Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Portable Bassinet

Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Portable Bassinet

Keep baby comforted and close by, in the perfect portable sleep environment. A flat elevated sleeping surface and rocking motion (rocks with a gentle push from mom or dad) help soothe baby to sleep. Or, twist and lock the feet for stationary use. When it’s time to play, a soft, linkable toy and mirror entertain. Use the bassinet at home or on the go – it’s lightweight and easily folds for portability from room-to-room or travel. Pad is machine washable and dryer safe. Max weight of 25 pounds. Developmental Guidelines: For use with children unable to push up on hands and knees, pull up or sit unassisted.

Main features

  • Wonderful sleep spot for newborns with a gentle rocking action
  • Features a flat or elevated sleeping surface
  • Simple push from mom rocks the hammock gently
  • Frame easily folds for storage
  • Includes a soft owl rattle
  • Features a flat/elevated sleeping surface

Verified reviews


Not bad- but priced too high

Tnis is like a mini mini pack n play. The price was a little crazy considering what the item is. My child hated it. I think because it resembles a coffin. The space is narrow with high walls.

Alisha Wallkill, NY

Great as a napper.

I have a crib and Fisher Price My little snuggabunny, which is more elevated and my newborn loves to sleep in. This bassinet is also great because can be used not only as a napper but also for belly time. It’s a little bit elevated but flat. I keep it in my living room so I don’t have to carry it every day. I like portability and that folds for easier storage and travel.It rocks with a push and there is also option for stationery use (twist and lock option). Added toy and mirror is a bonus to keep baby entertained.I use Summer Infant Snuzzler inside so baby is more comfortable.Maximum weight is 25 lb but truly it is for babies that can not pull themselves up, so as soon as they start to be more mobile it will be time to keep the only in the crib for safety reasons.

Laurie Baudette, MN

So Excited to try this!

I have the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play taht I swear started my son’s wonderful sleep habits. Thank you Fisher-Price for giving me some much needed sleep!! As soon as I saw that they came out with a bassinet I had to order it for baby #2. My son is too large for this but when his little brother or sister comes I’m sure this will be a wonderful addition. I haven’t been dissapointed in a singe Fisher-Price product.

Marquita Osseo, MI

works for my twins

I have newborn twins. I like being able to keep them together if possible. We have been using a pack n play bassinet for them to nap during the day, but it takes up a lot of space in the small living room. I decided to try this bassinet because it takes up less space. It actually is the perfect size for them to share. They were both just over 6 lbs at birth and are now both close to 7 lbs and they are around 20″ each. I can put them in side by side for a while and they are comfortable. Yes, they are right next to each other, but they will sleep peacefully that way.What I like:It is a good size. Big, but not too big. My 20-month-old can climb in it and fit (he is long for it, but he likes to sit in it and can lay down with his butt in the air).It can either rock or not. With a toddler, I need to take off the rocking ability so that he doesn’t go crazy rocking the babies.Portability. It is easy to move around the house and fits just about anywhere.What I don’t like:The bottom is a little cold in the winter months. My babies cry when I lay them down directly on it. Directions say not to use any blankets or anything else (there is a warning on it) because of the risk of suffocation. Honestly, it needs a little more warmth to it, so I have added a thin flannel blanket under the baby.It is deep. I can’t imagine using this next to my bed and reaching in to get the baby out while I am still in my bed. It is too deep for that. I also can’t easily see the baby.Overall, it is nice because baby can lie flat and has a nice sleeping space. I do prefer the rock n play sleeper, though. Baby sits more upright and I can see baby easier. My twins each sleep in the rock n play sleepers at night and are very comfortable. If I had to choose one or the other, I would go with the sleeper over the bassinet.

Bridgette Draper, VA

A different version of the Rock & Play Sleeper

This is a great portable bassinet! It fits perfectly on the side of the bed or couch. The baby can lay flat on their back and with a gentle push can be rocked to sleep. The bassinet is fairly deep so it isn’t just for newborns which is great! I am a foster parent and this has been a great addition to my home. My newborns as well as my infants up to 6 months have slept well in this bassinet. I am certain, depending on the baby that some babies even older than 6 months could sleep in it. What could be better than a portable bassinet? I already own and have purchased it’s sister Rock N Play Sleeper and that is awesome also. Here is my review on that product:;=B00A4B36ME&linkCode;=&nodeID;=&tag;=I honestly believe that the two Rock N Play items, both the Sleeper and the Bassinet are two essential items for every parent who has a baby. : )You won’t regret giving either of these as shower gifts. Trust me, your friends and family will thank you for it!

Delores Centenary, SC


My intention was to get a bassinet we could maybe keep in the car or something, at least bring with us when visiting relatives. Yet this could easily wind up being the preferred bassinet. It’s cute, bright, lightweight, sturdy–all good things whether for the main bassinet or a mere portable one. Yes, this could be the main bassinet for anyone.Set-up is embarrassing simple (I asked my husband to get it out and set it up, figuring it would be hard…) The rocking feature snaps in easily to the steady base legs. The rest of it just unfolds to provide a roomy space for Baby.The rocking was a feature that made me nervous, yet there is no scary-freaky rocking here. A push truly is needed, and I find that safe. I know some people don’t like toys in the bassinet (myself one of them), but these are ones that do not cause a problem.As for the look, this bassinet is just cute. Bright, soft colors, simplicity all around.Wonderful bassinet. No sense in just keeping it in the car in our situation.

Marta Gypsum, OH

This Bassinet Rocks!

I got this for my 9 month old Granddaughter, the picture does not really give a very idea of how long or deep it is, when she is sitting up the height is about a inch below her shoulder also she is a long baby but she can comfortable stretch out and lay down. This is very easy to put together. She loves the mirror that is attached and the other toy as well. It is sturdy and lightweight as well. This a great addition when you don’t want to use a pack and play or a crib.

Willie Tamaqua, PA


Much, much better than I expected. This portable bassinet is very easy to assemble first of all. Also light which makes it conveniently portable. Easy to fold and unfold as well. For our newborn it has a perfect depth. The baby feels very cozy in it and likes to spend time in it either just looking up or at the attached toys or sleep. Rocks slightly and gently. Seems steady enough not to turn over, as long as the baby is small. I recommend.

Lelia Winn, ME

great for small spaces

Using this bassinet in my bedroom for a newborn – good size, fits in a small apartment but sufficient room for baby that she could sleep in it until 3-4 months.

Kim Hilltop, WV

Another great product from Fisher-Price.

This is a nice bassinet. It is fairly deep, but you won’t want to use it once the baby can sit or pull up. It is definitely for a young baby. It is a nice size and quite portable. It will be handy to keep near the parents’ bed as well as to be able to move it to other rooms or even take it when you go visit someone. Assembly was easy.

Annie Boutte, LA

Easy to setup and we use it often

Beside our bed, we have this Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play. Here are my thoughts on it:Pros:1. Easy to setup.2. Very well built. It still looks new and considering it is use all the time, no signs of wear.3. During the day, we can move it to the living room where we can put the baby down if we need to go to the kitchen or the bathroom. Or if we want her to nap.4. Very pretty lookingCons:1. Can’t think of one yet.Summary:My baby has used this for quite a while and loved it. She is happy, healthy and growing. Just make sure not to leave them in this, or any portable Rocker or bassinet for the whole night. It is a PORTABLE rocker and not a crib. We use it for Nap time only.

Kathie Buffalo, MT

Not bad, but but not great…

I have TWO of the inclined Rock n Play sleepers, and decided to get this to transition little one away from sleeping at an incline. Like the original sleepers, it rocks by you pushing it with your hand. You can also set it to lock, although I haven’t used that feature personally, as the rocking motion was my main reasoning for buying it.At first I was very impressed with it. It seemed soft, and it was cute. It also folds up almost totally flat, so putting it under a bed or loading it into the car isn’t difficult to do. As we’ve used it more and more, however, there are a few things I don’t love about it.Pros:- It is portable and it does fold flat.- It’s bigger than I would have assumed based on the picture alone, so baby has plenty of room to stretch out, and it should last longer than some smaller bassinets.Now for the cons…- The fabric on the sides cannot be removed for cleaning. This makes sense for safety and durability reasons I guess, but unlike the original sleeper where it’s machine washable, this one isn’t, so be aware. Once it’s dirty, you can only get a rag and wipe it down. And with two other little boys in the home, this has been a major negative for us.- The pad is removable for cleaning, but if you read the tag, it says you are only supposed to spot clean (at least mine does). Well, if you have an infant, you know that they sometimes wet through things, no matter how often you change the diapers (or in my case, the baby might wiggle right out of his diaper!). Spot cleaning is not going to remove pee effectively when it has soaked through the padding. Ditto for spit-up. It had to be machine washed, and that led to some curling around the edges, even without using the dryer. You could possibly wash it thoroughly by hand, but I don’t know that it would be much better, as you’d still have to wet it all the way through. If you do have to wash the pad, put it under something flat and heavy (like a bunch of books or your own mattress between the mattress and box springs) to flatten it down as it dries.Fisher Price does NOT offer replacement pads on their website, so if it gets super dirty or warped somehow, you are out of luck.- It was soft at first, but as baby sleeps on the pad, it gets worn down very quickly and the base underneath is very firm. Borderline hard. This has given our son a bit of a flat spot. While this can happen on any bed, the hard backing certainly wasn’t helpful, and it might even be making things worse. And again, you cannot buy a replacement pad once it’s flattened down.- I’m not thrilled with the fact that you can’t move the mirror. While this might not be a negative for some, prefers to look in one direction… so we have to place him away from the mirror or he’ll look in that direction at all times to see himself, since unlike the toy it comes with, you can’t move the mirror to another location using a link. It’s easy enough to just put him with his head at the other end, but he loves the mirror…and it would be nice if we could put it on his lesser used side to encourage him to turn his head, as there is no place to mount our own mirror with the mesh sides.All in all, it’s not a horrible bassinet for the price, and would be great if you wanted to use it only as a travel bed for grandma’s or overnight trips, etc… But as an every night sleep option, you’d probably be better off with something where you can purchase an actual mattress to add a little more softness under baby’s head. As well as something you can wipe clean more easily with a rag. As for us, we’re getting a mini crib to use instead now.

Milagros Noonan, ND

Convenient for travel, comfortable for baby upto 27″ length

Ideal for use during travel or for use in living room to provide another comfortable sleeping option for baby. Read for more details about dimensions and check my images in customer images section.Assembly: Super easy and simple, less than 2 minutes.Portability: Very good, lightweight, designed to carry easily even with big spread. It can stand on its own without any wall support (see images).Space needs: Very compact and can be easily stored along the wall or in any corner.Comfort: Our 3 months old feels very comfortable inside and takes sound sleep.Toys: There is one toy and mirror which can keep your child engaged initially, but later you can add more links etc from the side bars and leave then inside the bassinet.Usability: Ideal height for using it next to a standard height bed. Slight rocking motion definitely helps without affecting the stability of bassinet.Folding and unfolding will need both hands. You can’t do it while holding baby in one hand and that is a really good safety measure to avoid any accidents.Safety and cleaning: There is a see-through mesh on the sides to avoid any suffocation issues. The sleeping pad is removable and can be easily cleaned as and when needed.Dimensions:(See notes in customer images for a better idea)Total height while folded and standing along any side – 40″Height of sleeping pad from floor – 15″Total length of sleeping pad – 30″Ideally suited for babies upto 27″ length, since they will need additional 3″ around for their blanket and stretch sometimes.How long can you expect to use it?That is a tricky question and depends on baby’s growth. The 75 percentile line in a normal growth chart crosses 27″ at 6 months of age and 30″ at 9 months. Depending on your baby’s growth you may be able to use this anywhere from 0 months through 4 months or 9 months.If you plan to travel to relatives with your infant or use it as a secondary sleeping area in living room, I think you will get the value of your money in 6 months.

Maricela Seymour, WI


I’d rather have one of the cushy rock n plays with the fleece lining and inverted bed. The thin mattress in this one can get very cold and woke up our baby when we tried to lay her down. We eventually started wrapping the mattress in a fleece blanket which helped, but I still don’t think it was as cozy as some of those other ones can be. Also, the rocking is not very smooth since the bars on the bottom are mostly flat. It mostly just hers from side to side. We could never get our baby to sleep very long in this, so we eventually gave up trying. We now use it as a place to lay her down for just a few minutes if we need to run to the bathroom or something. She does like looking in the mirror and seems fascinated by the mesh sides.

Michell Mount Pleasant, TX


I thought this looked very cheap when I saw it in the store but my hubby and I decided to give it a try b/c my daughter wouldn’t sleep in her badger basket bassinett which was a very expensive gift. SHE LOVES this thing. I couldn’t believe it. She is still young but she will actually sleep in it.

Bessie Grandview, IN

Very functional bassinet!

I use this bassinet for downstairs. I was worried that it would not be sturdy but it seems very solid. However, my baby is small and still only weighs 9 pounds, so I am not sure if this would work when she is 15 or 20 pounds! I think the description says up to 25 pounds. I found that difficult to believe.This is not a travel bassinet, it does not fold down enough to check in. But if traveling by car, this bassinet should be easy to transport. My baby loves the rocking feature (manual).

Becky Melrose, FL

Must buy

This bassinet is all you need for new born. Easy to carry, safe and secure. I love the rocker idea as well.

Mildred Boody, IL

Ugly but awesome!

I have to admit that I never really liked the look of this thing, but here’s why I love it: The mesh sides- you can’t do anything without a SIDS warning now, and having the mesh sides really puts my mind at ease so that I can sleep well at night knowing my baby won’t roll over and suffocate. It’s also great because you can fold it up and hide it during the day if you want, or bring it for travel, and when the baby doesn’t need it anymore you can store it away easily until you need it again for the next baby! The surprisingly AWESOME factor is the little mirror! When you put your baby down, place him so that you can see his reflection in the mirror when you’re lying in bed. That way when you hear a sound you can just open your eyes and do a quick visual check rather than sitting up and getting completely uncomfortable.

Mandy Plummer, ID

Good quality for a good price

I use this in my living room for my son to nap in and it works great. It is also perfect to bring if you are going a way for the weekend as it is very easy to assemble.

Darlene Skillman, NJ

Good for 6 months

Bought this for my second baby, to keep him by my bed. It worked for what I needed. I got this sometime ago and see that the price is much higher now…

Willa Dale, TX