Fisher-Price Rainforest Monkey Teether

Fisher-Price Rainforest Monkey Teether

Fisher-Price Rainforest Monkey Teether

Main features

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  • Easy for baby to grasp
  • Soft teething surfaces to chew on
  • Brightly colored fruit pieces click and clack with baby’s movements
  • Tail serves as a link for mom to attach the toy to a variety of places
  • Textures will delight and naturally stimulate development

Verified reviews


Cute and Fun

My little girl loves this thing, and it is well made and safe. We have sort of a monkey theme going on in the nursery, so this fits in very well.

Brandy Clarksville, VA

Monkey Teether/Rattle

This teether my daughter totally adores! She uses it for everything, and we use it even t encurage her to eat, by distracting her enough for her to open her mouth!!The only reason I did not give this 5 stars is beause it is on the heavy side, and many times my daughter has bonked herself in the face while lying on the ground or shaking it to make noise.Overall, it is a really cute teether, my daughter loves it, that to me is all that counts. It is def the one to go to when she is throwing a fit, she settles down right away and just dazes right into it lovenly.So set aside from the heaviness part, this is areally incredible teether/rattler in one. If they made it a little lighter, this would def be a 5 star item!

Corinne Henley, MO

OK, not the best newborn toy

Our son liked other newborn toys/teethers way better. He played with this occasionally, but seemed to find it more boring. For the price, I’d probably suggest still trying it out I guess because I consider it a reasonably priced baby toy.

Gwen Finlayson, MN


This rattle is very cheap looking, like something that would be at the dollar store. I do not reccommend it.

Sally Macfarlan, WV

Fun toy

This is a VERY cute toy. Not only does the baby love it, but so does my 2 year old. It’s great that it can hook onto things as well, so that you don’t have to worry about it falling when out and about. Also, who doesn’t like a cute monkey toy 🙂

Elvira Cherokee, IA

Monkey see, Monkey buy!!

The baby’s room is all in monkeys and when I bought this for him, he still had over a month until he was due. But I knew if I didn’t buy it for him right then, I’d forget it and never remember to get it for him later when he would need it. And since he was just born 4 days ago, I’m guessing it will still be a little while before he uses it, but again, I’d rather have bought it when I saw it then to have forgotten to get it in 2 or 3 months when he might use it. Plus, since he was trying to hold his head up at 2 days old, who knows what else he’s going to think he should try early!!

Carlene Holcombe, WI

Toy is not fun

This toy is somewhat heavy for a rattle, but since my baby is larger than average, he has no trouble lifting it and shaking it. However, he prefers his other toys. I think it’s because the fruit shapes on this rattle have only a small space within which to move. Also, the tail on this monkey does nothing – it is rigid and does not move. I think the toy would be more fun if the tail was able to bend and/or move. Also, from a practicality standpoint, since this rattle is rather heavy, it could really hurt if your baby threw it at you, or at another baby.Here are the toys my baby prefers, all of whiche are available through Amazon:Ocean Wonder Seahorse Rattle by Fischer-PriceSophie the Giraffe Teether by VulliPlay and Grow Mortimer the Moose by Lamaze

Benita Ephrata, PA

So cute

Bought this as a gift for someone. Received it the other day and it’s really cute and seems like it would hold up for a while. 🙂

Leonor Riner, VA

Favorite Toy

I bought this for my grandson. It has been one of his favorite toys and teethers. I’m sure it will be a favorite of his new brother too.

Aimee Vernal, UT

Monkey Love

We love anything with monkeys so we definitely had to have this for our son. Its not a chewy teether toy but my son still plays with it and tries to eat it. It really serves more purpose as a rattle than anything else. (oh & our toy had no strange smell to it) Pretty happy with purchase.

Darcy Grand Ridge, IL

Havyn’s baby toy

Gonna match everything , can’t wait for him to be able to play with it ! Love it hope he loves it just as well ! Thank you

Emily North, VA


Once my grandson starts teething this will be perfect to fit in his little hand. He is just now starting to reach for things so it will not be long.

Ila Bunker Hill, WV

Love it, Bought 2!

My baby is really interested in this rattle. Loves to look at the monkey and makes monkey noises to it. I thought it was so great that I even bought my sister one when she had a baby. Nice colors, teether and rattle all in one.

Chandra Lehighton, PA


As cute as this teether is, it has not served it propose in our house. My son pays no attetion to it. If I try and hand it to him, he throws it down.

Jana Malta Bend, MO

My son loves this

At first I wasn’t too impressed with this toy, but now that my son has discovered it, I had to change my opinion. First, It is a nice sturdy plastic, eash to wash. So if we have other friends over, it’s good one to let them play with. Second, my son lovs the smiling face on the monkey, and will laugh and talk with it. Third, there are too nicely sized rings on it that allow my son (3 months old) to easily grab onto. It’s a little heavy for him now, but I know shortly he’ll be able to swing it anywhere. Finally, I like the different fruit and colors for the “ratle” part of it. I’m sure we’ll make good use of them for learning later.

Kristin Eden, WI

Great Toy!

We bought this rattle for our son a couple of weeks ago. He loves it. This toy is just the right size for him. He also loves the fact that it is a monkey. It is made of plastic, but it is like most Fisher Price toys. I didn’t really think of this toy as a teether as much as it reminded me of a set of keys. I couldn’t have bought this toy cheaper anywhere else! It really is a bargain.

Susan Fort Calhoun, NE

Fun rattle, slightly less of a teether

This is an inexpensive toy and it’s well made. The keys are a little small for teething so my 6-month-old mostly flings the toy around listening to it rattle, but she also really likes chewing on the monkey’s tail. It is heavy and it can be a bit dangerous when she lets go, but she hasn’t hurt herself with it.

Loraine Baltic, OH

Fisher-Price Rainforest Teether

It is cute. The tail acts as a handy hook for storage. The quality is high, just like all Fisher-Price stuff.

Amie Howard, PA

Heavy & Bulky

Received this as a gift. My son is 3 months old and been teething for about a month. Because he’s so young still he’s not as coordinated with his hands yet. My son has large hands, but the toy is still too cumbersome. I don’t recommend this teether to a child under 8 months.

Tabatha Venturia, ND

Great toy!

I bought this toy because I was $2 short of qualifying for free shipping on Amazon. So I searched for something cheap and ended up buying this. Didn’t expect much from it, but when I gave it to my 6 month old, she loved it. It’s been great entertainment for her. The quality seems really good, and for the price, we are happy!

Kelsey Fenton, IA

Paisley’s mom

I got this as a gift and almost returned it because it didn’t look like much to me at the time. I am very happy I kept it as my baby enjoys it very much. I hang it on one of her baby gyms by the tail. She immediately enjoyed smacking it around. Now at 3 months she is just getting to know how her hands and fingers work and she intently separates and spins each individual beads. she plays with this much more then any of her other toys with beads attached and I think it is because of the size of the beads on this toy vs. her others. I am very happy we own it and she plays with it every day.

Carmella Corte Madera, CA

not the best teether

The tail of the monkey just seems uncomfortable to chew on (baby doesn’t ever try to, so I think she feels the same).The bananas, etc on the ring are too small to actually chew on, even with just the front teeth.Overall a cute, rattly toy but not a very well-designed teether.

Mitzi Fair Haven, NJ


Really cute teether. Bought for my grandson and it is just what he needed. Very colorful and well made for little ones. Would definitely recommend.

Jerri Dumont, CO

*Meh* as a teether, but fun to bang around

My daughter is chewing on everything under the sun right now – except this. The plastic on the tail is too hard for her little gums, and the rattle part is too pokey for her to gum, so marketing this as a teether was kind of a poor choice on the company’s part. However, she does like to bang it on her highchair, and to her delight (and my chagrin) it does make A LOT of noise. We’ve hung it off of the play gym we have from the same line of toys & her carseat, and she’s batted at it a little, but hasn’t been too interested. I wouldn’t say it was a waste of money, but had I known how little she would play with it, I probably would’ve bought something else.

Margery Sawyerville, IL

Too Hard

This teether is cute, however too hard for my niece who is starting to teeth. Maybe when she is older she will like it. She is almost 5 months and it is too heavy for her to shake and the plastic is hard.

Hester Leavenworth, KS

Too big as a teether

Nice rattle, awful teether – way too big for little mouths, but most tethers are. Not very easy to hold either despite the "o"

Marie Juliustown, NJ

El bebe quedo fascinado con esta sonaja

Soy de Venezuela, excelente precio ya que aqui todo es carisimoooo, al bebe le encanto esta sonaja y la recomiendo.

Lorna Ellendale, ND