Fisher-Price Select-a-Show Soother

Fisher-Price Select-a-Show Soother

Now you can soothe baby with classical music, sweet lullabies, or soft nature sounds while offering a scenic light show that’s just right for different ages. Mom can choose from Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Beautiful Dreamer lullabies to help baby drift to dreamland, classical selections from Bach and Beethoven, or nature sounds like a babbling brook or tweeting birdies. Moms can also change what’s projected to match baby’s stage of development, sliding a new card in as visual skills improve. For newborns (birth-3M), projections are simple, high-contrast images designed to help teach focus. Infants (3-6M), get complex shapes and colors, designed to intrigue as visual skills improve. When baby is old enough, the moon and stars project soothing colors on wall or ceiling with its rotating base. The soft light also serves as a great nightlight. Choose a music length between 5, 10, or 15 minutes. And take the show on the road, for calm, comfort, and compact portability wherever you go. Includes a convenient handle for portability, three image slides that are easy to insert and store conveniently in the base and power/volume control. Requires 4 “C” (LR14) alkaline batteries (not included). Measures 11″ x 3.375″ x 11″.

Main features

  • A customizable developmental soother for baby that mom or dad can easily take with them wherever baby goes
  • Mom or dad chooses between three cards with three images on each card to change the projection
  • Cards range from simple bold colored shapes for her younger baby to multicolored projections for older babies
  • Mom or dad can use cards or opt to have only a simple light show nightlight
  • Soother can play music from five to 15 minute

Verified reviews



I purchased the Select-a-Show-Soother for my 6 month old Grandson. Unless you have a very light painted room and ceiling, don’t bother purchasing this product. The designs will not show up on dark walls and even if your ceiling is painted white, the images are still fuzzy. It is also perplexing to find a place to sit this product AND allow the baby to actually see the designs that will show up on the ceiling/wall. There should be more slides that come with the product or the availability to purchase more slides according to the baby’s age.The good points of this product are that it tilts so that one can TRY to find a space for the lights to project and you have 4 choices of music to choose from. The music is soothing.

Katharine Cardiff By The Sea, CA

Exactly what I hoped for

Bought this to use as part of new bedtime routine for my six week old when I found out I had to return to work much sooner than expected. Was not too optimistic about establishing a routine for such a young baby but thing thing has been an absolute blessing. The music and ambient sounds are very pleasant and being short loops, hypnotic and repetitive enough for a soother. The gentle light show is enough to catch her sleepy eye but not to stimulate her back to wakefulness again. The classical music is great for getting her to doze off, the lullabies (short loop of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Beautiful Dreamer) are good for if she wakes up and needs to be rocked off as I can sing along with the music to help comfort her and the rainforest sounds even knock ME out. I’ve also used it to trick her into taking a long enough nap for me to take a shower! My only wish is that it had a remote so I don’t have to walk back into the room to restart it if she’s taking a while to doze off but I can live without it. We have a way to go before the routine is fully established but I think it would have been a LOT harder without this.

Letha Warren, TX

Wonderful toy and sleep soother

I purchased this toy while I was pregnant with my son. I started using it while he was only a few weeks old. Although I’m not sure how well an infant eyes are, he did seem to look up at the lights occasionally, but he mostly liked the music at this age. Once he started rolling over and sitting on his own this toy became one of his favorites. While he was younger the color and shapes of the actual toy seemed to keep him happy, and occasionally he would accidently turn the music on. Once he started sitting it was the stripped handle that kept his attention as he would flip it back and forth, and occasionally he would accidently turn the music on, soon he learned to turn it on on purpose. It wasn’t until around 9 months that I put it in his room at night for the light show. He loved it immedietly, and although he preferrred to roll on his tummy to sleep he started falling asleep on his back watching his light show. Soon I found a way to attach it to his crib with some cable ties, and since then he happily turns this toy on whenever he needs it! Sometimes I hear it him turn it on in the middle of the night on the baby monitor. Now at 18 months my son still plays with this toy daily. Before bed, before naps, and fist thing in the morning! It is still attached to his crib and he happily turns the music on and switches between the sounds, I have it set to play for 5 minutes, and I haven’t replaced the batteries yet! I have the fish aquarium also attached to his crib and it runs out of battery power weekly with less use, and now even after I put new batteries in the fish he just assumes it doesn’t work and doesn’t even bother trying anymore.Pros:
• By far the best crib toy we’ve had. Well worth it!
• Baby loves it!
• Soothes him to sleep (boring to us, not to him)he loves the music and and light show, but not over stimulating
• Comforting, and easy to take along on trips or the sitters house (we used it on a 16 hour flight)
• Excellent battery life! Used daily for the last 18 months, set to play for 5 minutes and have yet to replace the batteries!
• My child still prefers the simpliest of shapes designed for the youngest child.Cons:
• No crib attachment, (however we attached securely with cable ties, however cable ties will need to be cut and replaced to change batteries)
• Wall images won’t be very vibrante in a bright room (my son never seemed to care) we could always see them although sometimes faint
• Images may seem somewhat blurry on a high ceiling, or if not on a flat surfuce.
• Wish there was a remote control to use while baby was still to young to turn off and on himself. But he learned quickly.
• Wish there were additional design discs to purchase.

Mercedes Frenchboro, ME

Wonderful Find!

I found this in basically new condition at a yard sale for $1. Now I might buy another one. The current one, my three-year-old played with for a day. But, the 18-month-old loves it and now I put the slide show on for 10 minutes (times out automatically) after I close her door for bed. I wish I’d known about this sooner. The reason I am getting another one is for the new baby due soon.I agree the shapes are not too clear, but the baby does not care. He will see shapes and lights, and the music has different volumes. I suppose a plug in option would be nice? I don’t know how long the batteries will last, but it will get lots of use.It’s simply a cute toy that for $20 or so dollars is not too expensive for what you get.

Tamera North Bend, WA

Life Saver!

I had been looking for a mobile when I read soothers are better and the music plays for a bit longer. My son (then 3 months), would refuse to sleep on his own when put to bed, I’d had to carry him until he fell asleep in my arms. The very first night I used this I knew I had bought a life saver. I didn’t like the first two slides very much so I just went right ahead and skipped to the last one (clouds, bees and stars) and he was staring at ceiling as if in a trance while the music played softly (it has 3 volume settings). After a few months, he would push the buttons himself and lay in the crib,listening and looking at the lights. I love this product! It’s been almost a year since I bought it and I still use it. My son’s so used to it that when he hears it, he knows it’s time to relax and go to sleep. The only negative thing I could think of is that the “nature sounds” are not very loud, very hard to hear (sometimes I thought the battery had died until I pressed another button). All in all, I would recommend this product to anyone and in fact, I’m buying a second for a friend who’s having her first baby soon.

Ines Lockport, KY