Fisher Price Soothe N Play Bouncer – Woodland Animals

Fisher Price Soothe N Play Bouncer – Woodland Animals


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It’s cute but I wouldn’t buy it again

Like the fabric, really just a basic seat to set the baby in occasionally. My kids usually love bouncers but she gets irritable in this one after a few minutes. Part of the problem is you cannot turn the vibration on when the toy bar is attached or it sounds like an earthquake. The toys are not interchangeable or detachable. Might be a good cheap seat for Grandma’s but if you’re looking for a usable piece of baby furniture buy something that has more options.

Jeanne Forest River, ND

Ok, but some problems

My 3 month old baby likes it, we don’t have the problem described by one of the reviewers about the bouncer being noisy when turn on with the toys attached. The problems we do have are 1. That her feet touch the edge of the bouncer and when she’s excited kicking and stuff she hits her feet pretty hard on the edge, I’m concerned this could get worse as she grows and her legs get longer, I don’t think she’ll be using it for long. So even though it’s an inexpensive alternative, it’ll end up being expensive if we soon have to buy a second one. 2. The toy in the center, a mushroom that hangs below the owl, is made of a very hard material and I’m afraid she can get hurt with it once she’s able to reach to play with it. It also has somewhat sharp corners.For the price it is a good option, and my baby does enjoy it, so I give it 4 stars, regardless of it’s potential problems… I like that with the vibration turn on, she really does calm down and most of the time falls asleep.

Clarissa Benham, KY

Best Bouncer

My son absolutely loves this bouncer! It was easy to put together, very supportive, and easy to clean. There is no need to buy an expensive one that does the same job. Colors are very cute as well! Wish I had it the day I came home from the hospital!!!

Ann Canton, IL

Cute Little Babysitter

I love this bouncie-chair! It’s easy to assemble and easy to clean. The entire seat comes off of the frame and you can just throw it in the wash. The toy bar is detachable and the chair bounces easily when the kids kick their feet. This is the only baby feature my husband will let me keep in our living room because it is so cute, but not overly obnoxious looking, like most fisher-price stuff is. However, I do not like that the toys on the toy bar do not detach, nor do they make noise or really do anything all that stimulating for a baby. This isn’t a huge deal because I can still attach hanging rattles and chimes to it. Also, the vibrating part requires D batteres, which are not carried in most of the stores I go to. I would rather it took AA’s or something equally easy to find.

Nicole Ravia, OK

Rods on baby back

There are thin rods that run up the back of the chair that push through when there is any weight in the bouncer. Basically, it’s like feeling the mattress springs when you’re trying to sleep – that can’t be comfortable!!!

Debbie Ravendale, CA