Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-A-Boo Leaves Musical Mobile

Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-A-Boo Leaves Musical Mobile

This baby mobiles shiny leaves wave gently up and down while a smiling dragonfly plays peek a boo to musical accompaniment. Other rainforest friends join in the fun, dancing and twirling as the mobile spins around. Use the remote to start classical music from Bach, Beethoven and M ounce art. Or, baby can listen to soothing sounds from the rainforest. When its time to remove the mobile from the crib, convert it to a music box with soft, glowing night light so baby can enjoy sweet, musical dreams for years to come. The Rainforest Peek a Boo Leaves Musical Mobile features 3 soothing settings for baby: music, motion and lights; music and motion; or music with night light.

Main features

  • Polyester, Plastic
  • Imported
  • Features 3 soothing settings: music, motion and lights; Music and motion or music with night light
  • Leaves wave gently up and down while a smiling dragonfly plays peek a boo to musical accompaniment
  • Use the remote to start classical music from Bach, Beethoven and M ounce art
  • Converts to a music box with soft, glowing night light
  • Baby can enjoy sweet, musical dreams for years to come

Verified reviews


a very beautiful toy

I like this mobile, the leaves moving up and down, the animals slowly moving around. this is lovely, with soft music for baby, and even a little night light. This is a gorgeous exotic looking mobile. It is pleasant to look at and always catches my sons eye.This does run on big batteries, not included. It requires some assembly. I was able to put it together 🙂 must have a philps screwdriver.The music is ok, but none of the music is listed under the correct composer, that isn’t a serious problem at all, but something worth noting. Mozart plays bach, Bach plays Beethoven, Beethoven plays Mozart. This is a good quality product, just what I wanted, and I think i love it more than my son does.

Bernadette Waterloo, WI

dead on arrival

Looks so cute and it promises so much, so for the price it sounds like an amazing deal. I wish it worked. Ours was dead out of the box. Took the time to put it together, put the batteries in and…nothing! Took it apart, put it back together checking each step 10 times to make sure we didn’t make an error…finally tried it again with another set of batteries. It never worked: never turned on, never made a sound. Very bad quality.

Olga Mishawaka, IN

Used only once

I just got this product and I have used it only once. As a matter of fact I am able to write this and eat at the same time while my 2 month old is entertained by this product.

Ashlee Glen Flora, TX

Nothing to rave about, but does the job.

First the good:It seems to soothe my baby and help him sleep, or entertain him enough that he won’t fuss before falling asleep.Very colorful (though you can’t see that at night) it does have a light up part that I likeI like that it has the ability to be sound only or motion and sound, and that it has two sound settings, louder and quiet. We exclusively use the quiet though.Has an automatic turn off feature so batteries are not wasted.I like the remote, I don’t have to go over and risk disturbing baby to reset the music when it turns off.3 song style choices or rain-forest soundsNow the bad:My mobile is supposed to have the turn-y bottom part with the animals and the three leaves are supposed to fluctuate up and down. Only one of my leaves move the others get “stuck” in the up position.I wish there were more options for length that the music stays on. Sometimes the time is not enough.The clicker remote button is actually kind of loud.UPDATE: now the motorized rotating part of the unit does not function at all. So I’d probably have to lower my original rating to 1 star now.

Myrna Cameron, LA

Baby likes it…

So I guess that is was matters most. Her nursery is mostly pink, so I tried to find one that would match her decor and couldn’t really find one so I started looking for one that has the best reviews. It keeps her entertained for about 20 minutes sometimes, which is pretty good for her, and she can fall asleep to it as well.However, beware of the packaging when you go to assemble this mobile. The items are sealed in bags but the tiny little screws that the animal pieces attach to are just loose in each animal piece bag and I didn’t realize until too late and lost one. Just be careful.

Jean Baldwin, LA

A little quiet but my son loves it!

My three month old loves this mobile! There are two volumes but neither are very loud, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It was easy to assemble and the remote feature is awesome!

Faith Golden, MO


I found it hard to get this mobile on the crib. I am worried it will fall on the baby! It’s a heavy base. I actually used floss to help secure it. I like the mobile, though. It’s intricate so I’m not sure how durable it is. My 2 month-old likes it.

Carol Belzoni, MS

Can’t Use if Your Top Rail is > 3 & 3/4″

I wish there had been some way to tell before ordering, but this mobile will not fit your crib if your top rail is any bigger than about 3 and 3/4 inches tall. There is a plastic lip on the upper back side of the mobile that is supposed to rest on the top of your crib rail – no problem so far – but there is also a lower lip a few inches down. If your rail doesn’t fit between these two lips, you can still tighten the clamp, but the mobile won’t lay flat against the crib, and it could easily be bumped and fall on the baby and/or scratch the crib. I have the Babyletto Mercer crib, and the top rail is just about 1/4″ too tall for the mobile.It is too bad because it is a wonderful mobile – I loved the bright colors, adorable animals, leaf movement, and musical choices (though the rainforest one was especially quiet). The music is not grating, static-y, or tinny sounding like so many baby products. If there were any way I could keep this, I would. Hopefully, I can find a similar one that attaches differently.

Velma Atqasuk, AK

Triplets Loved Mobile

We bought three of these for our triplet infants (one for each crib) and they absolutely loved them. The color scheme and the animals were very cute and kept the babies entertained. We did not use the remote control provided at all.The kids enjoyed falling asleep to the night light.

Sarah Bureau, IL

Love it!

The mobile is bright and colorful, I love the dangling animals. It moves slowly, which is fine for an infant. The music is a nice feature, as is the remote control. It looks very cute with the Fisher-Price Rainforest bedding I ordered, also from Amazon. I had this item put together fairly quickly, less than 15 minutes including time to install the batteries (Size D and AA). Looks and sounds good, hoping it holds up as well!

Lynne Green City, MO

Great price and even greater quality

I got this mobile after looking at a lot of others. The music is very soft and comforting, and my daughter really pays attention to the thing as it moves. It fits securely to the crib, and does not interfere with the bumper guard. Fisher-Price makes a great product, and this is one of them.

Sybil Dacono, CO

lots of fun: Edit: motor died 🙁

So there are a LOT of reviews on this thing, good and bad. I thought I would throw mine into the loop as well.Firstly, my daughter loves this, she plays with it and watches it and overall really enjoys it.Many people complain that this is too quiet, here is my thoughts on it. The low volume is pretty quiet, especially the nature sounds, however it is definitely loud enough for baby. The high volume is loud, but not too loud. I can hear it in the hall, but with the door closed, I really have to listen for it. My daughter is use to a lot of noise, so the loud setting works well when she is just playing with it, the low volume for when she is trying to sleep.Many people also claimed it does not fit on a convertible crib, I have a convertible crib and it fits fine. If you want it on the head/ foot board of the crib, it will not fit most cribs as they have a solid top these days. It is meant to go on the side of the crib- it fits well there if you have a straight edged crib. Essentially it has a big plastic bolt and washer- you put the bolt through the slats and spin on the washer until it’s tight.I have had this for about three weeks and I have not had any problems with any of the leaves as others have complained about, nor has the motor caused any problems. I am thinking those people just got a bad one, it happens but I don’t think it should stop anyone from buying this. It is a great product!My almost 3 month old use to hate being in her crib, awake or asleep, it was too big and open for her. Now that she has this mobile, she loves to watch it and play with it in her crib. She has started taking naps in her crib because of this mobile, it is now a friendly place for her (I am sure that would have happened over time, but it is great to have that happen now as she is outgrowing where she sleeps in now). My only complaint is I wish it had a continuous play mode as sometimes she wakes up when it turns off.***EDIT*** The motor just died. We didn’t even have it for a full month. Very disappointing, my daughter really liked this. At least it helped her learn to enjoy her crib. I was sad to return it, but at least Amazon makes it easy to return. Upon reading other mobile reviews it seems that Fisher Price motors die frequently.

Antonia University Center, MI

Easy to assemble,, even more beautiful than the picture!

Received it today and assembled it in less than 10 mins. It is absolutely beautiful! I will update my review once I have my baby’s feedback. I already had a mobile but ordered this one because it has the remote control. I will be able to post on this too. Hope it work and lasts very long.

Gretchen Elgin, IA

Bright and fun

My son absolutely loves this mobile. He’ll stare up at the faces of the little creatures (a lizard, parrot, monkey, and bug) and giggle like crazy, it’s hilarious to watch.What I really love about it is that it’s super bright and colorful; my son has no trouble focusing on it at 4 months old. It was also easy to put together and simple to attach to the crib. The music box part plays 18 minutes of classical tunes and its volume settings seem adequate to me.The mobile portion is detachable for when baby doesn’t need that bit anymore, and the music box has a nightlight (not too bright) which has proven useful.All in all I love this product and definitely recommend it.

Hattie Onley, VA


Perfect for your little one. Love the variety of classical music and rainforest sounds.My son loves it and lays in his crib for hours just watching the mobile move,Plus it is cute.

Manuela Hiawatha, IA

Really nice mobile with soothing sounds and playtime music

My daughter really likes this mobile. It has beautiful colors, pleasant animals to look at and a remote so you can start and stop it from a distance so the baby doesn’t see you — especially as she’s falling asleep. So far no problems, but it does feel kind of bulky and heavy so I have a piece of string that ties the top to the back of the crib railing. Somehow I didn’t feel safe leaving it just hanging over my baby the way it is made – that’s why the 4 stars.

Marion Veradale, WA

My baby ADORES this!

This mobile was a total life saver. My baby has horrible GERD and hates to be on his back even when I have him on an incline. After placing this mobile in his crib, he started to want to be in there. He watches it and talks to it and laughs. Recently he scored very high in tracking skills through the Healthy Families education program. She used the words "highly advanced". I’m sure the early use of this mobile contributed to that. It also makes diaper changes go better. He will watch the mobile and is always in a good mood for diaper changes.

Bobby Dutchtown, MO

Too heavy for the crib, going back

This mobile is way too heavy and big for myBabyletto Modo 3 in 1 Crib with Toddler Rail, Two Tone, which is by no means a flimsy crib. The whole thing feels top-heavy and leans towards the inside of the crib when installed. The clearance between the bottom of the mobile base and my 6.5″ mattress is also less than the 7″ minimum required according to product instructions. On top of that, the music is way too soft even on the highest setting. Therefore, the mobile is going back.

Earlene Lake Providence, LA

my newborn loves this!

many toys state that they are good for 0-xx months however i have found that very few of them are good for 0-2 months – that is not the case with this one! in the beginning, my daughter loved the music – very soothing and put her right to sleep. now she is seven weeks old and out of all of the toys we have, this is the only one that she ‘plays’ with. she is captivated by the animals going around. she swats at them, kicks her legs, shakes her arms, squeals, and smiles. it’s really fun to watch! and, fortunately, the music still puts her to sleep. it’s perfect for over a changing table or a crib.

Morgan Mountain Pass, CA

One leaf clunks/sticks loudly

I think this mobile is very neat looking, and sturdy. It is heavy but secured easily to our crib. Our daughter seems to like it, she is 7 months but can’t crawl yet. The volume is just fine even on the lower setting for us. Our daughter isn’t around a lot of loud tv or anything anyway. The rain forest sounds are a little quiet but that’s okay because they are mostly crickets anyway. I love the music, it is so clear, it sounds great, all of the settings are soothing, not too fast.I have not seen any other reviewers say this, so I am hoping we got a defective one but our mobile has one big leaf that sticks and delays coming down, and when it does it makes a fairly loud clunking noise which sometimes startles our baby. I don’t think we could possibly use this mobile to help her sleep… or a future younger baby sleep. We plan on exchanging it and if our new one clunks I am not sure what we will get.

Sharon Waverly, SD

My Baby loves it!

A great mobile. Colorful and with four nice melodies that don’t grate on your nerves like some other products do! My baby loves this mobile and loved watching it go round from birth on. She’s 8 months old now and still loves it! A great product at a great price. Also consumes less battery than i had thought it would.

Noemi South Branch, MI


Bought this for my 3 month old baby boy. He has to have some type of background noise or music to fall asleep to and he loves this mobile. I had a wined up mobile previously but it was too loud and would startle him or keep him awake. This one, however, has volume settings that are perfect for night time. He loves to watch the animals spin around and tries to reach for them. He is now 8 months old and still has to have it on every night before he falls asleep. Perfect product for my baby boy.

Ginger Saint Inigoes, MD

Great mobile!

This mobile is great. The songs are very soothing and I love how the leaves also go up and down on the mobile. It is very well constructed and fits very nicely to the crib.

Nichole Omak, WA

Love Love Love IT!

Got this as a Gift for my 1st baby, and now my 2nd baby having it @ his crib (we have this almost 2 years and still in good condition). Good quality from Fisher-Price, beautiful melodies that enchants my LO to sleep. Remote isn’t working well sometimes, but no big deal about it. Definitely a GREAT GIFT for any Newborns!

Hannah Palau, PW


Our daughter relies on this mobile to fall asleep every night and at each nap time. Even when she’s fussy and fighting sleep, the mobile almost always draws her in even when I expect her to know better than to fall for its mesmerizing powers. And when she’s playful and awake, she happily watches it, kicking her legs, until she burns off her excess energy and dozes off. It’s almost like a friend to her, comforting her when she’s left alone to sleep.This past weekend we were away from home and were without the mobile for one of the first times in her life (she’s 7 mos.). It took hours to get her to sleep, despite being obviously exhausted and despite having a different soothing toy there with her. It was so obvious she was looking for it whenever we tried to lay her down. The night we got home, she was overtired but seemed so relieved to be reunited with her mobile. She dozed off without a peep. I guess the only downside is that obviously she might be too reliant on it, but if it means having a baby go down easily on a regular basis, I’m okay with that.

Maura Newcastle, OK

Beautiful but has a major design flaw

Received this as a baby shower gift to match the jumper and floor gym we registered for in the Rainforst theme. My husband and I were very excited and went to attach it to the crib railing only to find out that it does not fit properly. We thought that if we just tilted it a bit that we could secure it safely to the crib. Which we were ultimately able to do. However, it did not seem very secure since the mobile was leaning and was not sitting flush on the railing; we ultimately removed the mobile due to safety concers and to our deep disappointment it left two deep scratches on the crib. You would think with the popularity of convertible cribs that Fisher Price would of considered that when they manufactured this item. As a reference for anyone considering this item the clearance between the screw bolt and the lip of this mobile is approximately 4 inches. Regrettably, I will have to replace this item with another mobile that will fit our crib

Margaret Liguori, MO

great features and works perfectly

Love this mobile is remote, and if you want to shut it off simply double tap a button to turn off. it automatically turns off after a given time, so you never have to worry about it keeping the baby awake. This replaced a much more expensive mobile and we are much happier with this one

Leonor Shamrock, OK


I love this product. Very durable. I have come in many time to my baby hanging on this and it doesn’t snap off as previous one have. It is multi directional and plays good music. What else can you ask for!

Leah Wright, KS

returned it.

We like this one but it didn’t fit on our crib. our crib has thicker rail. this is our crip. we didn’t buy at this website tho.[…]anyway, whoever has thicker rail like that it wouldn’t fit.we tried to return but once you snapped the leaves in then we couln’t take off, which means we coudln’t put them in the box. so we contacted fisher price and it was fine to send only base. and we did and got vourcher.

Beth Strawn, TX


I got this for my baby to put at his daycare crib. I’ve seen so many other mobile that other babies use, including all other infant classrooms, and they are all very very boring.This is the only one that I think it’s attractive for the baby. The stuffed animals hanging are colorful. The way they position them hanging but still looking downwards at the baby. All other mobiles I saw, the baby will probably just see the feet or the bottom of the animal, what fun would that be?The leafs open and close, which I think it’s fascinating and simulating to the baby.Installation should be easy, at least my husband told me. A mins and the mobile is up and running. However, he did tell me that it fits the daycare crib better than our crib at home. Something about the width of the horizontal bar on the crib. If you are interested, you might want to find out if it’ll fit your crib snugly, since you won’t want this falling on your baby’s face.All in all, I love it, and so as my son. Even people at the daycare compliment that it’s very unique.

Allene Longs, SC