time. No way to get it to point in the right direction.To my horror, I turned around to see baby holding the mirror that had fallen out of the red frame and was about to chomp down – it’s a thin, very sharp disc. Baby would easily have cut herself. It’s constantly falling out – I’ve had to restick that $@#! thing a dozen times and watch the babies like a hawk. I’ve tried to glue it in, but need stronger glue I suppose.The butterflies at the top should spin – seems like they are supposed to spin, since they are on a mobile that rotates – but they do nothing, and are too high up for babies to reach. Are we supposed to spin it for the babies? It’s in an awkward position for this. Maybe mine is broken.Overall I’d say this is cute, but kind of worthless overall and expensive. There are much better playmats out there. I have the rainforest bouncy seat which the girls absolutely love, which is why I bought this playmat, but now wish I hadn’t.

Suzette New Haven, IL

Very pretty BUT….

This toy was just the cutest little thing, and I couldn’t resist it. It looks like it’d be so much fun, but my daughter doesn’t seem to care for it at all. I don’t get it. She had a tummy pillow and lots of toys to play with (and she does chew on the chewy toys), but even though it plays tunes, it just doesn’t impress her very much. Right now, this toy is in storage. She has had this since she was about three months old, and now that she is nearly six, she still isn’t too impressed with it. I have some exotic pets, maybe I will let them play with it. For our purposes, this toy was over-priced for the benefit I’d hoped to get out of it.

Amelia Baton Rouge, LA


I bought this and returned it the next day. The mat is so thin. I had nothing but problems trying to keep it from falling apart while my daughter played with it…and yes, it was put together properly. As far as being portable….that’s a joke. Don’t waste your money or time on the gym.

Kathie Stigler, OK

Flimsy and Overwhelming

Me and my 3 babies have tried out 3 playmats (Precious Planet and Rainforest 1-2-3 Musical Gym) and this is the least favorite.I don’t like it because quite honestly, it’s ugly. Certainly not something I liked having in my living room. We actually have some of the other Rainforest products and they are much more attractive.More importantly, the bars are flimsy and don’t stay in place. After only a few minutes the bars lean to one side or the other (despite being held together at the top) and the entire set-up looks like a very large person sat on it.I thought this would be a great mat because there are lights at the top where the bars connect. My son seemed to like this and the music, but I couldn’t stand having to fix the bars every ten minutes.Most of the toys that come along with this seem cheap and uninteresting to my babies. (As opposed to the Precious Planet Playmat, which came with higher-quality toys). I ended up tossing them and using other toys to hang.We had this in our house for barely a month before I gave it away. We’ll stick with the Precious Planet Playmat.

Diana Rocheport, MO

One glitch ruins all pros

The playmat would be perfect if music did not stop every 20 seconds. It says in the manual to restart it – does not help, baby starts crying. The only thing that helps is hitting the mat – but every 15-20 seconds?? VERY annoying.

Lelia East Corinth, VT

Worth the extra money

My three month old loves this gym. She isn’t very good at entertaining herself yet, but she kicks and plays happily in this gym. The toys are easy to move around and keep her attention so mom can get a thing or two done around the house!The music is much less annoying than many other toys & the nature sounds actually sound pretty nice. It also is great for tummy time. This product could replace a tummy time mat, a bouncer seat & many other toys.I’d recommend spending the extra money to get this over a less expensive gym.

Dorthy Jamestown, ND

Somewhat disturbing but very fun

I purchased this activity mat from Amazon a few months ago for my son and while he loves the mat, I do have some lingering questions.1. What caused the rainbow to shoot out of the giraffe’s head? Does it hurt him? Is it indicative of a super power?2. I can identify the monkey, the birds and the fish on the mat, but what are the other two animals? I suspected that one was a zebra, but my husband insists it is a snow tiger. That seems ridiculous…this is the jungle, people. The other one might be a cheetah, but it has hooves. I like to verbally label things as my son looks at them but these two have me stumped.3. Why must I violate the giraffe, who already seems to be in some distress due to the rainbow situation, every time I need to replace the batteries?On the bright side, I think this mat will come in very handy during lessons on tolerance and the ethics of scientific experimentation on animals.

Corinne Cleo Springs, OK

Fabulous Baby Gym/Play Mat.

This is such a fun gym. It kept my son entertained for quite some time even before he could roll over. It is well made and well designed. It took very little time to put together and the batteries are easy to replace. The music is similar to that on the Rainforest high chair and so are the characters. You can lie the baby diagonally on the mat so that his feet can kick or push the side pole and activate the music and lights. It also has a setting where the music and lights run without stopping for around 20 mins, and it is not horrendously irritating. There are two volume settings too. Each of the toys is a different activity and have kept my son busy for ages. Now he is spending more time on his front they detach from the gym and attach to the floor mat. A very good value for money product.

Brittney Cochise, AZ

Very nice, but overwhelming.

This gym is very high quality and attractive. The music and sounds offer a lot of variety and are not annoying at all. The toys are varied, cute and friendly-looking, and well-designed. I was in love with it, but my son was not! I think it was too much for him. Whenever I put him under it, he was fascinated for about 90 seconds, and then he’d shut his eyes and start to cry and not stop until I took him out. He is not really ever like that otherwise. I have noticed that he is very tuned in to the visual world, and this gym offers an overwhelming amount of visual input. Kids are so trained by tv and computers to need a lot of things going on in front of them to avoid being bored, and this gym seems like the infant version of a video game– not a bad thing, but it’s good to be aware when making that choice for them. I gave this gym away and got a hand-me-down Gymini from a neighbor– it just has holes for links, and we attach one or two toys at a time, and my son is much happier.

Terrie Lecontes Mills, PA


I bought this mat originally because of all the great reviews. However, my duaghter did not care for it as much …and the arches easily fell down. I decided to buy the Tiny Love Mat and that was a success. Every baby is different and sometimes you just do not know what your little one will end up liking.I do have the rainforest jumperoo which she REAllY loves …the bouncer she did not care for though.

Suzette Cave Junction, OR


I have this and the Tiny Love Lights and Music. I prefer this one much more. The toys hang taller, so that they’re not right in my baby’s face, but she can still reach them. I also think the toys are more interactive compared to the Tiny Love, and made better. Visually this one looks much nicer, especially the mat. The mat is padded but you probably want to put it on a soft surface like a carpet or bed (obv watching your baby at all times). The rainforest sounds are nice. The music could be a little better. I like the lights at the top, but my baby doesn’t seem to interested. The mat has interactive qualities as well, crinkles and ribbons and such. The only thing I didn’t like was that the butterfly mobile doesn’t spin on it’s own. Kind of pointless. If I had to do it over again, I would just buy this one. Amazon has the best price.

Lila Pennsburg, PA

6 Months later…

My twins boys are now 6 mos old and they still love this gym. Great buy, I highly recommend it.

Elise Hubbardston, MA

Tad overpriced for what you get.

My daughter likes it, but for the price I feel like there should be a spinning mobile, a couple more toys, and better music. Made in China, and expensive… whats the world coming to? :/

Lakesha Shirley Mills, ME

Fun and Cute

This playmat was very cute and fun for our little one. My only complaint… and this was a consumer problem not a product problem, was my husband attached the top leaves upside down and we could not pull them out to fix them without busting it. But it drove me nuts every time my baby used it. Aside from that it was a wonderful tummy time mat and I like how you could rearrange the toys based on your babies position and moving capabilities. Very durable too and the mat can detached and thrown in the wash!

Gwendolyn La Fayette, GA

Sound wiring is defective

This activity gym is very stimulating and my baby enjoys it. However, it appears the inside wiring for the sound is defective. It will play for a few seconds, and then you have to jiggle one of the columns to get the music to play again. For the price, I would expected it not to have this flaw.

Kellie Star, NC


Our 3 month old found the gym a bit too overwhelming. He just did not like the gym at all. But he did enjoy playing with each of the toys individually when detached from the gym. Also sometimes babies hold up the rattle/toy and lets it drop…it may fall on their face and hurt them.

Krystal Turon, KS

Fun and Exciting Play Gym!

Excellent gym mat for the little one! Lots of extra items to change around. Colorful, musical, and easy to setup.The 2 downfalls I’ve encountered are (1) it requires 3 “C” batteries (they are located under the giraffe) and (2) the music doesn’t have an option to continually stay on until you turn it off. Unfortunately, with children under 3 months of age, they don’t have the ability to touch anything yet to keep the machine music playing. Consequently, someone has to hit the top object to get the music to stay on and coincide with the lights.However, the mat is great and very useful!

Lana Mc Allister, MT

Poorly made

My baby bends the arches very easily and he’s no super- strong baby. He’s a regular 7 mo for whom this toy was supposed to be made. Second it stops too frequently, third the butterflies don’t spin. In theory it’s a good toy in reality- don’t bother.

Rosalinda Ethelsville, AL

A Great Time Saver

My baby has loved this from the time she was about 6 six weeks and would lie underneath it and look at the toys and lights and listen to the music, to now when she is 6 months and likes to roll around under it, sit on the side and play with the giraffe and lie on her stomach and study the patterns. For me it has given me the opportunity to put her down, knowing she will be happy for around twenty minutes, and I’ll have the chance to get something done. However, shop around. The price for this toy varies a lot!

Angeline Lockney, TX

Excelente pero no lo recomiendo para Venezuela

este articulo fue embalado en una caja inmensa y a al hora de pagar el envio hasta Venezuela salio en 800 bsf. imagínense hubiera salido mejor comprarlo aqui, aunque si nos ahorramos algo pero no fue mucho… con los pocos dolares que da cadivi es mejor comprar algo que si valga la pena (que el envio no sea tan costoso)… por otro lado es muy bueno ya que el bebe se divierte mucho con los sonidos y articulos que trae…

Bianca Stillwater, NY

Triplets Loved Gym

We bought this for our triplet infants and they absolutely loved it. The rainforest animals were so colorful and cute and they really appealed to the kids. The gym was also big enough we could put all three babies in there at the same time and they had enough to keep them busy.

Ora Franklin, MN

still using after purchase in 2009

This held up great to two babiesand a lot of guest babiesand has been handed over to another expecting motherWashed wellstill looked goodthe music might drive you bonkers but….well that happens when you have a new baby and no sleep.BUT… if your baby is a rolling little thing they can knock it down if you don’t have it standing up right

Elisabeth Marquette, MI

5 more stars

This is our favorite toy. There are a lot of toys and very nice sound effects, even the songs are okay. My little guy just discovered to zebra’s tail on the mat. He is easily contented with the lights and butterflies overhead. It has been fun for me to watch him grow from watching, to reaching, to grasping. He sits up now and just fits under the arch, though I usually set him at the edge of the mat. I really like how large of a floor space it covers because it means more clean play space. The cat likes it too, and hides under the mat when the baby isn’t using it.

Whitney Brookfield, OH

Fisher-Price Rainforest Gym

Great! It has lights and bright colors which my daughter loves. You can also choose the mode so you can have it play for 20 minutes straight for younger babies or the playing one where the baby has to touch the toys and it will play music. Great music and nature sounds. My daughter gets to play and have great fun while mommy gets to get things done

Olga Clinton, MD


This was the first mat we used and liked it from the beginning. Then a friend bought us a Baby Einstein play mat. While my baby loves the blinking smiley face, it’s shorter. He’s only 3 months and already has the Baby Einstein toys bumping into him. That’s when I realized how great this rain forest mat is because it’s tall. The toys can hang from the loops to reach lower. Then they can hang from the bar when baby needs more room. The height of this gym is really better.

Bertha Alkol, WV

Awesome play gym

Everywhere you turn, there is some sort of stimulation on this gym. My daughter (2 1/2 months) loves it! I especially like that one of the settings requires touch to start the music. She loves the mirror and the lights above.

Maggie Clermont, FL

great toy but not for newborns

i think my baby will really enjoy this toy. however… she is currently only seven weeks old and it is definitely too much for her so i’m not sure why the packaging says ‘0-18 months’. she is enthralled by the toy, especially the blinking red & yellow lights at the top. she squeals and kicks and looks like she’s having a lot of fun playing for about ten minutes – then she starts crying uncontrollably for the next fifteen minutes! i think she gets overstimulated… anyway, i am definitely glad we bought it. but i will probably wait another 2-4 weeks before using regularly.

Karla Rolling Prairie, IN

Great for home, not meant for travelling

This mat was a no brainer for me after getting theFisher-Price Rainforest Open-Top Cradle Swingand seeing how wonderful the colors and brightness of the product are. No, it is not meant for travelling and the mat is perfectly thick enough, even on my hardwood floors.The only issues I had with it was the amount of time spent trying to figure out how to get the butterflies to move (they don’t) and that there are no extra rings to add length (a little short for a 3 month old to view AND grab at the same time) or to attach more of your own toys. But those are insignificant and not problems compared to how many hours she has played with it and believe it or not, her activity on the playmat has tired her out so that she finally slept through the night! That in it and of itself makes this worth so much more than I paid for it, as far as I am concerned.No matter which one you end up choosing, be sure to get a playmat. It was incredible how quickly she has developed since we bought ours a week ago. She “talks” so much more now, coos, smiles, laughs and just makes crazy noises and loves kicking the elephant rattle and looking at herself in the mirror. Also, I posted some customer images for a better idea. Enjoy! 😀

Sylvia Hughesville, MO

Love it, I got for the lights.

Second time purchase for a new baby. I love it, My first baby loved it, and now my newborn loves it. He can stare at the lights for a long time and smile. I replaced Tiny Love Gym with this one because it has the lights and music is right above the head, This gym is also interactive for an older baby, there is an option to play music when baby moves and toches the toys. Another option is to play continuous music, I would recommend Fisher Price Gym over Tiny Love.

Isabelle Saint Anthony, ND

a favorite in our house!

My 3 month old baby loves this playmat! He lays under it several times a day and is always happy to hang out in the rainforest 🙂 He will stare at those “butterfly girls” hanging from the center and just smile and coo at them. He also likes the monkey and the elephant rattle. The mirror is great, too, although I agree with another review that said it’s at an awkward angle and needs held for the baby to see in it well, although my baby will look at other reflections in it and even grab at it to turn it himself. The lower hanging toys are at a perfect height for him to bat at while laying on his back. When on his belly, he likes to look at the scene on the mat, too. The music is catchy (everyone at my house can sing it LOL) and I appreciate the 2 levels of volume. The rainforest sounds are nice for a more quiet, soothing playtime. I like that there are multiple hanging hooks all around so you can move toys around and add your own additions. The bottom mat can go in the washing machine and dryer and comes out great. This is a favorite spot for my baby and has given him hours of enjoyment (as well as 15 minute windows of time for mom to fold laundry, etc. while he plays contentedly! 🙂

Erika Brookhaven, MS