Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair, Scatterbug

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair, Scatterbug

The Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair provides a full-size feeding experience for a small-size home. It has all of the features of a full-size high chair but does not require the same amount of space. It easily straps to most kitchen or dining chairs, has 3 height adjustments, 3-position recline and a full-size one-hand removable dishwasher safe tray. The full-size wipeable and machine washable pad has a 5pt to 3pt restraint for additional security.

Main features

  • A convenient chair with all the features of a full size high chair without taking up all the space
  • Can adjust to most kitchen and dining room chairs
  • Three height adjustments and three positions recline gives mom a high chair in half the space
  • Includes removable pad and back to make a toddler booster seat that grows with baby
  • Compact and convenient size makes storing it easy

Verified reviews


It’s OK.

I did not want a bulky traditional high chair for my second child so I purchased this item. I’ve been using it for about three months (baby is now 8 months). I am pretty satisfied – it’s easy to set up, tray is nice and big, chair and pad are very easy to clean (no hidden nooks where the food can hide) and my baby seems comfortable in it. The print is very nice. When I had it in a reclining position it didn’t quite fit in my chair. Thankfully, the chair has a cross slat in the back so I fit the top of the seat through the whole between the slats. I do not like the child restraining straps. When my baby was smaller there was a lot of slack left on the straps which was always in the way and he was always chewing on them. It’s a bit hard to get him in and out of them. I often have difficulty sliding the tray in. I don’t like that at all. My baby is chunky, 22 lbs at 8 months and I am concerned about him being comfortable in this seat as he gets bigger. I do wish it had a bit more cushiony padding. So far I am satisfied with the item but I could have gotten a bigger more comfortable traditional high chair for him for a few more bucks.

Brandi Cedar Rapids, NE

Hard, Tight, and Crushes Baby Crotches

The hard plastic and vinyl cover are uncomfortable enough in this tight chair, but the seat has a hard plastic protrusion in the middle that crushes the baby’s crotch even when my baby was a few months old! The tray presses into the baby. The buckles/fasteners are rough, abrasive, and badly designed – needs padding. It feels flimsy because the tray shakes and the armrests shake. There needs to be arm and elbow room, but this seat severely restricts movement. My baby at a few months of age found this uncomfortable. I bought this because of rave reviews and recommendations from magazines; so I thought that I needed this, too. WRONG! Babies this young do not need a high chair or much solids for that matter.

Carmen Honeydew, CA

Hurt my sons feet

The underside of the tray has ridges. My son would get excited and kick his feet against them, causing redness and bruising. The underside of the tray is all mechanism and nothing kid safe. I have to buy something else.I think this issue may have been addressed in the new model. Theyve redesigned the underside I think…

May Baltic, CT

Agree, not so much space saving here

I have to agree with one of the previous posters that said “space saver, not so much”. It’s a great little chair but we have two dining tables and when you have this on your chair, there is no pushing it under the table. So it really comes down to what’s more space saving for you – Having your chair 2 feet out from your table (in our eat in kitchen, this is nearly impossible, in our dining room, a lot easier) or having a full size that you can fold up and leave against the wall. I’m keeping this b/c it was inexpensive but am going to now also buy a full size one that can fold up. So just keep that in mind when you are purchasing.

Lilly Vernon, FL

After 22 months use changed my initial review to 5 stars

Okay, I am editing my original review and giving this product 5 stars.It has been 22 months since my last review of the product. I have to say this product is standing up to the test of time.Since my last review we still have the twins and thus we have two of these products. The twins are almost 2.5 years old and we use these products three times a day, every day.We break the seats down and pack them when we drive to visit family (for extended periods of time like the holidays) and we remove them from the fixed position on our dining room chairs when we have company to our home. The seats have been durable, stable and safe (the kids crawl into their own seats for each meal)And the fabric has stood the test of lost of spills, vomiting and thus lots of washings! The seats are easy to clean and keep clean.This product removes having two high chairs! Which with the clutter that our house has from the twins toys, having two less standing structures in our home is nice too.Soon our kids will be tall enough to sit using just the booster seat option of these chairs (by removing the tray. arm rest and back rest) so they can slide up to the dining room table. This is yet another nice feature that increases the usefulness and life time of the product. And for the price? How can you go wrong?The strap issue I defined in my original review (below) was real but this time I am not removing any Stars for poor construction (NOTE someone replied to my original review and said that i could have been using the incorrect strap, I wasn’t but I think there might be some manufacturing inconsistency, it is something to be aware of but we never used that strap anyway and just removed it without any loss of safety of true functionality). The plus’s out weigh the one negative.After my almost two year extended use of the product I would now recommend this product to anyone with children.OLD REVIEW FOLLOWS (I COULD TELL BY REREADING THIS REVIEW THAT I WAS OBVIOUSLY SLEEP DERIVED WHEN I WROTE IT):Is there a better product that does the same thing? If so buy it. This one is a good idea but cheap.There is a design flaw… the back traps, the straps used to keep the child from falling or lunging forward and drowning in a bowl of oatmeal? The ends of those straps have been folded over and melted/welded/sewn closed. Okay. But those same folded over and melted/welded/sewn closed strap ends CAN NOT BE INSERTED THROUGH THE CLASP MECHANISM! So one has to cut the ends off the two straps to feed them through the clasp. Now you are left dealing with a rough – frayed end. You know, it’s preventable stupid crap like this that makes one scratch their head and go… “are you kidding me?” This annoyance alone cost them two star.

Megan Madison, CT

Great space saver and quite durable

I LOVE this for its space saving capacity. The tray also snaps out quite easily for clean-up. I prefer this to standard high chairs as those can topple easily but with these, since you attach it to a regular dining room chair, it is much more stable since my toddler loves to rock on these so I put some wights on my dining chair to keep in in place and he has never fallen. If you have a small place, multiple kids or seek a stable high chair, this is the one for you.

Janice Ellwood City, PA

Make sure you buy the 2012 model

We loved this chair at first… but then after using it for a few months we have come to realize the truth. First of all, it’s dangerous. When not using the tray part my daughter has gotten her arms stuck between the rails (that the tray attaches too) and the seat part itself multiple times. While it didn’t require any medical attention, it caused her pain and gave her a red arm and upset her to the point of crying. The last time that her arm got stuck it was stuck so badly that we weren’t sure we were even going to be able to get it out!! 2ndly, this chair is difficult to clean and to keep clean. I like the pad, but food is constantly falling between the pad and the seat and getting underneath and you may not realize there’s anything under there for weeks….. yuck. One tip though, the pad says it can only be handwashed, but we have washed ours in the washing machine on cold/gentle cycle, and dried it on tumble dry low with NO issues at all. The fabric has held up very well.OH, and also, the tray is very hard to get on and off the chair.. it worked like a charm at first but after a bit of wear and tear I guess… the mechanism is getting worn out. Very regretful that we spent $65 on this chair……I see that the 2012 model no longer includes the tray arms, so at least they redesigned it… I still wouldn’t buy it though, I am looking into other options.

Juanita Preston, MD

Rolling high chair is still the best

I purchased because of the great reviews, but with two babies 13 months apart have tried both the space saver for 1 baby and the Peg Perego high chair for the other. Here is my main message- I like this as a portable chair and plan to use as a booster seat later, but I am online right now literally buying a regular high chair as a preplacement. I am tired of using this spacesaver chair as my only option for my 8 month old. If you ever need to roll your baby around the kitchen while cooking or cleaning, you can’t with this one. I didn’t think of that until it was in the kitchen and I’m pushing my dining room chair around. A high chair that rolls is much better and an important function you give up with this chair. Also, my son can push the table with his feet and possibly tip over. All depends on how your table and chairs are set up. As I mentioned, this was great to take as a portable option to Grandma’s etc., but not meeting our needs as a replacement to the regular high chair. If you have the luxury of getting extra baby items, I think this is a good one to add to the list, but not as the only high chair option.

Desiree West Point, MS

Easy to clean and great for all ages.

I bought two of these for my twins and I love them. I have 5 children and have used a ton of different baby products and this is one of my favorites! I love that the cover and straps are easy to remove and throw in the washer or wipe easily when it’s not too dirty! No more trying to get food out of crevices with a toothpick!! We started using this when the babies were newborn, I would recline them so I could keep baby close by wherever I was in the house. Now that they are getting older we use them for eating and they are very adjustable for our two very different sized babies. I noticed that the tray holders are removable with a screwdriver so that this can be used as a booster and be pushed up close to a table so it can be used for years! I’m very pleased.Update:1 year and counting and I still love these highchairs!

Maria Sharon, WI

Exactly the highchair(s) we needed!

I’ve had two of these highchairs for over 2 years. We had them on our baby registry and received one for each of our twins as shower gifts. We have a small house, and two highchairs in it just wasn’t an option, and these have worked out great! When we first started solids (or un-solids as my husband called the rice cereal and pureed baby food) it was easy to tilt the seats back, and still adjust the arms so that they kept the tray level, so that the bowl of food didn’t slide down toward the twins and dump all over them. I never had any problem adjusting the seat or arms (what I am calling the arms is where the track for the tray to snap onto is)The tray goes nice and close to my twins, with my older son, our chair didn’t get close enough to him, so tons of food landed in his lap, and the lever on the end of the tray to release it was a nice spot for him to dig his toes into while eating, which resulted into him kicking the tray off. That highchair is still at my parents’ house for our visits, and my twins have pulled the same maneuver, but they can’t do it with these. On the downside, the front lever really doesn’t work very well, but I always reached for the sides to release and remove the tray, so I never had any issues. It was an issue for my husband, since he didn’t realize there were side releases, and he kept struggling with the front one until I told him how I magically removed the trays on the first try :)These seats hold plenty-o-baby since my twins are now past their 2nd birthday, and still in them. The covers come off easily to be washed, and I throw mine in the dryer on low heat, and after 2 years, see no wear. Another thing that is a nice feature is the way the base can be adjusted to make the seat higher or lower.My only complaint for this seat, is it doesn’t fit under our table to be used as a booster seat. I was so excited that we could use these seats until our twins were ready to sit on the bench of our breakfast nook, but because there is a wide lip under our table, they just don’t fit. If your table has a wide lip on the underside, you’ll probably have the same issue, but if not, I have absolutely no regrets about picking these chairs.

Josefa Mora, LA

So practical

Makes me wonder why high chairs were even invented. Why haven’t we always had child seats for kitchen chairs instead?But actually we mostly use this on the floor, as a place for our four month old to play with a tray full of toys. She loves to sit up but can’t manage it on her own quite yet — which doesn’t stop her from crying if you try to put her down horizontally. This makes her happy.I have heard of people using Bumbo chairs as “feeding chairs” and to allow their babies to sit up before they can support themselves. I think this is a much better choice for both purposes. Strapping this to a kitchen chair is much safer than putting a Bumbo chair on a table or kitchen chair, and the reclined sitting positions, with room for her to squirm around, are more natural for an infant who can’t really sit than the vertical, legs-pinioned position of the Bumbo chair.

Melanie Lyman, WY

Comfortable & Compact!

The reality, this high chair will only be as sturdy and stable as the chair to which it is attached. It is a great solution for my toddler who is transitioning from his multi-functional, self-standing high chair. He wasn’t ready for a cushiony booster seat and the Tripp Trapp style left him feeling too unstable to relax with his meal. This seat is really sweet looking, is easy to install and adjust, and the tray is just the right size. It pulls up to the dining table but the enclosing arms helps my son feel secure. I think the fabric washes easily and it’s nice and cushy. He is a solid and sturdy boy at 2.5, but he has plenty more room to grow with this chair. For the price it’s been a great investment in peaceful family mealtimes.

Rachel North Loup, NE

Slight downside to cleaning

I love this chair. I have never had a problem taking off the cushion and I just throw it in the washer on cold to clean, then air dry it. Hasn’t shrunk yet. Cleaning the side rails where the tray attaches is somewhat of a pain, but not worth passing over this chair. One thing I would change is that I wish the tray slides came off when it converts to a booster seat – may make it easier to pull my son closer to the table. Overall I would absolutely buy it again.

Dionne Mission, SD

Love it!

This is a great high chair. It’s nice and compact. The pad is a fun and neutral pattern. It cleans up great with just a simple wipe down. I haven’t had to throw it in the washer yet. Even blackberry comes out easily. I love how this seat seems to wrap around the child, so there really isn’t wiggle room for them to turn around and make messes. I love how the tray comes off so I can just take it to the sink and clean it easily. It’s dishwasher safe, but it’s pretty big to be putting in the dishwasher. The high chair is very sturdy and stable, no worries about slipping off a chair. I highly recommend this high chair.

Isabelle Malone, NY

Great little highchair, we use as a travel highchair. Extremely satisfied!

I ordered this to take to friends and families houses for my 10 month old who could no longer sit on our laps during meals, cause she’d grab everything. I absolutely love it! I think it would work fine for our home too, although we already have a full size (much bulkier and space consuming) highchair. Honestly, I wish I would’ve bought this Space Saver one originally, rather than a full size one we own. But it’s too late, we already have the full size one. I’m glad that I can also use it as a booster seat (by taking off the tray) when she gets a little older. So it’s dual purposed!I am using it as my travel highchair and it fits easily in the backseat of my truck and we always keep it there, in case we need it at someone’s house.The seat cushioning is nice. The pattern of the cushion is very cute and gender neutral. I bought it for my daughter, but it could just as easily be for a boy. And it easily comes on and off to throw in the wash if it gets messy.The straps help secure it perfectly to any type of chair. I haven’t found one yet that it didn’t strap to easily or securely.The tray easily comes off & on and doesn’t have to slide on/off, which is nice. You either use the two side handles to release it or the front release button.It can be tilted back for her to drink a bottle or her sippy cup, which she’s just getting used to using.It has the nice 5 point harness to secure my daughter without fear of her wiggling out.Overall I’m extremely satisfied with this purchase. Again, I wish I had bought this for my home, not just for travel. I definitely recommend this to any parent!

Florence Sebago, ME

Perfect high chair

We love this high chair! Im glad that we can use the already existing dining room chairs (which take up a lot of space anyway) rather than adding another set of legs such as in a traditional high chair. Its very easy to clean and Ive washed the seat covering once and it washed up very nice and fit right back on with no problems, I did air dry it. The chair comes off and goes on easy making it portable and very nice for hotel stays. I bought the scatterbug print and it is adorable and is fairly neutral,,though I picked it for my son. I also love thhat the tray fits and washed up nicely in the dishwasher. As long as installed correctly, the chair is very snug and secure onto your dining room chair. great purchase…highly recommened.

Adrian Elbing, KS

No Space Saved

This high chair is such a great concept but winds up being super awkward! The tray is bulky and won’t consistently lock into place, and it’s so high that it comes up to my poor daughter’s armpits! The arms on the chair are also awkward, they prevent it from sliding under the table, thereby negating any space saved by the concept of this high chair.I’m returning this and getting a booster seat instead. It’s basically the same thing and actually DOES save space!

Leticia Kalida, OH


I love this chair and so does our baby. It’s perfect and comfy. Love the fact the it tilts back and it’s super easy to adjust everything from the height, to the tilt, to the tray.A MUST BUY!

John Mcarthur, CA

space saver

This high chair was give to us at my baby shower. I started using it when my baby was about 5months old and she loves it. It is comfy and saves a ton of space in my home. The tray is easy to clean as well.

Lola Pratt, WV

love this!

I registered for this for my shower and have been using it since my baby was 1 month old. We started having him “eat with the family” since then because we felt it was a good habit to form. Since it reclines, and is so comfortable, it was great for him to just sit and watch us, and many times he fell asleep right in the chair! As a bonus, since my husband and I like to go out, we just took it with us to friends houses and restaurants. That was GREAT because we could have a dinner with out having to hold the baby. It is light weight and easily adjusted. I have recommended this to every mom I know. My MIL even got one to keep at her house for the grandkids. For travel, now that my baby is 10 months old, I just bought the Fisher Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster seat. It fit in my suitcase, and I figure my baby can use this as his booster when we have our new baby and s/he is in this highchair! A great great product!

Briana Cedarville, WV

Weird Shoulder Straps but Good High Chair

This definitely saves space AND money. Once hooked onto a regular chair it stays put. It’s pretty much the top of a high chair for half the price of an actual high chair. Even if you’re not trying to save money, your baby can sit at the dinner table with the rest of the family while they’re eating. Whether they’re eating or just playing, it’s very sturdy and safe for them to hang out and be engaged with the family. It also changes from an infant seat to a toddler then booster seat which a lot of high chairs don’t do. You’re definitely getting your money’s worth and then some. THe only thing is that I’m trying to figure out the shoulder strap thing. I don’t really see the point and am still trying to figure out how to use it.

Angel Yellowtail, MT

One of my favorites from my shower!!!

We dont have alot of room so this was a must. It fits on most anysize chair. We take it everywhere when we go to a family function. I have the tan one but it is the samething. The pattern is very cute. good for a girl or boy. REALLY easly to work and wash. I actually dont have any padding on it right now since my son like to put food under his bum and save it for later. LOL!! I get a surprize all the time. The ajustments are really easy to do. Its also really easy to clean. I think every toddler mom should have one.

Mina West Milford, WV

Only one negative thing to say

WHAT WE WERE LOOKING FOR:Living in a small condo, we are all about saving space. This highchair promises that, so we registered for it and got it.PERKS:- GREAT quality. Durable and well made.- Good price, affordable enough to buy 3, one for each of the grandma’s as well.- The cloth covere is removable and machine washable.- The tray is dishwasher safe, has 2 cup holders.- The seat tilts back and forth to provide comfortable angles for all stages of baby’s feeding process. It is apparent that this will grow with our son too (5 months old currently) as a friend of our’s 18 month old fit her chunky booty in it when they were visiting!- The arm rests are adjustable.- Easy to attach to any kitchen chair with straps, has grips on the bottom of it so it doesnt slide around and scratch your furniture.- Very very cute, and apparently comes in several different patterns I did not know about (Ours is tan, dark brown, and white with a circle pattern all over it.)CON:- When you put this in your standard kitchen chair at your standard kitchen table, it doesn’t allow for you to scoot baby up to the table like a booster seat at any point, as the arms are not removeable, so there is no way for you to push this up to your table and actually SAVE SPACE, as the name promises. Therefore, it is sitting next to our kitchen table, as if it were a standard, average high chair, which I am thinking that a normal high chair, or at least the ones I have seen, are a lot thinner and actually take up a lot less space than this set up! This disappoints me very much so. So it saves space vertically being that it isn’t as tall as other high chairs, but does nothing for creating more floor space. SORRY!**ALSO, be careful snapping the removeable tray onto the chair when your baby is in it!! We have accidentally pinched a finger and a chubby baby leg!! : [Like I said, I love that this thing is made so well, but it really just defeats the purpose of what we were intending for it to serve.UPDATE: What we ended up doing with this was giving it to my mom to use at her home. She has a high barstool with a back and arms that this sits in perfectly, and isn’t taking up anymore space than the barstool was in the first place. We bought another standard high chair so we could have one of our kitchen chairs back. If you have a barstool like that, this is the ideal solution. Otherwise, just get a standard highchair!

Roberta Cimarron, KS


This high chair is great! The tray can be removed and is dishwasher safe and the cover is washable too. It has three positions to accomidate infants, babies, and toddlers and converts to a booster seat. The print is gender nutral and pretty easy to wipe clean. I would highly recommend this product.

Dolores West Minot, ME

Why buy anything different?

I got this off my registry and just recently installed it. I do like it. As I have a tiny kitchen, I knew I did not have room for a giant (and much more expensive) high-chair. This has no bells nor whistles, but it does recline and have a dishwasher safe tray. The only thing I would like more is if the straps weren’t so rough and the tray had one of those removable trays for the dishwasher. Otherwise, good buy!

Megan Bassett, WI

Good overall

I registered for this chair and got it at my shower, we have limited space so this was a good fit for us. It reclines so it was good when my son was 4-9 months, then he sat upright. The chair pad is nice and easy to remove for cleaning. The tray is large and easy to clean and get on and off. Now my son is two, I was hoping to use this through his toddler years as it was advertised to turn into a booster seat…my complaints about this chair are two, we never used the straps to belt or tie him in I just don’t see the need in that, so I put them under the cover and the belt part was uncomfortable for him to sit on. Complaint number two which is my biggest is the when it comes time for your child to sit at the table they sit about a foot from the table due to the arms! I did notice that the new fisher price space saving chair does not have the arms so this must have been an issue, it doesn’t make sense to me, so my son can’t reach his food it is so far away. The arms don’t fold back and you can’t take them off so I had to go get a booster seat sadly. Easy to clean and tray is dishwasher safe.

Tammie Prairie City, OR

Nice high chair with all bells and whistles, yet portable

I love this highchair. The seat reclines and so do the armrests. I recline it to the biggest angle when I’m feeding the little guy, however, when he’s eating on his own, I recline it to the smallest angle and he is up and his arms are at a good height. I gave it 4 stars because it is a bit of a pain to clean, but I took a new toothbrush and I use that to get to those unreachable places where food’s been. The cover is easy to remove and throw in the washer. I always wash it in warm but dry it on a med/med-low setting. The cover is great stain resistant 🙂

Dawn Chunchula, AL

Best present so far

So we got this space saver chair from a friend when our son was about 6 months old – he is now almost 3 and a half and still does his best to squeeze in at snack time! The plastic cover sucks and we never used it, just took it off and have been using the chair without it for almost 3 years now on a daily basis!!! Never on a chair though, always on the floor. Usually in the living room, for eating, arts and crafts, playing – I put my son in there with a few toys and a safe snack and could take my showers without worrying about his safety!He is now old enough to take the tray of by himself and too tall to really sit in comfortably – he needs to stretch his legs in order for the tray not to leave marks in his upper tights- but it is and will be his first choice when it comes to breakfast-, lunch-, dinner-, snack- or playtime!Can highly recommend this to anybody! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this would be such a life saver!

Antoinette Mc Intosh, NM

Only one minor complaint. . .

We love this highchair!It’s got more options to adjust than you can imagine (height, angle, etc.) which is wonderful in that you can customize it to scoot in under any kitchen table. Not to mention, the recline option has allowed our LO to sit it in while we ate dinner LONG before he was ready for any solid food.I believe children, even as babies, should eat with their parents, so this highchair has been amazing in that it’s simply added to a chair at the kitchen table and our baby joins us for meals. Now that we are starting solids, it’s been wonderful having him at the table, making his own mess while we eat dinner :)I LOVE that it doesn’t take up any space like a traditional a-frame high chair. The fabric is easy to clean (I only wish they made spare covers so you could have one in the wash and one on the chair), and the tray is large. I often put blocks, toys, or large kitchen utensils on the tray for our baby while I cook dinner or make coffee in the morning – his high chair has become his favorite spot in the house! ! !All that said, I have just a few things I hope Fisher Price takes note of:a. Please make covers and trays so we can have two of each for the chair (one for the dishwasher/washer, one on the chair)b. Unlike most other full-size high chairs, this one does NOT have a second piece for the tray that snaps in – you have to wash (hand or dishwasher) the WHOLE TRAY every single time, instead of just a smaller snap in piece. . .this really bugs me. I get jealous when I see my friends have those handy, smaller snap in trays when we have this big old clunky thing that in the dishwasher fills up with water (it has to go flat in the dishwasher or it doesn’t fit) in all the crevices and holes. Obnoxious. Plus, children eat more than once/day and it’s like washing the same plate over and over. . .I would gladly invest in a snap in tray or two and an additional cover given the option. Otherwise, this high chair is PERFECT! ! !

Queen South Shore, KY

Cannot remove straps to wash

OK, I like everything about this but one thing. The straps cannot be removed for washing. We looked, we tried. We like to think that we are pretty handy folk but we could not see a way.

Renee Kenton, OK