Fisher-Price Shake and Twist Rattle

Fisher-Price Shake and Twist Rattle

This easy-to-grasp rattle is perfect for baby’s little fingers. A sparkly frog, spin-and-click ladybug, and teethable, textured feet entertain baby, while colorful rattle beads inspire curiosity. Recommended Ages: 3 Months & up

Main features

  • Dumbbell rattles with a colorful frog at one end and a spinning lady bug on the other
  • The center handle of the toy has small trapped rattle beads
  • The frog has a vac-metalized center with large rattle beads
  • The lady bug rotates on a horizontal axis at the bottom of the rattle
  • Easy for little fingers to grasp and ready to entertain baby

Verified reviews


Too hard for baby

My son loves rattles and like to shake them. However, the first two times he played with this one, he wound up hitting himself in the head and crying. Because the rattle ends are very hard plastic and have parts that jut out, it really hurts when it bumps him in the head. I took it away and haven’t let him play with it since. There are lots of other rattles out there that won’t leave you with a crying baby. Look for a lightweight one with rounded edges, either made of wood or with rubberized ends. Sassy and Manhattan Baby have some good selections.

Jenifer Wittman, MD

Not the Best Rattle Out

This rattle is cute, but I think the ends are too chunky and hard for babies to grasp. Mine could never turn the ladybug until she was already too old for rattles. Not bad, but I have found many better.

Lupe Mount Olive, NC


This is a nice rattle. Bought it for our 5 month old granddaughter and she seems to like it alot.

Shirley Richland, PA

look great until you wash it

This toy looked great at the store but when i brought it home and washed it for my young one it turn to crap:(the mirror part turned black and the balls inside lots there color. If you buy this toy wipe it with a cloth do not put under tap to clean

Maritza Horton, AL

Best Rattle Ever 🙂

It’s just so adorable! It’s a nice average size and bright and happy. This rattle is actually discontinued and no longer made which is why the price is much higher.

Saundra Poland, NY