Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair, Mocha Butterfly

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair, Mocha Butterfly

Fisher-Price Space Saver High ChairFisher-Price Space Saver High Chair is a conveniently-designed, compact high chair with child-friendly features. It has removable seat pads and trays for easy cleaning. With 3-height adjustments, 3-position recline and easy straps to fit dining chairs, this high chair is a great mealtime accessory for growing children. Why You’ll Love It: It can be converted to a booster for toddler dining and has all of the features of a full-size high chair, but does not require the same amount of space.FeaturesDurable and portableAdjustable height2 cup holdersEasy to cleanRemovable tray Weight Limit: Up to 50 lbs.

Main features

  • Three height adjustments and three positions recline gives mom a high chair in half the space
  • Tray stays level with every adjustment
  • Machine washable soft pad treated with nano-tex is easy to maintain and clean
  • Converts from a newborn to infant height chair with ease
  • Your entire favorite chair features in one

Verified reviews


Nice chair but some issues

The chair is overall a good product, but when I’ve received it the chair was a little bit dirty and have scratches on the back of the chair, also the fixation to hold the baby were not easy to assemble, I had to unsew the strap and resew it…

Evangeline Millville, CA


I purchased this because I didn’t have room for a stand-alone high-chair. It really won’t fit every chair but I have one it works well with. It cleans easily. I’ve washed the cover several times and it still looks “good-as-new”.

Luann Clendenin, WV

Perfect for a small house – or any size house!

I love that this high chair fits in one of my dining room chairs. The tilting feature is also very handy when you have a tired baby to feed. We started using this as soon as the pediatrician gave us the go ahead to start cereal at 4 months and have had no problems. The cover is easy to remove for washings. We liked the chair so much we bought one for my mother’s house.

Candice Kent, PA


This is such a beautiful little chair. My daughter fits perfectly at 3 months with room to grow. She enjoys sitting in the chair and watching everything in the house. The cover is easy to remove and wash. The chair is easy to adjust. It is light way and super portable. We use it as a baby chair on the floor, the couch (with us next to her of course), out camping, and in the wagon we haul around at SCA events. I would recomend this chair to anyone with a small home trying to conserve on space.

Stella Harlem, GA

Not a huge fan.

We are a bit disappointed with this. Straps are not easily removed, make the seat uncomfortable if you don’t have the need to strap your child in. Worse is that the tray mechanism is very difficult to slide in and out. You have to force one side or the other every time. Not very graceful. Would not buy again. Looking to replace it actually. Cheap is an understatement.

Marta Martindale, TX

Pretty good for the price

It’s a great item for the price and looks real pretty too. Only problem is, that it is not easy to move the chair around with the high chair attached… so, we are stuck in one area. But for the price, it’s not so bad.

Mable Merriman, NE

Good highchair just a tad overpriced!

This is a good highchair. I like how I can attach it to our dining room chairs or set it on the floor. The recline feature is nice when I am giving my daughter a bottle. The only bad thing I would have to say about this product other than high pricing is it could use a little more padding! For that reason my daughter doesn’t like to sit in it for too long. If your looking for a space saver then I would recommend this one!

Tameka Hurdle Mills, NC

This is a handy lil chair

Omg I am in love with this seat. My daughter fits in it perfect and she enjoyed it as well. I like all the features it has to offer and the design is just to cute.

Megan West Berlin, NJ

Great little chair

My child has used this for 2.5 years. It has held up perfectly and still is like new even with daily use. It easily attached securly to the chairs -note them pegs on the bottom can scratch a wood finish over time. It is easy to wash the cover, and for light messes, the cover even wipes down very nicely (with baby wipes or moist towels). We don’t use the harness any more (she is over 3 now), but I liked that they were pretty easy to remove as well and I would always just toss them in the laundry with the cover. It works great as a booster seat so she can sit at the "big table" now too.

Marguerite Calpine, CA

It works great so far

This works great for our small space. I normally don’t even use the try, I just put the baby in it and pull it close to the dining table when we all eat together. Been using it since before she could sit. At 4 months. I also got one for my Mother’s house, so when we go there, she is set. You can order additional chair covers for when in the wash. As many people said, the only thing is that it is hard to clean the straps and they do get food on them right away.

Kaye Glenfield, ND

For the price, I expected a little nicer quality

It works – but I’d save your money and go with the cheap models. This is basically a cheap model with a high price 🙂 It’s not comfortable, my daughter doesn’t really like sitting in it. But it works for what we needed.

Marilyn Barstow, MD

Great high chair

This is a great high chair, and a few friends have also purchased it for their kids after seeing ours.Although it can be attached to a chair, more often than not we leave it on the floor, where my daughter either uses the tray, or eats with friends using a kiddie table.

Kathrine Francis, OK