Fisher Price Signature Style Mobile

Fisher Price Signature Style Mobile

Fun, soothing lights and sounds assist in developing baby’s senses. Soft friends will soothe baby to sleep and entertain baby while awake! Features captivating graphics your baby will love. What Is The Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Musical Mobile? Soothe baby to sleep with charming graphics, a domed mirror, and soft rainforest friends playing a friendly game of peek-a-boo overhead. Gentle music, nature sounds, and a unique white noise feature add to the restful experience. As baby grows, the overhead mobile easily coverts to a crib time soother for extended use. Night-Night, Little One! As baby is mesmerized by the soothing mobile motion and dome mirror, up to 20 minutes of calming music, nature sounds, and a unique white noise feature help baby feel at ease. A night light on the mobile base provides a gentle glow. Customize the mobile with three modes for baby’s preference: music only; music and lights; or music, lights, and motion. As your little one grows, the mobile arm removes for easy conversion to a crib soother. Develop And Grow! It might be sleepy time, but important skills are still developing! Baby’s visual skills are stimulated by the rich graphics, motion, and dome mirror overhead. Soothing nature sounds, music, and white noise strengthen baby’s sense of hearing and help to develop a sense of routine. Help Your baby Get Comfy! The gentle motion, captivating graphics, and soft sounds soothe baby when it’s time to wind down and relax. Switch the settings until you find one that’s especially comforting to your little one. Baby will be drifting off to dreamland in no time! Features: Rich colors, mesmerizing graphics, & a dome mirror entertain overhead Up to 20 minutes of white noise, music, & sounds 3 modes: music only; music & lights; or music, lights, & motion Night light on mobile base Mobile arm removes for easy conversion to crib soother

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Made in USA
  • Mobile plays up to 20 minutes of enchanting music
  • Converts from mobile stage to crib soother as baby grows
  • Features adorable Giraffe soothing, night light
  • Three plush overhead characters charm baby
  • Domed mirror provides visual stimulation and peek a boo play

Verified reviews


perfect in every way, and didactic too

draws baby’s fascination on so many levels, developing visual acuity and tonal differentiation, spacial relationships, with appropriate figures and engaging action, a comforting soft night light in the base, and a noise cancelling white noise option.some might find the white noise option and the night light too strong, but in certain situations these may prove useful elements.and this bears the trusted and well known Fisher Price brand name, for reliable and research based product.

Elizabeth Fort Mcdowell, AZ

Captivating Mobile

Requires: 3 C cells and a Phillips #2 screw driver (with at least 3 inch or so long shank to reach recessed screws).Assembly was intuitive, I didn’t even look at the directions, it could only go together one way. Several screws were annoying, but overall it is well designed.Function is easy. There is a switch that lets you change the volume, low or medium, a switch to select sound options: music, white noise, sound effects, or off, and a switch to select movement options. There is a dim light in the giraffe’s face in the base, and the face also acts as the button. Installation was easy, you wrap a strap over the edge of the crib and tie off a short tie to one of the slats.I love that there is a wide variety of music and it starts randomly every time you start it. Sound quality is good. My only complaint is motor noise is a little loud at low volume setting so you hear about as much motor noise from the mobile as you hear music. The low volume setting is nice and quiet, and the mid setting isn’t that much louder, so it is good in a quiet environment (what it was designed for).My daughter absolutely loves this thing, she loves the mirror at the top and the motion of the mobile. Having the options of sound effects and white noise is great too. I definitely recommend this mobile.

Lenore Meddybemps, ME

What a delight!

I picked up this FISHER PRICE SIGNATURE STYLE MOBILE as a baby gift, and it was delightfully received! This little mobile is a charmer. Though I can’t review how baby liked it (baby hasn’t arrived yet), I can say, as an experienced Mom and Grandmom, that I believe it’s going to be as well received by the baby as it was the mom. The little animals are so delightfully colorful and happy. The mobile plays music and adds white noise while baby calms down to sleep. And I love the fact that there’s a little mirror in the center of the mobile – babies love mirrors! I can see this mobile not only help baby get to sleep, but perhaps keep baby occupied for short periods of time, watching the animals and looking in the mirror.Highly recommend for anyone looking for a sweet baby shower gift!

Rebekah Scotland, MD

Thank you Fisher Price!

My 6-month old really loves this mobile, and it keeps him busy. Last night he watched it until he fell asleep…a parent’s dream come true! He’s at the reach out and grab stage so he really wants to grab the little toys. This is good inspiration for him to start sitting up on his own, and he’s getting there.This is no cheapy make either, it’s good thick plastic with good round molding so the baby won’t hurt himself. I like the solidness of it, I know I couldn’t just bump into it and break it. Well worth it!

Candice Sand Lake, NY

Mobile Around

Me and my wife haven’ t opened this mobile yet because she is expecting. We had a mobile just like this with our daughter, played the 20 minutes of music and it was just perfect. We loved it, so we decided to get it again, you can go wrong with a product that works the first time. I would recommend this to any parent, defiantly a five star product.

Mindy East Dixfield, ME

Great Mobile

This is a perfect mobile for either a boy or a girl! The colors are fun and can go for either gender. The music is very soothing. Not sure I like the white noise, but with all of the other components it is definitely worth it!

Kayla Colchester, IL

Great mobile with every feature needed!

This is one of the nicest and feature packed mobile I have found. Some of the features include: rotating mobile, lights, mirrors, white noise, regular music. It keeps our baby (3 months) entertained all the time; he’s fascinated with it. The biggest plus is that the mobile is incredibly easy to put together! The only thing you need to buy is 3 C batteries, which do not come with the unit. Overall a great mobile!

Stacy State Line, PA

So cute!

My grand kids helped me select this for their new baby due in Sept. It is bright and colorful and has pleasant music. I love FP toys and this a good choice

Linda Chanute, KS


My biggest fear with any mobile is the possibility of it collapsing on my child. While that fear is never fully abated, I feel pretty comfortable with the durability, design, and mechanics of this device.The heavy duty plastic over-head arm and base firmly attach to a slated crib with a dense rubber belt and a safety rope. In some situations, I can see how this belt might need to be trimmed to prevent any excess from dangling in the crib; but for our crib the length worked out perfectly.The mobile has several settings: light only, sound only, light and sound, as well as light, sound and rotation. Unfortunately, light and rotation only is not a setting. Fortunately, the sound settings are actually pretty pleasant across the board. Even the white noise setting is not as bad as some others I have heard.The mobile is a little cartoony, but, as one would imagine, our baby enjoys it far more than the mobile we have that is a little easier on adult eyes.The three C batteries that are required are not included. You will need a phillips head screwdriver, or a relatively small flathead screwdriver, to attach the over-head arm, the fastening belt, and to remove the battery cover.

Earnestine Zaleski, OH

Soothing Sleep Sounds

Here is a fine mobile for your baby’s crib. The animals are cute and the sounds–both music and white noise–are pleasant to listen to. The set-up is a bit odd, but it was quick to install and quickly use.I know this sounds picky, but it takes C batteries. Who uses C batteries anymore?

Terri Biddeford Pool, ME

Could have been better

I am disappointed that you can’t use the mobile without the music or lights. You can’t use any of the features without the light being on, and I found the light to be too bright and noticeable. Most babies need it to be pretty dark to fall asleep. Also in the description it says it plays up to 20 minutes of music, but this is misleading because if you have the mobile on too it will only play for 10 minutes. I did not find this product to be that helpful.

Tracy Junction, IL

Requires a slatted crib to attach to and the light is too bright

We got this hoping it would work on the pack-in-play over at Grandma’s, sadly no, you need a slatted crib to attach this to. Otherwise, it was very easy to assemble and the ability to select the different features you want and disengage the others (light, sound, movement) made it great for different needs (naptime vs bedtime). The light is a little brighter than I was hoping and there is no way to dim it.I can verify that this is sturdy as we dropped it twice on tiled floor and there was no discernible damage.

Jeri Century, FL

Almost perfect

Fisher Price often makes baby products that are almost but not quite perfect. For example, for us, for this item…the mobile is motorized but how come it’s not illuminated? All in all, a fine product though. Baby likes to look at the mobile and the addition of the night light is always welcome. Product design lends itself to developing your child as the “petals” and animal plushes help the baby associate (at least in my opinion). And the included dome style mirror facilitates additional visual stimulation.

Olive Leona, TX

Engaging Baby

Fisher Price is a long established and trusted name in infant and preschool products. They have a high batting average and for good reason.The bright, cheerful colors with gentle expressions on the faces of the animals are sure to appeal to babies. Babies respond to bright visual stimuli and this will certainly engage them. This can be put together quickly and easily. The music will lull the baby and is adult friendly as well.

Carmela Sperryville, VA

Bright and Fun

The colors of this mobile are stunning. BRIGHT and fun! The music that plays is relaxing and there is a soft light. Attaches to any crib. Worth the money.

Tiffany Tarrs, PA

Super-duper mobile

This is one nice mobile (the actual name of it is Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Musical Mobile) – with all the bells and whistles.It is made out of heavy duty plastic and has a very substantial feel to it. It fastens to the side of baby’s crib, with the mobile hanging and spinning above, until baby is big enough to grab hold of it. Then the mobile detaches and a kangaroo musical nightlight is left, playing music or white noise, and serving as a nightlight.The monkey, lion and elephant figures are very cute and brightly colored. One negative – I never did see much use in the “funhouse” mirrors put on children’s toys. Are our children supposed to think that’s what they look like? Music, white noise, light, movement – all come together for baby’s entertainment and help for baby’s caregiver.It was easy to put together, very intuitive. I do wish it had come with the three “C” batteries included, at least short-life demo ones. And I’m glad there is a volume control for the music/white noise features.

Josephine West Hollywood, CA

really neat

I got this for my new nephew…love the colors and I am sure he will too…the music has good tone and attaches easily…I can hardly wait till he gets here to see it:)

Caitlin Orchard Park, NY

My baby likes it

My baby loves the music because it is very soothing, and it put her to sleep most of the time. It is a typical mobile except that it can play for about 20 minutes unlike the other one I bought that only played for a few minutes. The colors a bright and she loves looking at the characters.

Tamika West Rupert, VT

The mobile doesn’t always turn

I like the music and the light up portion attached to the crib but the mobile doesn’t always turn when I push the button on. Sometimes I have to push it to get it going and then it will just stop after a few turns.

Krista Krebs, OK

Charming, well-built…a good buy for those in the market

“Fisher Price Signature Style Mobile” is a terrific baby mobile. It’s simple, even understated, yet it has all the essentials you’d look for in a mobile. It’s got a pleasant design, engaging visuals and a nice choice of relaxing audio loops; it’s soothing yet dynamic, and is overall very well-built. The only thing I take slight issue with is the crib fastener, which could be tricky to install on some types of cribs. That being said, if you’re in the market for a baby mobile, this is definitely one to consider. Highly recommended.

Karyn New Plymouth, OH

great mobile

This is a great bedside mobile. My neice uses this with her newborn baby girl and she loves it! good music, and colorful to look at.

Janna Blossvale, NY

Good quality, sturdy, and entertaining

This mobile is a perfect gift for anyone with a little one or expecting soon. It is made of a very good quality plastic, has no sharp edges, looks very elegant and the animals are made to attract those little curious eyes. The music options are also good and not annoying for adults.Overall, this is a highly recommended product for any jungle/animals themed nursery.

Geneva Meno, OK

crib mobile

This is a dual purpose, grow with your child item. It is very sturdy and colorful. The only thing is the mirror on it is of course not a real glass mirror so the image you see is distorted. After the baby gets old enough to grab at the hanging animals you can take them off and you are left with the nightlight sound machine.I actually took off the mobile at night so that it wouldn’t be distracting when baby was falling asleep.

Meagan Linwood, NY

Bright, not overstimulating, and grows!

I bought this for a friend. We played with it for a while before putting it on the crib. The music volume seems fine, but the light might be a bit bright for some babes. I like the overall simplicity of this mobile compared to other models. The graphics are simple animal pictures, and there are more than 4-5 melodies to choose from. It’s not something you have to read through a 20 page manual to ensure you’re not missing features. It’s pretty intuitive to put together (you will need 3 “C” batteries), and didn’t require any special tools. It attaches very easily to a crib (though I don’t see how it would work with a pack-n-play or other similar sleeper) and is easy to move if you decide you need to reposition it. It doesn’t seem to run through batteries like some other similar mobiles, either, which is SUPER! The only improvement I can think of is a remote!

Ma Bon Wier, TX

Good value for the sale price

My husband purchased this for much cheaper than its current price. The mobile is actually pretty good, and has a bunch of different settings you can select. Here’s the list of different features:-There is a music volume control button- Off, Low, High.-Button to select which feature you would like to turn on- Light only, Music only, Light and Music, Light, Music, and Mobile altogether.-Button to select type of Music/Sound. There are three different kinds- soothing lullaby tones, white noise, crickets chirping.-Mobile has soft colorful animal characters, and there is a large mirror in the center of it that really engages baby.We really like it because you can select what you want switched on instead of it all together. The Light only feature is really nice to have because it illuminates the giraffe button in the center and that functions like a night light, albeit just for about 15 minutes or so which is long enough for the baby to fall asleep, before it switches off.

Elsie Oberlin, OH

Sturdy, colorful and whitenoise/music player

I have to admit this is one of the better mobiles we have tried out. I’ve tried more “portable” and ornate mobiles and this by far is our favorite. It’s made fairly sturdy so its not too likely to break should you drop it in transport. It’s also very colorful (and can light up) which keeps the Baby’s attention and plays music or white noise. Really great item to have to keep your little one occupied in the crib.

Mayra Towson, MD

Very Cute Mobile

This is a very cute mobile with all the bells and whistles. Definitely works as advertised.Easy to assemble. I did it without instructions in about 5-7 minutes. That includes the time to open the packaging, which was a little difficult since I got the standard packaging. You will need a philips screwdriver to assemble. And 3 C batteries to operate. The unit does not come with batteries. Which is a little disappointing. I don’t usualy keep C batteries at home. I was able to find 2 when I first assembled the mobile. I had to ask my mom to run out and get more because the mobile takes 3 batteries at a time. I will ask my husband to fit an AC adapter to it so we can just plug it in. He did that on my FP Snugabunny swing that didn’t come with AC adaptor (who the heck wants to run the swing on batteries? I digress…). So if you’re handy and know what you are doing, that is an option.The mobile:3 noise/music selection with 2 volume settings. Nature, white noise, and music. Sounds are very soothing. The music is just delightful. On the play list are some classic nusery songs but most of the songs are classical pieces (I think they are by Brahms, Chopin, Pachelel, Schubert, etc. but don’t quote me since I didn’t confirm with solid research–I play piano so I am familiar with all of them) which I am glad my baby is being exposed to the culture and arts at such an early age. Thw two volumes are low and medium. I always have it on the low which is nice. The medium is just a little louder, enough to block out noise around the house, but its a little too stimulating for my little one. The music sounds lovely coming out of such a small thing. The sound is not high pitched and sharp on ears either. Very pleasant!3 or 4 mobile setting. There is definitely sound, sound with lights, sound lights and mobile. There might be light only option as well. Cute plush animals and mirror dome attracts baby’s attention (if the light doesn’t or you’re not using the light). Only when you have it with sound, lights, and mobile…does the mobile turn. The turning makes a bit of noise that drowns out the music a bit but it’s kind of like white noise and baby doesn’t mind.The band that attaches the mobile to the crib could be sturdier but gets the job done. Just try not to lean on it or anything. Definitely not safe for a baby who can stand up in his/her crib and grab on to the mobile. The crib needs to be slatted so that you can wrap the band around and secure it. Follow the instructions on this. I did even though I assembled the mobile without instructions. You don’t want to mess up here for your baby’s saftey. The mobile is pretty heavy for a baby. I don’t even want to think about it falling and hitting a baby on the head or something.Excellent functional cute mobile in my opnion. Baby loves it and it is helping her adjust to sleeping without a swaddle. Will be picking up a second one to use at grandma’s house for when we visit.

Michaela Mont Belvieu, TX

Versatile, easy to assemble, quality parts.

The build quality of this sweet mobile is very high with no sharp edges or areas of concern for the safety of a baby.It was easy to assemble with the use of a philips head screwdriver and 3 “C” batteries.There are different switches so you can control sound volume, the light, select the tune as well as control the movement of the mobile. There is a music only tune, a white noise sound and a tune that plays with outdoor sounds that completely convinced my cat that there was a bug in the room. You can have just the light on or just the sound or any combination you wish.The toys are cute and engaging. Attaches easily to the side of the crib.

Tabatha Marienville, PA

Seems like a great combination mobile

I ordered the Fisher Price Signature Style Mobile for my daughter and son-in-law, who are expecting a baby in three months. The jungle theme goes with their nursery motif and I was very impressed by all of the actions this mobile provides. I put batteries in it and tried all the features. Mobiles have certainly changed in the past twenty years. No more just spin and play music with this Signature Style Mobile. It looks like it will attach to the crib very easily and should fascinate the baby. The spinning animals are adorable and have nice bright colors. I like the mirror feature since my two other grandchildren loved to look at themselves in the mirror when they were babies. The music is nice and I am very impressed with the white noise feature. Just the fact that this mobile can both capture a baby’s attention and sooth her at the same time makes this Fisher Price Mobile a winner in my book. I also like the fact that once the baby is old enough to be able to grasp the animals, the arm detaches (a nice safety feature) but the night light and music box, including white noise are still usable.Since the baby is still in utero, it’s hard to gauge how well it will work for her, but I’m expecting it will be a winner. I’ll report back in a few months with the verdict. I do want to mention that the Fisher Price Signature Style Mobile seems a bit big and heavy for a portable crib such as a “Pack’n’Play” so it loses a few versatility points with me, but I’m excited to see it in action with the baby. I gave this Mobile 4 stars only because it hasn’t had a “real life” trial. If it works its magic as well as I think it will, I’ll come back and change my review to 5 stars.

Vilma Walker, MO

Stimulating and soothing at the same time

This is a mobile that fills many needs.–It is beautiful and decorative.–It is suitable for a boy or a girl nursery.–It is high-contrast enabling the baby to focus.–It has music, white noise, light, and movement so it engages the baby on many levels.–It is easy to assemble (even for me–which is saying a lot).–It attaches easily and securely.–After the child outgrows the mobile, the night-light and sound parts of it can remain on the crib.My only regret is that I didn’t get it earlier. My 5-month old granddaughter had another mobile that didn’t entertain her at all. It blended so well with the white and pastel-colored walls and ceilings that, I’m sure, she didn’t even see it, and it was manual to boot. This is so much more animated and interesting.She already has figured out that pressing the giraffe gets the action going (I have it set with all the bells and whistles, (music, lights, and motion) although you can select only what you want. In this mode, it will run for 10 minutes before turning itself off. Other options offer up to 20 minutes. When I’m alone with her, I sometimes have to leave her in the crib to make a call or do something in the kitchen. It’s wonderful to know that she’s happy and entertained and in a safe place–she sometimes even falls asleep watching it, which gives me even more time. To me, the soothing qualities are an added bonus, I just got it as entertainment.Even though the animals and the graphics on the leaves are adorable, I really don’t see any sense to the mirror which is in the very center. It is too small to make any sense to the baby at that distance and the fish-eye shape distorts the image so the baby doesn’t really know she’s looking at herself (which is something she loves in other mirrors). The only thing she sees is the reflection of the light on the giraffe, which makes no sense. I would put some sort of a bright and contrasty image that moves around or hang another animal from that spot, but the mirror is a waste of space that could be used more effectively. But this is nit-picking. It is really and adorable mobile which feels solid and well-made and I plan to use it with many other grandchildren (I hope!)

Vickie Beaver, KY