Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Soother, Waterfall

Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Soother, Waterfall

This soother lets you bring the peaceful serenity of a rainforest right to baby’s crib. A glowing waterfall has mesmerizing motion to help lull baby to sleep. The waterfall cascades gently into a pool where there’s a playful, bobbling fish and plenty of bubbles for baby to enjoy. A friendly monkey and frog play peek-a-boo in the leaves, ready to keep baby company. You can choose up to 18 minutes of classical music, lullabies, or rainforest sounds for baby, with or without the soother’s softly colored lights that pulse gently on and off. Includes a power/volume control. Soother requires 4 “C” (LR14) alkaline batteries (not included).

Main features

  • A glowing blue waterfall with mesmerizing motion leads down to a pool of real bubbling water
  • Colorful lights slowly turn on and off while a swinging monkey and a frog playing peek-a-boo, move about in the leaves
  • Mom can choose between classical music, lullabies, or rainforest sounds for her baby
  • Both mom and baby are able to activate the soother by pressing the cute toucan button on the front of the unit
  • Volume is adjustable between high, medium, and low
  • Colorful lights slowly turn on and off while two rainforest friends, a swinging monkey and a frog playing peek-a-boo, move about in the leaves
  • Mom can choose between classical music, lullabies, or rainforest sounds for her baby, and choose between 3 modes of activation
  • Both mom and baby are able to activate the soother by pressing the cute toucan button on the front of the unit
  • Volume is adjustable between high, medium, and low

Verified reviews


Very Soothing

This cute toy provides amusement, distraction and soothes the baby.It can keep your baby occupied if you’re busy with other things.It can also help your baby fall asleep with the peaceful rainforest sounds.I didn’t find the baby falling asleep by the music and lights alone.The music may be better in the morning and afternoon than fore bedtime. I’ve found the music can keep the baby up and awake.It has a volume control so you can adjust it to be softer and more quiet.It’s a nice comfort to a baby.

Ava Clayhole, KY

Went back for a second one.

This is my second Rainforest soother. Four years ago, I got one for my first grandchild and he loved it the whole time he slept in a crib. My daughter still has it at her home for the new baby and she’s every bit as entranced with it as her brother was.Since I baby sit for her on workdays, I decided I was going to get one for my house and I’m so glad I did. It is such an attractive and relaxing toy and so perfectly well designed that Fisher-Price hasn’t had to alter anything in over four years (at least).The toy has everything: it has a slight light to allow you to see the waterfall which sort of waves in the background. There is a little monkey that swings left to right in a slow motion that reminds me of a hypnotist saying “you are getting drowsy;” then there is a little fish that blows little bubbles, and three different combinations of music and sound, each more soothing than the other.When the babies are small, you turn it on to lull them to sleep or back to sleep. When they get older, they learn to press the toucan button to start the music on their own, so they happily linger in bed a little longer.It is such sweet relaxation that I wish there was a comparable tool to promote sleepiness in adults!

Debora Brimson, MN

Baby not interested

I bought this because it had such good reviews, but my 4 month old wouldn’t even look at it. I tried it several times and nothing. The music sounded really techno, which i personally did not like. I returned it and bought the Baby Einsten soother, and he loves it. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the product, it just wasn’t for us.

Rachael Winfield, IL


My daughter loves buttons, and the toucan on/off switch on the front of the soother is perfect for her. She has another crib soother, but it is harder to turn back on once she presses the off button, and that can lead to a lot of frustration since getting it back to the wanted screen is more complicated than she can do right now. I also really like that this isn’t a screen; it’s a motion scene with actual movement and depth. This is nice, since it so many of the things she plays with are touch screen.

Laura Lowell, OH

Cutest little rain forest!

This peek a boo soother is awesome. I got it on the nights I babysit for my niece’s baby. She is 7 months old, and she loves to press the buttons and turn on the music. The little fish blows bubbles and she just laughs at it. She tries to talk to the little monkey too. It is just too cute!

Elisa Kennan, WI

Wonderful Crib Light!

Our son loves falling asleep to the rainforest soother. It has several different settings. You can play it with music or without, the rainforest noises are also optional as well as the lights in it and the monkey swinging back and forth. Really great for babies to be soothed to sleep and easy for them to turn back on and off at any time. They just simply push the tucan bird on the front.We love this for our little guys crib!

Carlene Lingleville, TX

Workable Soother

I used this when my daughter was quite young. The music and lights and motion is quite soothing. Most times, I just let the motion and animal sounds play and they soothe the kids to sleep. My little one love this so much, it is a must have when I travel and they insist on it. Great product to soothe babies and toddlers to sleep. Plus the moving monkey seems to make sleepy eyes fall asleep faster. The monkey and fish swing/swim around and it plays a nighttime song for about 5 minutes. It’s got two different sound settings and can be easily attached to the crib rails. Though I feel the price is a bit high, it would be a excellent gift for new parents who are yearning for extra minutes of sleep.

Germaine Newtown, IN

We love this. We have 3 of them now.

My 4 year old has an older version from when he was born. We bought this one for his younger sister, which he then coveted. The one we got from Vine to review went to him.This is a great crib toy. It attaches fairly easily (we have one on a regular crib, one on a Stokke day bed, and one on a toddler bed. Batteries last a surprisingly long time considering the use that these get. The music and sounds are very soothing. The volume is soft and does not interfere with sleep/naps. The lights are soft (about nightlight brightness). It stays on long enough to allow the child to go to sleep. The animation is cute, but not so exciting to interfere with sleep. It is very study.We love this toy.

Jenifer Menomonie, WI

Does not work properly!

I was hoping to find a soother that projected onto the ceiling. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for I thought this would be ok due to the light and movement of the monkeys. I cannot to speak to the movement because when I try to use the light/movement/music setting the soother shuts off immediately. The light/music setting and music only setting work so it seems that the batteries are in working order. I am very disappointed because movement was one of the features which made me choose this soother. Now I am stuck with this very expensive (almost fifty bucks) product that does not deliver all of its features. I could use a nightlight and a cd for much less money.

Dina Porterville, CA

Love this item!!

I love the Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek a Boo Soother, Waterfall. It has everything to keep your baby occupied and soothed. This device is equipped with several lullabies and soothing rainforest sounds to soothe your baby off to sleep. The waterfall trickles down into a pond of bubbles and a cute little fishy. There is a cute little monkey and frog play peek-a-boo. There are colorful lights that pulse on and off just enough to keep your baby’s attention without distracting them. Once the baby gets a little older they can press the toucan and start the Peek-a-Boo soother all by themselves. I am very pleased with this item and I’m glad I decided on getting it. I highly recommend it to all new parents.The only downfall is it takes 4 C batteries which are not included.

Maxine Berry, KY

What a Precious idea

What a precious idea!This is absolutely precious! it is by fisher price and they make quality products. your baby can press the toucan bird which activates the music and motion.It has the soothing lights and glowing water , and then there is the sweetest music and rain forest sounds There are 3 settings, music only, lights only, and motion with musicThere are the classic lullabies and rain forest sounds, and fortunately you have a volume controlIt is very sturdy and well made. Im going to take one of these to the next baby shower I go to. It does take batteries which do not come with the item. I wish it wouls be electric as the batteries wear down rather quickly. It is just too precious

Susana Cory, IN

Not my cup of tea.

I though this would be great for my 6 months old as she is more active and interested in world day by day.I don’t like:- how big and bulky that is; I understand item must be secure and unbreakable, mine 2.5 year old wanted to play with it but it was too bulky to carry for him,- buttons are to easy to access for toddlers and they can mess with the volume and option,- the bright light is the worst, no way I want my baby to use it at night, it will keep her awake, the same with the toddler, it shines bright and he doesn’t like it at night; this light is not soothing at all,- no music selection, the same melody always starts with on button, maybe good for kids as they get familiar with the same melody,- expensive in long term, it uses 4 C batteries,- can be only attached to a crib, not playpens.For over 2 years we use Munchkin sound machine and we are totally happy. Once is on kid can not mess with it, because it’s not attached to crib, it has soothing light, many sounds options, turns on by itself when baby starts to cry at night, timing options. Out toddler constantly plays with it during the day, it survived the worse drops, no batteries needed and is half cheaper.I keep few soft toys in a crib and when baby wakes up from day naps or in the morning she just plays with them. I think this plastic soother can be actually dangerous when baby will start to cruise around the crib.

Emilie Blanchard, LA

Outstanding product

The first few nights home with our newborn daughter were tough. While it is a great pleasure to have a sleeping baby on your chest, it is also a great pleasure to get a few hours of sleep yourself. Luckily, this soother has been a lifesaver.With a variety of settings, it works great as a nightlight, lullaby machine and noise machine. The music and sounds are crisp and clear, unlike many baby items. The setting is cute and the blue glow is soothing.It attaches fairly easily to a crib and has a nice big button to push to turn it on. While our daughter is still in the wiggling stage, I’m sure at some point in the future, she’ll learn to turn it on herself, which is very easy to do.It is a well made and sturdy product and one I’m happy to have in my home and my daughter’s room.

Ashley Ashley, OH

I mean, it did make noise for a little while. Needs a power adapter and better straps.

This thing goes through batteries faster than our newborn went through a pack of diapers. It worked sometimes as a soother, but most of the time, wasnt worth the money. The straps to hang it off a crib are idiotic, and I only say that because we have a crib with thick rails. the straps didnt fit the spacing or sizing of our crib. Luckily I was able to cobb together some rusty nails and sharp metal strapping to fix my screw driver handle, and use the screw driver to wedge the straps together.

Noemi Oriental, NC

easy to use

Easy to install. Baby seems to like it. I like the soothing sounds it makes. You can chose lullabies, classical music or rainforest sounds. I prefer the rainforest sounds. Has nice lights and the baby will stare until they fall asleep

Carissa Locustville, VA

The best thing I ever bought for my baby

Nights are long when you’re a new parent. This soother was the best thing I bought as a parent because it plays a wonderful melody and helps sooth your child to sleep. Once they get a little bit bigger, they can hit the leaf and turn it on themselves, giving mom or dad an extra few minutes to few hours of ZZZZZs. The monkey is adorable, the fish blows bubbles, and the music is right in line with the Fisher Price Rainforest music CD, which we also cannot live without at nap time. Very highly recommended, from a mom that’s used it through two children.

Tami Brooklyn, MI


This Soother is just adorable. The colors on the unit itself are subtle and not too bright or tacky. Yes, there are Primary Colors, but they are toned down a bit and I really like that. I tend to turn away from items with a lot of bright colors – bright red, blue, bright green, bright yellow, etc. The color scheme on this is perfect though. It is enough to be colorful and appealing without looking like a basic box of crayons.There are different settings you can use and change, so there is always something to appeal to baby and plenty of combinations to soothe him.The lights are subtle, like a nightlight almost. Just enough in my opinion, without being too bright. The water area looks so nice when lit – the whole scene looks great overall.Little monkey swings swiftly and the fish bobs with a few bubbles here and there. It really is cute. Not overly stimulating – it is soothing just like the name states.It is definitely solid and sturdy in construction. It is something that will last for years and be able to be handed down to the next born etc. Definitely worth the price in that regard.It is the cutest animated crib toy I have come across, period. Looks great, sounds great, is made very well and doesn’t seem to be too hard on batteries.

Vanessa Koosharem, UT


We have five kids under seven years old and have been through our share of soothers in the past few years and this is our favorite. The backlighting of the water, bouncing fish and swinging monkey is beautiful enough even for an adult to stare at! It’s easy to use (there are switches for volume and sound type) and it’s activated/deactivated by the push of a button on the front of the soother, or by a timer expiring (assuming little one went to sleep).My one gripe is the mounting system Fisher-Price continues to use. There are plastic straps with notches that you need to struggle to fit into a post on the back of the soother, usually while reaching your fingers between two slats of a crib. I wish there were a better way to install it.Very good, nonetheless.

Sasha Du Bois, IL

Soothing sights and sounds!

This is such a cute Soother!! The whole piece is 10 by 9 inches and about 3 inches deep. There are three different sound adjustments, 3 different lights and 3 sounds options as well.When the baby or caregiver touches the toucan, the waterfall, lights up a soft Caribbean blue, the fish lights up a very light orange yellow and proceed to swim in place, the monkey and frog sway back and forth and crickets are heard in the background. The parent has an option to keep the lights on steadily, and whether they want the animal motion turned on or off. The noise can be easily changed to add bird sounds like a rain-forest night or just plain soft music. Attaching it is simple process, just use the two backpack straps to secure to the crib. Needs 4 C batteries, which are not included. This is definitely a hit with the little ones! recommended for both genders.

Merle Mc Caysville, GA

Absolutely adorable, and so well made!

We’re expecting a new grandbaby and have started stocking our nursery for when we babysit. We’re decorating it in an animal theme, so this little toy looked perfect. We were so happy when it arrived, and the whole family joined in oohs and ahhs when we turned it on. We didn’t want to turn it off!The rainforest design is precious. The monkey is so adorable, and the fish is cute. The water bubbles and the sound effects make appropriate sounds for it. The lights are perfect, in our opinion. We like that they are adjustable, along with the sound, so we can customize it for our needs.We appreciate how well made this is. It’s not going to break easily, and we anticipate it will last for for many more babies to come. It doesn’t have that cheap plastic feel that so many toys have these days. It feels very durable.We inspected it very closely and ours is in perfect condition. We don’t have a crib yet, so we can’t attach it and see how well it holds, but the straps appear to be solid and sturdy.This is an item that we’re glad to have in our nursery, and we look forward to seeing it in use. We couldn’t be more pleased, and we definitely recommend it.

Melisa Veblen, SD

A colorful engaging sooother

This soother is quite an impressive toy. It has so many rhythmic moving parts it reminds me of a Disney ride. It is a pretty heavy toy. My 7 month old grand child even enjoyed playing with this toy for days before we managed to purchase the many C batteries we needed to animate it. Playing with it out of the crib entails picking it up and slamming it down as well as looking at it and trying to touch the animals inside. When we finally got the batteries she enjoyed slamming on the button and again throwing it around the room (she’s pretty strong). It definitely distracts her if she gets upset about something minor. The movement of the monkey, the fish, the water, and the frog paired with the sound choices is definitely hypnotic. It is kind of annoying that with all the settings it has you cannot have the movement of the characters without the light. As of yet, the crib soother use is not something I can attest to. We put the soother in the crib last night and it wasn’t something she was interested in when she got up briefly 3 times. I actually am not going to encourage it’s use to her by making a firm part of our bedtime routine because I feel like the fewer “bells and whistles” we use the more comfortable she is going to sleep without them. A lot of the big name baby books don’t encourage a lot of bedtime accessories. That being said, if she takes to using it as a soother –it’s just hanging in her crib, she can use it if she wants! She generally likes to spend as little time in there as possible so—maybe she will enjoy it more when she gets older and more relaxed in the crib –for its intended use. It is an engaging toy even if it is not a baby sitter.We have taken it to place in front of the baby when in her car seat-and it genuinely soothes her!

Silvia Goshen, AR

Very sweet

Another well made toy by Fisher Price. This little crib toy is heavy weight, solidly made and sturdy. The box says it may not fit all style cribs, however the two plastic tie down straps have several settings, and it looks fairly universal. You will need a Phillips head screw driver to install 4 size C batteries. The unit can run on several settings: sound, motion, light, in all combinations. There are volume setting to make it soft or more active for a baby who is awake and playing. You can set the combination of sound, lights or motion using simple buttons on the side of the unit. The baby can also activate your setting by touching a large button on the front of the toy. A monkey, peeper frog and a little fish who blows bubbles add to the fun. This would make a great gift for a new born baby.

Melinda Radisson, WI

Evaporated Water

This is a great tow but for the price it should last longer. Has anyone been able to figure out how to replace the water when it evaporates?

Letitia Thompsontown, PA

Waterfall Soother

This was purchased as a baby shower gift. It is adorable and works great. It was a great price too.

Virginia Loretto, KY

I find it mesmerizing as well as the baby

The blue light is pretty bright, but I like the action, the music and the sound effects. My baby seems to enjoy it as well.

Casey Hart, MI

Love it!

This is so easy to get together. Use a Phillips screwdriver to insert 4 C batteries and just play with it to figure out what you like. There are so many options…music, forest sounds, volume control, lights or not. You can choose lullabies or classical music, but the classical doesn’t sound like any piece I recognize. Pushing the toucan turns it on and off so that’s fast, and if you don’t want it on at all, there is an off button.Putting it onto the crib is pretty easy, the straps go on sideways then straight and are secure, especially when you use the little ropes on the bottom to secure it to a spindle of the crib. It’s durable and pretty.

Cathleen Mc Neill, MS

Great entertainment for my baby

My baby loves looking at this. The movement, bubbles and music are great keeping her entertained and calms her down. It gives me a break, and for that, I love it.

Amparo Sterling, UT

Updated: Did not last long at all

As a soother, this is dependent on one’s idea of soothing. I don’t think this is the right product to get a baby to fall asleep. But does it calm baby down? In my experience, yes. My daughter loves staring at it (so do I, to be honest). The animals on it are adorable, and I like the like it gives off as well as the variety of rainforest sounds and swans. Aesthetics-wise, it’s downright attractive. But for getting a child to sleep? Too distracting. This goes in the “toy” category.UPDATE:Well, it worked for all of three days. Mind you, I used fresh batteries, and even changed for new batteries when it stopped working. Nada. Hopefully mine is simply a faulty individual among many, but mine stopped working for no apparent reason.

Blanca Briarcliff Manor, NY

Sooooooo cute!!

My 3month old son loves this soother… He just lays in his crib and stares at it until it automatically shuts off, then he cries to let me know he wants it turned back on! It is absolutely adorable!

Simone Harrisville, OH

3 functional modes, well made, no voice activation

Required 4 C-size batteries are not included to satisfy excitement at unpacking. The C-size batteries are not the cheapest and rechargeable ones, like in a portable vacuum cleaner, could be useful. Otherwise, Fisher-Price Rainforest Waterfall Peek-a-Boo Soother is very functional, well made, durable, and easy to operate and clean. The 3 modes (music, lights & bubbles; music & lights; and music) are effective and well suited to the newborn. However, the visual ones may lose the appeal with the growth of the children. The soother would benefit from adding the voice activation to calm the waking up child.

Flora Glade, KS