Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing and Seat, Discover’N Grow

Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing and Seat, Discover’N Grow

It’s a swing with songs, sounds, five speeds and a fun swing-away toy bar. It’s a deep, cozy seat with calming vibrations for baby’s comfort. And it’s all in one space-saving size, so there’s less clutter in your home. So easy to convert from one to the other, you’ll love it. Additional features include calming vibrations and five-point harness to help keep baby secure. Requires 4 C and 1 D batteries (not included).

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Swing and seat all in one space saving product
  • Adorable discover ‘n grow fashion is sure to entertain baby
  • Offers vibration, music, sound effects, and removable toy bar
  • Seat pad is machine washable
  • Convenient handles are great for portability

Verified reviews


This is such a great Spacesaver! Good Buy!

Love that I was able to consolidate my old swing and bouncer for my 2nd child arriving later this year. It doesn’t sway left and right like some of the fancier new swings out there but it swings and snaps into place as a bouncer. I have two complaints otherwise would have given 4 Stars. I wish the snap in place option was a little more secure…just seems it can come undone easily but I’m not too worried about safety if child is low to ground and buckled in. My second complaint is that my 20 lb. daughter cannot be buckled into this seat because straps are too short. I thought maybe she could before the 2nd baby until she reached 25 lbs but now that she’s mobile I’m worried she will injure herself trying to move around without seatbelts. I do think product is of good quality though and would still recommend!

Marci Lambert, MT

Nice compact swing

This is a nice compact swing. We used it next to our bed when our baby was a newborn in lieu of a bassinet. She was comfortable in it for about 3 weeks. When she hit 22 inches and about 10 lbs, she started fussing in it and we moved her to the FP Rock N Play. We used it 12 hours a day for 3 weeks and never had to change the batteries. My only complaint is that the seat has a hard plastic shell (as opposed to a hammock style seat where fabric is stretched over a frame). The plastic shell, combined with a lightly padded cover, makes it not the most squishy and luxurious swing. I ended up folding a light blanket and lining the seat with it to add padding. For 3 weeks of great sleep, it was worth the money we paid for it. I would not expect to get months and months of use out of it unless your baby is very very small. We use our full size Graco for naps and now at 23 inches and 13lbs, our baby has plenty of room to stretch out in it.

Francine Olney, MD

Returned the next day

This swing looked good but is not so great. If anything, we should call it a rocker rather than a swing – even on top speed it barely rocks at all! My baby looked at me like “Seriously? That’s it?” He liked the toys ok, but what he wanted is to swing and this thing is not it.It definitely has a small footprint, if that’s what you are looking for. It also only runs on batteries (4 Cs and 1 D) so that is extra $$.Meh.

Jill Jaroso, CO

Great Swing

This swing has beautiful colors. The hanging toy is nice, but it’s not really in a place where my 2 month old can see it yet. It also doesn’t light up or or move, but it’s pretty. It swings out of the way so you can put the baby in without hitting their head. The seat is very deep and she doesn’t slump over much as she can’t sit up on her own yet. I was worried the harness material would be too rough since it goes over the shoulders, but I like the harness. There are two shoulder levels for the harness. The music is also slightly upbeat and has two volumes. My daughter likes it and it’s a nice change from all the classical music her other toys have. The vibration is nice as well.It’s very easy to put together. I did it in about 10 minutes or so. The back half of the base and the hanging toy also detach to travel in the car; it doesn’t fold. The two round pieces at the top of the swing are handles and I can carry my 2 month old between rooms when she’s in the swing.The swing lock, which makes it a feeding chair, isn’t very useful. It’s kinda difficult to latch/unlatch. I have to use two hands and bend down and look to get it latched. It also springs back and hits the chair if you let it go. Not a danger, just startling. My daughter spits up a lot, so I just don’t use it yet so I don’t have to get her in and out of the seat.The only downside is the swing mechanism. When I first started the swing she wasn’t in the seat and it barely moved. Once I put her in it though, it did swing much better; I think it needed some weight. However, even though it has 5 settings, I don’t feel like I really see much of a difference between high and low. They’re both pretty slow. I wish it had a larger range. She likes it and is very calm and happy when she’s in the swing, so I would be happy to buy it again.

Sondra Quecreek, PA

LOVE this product

This product is fantastic. Space saving because it is a swing and vibrating chair in one, it does both really well, and the seat is nice and deep so it can accommodate a newborn and an older baby. It is easy to move around and easy to use. There are several speed settings for the swing.My only complaint would be that it appears to take two separate sets of batteries. The moble is also nothin special.

Chasity West Point, PA

Great Space-Saver

I replaced a larger swing with this one and couldn’t be happier with the purchase!Pros:- small and compact, much easier to travel with and to place in storage- the print is very cute and great for both genders- deep bucket seat is perfect for sleeping in comfortably- my baby enjoys looking at and playing with the toy bar, but I love that I can take it off when she would rather just be looking around- swings surprisingly well for such a small swing- my baby enjoys swinging in this and will actually sleep in it- the music is pretty good, but we don’t use this feature very often- I love that it is a 2 in 1 product, no need for a swing and a bouncer- Baby seems to enjoy the vibration feature. *Don’t leave the toy bar on with the vibration feature or it is really loud.Cons:- the seat does not have very much cushion – however, she seems comfortable. Don’t buy a Snuzzler like others recommend. It made the swing way too small for my 2 month old and did not add any cushion to the back of seat where the swing really needs more cushion.- My baby absolutely loves her Fisher-Price Mocha Butterfly bouncer (probably more than this swing) because when she kicks it bounces her and the toys up and down. This “bouncer” is stationary and she does not enjoy it nearly as much as her real bouncer chair.- Cannot change seat positions. My baby likes sitting up higher now that she is getting older and it is too bad I can’t change the recline on this swing.I wish I would have just skipped right to purchasing this small swing instead of wasting my time and money on a larger one! This has all the features of a larger swing without taking up all the real estate.

Julie Jonesville, MI

Lifesaver for > 1 month old! Resolves fussiness!!

We sat our baby in the seat when she was less than a month old, and her head kept falling over. Once she got older than one month, her size was more appropriate for the chair. I have to say, it’s been an absolute lifesaver since. We’ve been using it now within the 5 week-8 week bracket. At this age, she doesn’t seem to like to lie flat during the day. I think the random flailing of her limbs tend to wake her up or make her feel restless. In the seat though, her position is more snug, which decreases the random limb flail-ings. It’s often the last resort if she’s still fussy after we’ve tried all positions of being held, or if we need a hands-free break.I originally thought the functions of the seat were supposed to entertain her, but it’s been more of a soother, and thus actually more useful in stopping the crying! The swing and/or vibrations tend to put her to sleep. She can stay in the chair either asleep or calm for up to ~ 2-3 hours.At her age, she essentially ignores the toy bar, but we look forward to her interacting with it in the near future.Previous reviews have mentioned the swing function is not strong, but after starting the rocking yourself, I have not found this problem.I initially thought the vibration function was really loud, but read a previous review and found out it’s not if you remove the toy bar.

Charmaine Winger, MN

Good space saver.

I really like this swing because it’s small, and we’re tight on space- It takes up less space than a open portable swing. I like the pattern because it is more on the neutral side. The “toy bar”, if you could even call it that is the only down fall. It’s more of a mobile, which doesn’t really do anything. It

Margery Oneida, KS

Affordable. Compact and easy to put together.

I have not tried this yet with the batteries but it was very easy to assemble. Also does not take up much space.

Sophia Ashland, NY


This product I like, the quality is good but for now my baby does not like because it is very hunched, I recommend it for bigger babies, not for newborns.

Lavonne Vanlue, OH

Great buy from Amazon!

I bought this from target for a little over $80. It’s a way better buy on Amazon. Regardless, I love this swing for my newborn. He is about 12 pounds and colicky so it’s hard to find things that pacify him but this swing does the trick. It’s small enough that you can pick it up and move it with one hand easily, but big enough to fit large babies. I love that it vibrates and swings. My only complaint is that you can’t select the song it plays. Could use a better toy too, like something with lights.

Colleen Allenton, WI

2 month old rejected swing!

we purchased this swing after watching Harvey Karp’s “Happiest Baby on the Block” DVD (which is awesome). He did not endorse this swing, he just recommends swings in general. We purchased this swing because it is small and transportable. To our dismay the settings on the swing were not fast enough. Even on the highest setting the swing barely moved. Our son only weighed 11 pounds at the time, so it is not a weight issue. It is also very loud and he responded negatively to the vibration. The swing is currently collecting dust in the baby’s room. The upside is that it is compact and light weight.

Lora Waterview, KY

So-so Swing

I received this swing as a gift at my baby shower. It was easy to assemble. However, my baby just doesn’t care for this swing. I tried to put her in it when she was 4 weeks old, again at 10 weeks and again recently at 3 months. She just doesn’t like it. Her babysitter has a swing that she loves. But, this swing she just doesn’t like. The slow swing still seems quite fast to me. I also thought the little Rhino that hangs above the swing was not very exciting for baby.

Alexandria Pilot Knob, MO

100% effective!

Our fussy newborn loves this thing. Between the vibrate function, the swing function and the music function it is amazing how it puts him to sleep. Even when the thing is turned off, he sleeps great in it because of the shape of it. Also we love the locking feature so that we can control whether or not it will swing. The safety straps are great for piece-of-mind. It is portable enough to move from room-to-room but yet it is durable enough to work for us under-rested parents! Thank you Fisher Price.

Janis Blacksburg, SC

Best solution for colicky baby

My fussy, colicky baby needed constant movement to stay calm. My poor back couldn’t handle carrying him and swaying him all day. Upon getting this swing, it instantly calmed him down. Granted, it’s not a miracle worker but it will keep him calm for 10-20 mins. He loves the swinging motion.What a cost-efficient solution for us!

Marina Hewett, WV

Better than I expected

Update:We’re now using this for our second child. It still works perfectly! We are seriously in love with this swing. The vibrating is our baby’s favorite setting. Using it everyday we’ve had to replace the batteries about every 2 months.I don’t like that one side takes D’s and the other takes C’s.Overall, I’d recommend this swing to my friends. It’s an amazing lifesaver with a new baby! I also love that it’s small and easy to move from room to room.We got this as a gift. The first one we got didn’t work. We were upset because we put it all together, had a one week old and realized it didn’t even swing. Luckily the lady who bought it had paid extra for it to be insured so we exchanged it.The second one has worked perfectly! Our baby has used it twice a day for 4 months now and it’s still working like a charm! We have turned on the swing every day and we are still on the first set of batteries. I expected it to use the batteries up faster so I’m thrilled that one set has lasted so long.My baby loves her little swing and I’m really glad we have it! It’s one of my favorite baby items.

Rae Pleasant Hope, MO

Great swing!

I bought this swing when my baby was 4 weeks old. She loved it from the start although she wouldn’t sit in it for very long. Each week she’ll sit in it for longer periods of time and now, at ten weeks, she will even nap in it. The fish toy grabs her attention and the music is soothing. I even love the music!I still haven’t used the vibration part because I haven’t gotten a battery for it.The battery life lasts pretty long, the swing speed is perfect (and my baby is not small) and its easy to assemble. I did end up calling their customer service because one of the arms would swing too loosely, but they told me this is normal and necessary for the swing to actually swing.I would have given it 5 stars but I didn’t because:1- It has no neck support. Yes, I can buy a body/neck support item, but it takes away from the cute ocean theme seat pad. My baby is big and has strong neck control, but I wish I didn’t have to worry about it.2- The music turns off too soon. When it does, my baby will want to get out, and it doesn’t matter if I start it up again. She still wants out. I started to put both the swing music and play white noise via radio in the background. Now when her music runs out, she still has the white noise and she doesn’t seem to wake up or cry for me to get her out.Overall, awesome product! I would definitely recommend this.

Antoinette Shuqualak, MS


My son LOVES this swing – he has one at daycare and one at home. In vibrates and swings and doesn’t take up much space to do it – highly recommended!

Agnes Koyuk, AK

The only baby seat you need

My babies are 15 months apart. With the first, I had a huge swing and a bouncer. The bouncer sat up too straight and the swing, besides being huge, didn’t sit well either. This portable swing is great. I can take it from room to room and the fact that it vibrates makes it unnecessary to have a bouncer as well. You can also make it a stationary seat which will be great for when baby starts to eat. It swings a little fast even on the lowest speed, but my baby likes it. It is cute, plays nice music and very easy to put together. My advise to any new moms-skip the big and multiple items and go with this.

Gina Rowena, TX

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Space Saver Swing

Quick to assemble, sturdy, small size wonderful, same batteries for 3 wks+ and many hrs. of use, slow to faster speeds just right, baby enjoys it while being around active times in household and falls asleep peacefully in it also, very happy with this purchase, recommend it.Added extra soft padding to create more reclined sleep position for newborn and so she doesn’t feel straps and buckles under her and for extra cushioning.

Dena Harlan, IA

Mommy’s little helper

This swing is great. My daughter loves it. I kind of agree with the negative of the previous review. The swing has 5 speeds, but I pretty much only see 3 – slow, medium, and fast – which is definately enough for us. The music is wonderful and while I can’t speak for the Precious Planet, the Ocean Wonders uses traditional classical baby music with the sound of bubbles popping every once in awhile. It’s great. The vibrations are a huge bonus as well and I like how easy to move it is depending on which room of the house I’m in.

Ashley Villa Grove, IL

Love it! My sanity saver

Love this swing and would not have survived the first 6 months without it. Batteries last a surprisingly long time, easy to assemble, very small and portable. Nice deep seat + 5 point harness means even my little gymnast who startes crawling at 4 months couldn’t get out of this. Very safe! Seat cover easily comes off to throw in the wash.

Addie Port Bolivar, TX

The child loves it, parents hate it!

Our son loves this thing, it plays music, sings, and vibrates! The only issue I have with it is the fact that it is noisy. There is a piece of plastic on the inside of the motor housing which clicks and clacks back and forth as it swings. If not for that it would be a FIVE STAR piece

Roberta Sun City West, AZ

great travel swing!

I purchased this to use on the main floor of my home, and also to use when traveling. My 4-month-old has the Fisher Price My Little Lamb full-size swing upstairs in our bedroom. He loves it, and it has worked beautifully for him since he was a newborn, but I wanted something I could use downstairs. He has also really enjoyed this smaller travel swing. He doesn’t nap in it like he does the upstairs swing, as it is not as cushy as that, but that was not my purpose for it. I wanted something he would enjoy sitting in while I cooked, cleaned, etc, and wanted him close by. It has worked very well for that purpose, and was well worth the cost. I gave it only 4 stars because I have not figured out how to fold it (I haven’t looked at the directions, but thought it would be more intuitive), and I don’t find it easy to put away in order to save floor space when it’s not in use. It’s much easier to just move it over to the side of the room, which is a drawback since we have very little space. It is much smaller though than the full-size ones and works well.

Ladonna Dunnellon, FL

Fits description accurately

The seat itself is a large bucket seat while the swing itself takes up little space. Battery life is better than expected as well. The swing has many levels as well as music and the vibrating function. The lock is easy to engage as well as disengage. My infant is 6 weeks and loves his new swing! We have the Luv Zoo print which is,also adorable. I would recommend!

Wanda Claiborne, MD

Inexpensive but still rocks, vibrates, and plays music

Initially I registered for a "rock n play sleeper" but didn’t realise until after I got it that it only rocked when someone was rocking it. I saw this Fisher-Price rocker online and it was cheaper and did more than I needed it to!

Edythe Franklin, LA

Doesn’t always work….

The swing is pretty ok though it seems that it has only 1 speed, it seems that no matter which speed you set it for it still swings the same. I turn it on, give it a push but most of the times it just stops swinging so I have to give it another push. Not sure why it does that but I wish I had purchased another swing that actually does what it’s supposed to.

Magdalena Kirtland, NM

Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing and Seat, Luv U Zoo

I have twins, so I bought two. They love this swing. They’ve used it since they were about a month old (and they’re now 5 months). My babies still aren’t interested in the plastic animal thing hanging from the green leaf, so the swing could probably do without that. Otherwise, the batteries on each side last a pretty long time (and we use the swings daily, for a couple hours for naptime–with swing AND vibration on). We’ve gone about a month between changing. No big deal. Worth it for me especially since it keeps my arms free so I could rest, and keeps my babies napping. All around win!

Cherry Pewamo, MI

Good for the most part!

I had to buy this swing when we were visiting relatives and my son wouldn’t nap in the chaos of the new environment. It was the only option at the store I was at, so it was the lucky swing that went home with us. At home I already have the Rainforest travel swing, so I can provide some comparison.This one does not fold up to save space. But, that wasn’t a great feature of the Rainforest swing anyway. It didn’t stay together well and I can’t tell you how many times I pinched my finger trying to fold it. The Rainforest one also has several parts that kind of stick out, so it doesn’t fold as compactly as you’d hope anyway. So, the fact that this one doesn’t fold wasn’t a big negative for me. On the positive side, I was able to take it apart and get it into our large piece of luggage for the trip home. So in a pinch it can be taken apart and take up less space.The Rainforest swing and this swing hold the child at a different angle. Around 4-5 months, all of my kids have been able to sit up in the Rainforest swing, and even flop themselves forward. At that point it can’t be used anymore so the lifespan on it maxed out at that time. This swing cradles them more like the full-sized papasan swings. They lay back more, and it is tighter around the sides on the child. At 9 months, my child is still using it. Granted, this probably won’t be the case for most people. My child is small for his size, and isn’t really interested in climbing out of the swing because he likes it. But regardless I can use this swing, and can’t use the Rainforest one. So it scores bonus point for that.This one has a vibrate option, the Rainforest does not. They both take 4C batteries for the swing. This one also takes a D battery for the vibration part, but you don’t have to put it in to use the swing feature.The only feature I dislike about this swing is the music. It is not very soothing. Fine if your baby is just playing, but if they are sleeping in the swing can get in the way of that. It is way too peppy. It would be nice if it offered a feature to choose which tune you want. But it sort of cycles through them so you can start out with a soothing song and end up with something upbeat.We don’t use the mobile. After many years of experience, all it ends up being is something you bang the kid’s head on when you get them out of the swing.I always advise rechargeable batteries for new parents. Sometimes this thing runs all night, so I don’t want the added pressure of knowing I’m spending a fortune on batteries. I use rechargeable in almost all of my baby products including the ones that take C’s and D’s.I really dislike when people post that their baby hates a product. Most of the time, it is not because the product is bad. Some babies like bouncers, others like swings, others make you carry them, others like the crib. There’s no way of knowing in advance. This is just a tool in the toolbox. It is functional and works as described, but your baby will be the ultimate decision-maker.

Angelica Montauk, NY

Five Stars

This really is a lifesaver!! She loves it!!!

Brenda Maplewood, WI