Fisher-Price SnugaMonkey Sleepytime Plush Baby Toy

Fisher-Price SnugaMonkey Sleepytime Plush Baby Toy

Sometimes baby needs a little help falling asleep. With a gentle squeeze,this cuddly friends tummy glows and plays up to 20 minutes of soothing music and lullabies. Then,the music fades,lights dim,and dreamland is calling. Includes power/volume control for quiet play

Main features

  • Includes power/volume control for quiet play
  • AA batteries not included
  • Recommended for all ages
  • Glows and plays up to 20 minutes of soothing music and lullabies

Verified reviews


Soft, Cuddly, Calming

This is a great stuffed animal for our 2mo little one. It’s very soft and cute, and if we lay it next to him, he will stare at it and smile as it plays. The legs can be propped so it lays on its side nicely beside him. The music is soft and not too loud.It has two volume settings and two play settings. Short play seems to run about 30 seconds, and Long play is about 20 minutes. On long play the light shuts off after about 5 minutes. Pushing the tummy plays it again.Not much more to it, but great overall.

Tommie Henderson, NE

Greatest sleep toy!

Our little man (19 mo) LOVES music of any kind, and at naps we’ve been listening to the meditation/spa station on Pandora. This soft monkey plays a variety of sleepytime music for up to 20 minutes. Our boy loves being able to press his belly and see him light up. He loved his Glo Worm, but had a difficult time pressing it hard enough and in the exact spot to turn it on and the face is ready hard and solid…makes it difficult to cuddle with.

Rhea Caspian, MI

Great toy!

My son LOVES this toy! He carries his monkey around the house and even insists on taking it places. He got it for his first birthday and is still in love with it at almost 2 years old. When he was younger, he would snuggle the tummy with his face to turn on the music. Now he takes the musical part out and runs around the house with the music playing. He sleeps with it every night. I’ve run it through the washer with good results. Probably going to need an backup Snugamonkey in case something tragic happens to this one.

Lorena Clarkson, NE

Great Sleepy Time Buddy

My son was given this when he was about 4 months old and has slept with it ever since (he’s now 12mos). It really helps him self soothe and drift off to sleep on his own and it’s easy for him to play the music on his own if he wakes in the middle of the night. The music is soft and soothing. Not annoying/tinny like many other toys. Runs for about 20mins on the long setting and it seem to be a perfect length. Definitely recommend to parents of babies everywhere!

Alice Lynch, NE

Best Nighttime Friend, EVER!

I picked this up for my son last night at Target for $19.99. At a month shy of three years old, he’s right at the tail end of the 0-36 month manufacturers age recommendation, however I decided to get it anyway and here’s why:We have two of Fisher Price Seahorses already and LOVE them. My son has had his since he was about five months old and still loves it now at nearly three — it never fails to help him sleep. It’s been so great that we purchased one in pink for my now six week old daughter before she was even born, and I’m sure she’ll love it too as she grows. Since we have the Seahorse that has worked so well for us, I didn’t think we’d need something else like this, but the Snugamonkey caught my eye last night (since my son is into Curious George) and when I took a closer look, it immediately jumped out at me that the box says it plays music and nature sounds for 20 MINUTES!!! I was astonished. The Seahorse plays for 5 minutes which I thought was GREAT, but 20 minutes?! Awesome! I knew we had to have it. I figured if my son didn’t end up liking it, my newborn probably would.Upon opening the box, another huge plus I realized was that this monkey is SO MUCH SNUGGLIER than the Seahorse! The entire Seahorse is hard, whereas the Snugamonkey has a big, soft head and limbs, and the material it’s made out of is incredibly soft too. Much nicer than the Seahorse. Also, it actually sits upright which again, is impossible to do with the Seahorse, and is fantastic for a newborn or infant, since you can sit it up next to them to see, and also for an older child like my toddler son to be able to sit him up and play with him. It’s also super cute and the perfect size — big enough to cuddle with, but not too big to bring along places.Anyway, I gave it to my son last night and he LOVES it. He seriously would not put it down, kept hugging it, and then took it to bed last night and it put him to sleep within minutes. The music and nature sounds it plays are beautiful and soothing.I wanted to see if my daughter would like it too, so I sat the Snugamonkey next to her this morning and she smiled at it and was calm for the entire 20 minute cycle, so I would say it’s a hit with her as well!I heard a rumor that they are discontinuing this monkey and I hope it’s not true! We have had the Gloworm (awful – only plays music for mere seconds), the Seahorses and now the Snugamonkey and this is by far the best one of them all! I can’t believe it’s a Target exclusive and worse, that they might be getting rid of it altogether. I’d like to see these widely available! I also really, really wish they would come out with a Snugabunny like this, I would buy one for my little girl in an instant!So glad we got it and again, disregard the upper age recommendation if it’s something you think your child might like or would be helpful for them in some way. My little boy is incredibly active and I don’t know what we would do without something like this to help calm him down enough to actually fall asleep at bedtime.

Rosella Quarryville, PA

Probably won’t work for all kids, but if it does, it’s AMAZING

I’m sure this won’t work with every baby, but it is SO worth a shot. Bedtime can be hard. We put our 9 month old little guy in his crib with this monkey on long play and his pacifier, and he actually goes to sleep by himself. I find that fairly amazing and fabulous! BEST. CHRISTMAS. GIFT. EVER.

Tamera Uvalde, TX

My son LOVES this!

I would never have bought this, as I am not very into battery-powered toys, but we received it as a gift and I am SO glad we did! My 7-month-old son loves playing with this during the day, and nap/bed time has become ridiculously easy: just lay him down, turn this on, and 9 times out of 10 he talks to it until he falls asleep instead of crying.My only complaint is that the toy is very flat; the monkey’s head and body aren’t round and grab-able like they should be, so when my son tries to chew on it he can’t find anything to gum. But I suppose for those that are picky about what their kid chews on that would be a plus.

Sasha Centralia, WV