The Classical Chorus Singing Stars Gym combines two things that all babies love–music and the sound of other children’s voices! The Singing Stars Gym provides 3 ways to play. Infants can lie on their backs and play, batting toys for a song. Older babies can sit or stand and play the keys like a real piano. Five light-up “singing” stars and a chorus of children’s voices add a delightful touch. Parents can set the gym to provide up to 10 minutes of music including 10 beautiful and classic melodies. Plastic legs fold down for sit-and-play mode. Imported.

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  • Japan Toy Car Model – Fisher-Price Classical Chorus of the Star chorus gym (B0846) *AF27*
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Verified reviews


Nice toy

This toy is so pretty! Even I like to sit and listen to the music with my baby 🙂 My only complaint is that it is too loud. I got it when my baby was about 3 months old and he was scared of it’s lound music at first. But now at almost seven months he really enjoys it. I have to put it against the couch though becauce it slide on the carpet and he falls when he holds on to it for support.

Elvira Sand Creek, WI


I agree with a previous reviewer- there is nothing bad to say about this toy.This toy begins with an option that the baby can lay under it and play with the dangling toys. As the child grows to a sitting position your child can sit at this toy and play the keys. When your child is standing the piano can stand at a higher level and your child can still play on this toy.You can also set the music to play one note at a time, rotate through songs or be silent.I like that. As your child grows, this toy will also grow with your child. Although I try to find toys that do more than make noise or light up at a push of a button, this is a fine toy. The music is not so loud that it becomes quickly annoying.This is overall a fun toy. My five year old will once in a while play with it or play with the baby while the baby plays with it. My three year old enjoys dancing to the music. THe songs are long enough to make it worth a few twirls.Enjoy.

Rachael Maxton, NC

Great fun!

My son wasn’t so fond of this at first since the music is quite loud, but now he loves it. I love how he can grow with it. It is so versatile, it keeps us both entertained. For the money this is a great buy that will last you years!

Araceli Mayo, SC

Best thing – every baby should have one

This is just “the toy.” I received this as a shower gift but when my baby was born, he was scared witless of it. After about 5 months, he fell in love with it and used it daily. He loved to figure out what all the toys did, the cause and effect, and all the lights and music it makes just intrigued him for hours. Now he’s three and still likes it! It’s a standup keyboard now and he loves making music with it. Just one of those toys that should be in every home.

Delores Brenton, WV

This toy is a MUST!!!

What would you pay for a toy that entertains your child, makes them smile and giggle with delight and plays some of the best toy music youve ever heard? Well Id pay a lot more than theprice for this toy!I never thought Id buy a musical toy, they all annoyed me! ButI saw this toy online and checked out the sound at TRU and I bought it. I bought it for my now 6 month old when she turned 3 months and she has loved it from the day we brought it home!I love that this is a toy that will grow with your baby from laying on the floor, sitting to standing. And at each phase the toy performs differently teaching your baby new things.There is absolutly nothing about this toy that we dont like. She plays with it for 20-40 minutes at a time since we gave it to her! Which allowed me to take a shower, eat something, etc.This is a fantastic toy and one that your baby will love and grow into for a long time.

Sandy Oakville, WA

Great fun for baby!

I bought this when our son was 2 1/2 months old. He seemed to delight in the fact that by waving around his arms, he could hit the toys and cause the music and lights to go off. Now, at 5 months, he can grab at the toys and hit the keys. The music is enjoyable (not tinny sounding like other toys) and there are so many different sounds and sound bits that I can’t keep track. I would recommend using the 2nd level for babies that are very active, this way they learn cause and effect. A great toy all around!

Marcella Chippewa Bay, NY

Very Versitile – Even for Tummy Time!

At five months old, this is one of my son’s very favorite toys and it has been for about the last two months. Every time he gets bored, we find a new way to play with it.Besides the obvious ways to use this toy, we have also:- arranged the keyboard perpendicular to the floor so that he can use it in his bouncy seat- taken off the legs entirely so that he can sit in our lap and play with it (he likes to sit, but can’t on his own yet)- taken off the legs and used it on the floor for tummy time (his current favorite)There are also three musical levels (infant, sitter, and toddler) and two musical types for six different settings. We mix them up for variety. Some of them are more annoying than others, but none are two bad considering how much enjoyment he gets out of this toy.Highly recommended!

Elinor Kamuela, HI

A kid and parent pleaser

There is nothing better than finding toys that will last from the time the baby is born until he can stand! Our son loved this toy when he was too little to sit up and play with the keys…but he loves it even more now that he’s sitting and can "play" the piano. He spends more time pounding on this toy than anything else we own! With all the wear this toy has taken the last few months, we are really impressed with how its performed. Definitely a sturdy toy!

Mandy Bradford, OH

Fisher Price does it again!

This is one of my favorite toys! My daughter started using this at about two months old. I’d lie her on the floor and she’d either bat at the hanging toys or kick at them like crazy for minutes on end. She loved the music and the lights. In fact, the minute I bought the thing out she would smile and squeal with delight. This toy bought her many hours of joy over the months.When she learned how to crawl we put it into the upright position and she would pull up on it to bang on the keys. As she learned to cruise she would push it all around the house. Now that she’s a pro walker she still plays with it on occasion but I look back fondly on the days when this is the only toy that could truly captivate her attention.This toy is very durable and I think it’s such a small price to pay for something that will most likely bring your child such sheer delight. I would recommend this to ANYONE at ANYTIME. It’s bound to be a hit in your house, it sure was in mine.

Myra Elrod, AL


My son loved this toy from the 1st day I bought it for him!!! It is really fun and gets a childs attention. I would recommend it to others. Thumbs up!!

Joan O Fallon, MO

Get THIS gym if your baby loves lights!!

I knew my 3 month old would love this gym since he loves looking at any kind of light. I purchased this for him and the first time he used it he laid under it for 30 minutes and just stared at the twinkling stars. I like it because you can angle the “piano” part of it any way you want, so it’s easy for a baby who is lying down to see the lights. The toys that the baby bats at to get the music to play are really cute and the music starts with just the slightest tap, which is great for small babies who aren’t very strong. I did a lot of research on for a gym and since this one got such rave reviews I decided to buy it and I’m so glad I did!!

Jillian Boring, MD

Newer version of Sparkling Symphony Gym!

I have a Sparkling Symphony Gym and was going to get another one for a friend. But found out that it has been discontinued and replaced by this one. Upon setting up, I noticed there’s switch for either piano or chorus for the keys. So this is definitely new feature in addition to the other new feature(sitting position).The music is so nice with lovely children’s voice. There’re some more melodies that the Sparkling Symphony Gym does not have, a couple of which are even quite touching and certainly very soothing.Additionally, the smiley faces are very charming and they even show little tongues when lit up.The only 2 things that’re not as good as the Sparkling Symphony Gym is that the piano keys make quite loud tapping noise, and the piano sound is less crispy. But all other better/new features made up for these.So we’re actually keeping both! This one is set in sitting position while Sparkling Symphony Gym keeps our 8 month old entertained while standing …

Mariana Santa Claus, IN

Beautiful toy!!

I did not have this toy at first but after watching a friend’s baby playing with it, I went out and bought one for my 5 mnth. old. She loves hitting the keys already. The music is so beautiful!! It keeps her attention for a long time and I love the fact that it will grow with her.

Cindy North Pitcher, NY

Simply the Best

My son got this again from my niece and he loved it fromthe get-go. he was a month old when we got it and he has been playing with it ever since. He would cry until we put him uder the singing stars. He would watch in amazement. He is now 6 months old and sitting and we converted it to Stage 2 and he loves it in a whole new way! It is a super durable toy with a nice variety in music. It is simple for him to use and entertaining. It’s a great price for all teh use you will get out of this item!

Holly Collinsville, AL

Classical chorus gym

I purchased this toy for my baby when she was just a couple months old. She has always enjoyed playing with it and now at six months she can sit and hit the keyboard. This has always kept her entertained for at least half an hour even from the beginning! It is easy to reconfigure to sitting and standing positions. I like the music and the different modes. Volume control is nice too. It is very good on batteries as well which is a definate plus. The only gripe I have is that the orange mirror pulls off way too easily but other than that this toy is very durable.I’d say this toy is a must have.

Natalia Stephenson, MI