Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Glider – Butter Bunny

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Glider – Butter Bunny

The Soothing Motion Glider Seat takes a close second place to Mom’s arms.

Main features

  • Gentle gliding motion from side-to-side or front-to-back at two speeds
  • Deep cradle seat supports back, sides, and head
  • Two modes of music–soothing or playful–with 8 songs each
  • Carry handles for portability
  • Machine-washable pad

Verified reviews


Everyone MUST have this….

We purchased this glider rather than a traditional bouncer because of its soothing motion and versatility. We have used it every day for the last 3 months and the first set of batteries has just worn out…wow. My son loves it, a must have for any parent. Easy to assemble, easy to use – this is vastly superior to reg, ‘bouncy’ seats.

Roberta Muncy Valley, PA

Slightly less than expected, but serves the purpose

My wife and I were deciding between a Fisher Price two-way swing or this two-way glider as our “tool” to help put our newborn to sleep when she’s less than cooperative. In the end, we decided on this “glider” because of the ability to pick it up and move it around. Here are my thoughts: (1) at first, I thought it was more like a solid infant car seat with a motor attached beneath. It is not. It’s just a hammock draped over a tubular metal frame–quite flimsy. But it gets the job done. (2) The arch from which the toys dangle is NOT a handle that you can use to move it; it’s just a non-weight-bearing tube from which the toys dangle. To move it, you grab two handles at the ends of the seat. (3) The motor is much quieter than what I expected after reading some of the reviews here. Maybe in a very quiet room, the motor noise may be noticeable. But the “noise” is never annoying or intrusive, and it doesn’t disturb baby. (4) The faster of the two movement speeds is probably about right; any much faster and baby’s head would get jolted back and forth. The slow setting is very slow. (5) The seat is rotatable 360 degrees, so the back-and-forth movement is not just limited to 2 positions. (6) The music tends to be on slightly louder side even on the softer setting, but it’s not a big deal. (7) As with all such seats, baby’s back is slightly arched, and I’m not sure it’s healthy for baby to sleep long term day in and day out in this posture. But for calming baby to put her to sleep, it’s fine.

Rita Holbrook, AZ

Does not really work

I am not sure what motion does it imitate. It is not cozy snug like car seat, not fast enough as a swing, does not bounce like moms arms. Makes noise of course, so don’t expect it to be soothing for you. Baby did not care for this item, so overall unnecessary equipment. Hope it works for others.

Kasey Bethany, OK

Not what I expected

I ordered this really hoping it would do double duty and replace our swing and bassinet. However I was disappointed in the quality of the glider. It seemed to be cheaply made. The gliding motion was not smooth at all, but fairly jerky. Each time it switched directions, it bounced baby. Don’t see how he could have slept through that. So sadly I sent it back and went with a Mambo and a Rocking Bassinet.

Louella Brecksville, OH

The Fisher Price Glider is a Great “bedside” product

I purchased the FP Motion Glider tp prevent co-sleeping and easy access to baby for breastfeedings at night. It is a good baby product investment.A+Easy assemblyWide & spacious for sleeping! I am pleased it is huge!! I will use until baby crawlsSafety buckle clipsSo soft and cozy washable fabric (mink material) but infant insert is cottonThe music “day” or “night” button plays a variety of lullaby classic snippetsLong lasting battery useSwivels in any direction for you and your baby comfortNO chemical/factory smells to the fabric coverC-Fabric is off white but muslin or flannel blanket can be used as a layer to catch throw-ups or leaky diapers to prevent daily detachment of cover to wash.Motion Glide can be loud and quite annoying if you are a light sleeperThe low sound music button feaure is still loudSlightly heavy to move from room to room but not deal breakerOverall: A…..Loveable and functional product!!!!My infant likes it to sleep in but not to relaxHope this helps: )~Mimi

Marietta Texola, OK


I purchased this item as a shower gift for my sister. She loves it! My nephew used it daily for his first three months. When we pulled it out of the box I was impressed with the fullness and softness of the area where baby lays. I wish they made one for adults! 😉

Ashleigh Port Wing, WI

Buy This If You Want to Sleep!

We bought this for our 1 month old son, because each time we’d place him in his bassinet, he’d wake up. We tried everything to get him to stay asleep, and then someone recommended this, so we thought we’d give it a try, since we were desperate to sleep.PROSThe gliding motion is smooth, not jarring or jerky at all, like some reviewers have claimed.We replace the batteries (it takes 3-4…can’t quite remember how many, D batteries) once a month. This thing is on from about 9 pm-9 am.The bassinet turns in 360′, so you can turn the bassinet in any direction.The color scheme is pretty neutral, so it fits most nursery/bedroom decor.It’s rather quiet but recently, we started hearing a low squeaking noise. It’s not loud enough to bother our baby or us, since we have on a lot of white noise,but even if we just had a fan going, it’s not too bad.The liner is soft and cozy. We thought it might be too warm–our son was born in the summer, but it was just fine. Now that it’s winter, we don’t worry about the fleece-y lining.Small footprint (small, doesn’t take up too much space)Heavy base, secureAnd lastly, OUR BABY SLEEPS SOUNDLY IN IT!!!CONSWe don’t like that it sits low to the ground. We wished it were taller, like a traditional bassinet, but we placed this bassinet next to our bed, and all I have to do is lean down from my side of the bed, if I want to check on him (which I do often).The activity bar is useless. It’s kind of cute but we never used it.The songs are ok, but we never play themWished it were expandable to hold baby as he grows. We are panicking because we don’t know what we’ll do once our son outgrows the bassinet (hold ups to 25 pounds).FINAL RECOMMENDATIONDefinitely buy if your newborn won’t stay asleep, or if s/he has trouble staying asleep.

Addie Chewsville, MD

My baby doesn’t like it’ll much

I did not like the batteries part but my husband created an electric adaptor, so it is ok. My baby girl loves to be held so much, that why she can’t stay in that more than 15 min. It is still useful for me to do something quick :-))

Camille Milan, MN

Had to buy

I had one of these on loan from a friend with my son and it was absolutely perfect for an in room crib/bassinet. It allowed me me to feed him and get him back down without all the extra fuss since he was such a gassy baby. We actually disassembled and took everywhere we went where he would be sleeping (friends, vacation, family) it was a great product because of the gliding and music. Even recommended to a girlfriend who was having a hard time with a baby who didn’t want to sleep more than 2-3 hours- first time she used he slept for 2 more additional hours and cried telling me thank you!

Roxanne Earlysville, VA

Flimsy and uncomfortable for baby… but my cat loves it!

I bought this after reading several reviews noting how good this product is for babies with reflux. I used it for a while, but honestly my baby did not seem too comfortable in it. For one, she did not like the motion, so I just used it as a stationary sleeping place for her. Everytime she moved, I’d hear the plastic parts of the glider making noise. Even worse, she would try to wiggle herself out of it, so the rocking noise would go on for most of the night!The seat is really just a fabric sling, without much padding to it, so it wasn’t very cozy. It has become an expensive cat bed, unfortunately.I’d recommend the Leachco Podster instead if you have a reflux baby. It provides a softer sleeping spot and enough elevation to help with the reflux.

Judith Ringtown, PA

My daughter likes it

My daughter is almost 2 weeks old. She fits comfortably in the glider and looks pretty comfortable in it. It is a little noisy, but not enough to really disturb sleep. She has slept for up to 6 hrs in it at night so far. I put a set of cheap D batteries in it that I paid $1 for at Target the day I brought her home 10 days ago. We run it all night long on low and the batteries seem to be going strong still. I also liked how high off the ground it is. Not low like a bouncer. We really enjoy this glider.

Bernice Adams Basin, NY

My baby loooves this item! I highly recommend it!!

In general, I love this item. It has been the most useful item I received from my baby registry other than bottles. My baby loooves it. Usually I turn it on for him, although sometimes he’s happy to be in it even when it’s not turned on. This glider has two-way gliding – you can have it glide side-to-side or front-to-back. The music is pleasant enough. This item is also cute (the toys – the colors – how your baby looks in it when he/she is sleeping). And this item is soft on the inside.The biggest con for this item is that you need four size D batteries. There is no way to plug this item into the wall. That said, one four-pack of D batteries has lasted us two weeks so far. I looked into pricing for rechargeable batteries, but they seem too expensive. However, from what I can tell, many baby items require batteries, so I wouldn’t rule out this item based solely on that factor. Also, this item is too heavy for me to move easily from room to room, which is a con if you want to move it from your bedroom into your living room each day, for example.Over all, I am so thankful to have received this item! My baby is much happier and more comfortable in this glider than anywhere else. My baby prefers sleeping in it to sleeping in his bassinet and I use it multiple times every day!

Cheryl Danbury, TX

My son just won’t stay on it at all

I was looking for a product that would hopefully allow my son to sleep better before transitioning him from the swing to the crib. My son really needs movement to help him sleep, I was disappointed that the movement on this glider is SOOOO slow, almost non existent.

Rhonda Valley Fork, WV

Amazing glider! Great for bili-blanket users, too.

This little glider has been amazing. When we had to come home from the hospital with a newborn and a bili blanket, this seat was great. It is low enough to the ground so the cords that had to be attached to our baby at all times were not being constantly pulled out (in the case of him being in say, a swing, or something else). And now that he’s off the bili blanket, it’s the only place our baby will nap or sleep in at night. He doesn’t like the swing, or anything stationary. He loves the sensation of being glided, and the handles that are on it make it easy to move from room to room. Would definitely buy another one or recommend it to anyone! i wish it wasn’t so expensive, otherwise I would buy one for everyone I know who is having babies!

Tamera Foxworth, MS

I may have purchased this too late

I bought this and couldn’t wait to receive it and set it up. I knew my baby would just love it. Except she didn’t. She liked the lion and elephant toys on the toy bar, but only for about five minutes. I don’t know if the glider just moved too slow, was too loud or what, but she screamed every time I put her in it. The music didn’t help and seemed to actually make her more upset. I was so disappointed! The glider itself is a good product, seems to be made well. The only thing I can say is the motor is loud and isn’t very fluid.I wish my daugther had loved it more! What an expensive mistake to make for us.

Carolyn Isleton, CA



Carol Termo, CA

Great Shower Gift

I bought this for my friend as a shower gift. She just had the baby 2 weeks ago and called me a few days ago just raving about this product! Apparently her baby crys when you take him out of it he loves it so much! She said that it was the best gift that she registered for and after all the awful stories of the first few weeks of Mommyhood she heard, she isn’t having any of those problems. I guess this glider is making her life and her adorable little boy’s life so much easier. I was so glad to give such an appreciated gift!

Dee Talkeetna, AK

Love this and Fisher Price

I love this! It is the only thing that helped my baby learn to sleep at night. Fisher price is a wonderful company also. After I was done using this put it in storage where the seat padding and headrest got damaged. I was able to buy a replacement for only $12 so thankful for that and that I did not have to buy a brand new one for baby number 2!

Margery Palmyra, TN

Great glider

At first we didn’t think our little one liked this, but with persistance, we have been successful. He really enjoys it now. Works great when you need a minute to cook supper, clean something or fold clothes. He has even fallen asleep once in it. you can also attach links with toys the the bar for something for a little one to play with. This has been a very useful and helpful item in our house. Great quality, very comfortable. Highly recommend.

Gracie Halliday, ND

Wanted to love it, only liked it.

We really wanted to LOVE this glider, but ended up only liking it. Why? It eats batteries like they’re going out of style. And at 4 D batteries a pop, it gets expensive.That said, the baby did like it…especially when he was tiny and wouldn’t yet nap in his crib or pack-and-play. This glider would put him to sleep almost instantly. But even at only 8 or 9 pounds, it sounded like the motor was straining…and the fast speed was a joke.A new set of batteries lasted a day for us, at which point the thing would move if you bumped it, or it would move even slower than the hare setting, then start and stop in fits and spurts. New batteries would jazz it up again for awhile…but not nearly long enough.This would get a definite 4 stars if it was simply able to be plugged in and/or 5 stars if they added a vibration mode and a true fast speed.If you’re going to try this, I recommend Craiglist. We spent about $50 on it and got most of our money back out of it when we resold it.

Betsy Salida, CO

Large, heavy and cluncky

Ordered this model because my son loved the car seat and other reviews mentioned that this simulated car movement, but it didn’t do much for him. I know every baby is different so it might work for yours, but it’s so heavy and hard to move around the house that we returned it. He grew to like the vibrating bouncy chair and swing over time so that’s what we’ve used. This device is just too big to store anywhere in our house and didn’t offer any additional comfort. It is very well cushioned and could be a great place for baby to sleep, especially if you want to use it as bassinet in your room when you first bring baby home, but it didn’t work for us.

Trisha Tonopah, NV


Better than I expected, get this one – no others compare, I’ve had cheap bouncers and regular swings, all not great – this is all you need and I’m so happy with it. It’s nice and big too, very comfy, soft. Love it!!

Mia Tenakee Springs, AK

Not ideal for tall/long babies

I bought this at the suggestion of my mother-in-law who is a neonatal nurse in the NICU. She raved about how the sick babies she takes care of LOVE this product. Unfortunately, the hospital she works at has old or discontinued models because this one is quite "short." My husband and I are not tall in any sense of the word and yet our 3-month old’s feet dangle slightly over the bottom rail. Additionally, for being such a bulky and heavy product, it would have been nice to have an adapter. This glider functions solely on D batteries. The one time my little one used it, he quite enjoyed the plush material, the mobile, and the "gliding" … I had such high hopes but unfortunately this just didn’t make the cut.

Ella Cory, CO

Quiet as can be and very comfy! So much more natural than a swing.

This is so quiet its hard to believe! I didnt want a big swing. I wanted something for our newborn that was portable and that glides.This glides side to side or front to back. It is a very gentle glide on both speeds. It mimics natural rocking. The seat is very padded and soft and supportive. The colors are soft and neutral. The volume on the music is nice as well. The only complaint I have about this is the toy bar doesnt lock in place. It just pulls right out. This takes 4 D batteries and weighs 15 pounds. The handles make it very easy to carry from room to room. We are very pleased.

Sydney Central City, CO

Great glider

I love this thing, but then I found the mamaroo and wished I spent an extra $100 for that. Oh well, this glider works pretty well, and I love that it can move side to side. Just depends on how you turn the seat.Extra bonus is how easy it is to put your baby in and get your baby out. Most of the time, I can do this without waking her up if she’s already sleeping!

Edith Fort Calhoun, NE

I like this more when it is not moving…

I bought this for my daughter. She fits nicely in the glider. However, there is one BIG flaw in this device which is that it ONLY runs on 4 D batteries. There is no options for a power adapter. Other than that, installation is quick, looks great, I like the option that it is able to pivot in the middle so you could turn the glider so that it could move from left to right.

Lorene Benson, IL

Great Glider

The pros:Gentle gliding motion with a fast and slow setting.It does not take up a big amount of room.Batteries last a long time in this unit.The cons:The soft gender neutral design/pattern isn’t overly attractive. But there other prints of this same model available.Overall our baby loves it. I put her in drowsy & she’s “rocked” to sleep within minutes. I am very thankful for this product!

Karina Lowell, NC

Too slow to sooth baby

This product is not versatile nor effective enough for me to recommend it. We got it as a gift and I tried using it every day for about two weeks and my baby would just look at me thinking “are you crazy mom!? there is NO way I will sit still in this!” She would just squirm around trying to get out. It is much too slow to do anything for a baby and is bulky and ugly and heavy as well! I got a lot more use out of the Baby Bjorn Sitter which is a little more money but my baby likes it, sits in it for at least 10 minutes (that is a lot for her!) and it folds flat and does not require batteries.

Marcella Pulaski, IA

Portable, easy to set up, and soothes a baby to sleep

We got this as a hand me down and even though it’s a few years old, it works great! I love that it’s portable and uses batteries so I don’t have to keep it near an outlet. It glides smoothly and the seat can be rotated to change directions of the glide. Our little on loved it for his first 4-5 months of life and slept well in it for naps. I don’t recommend it for sleeping through the night just because baby doesn’t sleep flat on his back in this glider.If you’re looking for more baby gear reviews visit the website It has down to earth reviews from a perfectionist mom who does a ton of research on baby products. You’ll find a stroller shopping guide, baby carrier guide, and what to expect after the delivery (stuff no one takes about).

Tommie Bismarck, IL

Very gentle movement

I have no problems with the quality of this item or accuracy of it’s description, but it is NOT for babies who need more agressive motion (like a fast swing) to settle. My daughter does not care for this glider.

Cleo Mogadore, OH