Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair, Scatterbug

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair, Scatterbug

If you’re looking for big high chair features in a small dining space, this is the high chair for you. Simply strap it to just about any kitchen or dining chair (it’s very secure) for everything a full size high chair offers in half the space. This new version has removed the arm rests to allow the baby to be closer to the table. Full size seat pad is spill resistant and machine washable, with three height adjustments, three position recline where the tray stays level. Seat recline feature has been moved to the back of the high chair. It even converts to a booster. Stores easily when not in use. Weight Limit: 50 pound

Main features

  • Cotton, Plastic, Fabric
  • Imported
  • Three height adjustments and a three position recline gives mom a high chair in half the space
  • Tray stays level with every adjustment
  • Machine washable soft pad treated with nano-tex is easy to maintain and clean
  • Converts from a newborn to infant height chair with ease
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • New features include the removal of the arm rests to pull baby closer to the table
  • New features include the removal of the arm rests to pull baby closer to the table and moving the seat recline to the back of the chair

Verified reviews


NOT a space-saver! A nanny’s perspective. . .

The purpose of this chair is to save the space a conventional chair would take up, but in my opinion, all it does it take away one of your regular chairs from your table & eat up space where the normal high chair would’ve gone. . .Once attached to a chair (& I’ve seen/used it on different types of chairs) it won’t slide under the table, defeating the purpose of it NOT being a high chair.The reclining option is well, stupid. Babies shouldn’t learn to eat in a reclined position unless they have a physical delvelopmental delay that requires a little extra aid. The “bucket-seat” style is more like a carseat & restricts arm movement in older babies. Also, the idea of a cloth cover on a childs chair just means more to clean, you have to clean the cover & underneath. Then there are tons of cracks & crevices for food to get stuck in.The Tray is HUGE, I have yet to find a dishwasher that it fits in.So if you’re looking for an actual space-saver, try one of theFisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat, Green/Blueoptions. I bought that one for my own after the trial-and-errors of using this one as a nanny. The tray fits nicely in the sink for a quick hand-wash OR the dishwasher, The seat is simple, compact, & fits under the table. It cleans nicely & it folds up if you need to take it with you. A MUCH better option!

Pamela Converse, IN

I like it, but I don’t love it.

This high chair is good. Being a first-time mom, I didn’t really know what I wanted in a high chair other than it needed to fit in our small kitchen. So in that aspect–it fits. It was easy to assemble and easily attaches to a regular dining room/kitchen chair (although I question whether it would fit on to a chair that doesn’t have openings in the back, like if it were a solid chair back, does that make sense?). It appears to be sturdy–my son is constantly leaning forward and trying to crawl out of it and it hasn’t tipped over (thank god). It has a 5-point harness that can be converted to a 3-point harness. The seat and tray recline and move forward independently of each other (in order to get a good fit). The tray is large and is supposedly able to be put in the dishwasher (I have yet to try this because it’s rather large and would take up valuable real estate in my dishwasher). It’s also able to be converted into a booster seat for older children to be able to eat at the table (our son is too young for this, so we haven’t used that option yet either). Plus, it was a reasonable price compared to full-size high chairs.Here are things that I dislike about this chair that could be improved upon:1. Like previous posters have mentioned, for whatever reason, my son who is perfectly capable of sitting up independently slouches in this chair. In every configuration of the seat tilted forward and the tray tilted back, I have yet to find an option where he doesn’t look like he’s lounging in this chair.2. The padding is just for show. I really, really like the pattern on this chair (scatterbug) and it’s even cuter in person than in the pictures, but it does not cover the entire seat (on the seat bottom there is room on both sides for food to fall through). Therefore you get surprise treats stuck underneath the padding–gross. Yes, the padding is machine washable, but that doesn’t even begin to remedy the grossness factor (unless you plan to wash it daily and really? Who has time for that?). We have resorted to removing the padding altogether and just having our son sit on the bare plastic seat which makes me resentful that my high chair is not the cute one that I originally purchased.3. The tray is big (which is a positive and a negative). Yes, you can remove it and wipe it down/wash it in the sink (although this is a pain) or put in the dishwasher (if you have room), but it has so many tiny nooks and crannies on the underside that I don’t even want to know what’s growing underneath there. It would have been great if it came with a small, thin, removable tray that sits on top of this one.All in all, I’m not sure that I would purchase this chair again if given the chance.

Harriett Grants, NM

Great for small apartments, has all the features you need

I got this for my 4.5 months old baby and it is great for our small NYC apartment. The scatterbug color is not too bright and not too dull, just fine, and it is unisex. My baby likes sitting in it and even fell asleep in it once, which is very unusual for our baby. You can remove the tray with one hand but the tray doesn’t come very close to the baby, especially if your baby is not too big (mine is 14.5 pounds). It will fit on any chair (our chairs are quiet small, but the harness is not my favorite, but it is what it is, for what it costs, they could have made it padded or something. Overall, it is a good chair for small apartment or for grandparents, no major complaints about it yet.

Joan Hastings, PA

Great seat for inlaws!

We purchased this for our inlaws so they could have a high chair at their house. It is very comfortable for our son and easy to clean. We have the OXO high chair as our normal chair but this is a great chair if you want something cheaper or do not have the space.

Carole Hualapai, AZ

Mostly good!

I’m glad I waited awhile to review, so we got a lot of use in it first.I like the chair. I just probably wish we had got something different.It’s comfortable, easy to use, nothing broke or failed. I’ve taken it to restaurants and it was easy and good.Things I wish were different:The chair cover.It’s somehow perfectly shaped so that when he drops food, it goes under the cover. You take baby out and think “Wow! He’s so clean, no food anywhere!” only to discover a nasty pile of food under the seat cover when you go to wash it randomly later. This is not the end of the world, but it’s worth knowing. You have to take apart your chair after almost every meal or risk nastiness.The straps.I just don’t like the way they are – it’s not difficult, but jamming the folded strap through the slots.. eh. Don’t love it.The thing the try attaches to.Again, easy, fast, well labeled. But the arms stick out far enough that unless you have a really short chair, you cannot push the seat under the table – so using this as a booster seems messy. The kid is sitting back away from the table. The arms on mine sit even with if not slightly above the top of my table.Also the tray is dishwasher safe, yay! But it’s giant so I’d never put it there. It washes fast enough by hand.And the seat tilt adjustments. Either slightly too far tilted back or forward.Overall, good chair! Great price! It works. It’s easy to clean, easy to use. I rate it well. Just detailing small annoyances for your knowledge!

Jayne Liberal, KS

This is cute but has some design flaws

this is cute but since it uses a chair it was difficult to use (that’s my fault because i didn’t really think about that and we have a small table only 4 chairs)my biggest issue is that we cant get the cover off it doesn’t just come off and my baby was sick and we tried everything to get it off and couldn’t and now i don’t know what to do with it… we unscrewed things pulled, tugged googled and still cant get it off…

Leta Florence, NJ

A must have

We have this and a regular high chair.. this is all we ever used. It’s great when there smaller you can set them on the counter and feed them. It fit well on almost any kind of chair..better with ones that have an opening in the chair. But will work for others..we have washed the cover dozens of times or more… it still looks new. Its very well made. I plan to get one for our grandson. These things are great!! She even liked to set in it and watch cartoons and eat her snack with it on the floor. Highly recommend this product.

Aurora Abbot, ME

I prefer a cheaper version

I bought this chair for traveling around with as well as occasional use at home when we have company. I bought another one like it when traveling out of state to keep at my parents’ house. I got the cheap version there, and wish I had it at home. The chair is nice and does what it is supposed to do, but I liked the tray and the compact-ness of the other one more. This one has a tray that slides on, but you have to squeeze a spring loaded handle on each side of the bottom of the tray, so it takes 2 hands, and when I slid it back once, I pinched my baby’s fingers. I felt SO bad, but I couldn’t hold his hands out of the way. Also, the seat seems like it is tilted back too much. I am not a posture nazi, but it doesn’t make him sit up quite straight enough (and yes, I have it in the upright, not reclining position). Also, it is a little too bulky for me. I cannot fit it in the trunk with our stroller, and it takes a separate trip to the car to haul it in. It does the job and it is cute, but I preferred the Fisher Price Deluxe Booster:;=1348588962&sr;=8-1&keywords;=fisher+price+boosterThe booster also seems like it will work longer. This chair may be better for younger babies, but I wouldn’t have used it to bottle feed anyway, so it wasn’t the best option for me.

Dixie Sweetwater, TN

Beware the crevices / poor manufacturing

If you don’t care that a device looks like it was poorly manufacturer and might be aesthetically lacking, then this might be a good chair. But I wanted to bring your attention to the very poor construction, or quality control of this product.Before purchasing it, look at some of the USER uploaded photographs where you can clearly see the eating tray. In the MANUFACTURER photos, this tray looks very smooth, like you would expect. No crevices, just a smooth plastic surface where the baby will eat. Now if you look at some of the user pictures, you’ll start to notice crevices and lines that go all over the device – like dents – and not very subtle they are obvious enough to be noticeable in a picture. In person, these are much worse.So while the functionality may be fine, and I should probably rate this product 3 stars, the amount of positive review without a single mention of this issue is puzzling to me. Even users who have uploaded pictures where you can see the issue, don’t even mention it in their review. Maybe I have higher expectations of how plastics are made.The crevices/dents are directly related to how it’s built underneath. Anywhere there are lines underneath, you see the crevices above. When I first got my order, I figured I had just gotten a defective product, since it is not mentioned here. So I got a replacement. The first thing I did was check the tray, and here it was again, the exact same issue. The same crevices, in the same locations, directly linked to the manufacturing of it. So now I am left to wonder: was there a bad batch? Are all these chairs like this? Did I get two defective products in a row?Then I started looking at the pictures users uploaded and I started seeing the issues there, so now I know it’s a more widespread issue.Again – if you don’t care about how it looks, then this chair will do fine. I hadn’t seen this poorly constructed plastic items in a loooong time.If you have questions, or if you purchased the device and it doesn’t have those crevices on the eating tray, do let me know in the comments.Thank you.

Annmarie Knox, IN

my baby love it so much!

Amazing, I love this me a lot to feed my chlid the baby food.strongly recommend it! love it.

Margot Worth, WV

Good idea, but functionally you’d be better off skipping this one

This looks great until you use it. It has nice features, but the fatal mistake is the recline position. Who really eats reclined anyways unless you’re a newborn drinking milk?The tray is also huge so you can’t throw it in the dishwasher. It’s even a challenge to wash it in the sink unless you have a removable faucet head.I’d go with the booster chair which doesn’t have these major flaws, costs less, and can be portable and used at restuarants.If you’re looking for a complete list of things to add to your registry, visit the website, In the baby gear essentials category you’ll find a stroller shopping guide, crib buying guide, and a comprehensive article about what you need versus what you don’t need (especially if you’re a minimalist). There’s also articles on what to expect at the hospital and during recovery and how to get the most sleep postpartum.

Eleanor Monroe, NY

Almost Perfect

I bought this chair kind of hesitantly after I saw some of the reviews. I’m a first time mom to a four month old, and I was looking for a chair that wouldn’t take up much room and would allow my son to be part of family meals even though he cannot sit unassisted yet. This chair is just about perfect for me.The chair is easy to assemble, and reclines to accommodate use from infant through toddler. My four month old loves sitting in the chair while we cook dinner and eat as he can sit up and see what is going on around him. There is a shoulder harness that connects to a waist harness (basically a 4 point harness) to keep him in the chair and keep him stable. The tray can be a little tempermental to put on, but I blame that on user error more than design (I’m still getting used to it). It is a big tray, and I’m not 100% sure it will fit in the dishwasher, but I know it’ll fit in the sink for a quick wash. Is it ideal? No, but it will work and I’d rather spend a couple extra minutes cleaning a bigger tray that catches more food than cleaning the floor for the convenience of a tray that fits into the washer, but that’s just me.Some people had said that there are lots of nooks and crannies for food to fall into and that you cannot wash the straps. Yes, the cover has seams that will catch and hide food. The cover comes off extremely easy, however, and is machine washable. So you can clean it quickly with a rag, and for big messes, a trip to the washer is possible. As for the shoulder straps that people have mentioned you can’t wash, they detach easily from the chair frame. I’m not sure I would put them in the dryer, but they look like they’ll survive a trip in the washer. If you aren’t convinced, then they will definitely live through a trip to the sink and a dip in detergent there.The fact that this chair will grow with my son make it ideal. The couple of slight inconveniences that I’ve mentioned make this a four star product vice a five star, but they in no way diminish my appreciation for the product.

Whitney Bristol, FL

Glad I bought it

Let me start off by saying that the first highchair I bought my son was the Bright Starts space saver highchair (just like the fischer price one) because our local store had it in stock. I hated that one from week one, it was very cheap and the pads did not stay where they should, also it was bulky. I ordered this one a few months later and I love it. The seat pad is one pad (not two different ones as the Bright Starts model is) and it has clips on the bottom to keep it in place (also slides over the top part of chair). The plastic is very sturdy as well and the tray is a less bulky design. Another thing I love about this is that without the tray on I can slide the chair up to the table so he can sit with all of us (the Bright Starts version has arms that jut out and either have to go under or over your table which never seem to work). Really love this and wish I would have just bought this one first.

Lily Pax, WV

Awesome high chair!

My sister recommended a space saver high chair as opposed to a full-sized one (she had both with her kids and liked the space saver better). My son loves it, he’s been using it since he was about 2 months old, he is very social and likes to sit with us when we eat. Now he’s almost 5 months old and I purchased a second one to use at daycare (which is grandma’s house) because she noticed he really likes to be with everybody during meals as well.

Bertha Farmington, IA

Does the job, but still takes up a lot of space. Wish it inclined more.

I bought this for our second baby because I realized with my first that a high chair is just another baby item to take up space in our house. I hoped one attached to a chair would be less clunky. It is nice to have it in a chair, but it’s still pretty bulky. The base is very large, so it may not fit on every chair, but the straps seem to keep it in place even if it extends beyond the chair’s seat. The tray is a little tricky to attach at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. The one thing I don’t like is that even when the chair is in it’s most upright position, the baby is still reclined a decent amount. I like my daughter to be sitting upright when she eats and I can tell she’s straining a bit to keep her back off the chair.

Melva Brooks, GA

Perfect for our kitchen

We bought this Space Saver (in the Count On Me print) and got rid of our other high chair when we moved in to a smaller house. The dining area in our kitchen just wasn’t very big and I didn’t want to be feeding my baby in the formal dining room (which has white carpet). The tray detaches very easily, the material is easy to wipe down, it’s perfect for what we needed.Other reviewers mentioned this seat reclines too much. Our baby who could not sit completely upright by himself at the time had no problems staying upright when placed in this chair with the seat belt. It sits up almost as vertically as the back of the chair that it sits on!Things to note, YES this does take up a chair. I don’t mind because we weren’t using the chair to begin with. If I had the larger high chair I would have six chairs plus a high chair, now I only have six chairs in my dining area. NO the tray will not slide under your table if the seat is put completely together. We remedy this by putting the chair on a side of the table we don’t need to walk around so it doesn’t matter if it sticks out.All-in-all this is a great option if you don’t want an extra chair in your dining area or the large base that high chairs have on them (I can’t tell you how many times I tripped over the base of our old one!)

Carly Gardiner, ME

Not for fat babies

I own an older version of this high chair but this model still has the same problem. My almost 8 month old has chunky legs, and the buckle digs into her thighs and leaves marks. If they would redesign it so that you could adjust the length of the strap that goes between their legs, it could be raised so it sat above the legs not between them. But, as is, it’s so wide when it’s buckled that I can’t leave her in it for a full sit-down meal with the family. I’m going to have to design some sort of fabric cover to keep it from wearing blisters in her legs. It makes it tempting to not buckle her in, which is definitely a HUGE design flaw that you would think they would correct.Other than that, it’s great, as long as you have a skinny baby. Love the recline and upright choices, the tray is easy to use one-handed, and it fits great in every chair I’ve used it in.

Nadia Nanticoke, PA

Love the seat

Perfect for the baby and saving space. Purchased one for my grandson and then ordered another one to have at my house for when the grandchildren visit. The recline is perfect for feeding my 4 mo old grandson. Seat cover is spill resistant and removable for washing. Easy to use and safe.

Dorothea Monroe, VA

Great buy

I LOVE this highchair!! We had the 2011 one back in June 2011 and have been using it for over 9 months now. Then we needed a highchair for our summer home I actually bought again the same highchair, but this time this 2012 model.I absolutely love these chairs. They are very easy to wipe and clean. Also the chair cover comes out very easily and can be thrown in the washer. I usually hang it to dry and never tried putting it in the dryer.

Alexandra Duncan, NE

great and affordable

love this chair, fits on our kitchen chairs in very little space. the recline is great for my 2 month old and the design is pretty cute too!

Stella Gilroy, CA

Not a fan

Several friends of mine raved about this high chair, so we purchased it for our baby. He is now 7 months old and I’m ready to get rid of this thing.First of all, the tray is hard to remove and put back on. When you have a squirmy baby, it’s tough to get it back on while keeping tiny fingers out of the way from getting pinched (and that’s happened, unfortunately, a few times).The tray also does not wash well. Whether I handwash it or put it in the dishwasher, water gets trapped in the nooks and crannies and comes splashing out all over the floor when I take it out of the sink or dishwasher (which isn’t really safe if you’re holding aforementioned squirmy baby).Food also gets trapped under the cover and in the seams of the fabric, so we have to wash it frequently. The cover comes off easily, which is a plus, though. The straps on the color we have are white, and show every bit of food that gets on them.I’m in the market for something else and will be selling this ASAP.

Mara Moxee, WA


I bought this for my 8 month old but it is extremely narrow. She can barely fit when she is all the way on the backrest without feeling too crowded. Also the table doesn t easily fix so the only position I can make it stay it’s the maximum so the baby is even more crowded. I wouldn t recommended this product

Jeanine Audubon, NJ

4 stars for the chair, 1 star for ease of cleaning

Pros (many, and that’s what saved this high chair from a one-star rating):- Comfortable- Adjustable- Safe and steady- Solid construction- Compact enough- Cover wipes clean easily and is also removable/washable- Pretty (I bought the Mocha Butterfly)Cons (only one, but HUGE):- Only 2 out of 7 straps are removable/washable.After several months of use, I’ve developed an effective but exhausting cleaning routing that consists in spraying the straps with heavy-duty, suffocating stain remover, rubbing them like a madwoman with sponge, then holding the seat above the sink with one arm while rinsing the strap in super hot water with the other, bending like a contortionist not to soak the whole thing.Seriously, no one should have to go through that for cleaning straps! At least the top 5 straps (the ones you’re LO chews on and drops food on) should be removable!Without the pros above, this would be a one-star review. So be warned… and be ready for serious cleaning ingenuity…

Alexis Dresden, OH

Works great

No problems! Does save space but only gave 4 stars because you won’t be able to push the chair in once you strap this seat on. So you do still sort of have a chair floating around the dining room. Safe, secure and comfy. Pad is easy to clean. Make sure if you have fabric chairs though that you put a towel down under this.

Dawn Halliday, ND

What a terrible design

This high chair worked great while our baby was eating purees that we fed her. The clean up was minimal and the surface of the chair was easy to wipe off. However, now that our baby is feeding herself and food goes everywhere, this chair is a nightmare to clean. I discovered last time I went to clean it that food had even collected UNDER the chair’s cover. Also, we have had to take the chair completely apart (screws and all) to wash the seat straps. What were they thinking when they designed this chair this way!? Now that it’s summer I will just take it outside and hose it off when I need to really wash it.I like the space saving aspect of this, but the design for the seat makes it a nightmare to clean. I would not buy this again.

Renee Fairdealing, MO

Dont both with a Highchair

Over Christmas we were visiting family and they had this. About to buy an expensive High Chair when we got home – seeing this in action saved us so much money. It’s so easy to attach but completly sturdy and it also really easy to travel with. It does not fold up like some of the others but I think the seat is more comfortable and offers more options to grow in. Additionally it was very important that my son ate at the table with us for dinner. I didnt like the idea of the highchair just floating in the middle of the kitchen like he was on show while he ate. Because this attaches to our kitchen chairs he is at the same level as us and eats dinner with us. If I want to put him in it while I cook, I simply just slide the chair over to where I am. Best of both worlds!

Christie Wykoff, MN

We like it.

After a lot of searching we decided on this high chair and have not regretted it. I would like to take off half a star since it is kind of a pain to take the seat apart for cleaning. Some reviews complained about the seat position but we have no issue the boy sits in a very comfortable position for us and him. The tray is dishwasher safe but it is easier for us to clean it in the sink.

Linda Buffalo Junction, VA

Easy cleanup, sturdy, and portable

I did not purchase this high chair from Amazon, but I still like it so much that I wanted to write a review. Love it! The best part about it, in my opinion, is how easy the cloth seat cover is to clean. It’s super easy to remove and throw in the wash, and it holds up very well after washing. But if you just want to do a quick clean between meals, a wet rag will work beautifully. The material is very soft, so I was surprised to discover how easy it is to wipe clean with a wet rag (sticky fruit purees, etc., wipe right off). The only thing I have NOT been able to wipe off easily is tomato sauce, which was a little stain-y, but it came right out after a run through the washing machine.Regarding cleanup, the only con I have is that the straps that buckle around baby’s waist and between her legs are very difficult to remove for machine washing. After some disassembly and difficulty, I was able to remove and re-attach the straps that go around the waist, but I was disappointed to find that I was unable to remove the between-the-legs strap (without taking the entire seat apart). But again, the material is very easy to wipe clean with a rag.The tray is dishwasher safe, but it is pretty big, so we just clean it in the sink between meals.It also seems to sit a little higher than the other, lower-priced seats of this similar style. I liked that when my daughter was being spoon-fed, because I didn’t have to bend over when feeding her. I just sat in another kitchen chair with her in front of me, and she was high enough to be at a comfortable level for me.It also reclines for smaller babies who are holding their own bottles, if you need them to take their bottle independently (for example, if another child needs your attention). This was the only high chair like this I could find that had that recline feature.Like other reviewers have mentioned, my daughter also likes to hook her feet under the front part of the tray and push/kick while she’s eating, and so far it has stayed in place.We are not yet to the booster-seat phase, so I’ll update this review once we try it in that capacity. But for a high chair, I love it.

Lorie Maine, NY

Great High Chair!

Perfect space saver high chair! We loved the design of this. Very sleek and easy to set up and use. You simply set the high chair on any chair seat (bar stools not recommended) and strap it to the chair. You could also use this on the floor. The back is adjustable. Which is great if you want to let your little one lean back for a little cat nap.

Jacquelyn Angeles, PR

Just what we needed.

I didn’t want another piece of furniture in my house but needed a high chair. This is the perfect thing.My only little gripe is the cover . . . I wish it was easier to wipe between washings. Babies are MESSY! But it is almost quilted so it gets stuck.

Christa Ashville, AL