Fisher-Price Sensory Selections Bouncer

Fisher-Price Sensory Selections Bouncer

Give your baby a full sensory experience with this exceptional seat.

Main features

  • The overhead arm provides sight stimulation with a motorized mobile with distinct black and white patterns and sliding beads
  • Two speakers, one on each side of the upper seat, provide the sound stimuli
  • These areas also provide plug in slots so that the two toys can be changed or given to baby to hold before they can reach out
  • Fisher Price Babygear Bouncers & Infant Seats
  • Age Range Birth to 3 Years

Verified reviews


Looks Cute

I just purchased this today. My baby will be born on Dec. 30th and I have already put this together. It looks cuter in person than in the pictures. I like that u can add more Miracles & Milestones toys to it. I will have to do an update review once I get to actually use it. The mobile has a mirror on it so the baby can see herself. Cute colors too!

Leeann Wilbraham, MA

Very nice, but a little overpriced

I was going to give it 2 stars because, like some other reviewers, I was sure that the speakers did not work – but I gave another try, and figured out that you have to pull speakers really strongly and make them click. So, after over a month using the silent bouncer my son can finally listen music. He loves it! He listens and tries to sing! This changed my evaluation dramatically. The mirror also attracts his attention. I do not like the cover material – too rough for tender baby skin – my son turns his head and rubs his face against it sometims, so I have to cover it with a cotton flannel blanket, otherwise his facial skin is irritated. At his 2 months my baby is 22″ – 13lbs, but seems like in couple of months he with outgrow it, no way to use this up to 3 years! And anyway, such bouncers should not be used for babies able to sit without help. I have to keep the rattle arms down most of time – his hands could stuck under it and it is not very safe. The bouncer itself is nice and good quality – if I was rating just a bouncer I would give 5 stars definitely. My little boy likes bouncing in it and often falls asleep. But I think it’s a little overpriced.

Elena Carlisle, IA

Too busy

My baby thought this was a bit too much stimulation. She was 3 months old when we tried it. First, the two side holders could not fold out without squishing her in. (And she is small for her age) The mobile was neat. For some reason, the removable bee made her cry on instant. The seat seemed small and like she would grow out of it quickly. However, the fabric is soft. The speakers were a neat unique feature. Overall, she never grew to like it and we returned it. We ended up purchasing the Leap Frog Learning Seat which is really neat and has age appropriate stimulation.

Tammi Wildwood, FL

Great bouncy

I love how this has music and a spinning action above her. The ony thing I changed was instead of the brightly colored plastic thing that spins going face up, I put it so it faces where she can see it. That makes more sense to me. You can see in the pic what I mean, other than that it is great.

Erna Phillipsville, CA

This is by far the Best Bouncer out there!!

My daughter loves this bouncer. She is now three months old and we have had it since birth. It is the only place that she enjoyed sitting for the first two months, as she didn’t seem to be a big swing fan. It was the only way I got a shower, hair dried, or a meal eaten.We initially bought this because my husband picked it out. He loved that it had “surround sound” and bright colors.I loved that it seemed so large and sturdy, and that the toys could flip off to the sides and be removed or stored in the bottom legs.Our daughter loves this more than we ever imagined. We aren’t annoyed by the music, and the lower volume is great. I like the vibration and it doesn’t eat batteries. We are still operating on the same batteries since birth! Three months!She LOVES the toys. She has yet to discover the mobile, as it is so far above her little head, but she loves the rest, especially the music setting (interactive) where her own motion and batting of the toys sets the music off.Great product and will work for her for a long time because of it’s sturdy size and how high it sits off the floor.

Germaine Ashland, MT

Suitable for very young babies

This bouncer has a seat with the least incline of all the Fisher-Price bouncers, and it is suitable for a very young baby without much head control. Of the three bouncers we’ve owned, this one is my favorite. The melody of the music moves between the left and right speakers and features a variety of instruments and sounds to stimulate the baby’s mind. The toys are within reach of a small baby and the mirror overhead is interesting to our baby (though it might be more interesting if it weren’t so convex).Fisher-Price is not a reliable brand and this bouncer is no exception. The baby’s right-hand toy mount does not trigger the music when it is pulled as the left-hand toy mount does. The vibration motor in the Sensory bouncer we received had a high-pitched whine as if a ball bearing were going bad. The two other bouncers we’ve tried include the rainforest bouncer (the volume control periodically changes to “loud” on its own) and the puppy bouncer (though the baby loves the puppy face, the poor connection in the arch often turns off the music, and the toys are out of reach for all but the biggest babies).

Kaitlin Spencertown, NY