Fisher-Price Rainforest Musical Monkey

Fisher-Price Rainforest Musical Monkey

Fisher-Price Rainforest Musical Monkey

Main features

  • Monkey easily attaches to a variety of strollers
  • Baby will love the music and light soft textures and fun activities
  • Baby hears rainforest music and sound effects
  • Features large crinkle leaf in one paw and teethable clackers in the other
  • The monkey has a jingle in its tail

Verified reviews


Monkey Business…..

This Musical Monkey toy is so great!! It plays about 4 different tunes, and the Monkey’s nose lights up…..any baby can have fun with this hanging from their stroller or Carrier. It is bigger than I thought, but can keep baby entertained for a while!!

Eugenia Fort Payne, AL

A must have!

This is my daughters favorite toy. She has a bunch of other toys from the rainforest collection and loves them all, especially the monkey on all of them so I decided to get this toy and am SO happy I did! It goes everywhere with her. If she starts to get fussy at all, we just give her this and she is happy again! I bought it at Target for $18 and it is one of the top 5 purchases we have made for her! The music is very cute, just wish it played a little longer though and I agree with the other review about the nose being a little hard for younger babies to push.It is a very good size toy and a liitle on the big side but I think that is good because I know she will continue to enjoy this toy as she grows. I would highly recommend getting this.

Jacquelyn Evans, GA


My daughter is 3 months old and she loved this monkey! It plays a cute little tune and the nose blinks when it is pressed.

Pearlie Riverdale, ND

Fisher-Price Rainforest Musical Monkey

This is a cute, soft toy for 0+. It giggles then plays a tune followed by rainforest sounds when you push its nose (The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Mary Had A Little Lamb, and, maybe, Pop Goes The Weasel – not sure about that last one). The tail has a jingle rattle in it and curls around, so you can attach it to a stroller or crib. The monkey’s left hand holds a crinkly leaf for noise and texture exploration. The monkey’s right hand holds teething clackers.

Rosemary Glennville, GA

My daughter loves the monkey!

My daughter has loved the Rainforest monkey longer than I realized. We thought she was laughing at seeing herself in the mirror every time I put her in the car but realized later she was laughing at the Rainforest monkey on the mirror. That’s when I realized I had to find all of the Rainforest monkey stuff and found this. He’s her BFF :o) It’s cute and the songs aren’t too annoying like some toys.

Edwina Manderson, WY

Toy for stroller of car

My nephew loves it and it is easy to carry in the car or on the stroller. Really nice music and design

Sally Norman Park, GA