Fisher-Price SnugaMonkey Deluxe Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

Fisher-Price SnugaMonkey Deluxe Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

Features: Folds for Storage, Folds Up for Easy Transport Care and Cleaning: Spot Clean Only Maximum Weight Capacity: 25.0 Lb. Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 1 Month and Up Dimensions: 11.75 ” H x 31.5 ” W x 4.5 ” D

Main features

  • Features: Folds for Storage, Folds Up for Easy Transport Care and Cleaning: Spot Clean Only Maximu
  • 0 Lb
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 1 Month and Up Dimensions: 11
  • 75 ” H x 31
  • 5 ” W x 4

Verified reviews



My baby LOVES to be held just as much as the next baby, and when he is put down, he knows it and then lets me know he knows it! Lol However, with this, it is like he thinks he is still being held. It is so super soft and cozy and the past rock n’ play voluntary recall means nothing, especially since the cover for this can be removed and washed on a regular basis. I love, love, love this product. <3

Ida Herald, CA

Not a good price!

I agree with Jamiee and SuperMac; this item is $75 at Target- at least that’s what I paid for it a couple of months ago. It is otherwise a great buy and makes life easier. Your baby can nap in any room in the house since it’s small, light-weight, and easy to fold. I love that it’s design cradles the baby and reduces the risk of SIDS since its slightly reclined and formed in such a way that doesn’t allow the baby to roll to their sides.

Yvonne Alturas, FL

Great alternative to a newborn bassinet

I thought that I would just put my son in the crib when we came home from the hospital, and he would sleep there…I was wrong. The crib is just too big and open for him after coming out of such a confined space. We are working on crib sleeping by putting him down in it for short naps, but he is not ready to sleep several hours at night in there. This is where “The Monkey” comes in. Whenever he becomes too upset to sleep in the crib, I can put him in this sleeper, and he will be out for a good solid 5 hours. It is at a good angle to keep his spitting up to a minimum, and it cradles him nicely on the sides. I also enjoy the height of the product; you don’t have to bend down too far to get the baby in and out, and it is tall enough to sit at your bedside and still be able to reach it for rocking. All in all, this has been one of our best baby shower gifts.UPDATE: He only slept in it at night for a week before transitioning to the crib. Now we use the monkey for daytime naps. It is super convenient because I can just slide it across the carpet into another room without waking him up. He is 12 pounds now and still has room to grow.

Geraldine Narvon, PA

Convenient and comfy

Why we love this:-Great for our reflux-prone baby because of the 45 degree angle-Price: it’s cheaper than most bassinets, and is well made-Easy to care for-Comfortable for baby-Easy to fold and transport (it’s also easy to slide on carpet)-SturdyWe keep this next to our bed at night and it’s easy to put him in and lift him out. I’m so glad they make a product that keeps his head elevated so I don’t have to use a wedge or have him sleep in the carseat. It’s a great product! Most of my friends that have babies have one of these and we all love it. There are some reviews that state that it’s hard to transition baby to a crib after using this because it’s more snuggly, but we have him nap him the crib periodically and he doesn’t have an issue with the change. I’m so glad this sleeper is readily available. It’s just plain awesome.

Elba Round Top, NY

Love it!

I wish I had this for my first son. or at least when my second son was first born. For the first 6 weeks, my 4 month old would grunt constantly in his sleep, and only sleep content when he was upright (due to reflux). We had him propped up in between us in our bed, but that made me slightly uncomfortable. I finally caved in and bought this and it was life joke!He slept so much better in it, and I slept better too, knowing he was upright, but safe. He is still sleeping in it, and we are slowly weaning him to the pack n play for sleep.1. Yes–there was a recall, but you need to just wash the cover frequently. If you let it stay wet and don’t wash it, quite frankly, it’s your own fault if mold collects. I put a folded blanket between the cover and the base for a little extra cushion and to absorb any moisture that may have seeped through. We have had no issues with mold.2. We have had no flat head issues, but we also do plenty of tummy time.

Ramona Seaford, DE

Great item, bad price

I am reviewing this based on the item and not the price. I have to Rock and plays. One is the Monkey one that is at my Mom’s house for use during the day (she takes care of my daughter) and a pink one I have for her to sleep in. I love both of them. Easy to use and clean and can take it any where with you. My daughter has been sleeping in one for 3 months now and no issues. You can get this item cheaper at Target.

Fay Baden, PA

Amazing for newborn sleeping!

First night home we put this together because the baby wouldnt sleep in the fancy bassinet we bought.This is an awesome invention!! We didnt need the bassinet…I’m sorry we purchased it, because all we needed was the Snugamonkey!!I put it next to the bed. It is great, at about the same level as our bed so all I have to do is look over and I can see him while I’m in bed…very easy for nighttime feedings!!I like that he is at an angle…makes me feel better as a first time mom.Overall, I would suggest the rock n play to anyone bringing home a new baby!! Especially for the time before the baby is in the crib.LOVE!!!!

Tiffany Remus, MI

Great Product

This is so perfect for putting baby to sleep. Its light so you can also use it for travel. The fabric is also so soft. It is however much cheaper at target. Paid $75 for it.

Magdalena Venetie, AK