Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair – Tan

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair – Tan

This chair’s efficient size makes it easy to store when not in use.

Main features

  • Three-position recline accommodates even the youngest feeder
  • Three-position height adjustment allows baby to be more a part of family mealtime
  • Remove the tray with one hand (in case baby is in the other!)
  • Full-size seat pad is spill resistant, machine washable and dishwasher-safe tray
  • Fits most any kitchen or dining chair

Verified reviews


Fairly disappointed…

First of all a word of warning; every single photo of this chair shows it on a wooden dining room chair, even though we knew it was not included I could see some people expecting to find it in the box. What you get is the space saver chair that you attach to your own chairs.That said; this chair is big. It’s not a real space saver as it takes up a lot of room. It’s pretty high (in fact, too high for our dining room set) and the armrests mean your kid will most likely not fit up against the table when you move away from the tray to sitting at the table with mommy and daddy.The straps are nice and secure, it reclines and the seat padding is quite comfortable.But in the end I don’t think we’ll be keeping this, the non-removable armrests and the sheer size of it make it too impractical for our table.Be sure to check measurements before purchasing this chair.

Chasity Hampton, VA

No regrets for this purchase

The chair was exactly what we were looking for. Our dining area is fairly small so using our existing dining chair does save space. The booster chair feels secure as it secures both behind and under the dining chair with buckle straps. It also has non-skid rubber feet on the bottom of all four corners. The 3-point to 5-point harness is helpful for keeping the baby in place. We were using one of those cheapy plastic block booster chairs and our 7-month old kept slouching underneath the tray. The contoured seat in the Space Saver High Chair helps to prevent that.The adjustable height was useful for raising the tray to just above our table level so we could slide the whole chair underneath when not in use. I’m not sure when we’d recline the seat, but I guess it’s a nice option to have.The chair reminds me of a car seat, and as such, keeps our baby in place while feeding. The one-handed release of the tray and the highly adjustable settings are convenient options. I don’t think I could ask for anything more out of a booster chair. Perhaps a built-in iPod adapter with speakers built into the tray or something. Just kidding :PThe model I purchased is the J5933, but there is another model, L1907. According to a couple of customers who researched them, the differences are basically color. Kudos to them for researching them and clearing that up.

Karina East Elmhurst, NY

Served us well, but I wouldn’t buy it again

Based on the recommendations of others, we put this on our baby registry and have used it now for almost two years. We’ve liked it just fine, and loved that it’s more compact and subtler than a regular high chair. Not sure I’d do it again, though. Daughter is now 2.5 and just using a $20 Fisher Price Healthy Care booster. We would like to have another baby, and if we do I think we’ll just skip a high chair until baby is sitting up and ready to start solids, then go straight to the Healthy Care booster. I’ve discovered that lots of my friends do that and it works just fine. It is so much smaller and simpler and easy to clean and transport. The seat is a solid molded piece of plastic which just wipes clean. It’s not padded, but my daughter has never complained about it being uncomfortable.The Space Saver was great when she was an infant and needed the reclining feature. We’d pull her up to the table so she could “sit” with us. But as soon as she started self-feeding, it was a constant battle to keep food from getting trapped and decaying in all the tiny crevices. Especially once we removed the seat back and started using it as a booster, she’d rest her messy hands on the arms or try to reach down under the seat to pick up something she’d dropped and food gets EVERYWHERE. I’m not sure why anyone would design a high chair with so many nooks and crannies. I was just trying to get it cleaned up to sell it secondhand and I had to put the whole thing in the sink (tub would’ve worked better) and scrub it with a bottle brush and rag to try to get all the food out. It was actually my irritation at this process that prompted me to write this review.They say the tray is dishwasher safe but it’s huge and I never figured out how to make it fit in my dishwasher, which I believe is standard-sized.If you use this on an upholstered dining chair, as we did, invest in a cheap clear vinyl seat cover. I’ve never checked, but I imagine one could order them through Amazon. It completely protected our chair from any staining or damage.

Jacklyn Andes, NY

doesn’t fit!

So I registered for this because we have a pretty small house and I figured a “space saver” would be the perfect thing! No so much a space saver though!!! First of all the seat doesn’t fit on the chair all the way so that made me uncomfortable. Also the height it awkward and the arms of the chair sit right at the table so you can’t push the chair under the table. The chair can’t recline either which isn’t very helpful with an infant. Maybe it’s just my table?!?

Cherry Rison, AR

Not a good highchair

So apparently, the new ones don’t have arms, which is a plus. But I have the old kind that does have arms, so that’s what I’m reviewing.First of all, the highchair feels very cheap. I’m not quick to say that about things, but with this, it’s true. The tray is a pain to get off and put on. I thought I’d use this as a booster, but I can’t, because the arms don’t let it slide under the table. The only plus is that the fabric is easy to take off and wash, and it’s held up very well.I’m about to get my son an actual booster seat, so I will be storing this at my dad’s house for when we visit. Honestly, with the next baby, I will probably just get a regular high chair.

Claudia Fredericksburg, VA

Works great so far

This high chair is great when you have a small kitchen/dining area without much room for additional items. It is also great for babies that cannot yet sit up on their own. We purchased this for our 5 month old but it would have been nice to have when our daughter was a newborn so she could hang out in the kitchen while I did dishes. The chair reclines and is well padded for small babies. I also like that you can add/remove the tray with one hand, very convenient when you’ve got a baby in the other hand. It fits very securely to the chair and it is nice to have her eye-level with me sitting in the same type of chair instead of sitting up higher in a larger chair.

Kasey Pritchett, CO

Loved it

There is a new version of it, but this was a great product for us with both of our kids. It’s still in use within our family.

Rosetta Shawville, PA

Works very well and saves us space!

We love this chair — we use it on a chair at the kitchen table so it saves us floor space without compromising on the functionality.

Nannie Ramsay, MI

The best of both worlds

If you are having trouble deciding between a traditional high chair or a booster-style, strap-on chair, your search has come to an end. As you would expect with a high chair, this product has a convertible 5- or 3-point harness, a cushioned seat, a one-hand-release tray, a reclining seat, and a seat that moves up and down. Like a booster seat, this product is compact, easy to clean, and can be pulled up to the table when baby is older and only needs a little boost.Other customers might want to know that the cushioned seat is made of wipeable vinyl with fabric trim. I was worried that the trim would become hopelessly stained, but so far so good. Also, this product does not fold and carry super-conveniently as some of the hard plastic models do. However, these are very minor gripes with a product out of which I expect to get years of use.

Marva Sedalia, NC

Great High Chair

The Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair is one of the Best High Chairs on the market. My Favorite Features are
• It tips back allowing you to place a young baby in it or a child that can hold their own bottle (most highchairs do not tip back this far)
• You can place it on the floor or a chair.
• The tray is removable with one and and is easily wiped down to clean.
• 5 Point harness to keep little ones from escaping before you are ready to clean them.
• Compact out of the way
• Not just a highchair but it is a booster seat at the table too.
• The padding is easy to remove and wipe down not a messy fabric that you would have to wash.
• This highchair is Durable we have had it in the infant center at my work for a good 3 years and it is still like new!
• It comes a 5 or more different color patterns.[…]

Becky Douglas Flat, CA

Great High Chair!

We didn’t want more furniture if we could help it and this was a good compromise. This fits right on your chair, or you can use it on the floor. It has 3 positions, so it was easy to use when he was just starting solids. The tray is easy to put on and take off and the whole thing is easy to clean

Christie Manasota, FL

Space saving, reclining.. all in all great high chair

My only complaint is that it takes up much needed dining room chair space. The liner is a tad flimsy and food always gets underneath the padding. The trays are dishwasher safe but it takes up the whole top rack (we have twins so its a hassle to run one then the other.) It comes apart fairly easy to through in the wash. The plastic gets stained and needs to be bleached.Over all, I love it but a fold up full high chair is more space saving than these.

Katrina Land O Lakes, WI

Great chair!

I don’t understand why anyone would opt for a traditional highchair. Those things take up so much space! This space saver highchair just sits on an old folding chair we have. It reclines so much that you could put a very small baby in it safely. We put our son in it once he had decent head control just as another place to play and look around. Then, when we started feeding him, he was already used to the chair and liked it. I have wished the tray was a little smaller and had a removable liner type thing, but those things are no big deal. The wipeable seat cover is definitely better than the older type that are just fabric and get filthy.

Margery Fagus, MO

Highly recommend

I highly recommend this product. Comfortable for baby. Easy to clean. No big highchair sitting around your kitchen all the time. Can slide chair to table with highchair in the seat. Good safety harness keeps child securely in place. No slouching or sliding down. Converts to booster when child is older. Definately think it’s worth the money.

Candace Hulett, WY

nice chair, nice price!

I have two of these, one for our house and one for grandma’s place.Nice to have something that stashes away so quickly. Haven’t used the tray yet, but the straps hold my boy inside securely as we get thru our rougher feeds, lol!The first chair we got on sale for the same price at Sears. But when I realized we needed a second, I had already grown weary of shopping with an infant, so I checked Amazon for deals and here I found the same chair.It’s worth every penny, and the free super saver shipping from Amazon can’t be beat!!!

Diann Granville, MA

LOVE this high chair

Thank God for this high chair. I LOVE it. It fits perfectly on my kitchen chair, takes no extra room. It’s really cute, not ugly or ridiculous looking. It was easy to install. It’s comfy, easy to clean. My 5 month old really likes it too. It reclines, and just is wonderful.My only regret is that I didn’t get it sooner than I did. I could have used this a long time ago.(edit): My son is now 14 months old and I still absolutely love this high chair! He’s 30 lbs and still fits nicely in it, it’s still easy to clean and we use it every day. It easily slides up to the table and we use it with the tray and at times, without, so he can sit at the table with us.No regrets!

Ophelia Falmouth, MA

Great Chair

We love this chair and find it a nice way to not bulk up our dining area. We often remove the chair and bring it with us to grandma’s house and even restaurants. The reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is only because the cover is not machine washable and my daughter always somehow gets food between the seat cover and the plastic seat – but it fits well on most chairs and you do have the option of the 5 point harness or leaving the shoulder staps tucked in and only using it as a 3 point. I highly recommend.

Suzette Woodberry Forest, VA

Perfect in every way

This is a WONDERFUL baby product. I love that it is versatile and will grow with my child. Wipes down cleanly and quickly, love the dishwasher safe tray. I think it’s so easy to remove and attach the tray.My daughter started sitting in it just before she was 2 months old, to enjoy watching us eat dinner “as a family.” The straps even go tight enough for her tiny frame, and she was only 10 pounds at 2 months old. She just sat with all of us for Thanksgiving dinner, and the grandparents all remarked how well behaved she was. It really helps that she can sit at our level and feel included.I recommend purchasing some suction cup base toys to attach to the tray to keep little ones entertained.She also sits in this chair near me when I scrapbook or craft, and that’s the only was she feels involved enough to stay happy long enough for me to be productive.I like the reclining seat, and the fact that it fits nicely even on a captains chair in our dining room is nice. Also very portable if we need to attend a holiday at a relative’s house.You can’t go wrong with this!UPDATE: Now at 15 months old, we find ourselv frequently putting our daughter’s food on a plate on the table, and not using the tray as much. The one thing that I (and other mothers I know) have discovered, is that even when converted to a booster seat, the seat won’t fit under our dining room tables, because of the arms. This prevents the child from getting as close to the table/plate as they normally would and leaves about 8 inches of “drop space” where she can drop food in her lap, on her legs, or the floor. I am not pleased with this, and we have another seat that doesn’t have arms (it’s a bit older Fisher Price seat) and when the new baby comes we will be switching the toddler to that so that she can still be boosted, but as close to the table as she needs to be.

Francis Newville, AL

Fabulous for solid introduction through early self-feeding!

We have used this chair for our son from when he started solids at 5 1/2 months through 2 years old. LOVE the small footprint, recline, ease of cleaning, and portability/compatibility of this seat. There’s no need for a more expensive and less functional free-standing high chair! We’ve even taken it on road trips (in our small sedan) or to meals at others’ houses on a regular basis. We removed the cushion once our son started exclusively self-feeding (easy to wash though it is, the need for washing becomes constant when confronted with Toddler Mess!).Here’s the rub: If you want this to be not only your high chair, but also the only booster you’ll ever need, think again. Once you get to the point where your child is ready to skip the tray and use the seat as a booster to eat at the table, you’ll want something else. There are too many nooks and crannies around the arms for messy hands to touch and get food all over! (again, not a problem at all when the tray is on) I got tired of hosing this chair down to get it really clean and bought the Healthy Care Booster.Bottom line: fantastic choice until they’re ready for a real trayless booster. Then go with something that’s hard, wipeable plastic with fewer food-trapping crevices.

Enid Lake Winola, PA

Love it!

I love this item. This is such a space saver and it blends right into the decor without looking awkward. My son is 5 months and loves to feel like a big boy. I can feed him and give him his bottle. This seat also let him hang out with me in the kitchen.

Justine Lyndon Station, WI


We live in an older home with limited storage space. I didn’t like the idea of a full highchair that would take up lots of room either in the dining room or stored when not in use. This is a perfect alternative. It installs very easily (my 12 year old brother can do it) with just two straps/buckles. One thing that I didn’t realize would be such an asset, is that it is easy to transport (to grandma’s house mostly) and that makes life much easier.The chair is basic, but has everything that you need. The seat reclines to help support little babies who are just able to sit supported and then tilts more upright as your child can sit more independently. The tray is dishwasher safe (woo hoo), and the cover is easy to clean. It’s also a great value in terms of the amount of use it gets for a relatively low cost.If I had any complaints, it’s that there were limited patterns when I purchased this. But, it appears that there have been some new patterns added within the last year which are much cuter.

Janie Emma, MO

excellent – even for a spitter!

This high chair is great. My son is a little over 6 months old and we’ve been using it for about a month now. It attaches easily to your standard kitchen chair – but the straps are long enough to even attach to a bulkier dinning room chair if needed. It is very stable. My son is quite tall/big for his age and we’ve had no problems with stability at all. It comes with a 5 point harness – but we only use the three. I love how it can be adjusted to tilt to multiple levels. It’s also very easy to clean. My son is a “spitter” as they call them and has a very slight gag reflex. So if a little bit of cereal goes down the wrong pipe or he catches some extra air with a bite of squash then all it takes is a couple good coughs and all of dinner is up and all over the place! Granted I can’t wait until he’s over this stage, but until then I need a chair that is easy to clean and this one is! The cover and the straps come off very easily. I just take it all over to the sink, hose it off and hang dry it on a drying rack. I’ve never tried washing it in the machine. This routine occurs a couple times a week and I can have it all apart and back on in under a minute. I would definitely buy this again, especially since your child can use it through the toddler years.

Graciela Hudson, WY

Excellent High Chair!

I received this high chair as a gift when my daughter was nine months old. There were just a couple of things to put together, and that only took a few minutes. It was very easy to attach to one of our chairs, and it is secure. I moved it around quite a bit to make sure it would stay in place – no problems there! My daughter loves it too, and she is fairly picky! She likes being able to see everything that’s going on. The harness is very secure and easy to adjust without being easy for my daughter to undo. It’s also very easy to clean. The tray is easily adjusted and stays in place. It saves a lot of space and is easy to transport. My daughter is 13 months old now, and if there is anything negative about this high chair, we haven’t found it yet!

Sondra Transylvania, LA