Fisher-Price Royal Stepstool Potty, Blue

Fisher-Price Royal Stepstool Potty, Blue

A great training potty for toddlers, the Royal Stepstool Potty includes a stepstool for extended use.

Main features

  • Training potty adapts with child’s ability
  • Hinged lid can be used as a step stool
  • Easy-to-remove deflector is included for boys
  • Includes a base and removable bucket for easy cleaning
  • Seat can attach to an adult toilet for the later phase of training

Verified reviews


Very dissapointed

I bought this potty when my LO was 10 months old, when i tryed to put hir on it she thought that its a toy, she wanted to play with it. I have been trying everyday for 2 months and she never did anything in it. Now she is 12 months old and its already small for her, she cup inside is very tine and when she eventually did pee in it she were all wet. Looks cute but very uncomfortable potty. I dont recommend it.

Marina Kent, AL

The potty is clearly haunted

I am right now, typing on the computer, listening to the adorable princess potty sing and shout YAY…except there’s no one on it. I don’t dislike this potty but it’s not my next BFF either. Seriously, if I could do all the potty buying again, I would just go with multiples of the cheap FP frog potty. It gets the job done. And you will definitely need multiple potties so do consider the price. I have the princess potty in the bedroom, the frog potty in the living room, the toilet seat potty in the bathroom, and a portable potty in the car. (And this is not even counting the potties at Grandma’s house). Be pragmatic if you are purchasing more than one.

Rose Olean, NY

Cute for beginners but not for taller toddlers

My mom purchased this for my daughter as an incentive to potty train when she was about 18 months old. It is clearly adorable and plays the fun music when water hits the pressure points at the bottom of the bowl. She used it fine for a few months but is now tall enough (she is a tall 2.5 year old) to where the pee shoots OUT OF rather than INTO the bowl. Every.Single.Time. She also finds it hilarious to rest her feet on the pink plastic bowl handle that sticks out of the front which, of course, would create an even bigger mess. Don’t even think about putting this bowl on carpet or near a bath rug.Aside from the obvious functional failure we have experienced, one other feature drove me crazy before she outgrew it: the sound. As another reviewer stated, it’s haunted. You will hear the tinkle tunes start to play when the bowl is empty and no one is around. I finally pulled the whole bottom component out so it would stop because it was more than a little creepy and pretty annoying when it went off while I was trying to get her to sleep in the next room.For me, the cleaning of the potty was no big deal. Especially since most of the pee never got in it.Bottom line: cute potty, but crappy seat size and sound effect quality. (No pun intended)

Vivian Shipshewana, IN

What a waste!

The music goes off all the time…often waking us up in the middle of the night. Sometimes it’s just 1 royal tune and sometimes it goes on playing tune after tune for who knows how long. And like another reviewer said…you can’t turn it off, you just have to take the thing apart. This also makes it really ineffective as a reward for the child b/c it will play music for my daughter without her doing anything in it. So, she’s getting rewarded for sitting there and not forming the reward association with doing something in the potty. She’s also fearful of the big toilet, so taking the removable seat off and using the base as a step stool right now is not an option.

Angeline Experiment, GA

nice training aid

This is a cute chair, it must be comfortable, because my grandson will sit on it for quite a while. Its versatile, can go on the real toilet and be used as a step stool. (my grandson likes to stand on it to peek out the window). It plays tunes when peed in, although as the baby soon figured out, if you bounce up and down hard enough, it will play, diluting the reward feature. I am happy with it. The only other disadvantage of this potty is that the seat area is a little small, and you have to be careful that boys don’t scrape their weenies when sitting or getting up from this chair.

Rose Roxbury, CT

Royal Throne…Way Better Than Expected!!

I love this potty! What a way to encourage potty training when you pee pee the music goes on by sensor telling baby he/she did a great job, litteraly. Nothing like my first had, and besides the music reward, the seat can be put on the big potty when it’s time and the rest is used as a step stool to get up to the big pot. Super happy with this and totally recommend it to ease potty training!!! LOVE

Myrtle Joplin, MO

Perfect for Potty Training

My daughter is very early to start potty training but she asks to go. It was too hard to put her on the big potty. So I got this one and put it in the living room. The first time she heard the music that plays when she went potty she was so excited. Now she cheers when she hears the music. Its the perfect size so that she can get on and off of it by herself, easy to clean and move around. I plan on getting more and keeping them in different rooms of the house.

Misty Addieville, IL

it’s a potty… that goes off by itself…

We wanted to get a potty our son would "enjoy" and liked that this one would play music as a "reward" for going in the potty. Well, the music often plays when we are not even in the room! We disabled the music because it would go off in the middle of the night. Other than that, it is a potty and fine for a potty training toddler.

Ursula Camden, MI

Her own potty chair

After looking at all the Fisher Price potty chairs and showing the pictures to our 2 yr. old daughter this is the one she wanted. It’s a pink Princess chair well built and simple to use. She sits on this potty and proudly goes pee, after she’s done the cup inside can be dumped into the toilet, inside washed off and back in the chair ready for more. Very easy for adults to put on seat should your little one take it off, When the waste hits the the cup, music plays, so she knows she’s doing it right. Sturdy enough to use as step stool to reach the sink to wash her hands.Attractive for little princesses and makes her a big girl. Made by Fisher-Price and easy for children and adults, she’ a big girl now, no diapers, hurray.

Aida Henry, TN

Not Bad…

This is the first potty we bought for training our son. My rating is based on his and my reviews of the item (we met in the middle) My son would most likely give it 5 stars because it’s comfortable to sit on, easy for him to get on and off of and plays a little jingle when he goes in it. I would give this chair 1 star. it SUCKS to clean! there is the base of the potty, then the bowl, then the seat. I can’t speak for little girls but when little boys pee it gets between the seat and the bowl, therefore getting on the base and on the floor. its a lot of cleaning every time they pee in it. also, if they continue to sit after they go it will keep playing the song until the bowl is emptied. sometimes it randomly plays music too, which is somewhat confusing for my little guy.while i do like that it doubles as a step stool so my son can reach the sink to wash his hands, its not high enough for him to use to get up on to the big potty. Also, the seat from this potty can attach to a regular toilet which is a nice feature. it really locks on there sturdy so I have no fear that it will come loose or my son will fall off.we also got theBABYBJORN Potty Chair, Bluefor his room and I like that one MUCH better. only one piece to clean and never any leaks onto the floor.

Kelley Ocean Shores, WA

Princess Potty Chair

This is a really great little potty chair. My granddaughter loves it. She gets so excited when the music goes off when she "makes potty" and we all applaud. Highly recommend it.

Glenna Eatonville, WA

Small Potty Opening

I purchased this at a local store and I thought my daughter would love it. The design is cute and I really wanted a dual potty that worked as a potty and stepstool. Unforuntely this didn’t work for us. The potty opening is tiny! Unless you’re training a skinny, small child this gives little room for error or aim! It’s definitely appealing in the looks department but other than that I would suggest passing this guy up!

Marisa Fairfax Station, VA

Princess Potty

What a cute idea for potty training. Great quality and functionalAs it can be used as a step stool too.

Darlene Bruceville, TX

Great for a little boy!

My little boy has been using this potty for about 6 months now and I couldn’t be happier! I read a lot of reviews and asked all of my Mommy friends what they used until finally deciding on this Fisher-Price Royal Stepstool Potty. My main concern was that the pee guard would be tall enough for a little boy to use and not spray everywhere, but also short enough that he could comfortably get on the potty by himself. Here are my pros and cons:Pros:1. My 2 year old is not very tall and he can get on and off by himself with ease.2. It is easy to take apart and clean.3. my boy can empty the potty himself and this makes him even more proud to use it.4. It is very lightweight and he carries it around when he wants to use it as a step stool.5. The PEE GUARD IS PERFECT! We’ve never had a “spray over the top accident”!My Mom bought one from a thrift sale to keep at her house. It has a soft seat. STAY AWAY FROM THESE! When the kid pees, it will leak out the front from under the potty seat! Don’t be concerned that this seat is plastic, my kid has NEVER complained!6. Great price! You’ll find pottys for $60 plus dollars. That is a WASTE of MONEY! This potty is wonderful for a very wonderful price!Cons:1. I have only 1 con. My kid loved the music that played when he peed, but not long after we begun using it, the potty would just play on its own. In the middle of the night, the potty would just….go off, and wake up my husband and I. It did it ocassionally at first, but then would play on its own all the time. As a result, I keep the music turned off and my kid hasn’t really noticed.You can’t go wrong with this one!

Tracie Sundown, NY


This thing sings even when there isn’t anything in it. It was going off repeatedly until we took the batteries out. My daughter loved it at first, but seemed to be much more interested in going potty in the bog toilet with the baby seat on it.

Chelsea Kure Beach, NC

One happy toddler

My 3-year-old daughter saw this as I was scrolling through potty chairs. The crown and pink grabbed her attention.I have to admit, I had purchased the predecessor to this potty that also lit up. It had not been a good experience at all and we ended up with a "dead" potty in no time. The metal censors on the bottom had rusted out, the light quit working and the musical portion worked when the mood struck. Fisher Price seems to have remedied the problems we had with the previous one.This potty has been great. No rust, no loss of music, but no light to go out, either. It’s ok. The price was right and the toddler is happy.

Cecelia Mocksville, NC

Cute idea, but safety features backfire in function 🙁

This seat was on sale and we thought it was nice to have something that had some fancy features- the music is great, it becomes a stool too, and it has a lid we can put down just for cleanliness (which also made it look more like the adult potty too!). But the functionality is an issue. I imagine that the pee guard for boys needs to be movable for safety, but it is hard for my short-legged 22 month old to deal with. It often gets pushed down as he tries to sit by himself- and although I can lift him up and onto the toilet, what’s the point of not giving him independence? And then when he does try to get on himself, the guard pushes down, and he knows it is supposed to be up and tries to put it in place. All this distracts him from going to the bathroom and he’s already pinched his privates too. I tried to teach him to push down the guard and his weewee, but let’s just say that touching himself was also distracting (TMI?- boys will be boys!). This has a lot of cute ideas, but it just doesn’t work well when it comes down to it. I wish it had.

Claire Seaside, OR

Loved the fact that it is multi purpose

Ordered it for my 18 month old, he is not yet ready 🙁 But nonetheless we are using this as a stool to wash his hands over the sink, to brush his teeth. He likes to go Up Up Up n then Down Down Down :)Overall satisfying.. he did sit on it for more than an hour n we hoped he wud poop.. well he dint but thats not the story, I mean to tell its very comfortable to sit on it as he was happily sitting on it.Edited 3/21/2012After successfully training my 26 month old boy on this chair I feel I owe this product a review since long. Great Product, he has been using this for over 6 months now. Durable, easy to clean and music is ok. The music can be annoying at times as the chair is extra sensitive and keeps playing music due to other vibrations in home. But nonetheless, Potty Training Mission Accomplished!! I am not sure if the music helps in training (may be it did), but overall it seems very comfortable to sit n clean. And that all that matters 🙂

Lucinda Baton Rouge, LA

Good potty, but we turned off the music

This works well for potty training. We have two of them, one in the bathroom and the other wherever we are (for now). We turned off the music though. One of the potty’s was sensitive and the music kept going off for no reason. The music is also a little loud and could frighten some kids, but it’s nice to have the option. The girls take it apart more than I’d like and we have to move fast so they don’t try to help with disposal. They also push it up to the sink and use it as a step-stool to wash their hands. They can reach the water from the stool with a facet spout extender.

Christine Bigelow, AR