Fisher-Price Rainforest Waterfall Peek-a-Boo Soother

Fisher-Price Rainforest Waterfall Peek-a-Boo Soother

Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Waterfall Soother The Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Waterfall Soother is a soothing crib companion for times when baby needs to be put to sleep in the middle of the night. Rainforest images accompany soothing music so your baby has a calming lullaby to sleep with. Images of a monkey and frog even play peek-a-boo with your baby. Conveniently attach to the crib to make it visible to baby at just the right distance. Why Youll Love It: The natural and serene sounds of this soother are sure to gently lull your baby to sleep. Features: Includes nature sounds Soft colored, glowing lights Has up to 18 minutes of classical music, lullabies and rainforest sound Includes a power/volume controlAges: Birth and up Required Batteries: 4 “C” (LR14) alkaline batteries (not included)

Main features

  • Plastic
  • A glowing blue waterfall with mesmerizing motion leads down to a pool of real bubbling water
  • Colorful lights slowly turn on and off while two rainforest friends, a swinging monkey and a frog playing peek-a-boo, move about in the leaves
  • Mom can choose between classical music, lullabies, or rainforest sounds for her baby, and choose between 3 modes of activation
  • Both mom and baby are able to activate the soother by pressing the cute toucan button on the front of the unit
  • Volume is adjustable between high, medium, and low

Verified reviews


Not what is says it is

I bought this for my eight month old who was just starting to resist bedtime in hopes it would help. The first time we used it she was mesmerized and it worked like a charm. Second time it semi captured her attention with a little help from mommy. By the third time the moving frog had begun to squeak so that wasn’t exactly “soothing” and my baby was bored with it. Gave it one more try just in case and the squeaking was still there. Needless to say I returned it. Also, the light was pretty bright. When I would first turn it on, my baby would squint from the light. And the timer is not 18 minutes! It’s more like 5-6 minutes like other reviews said. Not worth the forty dollars in my opinion.

Susie Berlin, OH

Our baby loves this

I replaced our old Ocean Wonders Aquarium soother with this Rainforest Waterfall version about a month and a half ago. The Aquarium was still working and our baby liked the lights and music, but I was looking for something that would play for a longer period of time. With the Aquarium, I had to go in her room and press the button a couple of times before she would fall back asleep. Not fun at 3 or 4 in the morning when all I want to do is fall back asleep. I had read that the Waterfall soother plays for up to 18 minutes, so I thought I’d check it out.The soother has 3 different length settings: lights, music/sounds, and movement for 6 minutes; lights and music/sounds for 12 minutes; music/sounds only for 18 minutes. There are 3 settings for the sounds: rainforest sounds without music; rainforest sounds and lullabies; rainforest sounds and classical music. There are 3 volume settings as well.I have ours set for 12 minutes of sounds and lullabies and I rarely have to go back in her room and press the button a second time. She almost instantly settles down once the music starts. If I happen to put her down for a nap or for bed while she’s still awake, she’ll quietly watch the lights and fall asleep on her own. And I’ll admit that hearing the songs and rainforest noises over the baby monitor is soothing and relaxing as I try to fall back asleep.My only complaint is that the lights seem REALLY bright for something that is supposed to lull a baby to sleep. I ended up covering ours with a light flannel blanket to dull the light a bit. The baby can’t see the critters, but since I don’t have them set to move, it’s not really a big deal.Despite the bright lights, we’re happy with this soother.

Lola Harrisonburg, VA

fun fun fun

This toy puts my son into a trance and calms him down when he’s fusy at bed time. I love it as well

Karyn Galliano, LA

Love almost all aspects

My son loves this product. We bought this when he was 3 months old. We were looking for something to add to the Soundspa Lullaby we already owned (love that one too but the images on the ceiling were too far away for him at the time). He immediately loved it and it is great to play as he falls asleep. It is as described and has a soft setting and a louder setting. He still hasn’t figured out how to turn it on himself but can usually do it by accident if he is kicking around.The only complaint I have is that when it is on the setting for motion, music and lights it only lasts like 5-6 min then it turns off, and it drains the battery. Since he has not figured out how to turn it on himself yet it creates a hassle for us to have to go in and turn it back on if he hasn’t fallen asleep yet. Overall I really like it, just wish that it would last longer when on the setting for motion, music and lights.We have been using a combination of the Rainforest Waterfall and the Soundspa Lullaby. this way when the Rainforest shuts off the soundspa lullaby will continue all night.

Marcella Danville, IN

Our 5 month old twins love these

These are great soothers for our twin boys. It can captivate them for 10+ minutes and often times we turn just the music on before we lay them down in their cribs to sleep which helps lull them (otherwise they may stare at the visuals too long and not go to sleep). But for keeping them awake and entertained these are great. My biggest complaint about them though is how they attach to the crib. Those straps are soooo annoying!! I hate them which is why I only gave this product 4 stars, and debated giving it only 3. I wanted to use one of these soothers sometimes on the crib, but also sometimes in the living room since we spend so much time with the boys in there. Well given what a HUGE pain they are to attach/detach from the crib that doesn’t happen. Plus, the bottom of the soother is not flat, which is another stupid thing. I wanted to just set it up on the coffee table for instance when in the living room, but that doesn’t work because its not flat on the bottom. Those two issues (the straps and the rounded bottom) are very frustrating. But for just using this soother on the crib, its great. I dread when it needs batteries though given what a hassle it is to remove from the crib rail!

Claudette Tuskegee, AL

Rainforest Soother

I was actually referred by a friend to get this for my daughter. I am so glad I took her advice and got it. My daughter loves it. Great Product and forsure recommend it.

Liz Gaastra, MI

works well

My daughter used this for about nine months. She loved it and would stare at it until it put her to sleep. Like everything else, though it has it’s expiration when they start standing and walking. I took it out of her crib b/c I was afraid she was going to climb over it. She was a huge climber.

Dolly Compton, CA


This is beautiful. This has the highest quality music of any baby toy I’ve ever heard. I was surprised at just how good it was. What a show for baby. A beautiful light show, soft and interesting baby music. The sounds of a forest at night. The monkey swings back and forth from a vine, the lizard peeks out from the bushes. the fish moves back and forth. There are real water bubbles that make soft bubble sounds.Baby loves to watch this, and listen. It doesn’t hold his attention for quite as long as I’d hoped, but it does buy me some time, and helps to calm him down and stave off fussing. This toy certainly fascinates momma and pappa for awhile.

Genevieve Hopkins Park, IL

7 months loves it…mom does too!

So I was hesitant to purchase this because many of the reviews came from parents of younger infants (my baby was 6 1/2 months when this product arrived) but it sounded like it worked well so I took a chance. It’s really cute. I know I read some reviews where the timer only lasts up to 19 or 20 mins. I must have it on a different setting (music and the lights) b/c it does not last that long. Maybe 10 but it’s long enough for my baby to be entranced and I can get a shower. I jump out of the shower and hit the button again and she is contented for another ten mins. She has actually learned to restart the music/lights by herself assuming she is in the right position. She uses her feet to hit the button. It’s very cute and has a volume control thankfully b/c on the highest volume, it’s pretty loud. I have not owned it for more than a month at this point so I’m not sure about the battery life yet. I would recommend this and think parents will be happy with it.

Maritza Portville, NY

I love it & so does my son

We didn’t put this on the crib until my son was about 2 months old. However, it hasn’t come off since! The lights, movement & sounds all help calm & put my son to sleep. By watching us turn it on, he’s learned how it works, too! He’s been turning it on since he was a little over 4 months old. He either plays with it using his feet (almost like he’s trying to get the animals!) or pushes the button with his hand & just stares at it. I love when he does that since it gives us an extra bit of time to get up & get a bottle ready for him.The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is that I think it could be improved upon a little. I’d love if the music/lights/movement option lasted longer than 3 songs. I find that on rougher nights, we have to go in & turn it on 1 or 2 additional times before he’ll be asleep. It does have a music only option that plays for 18mins but he really likes to watch the lights/movement as well.All-in-all, I’d definitely ask for/buy this again if I had it to do over ^_^

Stacie Belle, WV

The best!

Our 4 moth old has loved this since birth. It’s such a well thought out toy with all the different settings for lights and sounds. I’m sure some little tots like the light on, but ours finds it distracting so we just put it on rainforest sound mode. It seems to keep her company as she drifts off to sleep. We just love it!

Jodie South Pasadena, CA

Great, but needs longer timer

My daughter loves this toy, and the rainforest sounds (we keep it just to that without the music) are really soothing. It was the first toy to hold her attention (at about 5 weeks). The one thing I’d change is the timer – it only runs for about 5-8 minutes — that’s WAY too short when she’s having trouble falling back asleep.

Enid Dover, AR

it works

Babies are highly entertained by this "movie" as I call it. I put them in the crib and they watch from many angles. the only issue is that now they are 6 months old (I have twins and this is in one crib) they kick it with their feet in the middle of the night. they like to touch the straps and watch the images. the lights are super bright but it is okay. the music is not offensive.

Malinda Fairfield, NE

Entertaining Yet Calming

I recently purchased this crib soother for my nine month-old son – mainly because I thought it was adorable – but he started laughing when we tried it in the store. The friendly monkey and red tree frog sway in the rainforest tree tops while the fish bobs up and down in the pool “filled” by the shimmering waterfall (only the pool has actual water). The soother also offers a variety of music selections which includes combinations of rainforest melodies (sounds like wooden flutes), lullabies, and/or nature sounds (crickets, frogs, birds). Three switches on the top of the soother allow the user to select music type, volume, and light/motion combinations. I have only had this product for a week, so I am unsure how quickly it uses batteries.Although this soother has only an on/off bird that the child can activate and therefore isn’t as interactive as the Fisher Price Aquarium Soother, it is still calming and captivating. I was concerned that it wouldn’t fit my thick-railed convertible crib since I had trouble with the Aquarium Soother, but this one has longer straps and barely fit on the side rails.My only suggestion would be to have a volume selection wheel instead of a switch; the switch has only three settings in addition to off, and sometimes the quietest is too quiet but the next setting is too loud.Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase and am confident that my son (and I) will continue to enjoy this product for quite a while. I only wish the Rainforest line of Fisher Price products was out before my son was born!

Zelma Nokomis, IL

Awesome, but wish it would play longer

This is so cute and relaxing. My son had colic and reflux when younger, so he didn’t spend a lot of time in his crib. I’m trying to get him into his crib every night now and it takes some time and patience. I just put him in with his new soother and he stared at it until he fell asleep. He is fascinated by it. My complaint is that it will only play 6 minutes at a time with the music, lights, and movement. I had to turn it back on a couple times until he fell asleep. The first time, I walked away and when the soother stopped, my son started crying. It will play longer without the movement and even longer without the lights, but it’s not as cute. The sounds are nice, not annoying, electronic, cheap toy sounds. There are nighttime nature sounds and music. Both are cute. You can play one or both at the same time. i like that you can control whether each of the features are on and off. I would have given this 4 1/2 stars because it won’t play longer, but overall this soother is great.

Sybil Raleigh, WV

Wonderfully Entertaining

I did not purchase this toys originally. Our neighbors had the Precious Planet Melodies and Motion soother and every time we went to visit, our daughter could not stop playing with and looking at this toy. I subsequently found the Rainforest Waterfall Peek-A-Boo Soother at a second-hand shop and purchased it. My daughter loves this thing!!!! She will stare at it, watching and listening intently for a long period of time, which is more than I can say for most of her toys. This is a wonderful item to have in your nursery. Our musical mobile worked great when she was younger, but now that she is 9 months old, this soother really holds her attention much longer. This is a great gift idea for a baby shower.

Leticia Wallkill, NY

2 years and counting

I’m always a fan of someone reviewing a product after they’ve had it awhile, and I’ve had this for 2 yrs (on my baby registry). With all baby products, the success depends on what your baby likes (ie. swing VS bouncy) and what you like (wipes warmer…REALLY?). Having said that, I HIGHLY recommend this product. Some pros and cons below:PROS:
• My daughter loves it. It has held up for 2 years of constant use.
• Easy to turn off and on for kids. The bird is the on/off switch. I always know when she wakes up on the monitor, but doesn’t want to get up because I hear
• click
• and sound of music playing.
• The music is awesome and so soothing. I enjoy it. It is like new age Yoga meditation music. Closest I can come is Dan Gibson.
• Turning it on is part of bedtime routine, and as noted above, if she wakes up she turns it on.
• Volume is adjustable and very appropriate.
• Music stays on for a decent amount of time (10 mins?). Usually, my daughter can get to sleep after one round of music. If not, she just turns it back on.CONS:
• Until the last 4-6 months, I didn’t have the problem of it “eating” batteries like other reviewers stated. However, now it goes through them pretty quickly. I think that correlates to my daughter turning it on/off more often now.
• The light IS bright, but that’s OK because you can turn it off. You lose the movement and light but not the music. My daughter doesn’t mind the bright light.Overall, this is the best choice out there, IMO. We’ll continue to use as long as there are rails to attach it to. After that, we’ll use and Ipod and speakers, and have her listen to Dan Gibson at bedtime (for exampleWindsong), whose stuff is similar to the mobile (I listen to his stuff at bedtime!).

Lacey Kalskag, AK

baby soother

Calm sounds, gentle motions and easy colors soothe baby and lull him to sleep. Excellent, quality product – a must have for the crib!

Latonya San Juan Capistrano, CA

love it

my now 5 month old loves this toy even when he was 6 weeks old, he is amazed by the lights and movement. i gave it 4 starts cuz the water is already getting very low, i thought it would last much longer than a few months, i dont know whether you can fill it or not.. the little bubbles that come out of the fish’s mouth will stop of course!

Rocio Warren Center, PA

Love it…bought 2

We bought this for my daughter when she was born and she is now 3 and still uses it at night. We take this everytime we go somewhere. We loved it so much we bought one for my son when he was born.

Ruby Forestville, PA

Monkey TV

We call this thing our son’s monkey tv. He enjoys watching the monkey swing from side to side. He hasn’t got bored of this thing yet. He started pushing the on button himself.

Sharron Tioga, LA

So cute but has some problems

I was a little apprehensive to buy another Fisher-Price crib toy since both mobiles we got had issues. However, this was so cute I couldn’t resist. The lights and movement really do seem to mesmerize my little guy. Almost immediately the fish stopped bubbling and moving… not a big deal. But now it makes an incredibly loud chirping sound. It seems to be the motor. Customer service at Fisher Price is good… they always seem willing to replace defective products. However, we have to wait for them to send us a shipping label and then wait until they receive the defective one until they will ship out a new one. I think we’ll try a different brand in the meantime…

Alicia Petroleum, WV


i had the ocean wonders soothers for my other three kids so now it was time for a change. very peaceful and finally something different to listen too 🙂 I love the music lights and the waterfall is great too. My son seems to like it and he is very sensitive to anything that is too stimulating

Marianne Monroe, NH

Doesn’t do the trick, but still a nice toy

I bought this soother for my daughter when she was just a few months old. She is 10 months old now and she does like the toy, but it has never “soothed” her or made her fall asleep. She likes to watch it while laying in her crib and likes to bat at it. My biggest complaint is that this thing goes through batteries like crazy. Now I don’t have the motion set, only the lights. If I have the motion set, it’ll require a battery change every few weeks and it is a huge pain to get this thing off the crib once it’s in place.

Carla Largo, FL

cute and baby loves it

Baby is 6 weeks old, but he watches this intently! I love the little characters and the sounds and lights too. Great that you can change the volume settings and even the options for lights/movement/sound. The light is pretty bright, but not a harsh light since it is mostly blue color. I think as my son grows he will be more and more interested in this. The straps are a little cumbersome to connect but once you get them strapped I don’t think this puppy is going anywhere!***UPDATE: Baby is now 13 weeks old and still loves this soother. We use it every night as part of the bedtime routine. Lights go out, this comes on. It is low light but enough to get a good latch for nursing or change a diaper without having to turn on a bright light that will bother your (or your baby’s) eyes at 4am. On the movement setting it only stays on for about 5 minutes but with the lights and music it stays on about 15. You can press the button to turn it off early though which I like. ***

Rena Elgin, IL

My Kids STILL Play with This!

Cute scenery, nice music, and not too bright lights. What baby wouldn’t like to look at this – especially during tummy time! Even my older kids like to play with this. Its nice that it has different settings so you can adjust the music, lights, and sound to change it up. It has held up for four years so its pretty durable.

Jaime Mays Landing, NJ

Love it, very soothing

My princess is 2 and she still likes it. The only negative thing is that water evaporates with time. After about 1 year of use water disappeared :/

Sonia Meeker, CO

Happy baby

My son first had this in the NICU when he moved out of his isolete and into a crib. He would stare at this rainforest and seemed really engaged so we bought one so he would have it at home too (my husband wanted him to have something familiar at home- so cute!) Now he is a little over 6 months old (he was a preemie so he is almost 4 months adjusted) and he still loves it. I don’t use it at night for him to fall asleep, in fact, I turn him the other way in his crib so he doesn’t accidentally turn it on in the middle of the night. It works great if I need to put him in his crib to get something done for a few minutes and sometimes I use it during the day for naptime because it is already bright in the room. I have never changed the batteries but I use it one time a day at the most. It is really cute and my son is already figuring out how to turn it on for himself. As long as you don’t plan on using it as your nighttime “mobile” then it is awesome! (A side note- it doesn’t attach to my crib because of the chunky rails around the top but my mom attached it to the bumper and it is very secure.)

Josefina Superior, MT


We bought this for our daughter before she was born. She is now 18 months and still loves it! She is old enough now to turn it off and on by herself. It works great if she wakes up early or is trying to calm herself before bed. I have to say I don’t know what the appeal is but she is amazed by it. This is a must have for all new parents.

Herminia Cockeysville, MD

Our Daughter Loves it!

This was a product that we were dying to have. I bought it hen first pregnant and used it for a friend’s child when I babysat (frequently) and then it has been in my daughter’s crib now since birth. She is almost 3 months. She didn’t show much interest in it until about 2 months, as she had a hard time turning her head to see it because it was on her side. Now she just loves it, and smiles and coos at it all the time. I do agree that the light is bright. It would be nice if there were two light settings. She loves to watch it in the dark, but I don’t play it with the intention to put her to sleep (which is what I thought I would be using it for) It’s way to bright and wakes her up instantly. But I do love the different volume settings, other Fisher Price Rainforest products could learn from a lower volume setting.We just changed the batteries for the first time and it has been in use for more than 3 months.Nice product!UPDATE: My daughter is now 15 months old and still has this in her crib. She plays it every night as part of her bedtime routine and only cries when going to bed if it isn’t on. It alleviates those first few moments of stress being alone in a dark room. By the time it’s done playing, she’s asleep. I have only changed the batteries Twice in 15+ months of use, and we use it every day.

Patrice Pomona, NJ